Jan 3rd, 2013 publishUpdated   Jul 18th, 2013, 9:50 am

A new rumor on a French Nintendo fansite has popped up stating that Nintendo is working on a new cartridge prototype that will allow streaming between the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS. This cartridge will allow the Nintendo 3DS to function as a second Wii U gamepad when paired with the Circle Pad Pro, which is a 3DS accessory that gives an extra analog stick.

This news is especially promising considering just two years ago, Siliconera unearthed a new patent for Nintendo DS cartridge design that has not been previously utilized. You can see in the image below that the cartridge clearly sticks out of the Nintendo DS, so it might include some sort of receiver to pair the Nintendo 3DS with the Wii U if this rumor turns out to be true. Keep in mind that this is purely speculation at this point and no confirmation has been given from Nintendo as to the validity of this rumor. Still, it’s a nice way to integrate two systems. What do our readers think?



[via Nintendo Master, image from Siliconera]

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  • Cloud W Omega

    if its that design it cant be paired with the circle pad pro

    • J_Joestar

       The design in the image shows a DS though, so it may be a quite an old prototype concept.
      The finished product could easily be the size of a normal 3DS cart for all we know.

  • Asking your customers to buy a special cartridge and a circle pad add-on seems like a bit much. And the 3DS’s touch screen is a super low resolution, how would it display the Wii U’s beautiful graphics? Just some thoughts, still cheering for Nintendo!

    • sonicfan1373

      It will not be the ideal solution, but currently extra Gamepads cost around $185 in Japan, so this would be a less expensive solution until Gamepads become cheaper.

      • Michael Mullins

        Things are always more expensive in Japan, though. GamePads will most likely cost substantially less in the U.S.

        • Destructonator 101

          Unlike Australia, were you get ripped off on almost everything. So we probably will be paying…$200 plus. Yay!

    • Mickey Mouse

       Why would the 3DS have to display the Wii U graphics? It’s just acting as another controller.

      • Isn’t that what they where going for in the first place? 

    •  Have you ever played any of the recent Pokemon games? If so, I’m sure you’re familiar with those cartridges having infrared capabilities.

      If anything, it’ll be like that, where the only thing you would have to do is… buy the game.

      Besides, a game and a $20 add-on doesn’t seem like much compared to he PS Move set or the Kinect.

      •  Hmm, actually, now that the page loaded up the patent, this is reminding me of the WarioWare Twisted cartridge, with the built-in Gyro Sensor and Rumble feature.

      • Infared can’t transfer a video stream. The infared Pokemon games use are to transfer small amounts of data: Pokemon names, levels, gender, ect.

        •  ……..My point was that just LIKE the infrared capabilities of the recent Pokemon cartridges, the streaming feature will be built-in the cartridge upon purchasing a game, not a separate add-on. I’m fully aware of what infrared is used for, thanks.

      • NintendoNoob

         Lets put it this way. Imagine playing Pokemon 3ds on the Wii U, Beautiful, amazing, makes me wanna cry. This add on is just a benefit if you wanna play your 3ds games up to 1080p

    • Goginho

       Well ..look at the graphical example of Monster Hunter 3G. I don’t think the resolution would be a biggie, considering the 3DS is capable of some pretty fantastic visuals if you ask me.

    • me

      calm down, nintendo isnt gonna force you to buy the cartridge

    • audie bowler

      wiiu gamepad 852×480 3ds 800×240 and a smaller screen you make no point whats so ever its another controller choice at a lower cost THATS A THUMBS UP NOT DOWN

      • xdlugia

        The top screen is the one with 800×240, and that is only when 3D is on max.

      • manowaffles

        It may end up being marketed towards those who already have a 3DS when they start making games that use 2 Wii U pads.  It also wouldn’t surprise me if based on how the PS4/Vita combo takes off that Nintendo may start packing these into packages with new 3DS systems and offer to send one to old owners for free (like the silicon Wii Remote cases.)

    • whisky hound

      well that is comparing you’re HD TV to the game pad

  • Destructonator 101

    Maybe they should start thinking about the successor to the DS. We need something new! We all know the DS has had its time.

    • Just what do you think the 3DS is, if not the successor to the DS?

      • It’s a DS with a 3D screen and slightly beefed up innards. The DS is to the 3DS what the iPhone 4 is to the iPhone 4S

        • Cloud W Omega

           Just like the ds is just a gba with stronger innards, a extra touch screen and a wifi connection

        • Scott

          No. The DSi is to the DS what the iPhone 4S is to the iPhone 4.
          The 3DS is to the DS what the iPhone 5 is to the iPhone 4.

          You mustn’t have a 3DS or you wouldn’t be misinformed enough to say that.

        • If you’ve actually gone hands on with some quality 3DS software, you’d realize that the system is a full generational leap above the DS when it comes to graphics processing. It’s like comparing the N64 and GameCube. Heck, the 3DS can even pull off graphics that the Wii would have trouble achieving. Just look at RE: Revelations if you don’t believe it.

          • Scott

            Coudn’t have said it better myself.

      • Destructonator 101

        Its just a DS with 3D capabilities and slightly more powerful insides. By what you are saying, a DSi was the DS successor, and the 3DS succeeds the DSi. They all are DS’s. They all are based on the dual screen idea.

        The differences? The DS lite was a smaller DS with a different look. DSi is a DS lite with a camera. 3DS is a DSi with 3D capabilities, beefed up insides, and a circle pad. They are all expansions to the same idea. DS was a whole different idea to gameboy. Now we need something thats a different idea to DS.

        • Scott

          The 3DS isn’t an extension to the same idea. Two screens, touch screen and camera are now compulsory defaults for Nintendo handhelds, because they like to be backwards compatible with the previous generation.
          The 3DS is it’s own console, but a lot of people don’t realise that because of the name implying it’s just another upgrade to the DS.It’s a 4th gen Nintendo handheld, whereas the DS/Lite/i line was the 3rd gen Nintendo handheld line. People need to realise that.

          • I know what he’s getting at though. He means they could carry on DS’s but they also need to make a completely new device. We have the Wii, the DS, now we need something else!

          • Destructonator 101

            Yay, someone gets it!

          • Like what? Why do we need something else? Nintendo has its bases covered as it stands, and some people are still confused about the differences between the DS and 3DS. Why muddy the waters further by inroducing a new handheld line? It’s counterproductive at this point in time, and history has shown that the three pillar strategy doesn’t work. That’s why the GameBoy line ended; It was muscled out by the DS family despite Nintendo’s initial intent for the two products to coexist.

            It didn’t work then, and it rings even truer today. With all the fierce competition its already facing from the mobile gaming industry, Nintendo would be crazy to pit two products against each other. If they were to release something radically different (like a Nintendo phone or tablet) I could maybe see your point, but I doubt that will ever be the case. The last thing Nintendo wants to do right now is compete with itself by flooding the market with products. Such reckless behavior is what ultimately forced Sega out of the hardware industry.

    • Mickey Mouse

       What are you talking about? The DS HAS been succeded, by the 3DS!

  • Freddie Osborn

    That’s a DS Lite in the picture…

    Are we sure this isn’t just an old patent picture which was never used, given they used the Lite’s dimensions rather than the 3DS’? It would be pretty cool to use the 3DS to control the Wii U though, especially seeing as lots of people will already have a circle pad pro by the time this is out thanks to Metal Gear and Monster Hunter 3G and 4 (when they’re released…)

    • Captain Falcon

      “You can see in the image below that the cartridge clearly sticks out of the Nintendo DS, so it might include some sort of receiver to pair the Nintendo 3DS with the Wii U if this rumor turns out to be true. ”

      Read the article once more 😉

      • Freddie Osborn

        Just saying that this is more than likely just some random fansite getting high over an old concept patent. It seems very unlikely to me that connecting a 3DS to the Wii U was the thought behind these diagrams, given that both consoles, (not even the DSi, before the 3DS) were out at the time. I know Nintendo probably had plans etc. for the consoles this far back, but only as concepts and prototypes- nothing this in-depth.

        • Scott

          Nintendo can’t predict the future, they didn’t know when they made the concept that it could one day be used for the 3DS to connect to the Wii U. If this is real, they have just seen an opportunity to use similar technology used in the past in a new way with the 3DS and Wii U.

          • I think it’s a patent for one of those cheat card things. They called R4’s or something? Not sure.

          • Johan Lindqvist

            I hope you are kidding ^^……..

  • Genesect4ssb4

    coolio! i like!

  • Fred

    As long as there are at least a couple of fun games that are compatible with it, I’d buy it. My wife and I used to play Zelda 4 swords adventures on the the Gamecube with the GameBoy Advances connected I don’t know why I wouldn’t also do this.

  • X3Charlie

    I would love feature that would allow us to display 3DS games on a TV. Even though the resolution wouldn’t be great it would be helpful.

    • Well, the Wii U does support 3D. It’s be really cool if this device let us play 3DS games on the big screen.

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Sounds interesting, in one of the Wii U videos from Nintendo they talked about future attachments for the gamepad so this could be it! I have wondered in the past about 3DS being used as a controller for Wii U since they do allow for cross play but a problem I see coming is that you’d have to have this add-on, and a circle pad pro with your 3DS – When 3DS XL was announced I complained then that they should have built in the second slider – this brings me on to a another problem which is that 3DS has sliders not sticks so they can’t be used as buttons like on the gamepad so that’s a limitation right there. Either way it would be interesting  to see what they can do and you never know they could have something different and better lined up. AWWWW YEEAAAHHH!!!!

  • Tails the Foxhound

    Wait, this is supposed to work with the CPP/CPP XL? Don’t both of those block the cartridge slot?

    • Scott

      That picture’s just an example of an old concept.

      An actual cartridge will probably just use Infra-Red to communicate with the Wii U like Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver did with the PokeWalker.

      • Tails the Foxhound

         But they still block the cartridge slot, putting it on the cartridge is useless. That being said, I’m pretty sure the PPs have infrareds on top of them too.

        • Scott

          It might not use IR. Maybe it will just use the 3DS’s inbuilt Wireless system to interact with the Wii U.

  • The 3DS still has to low resolution to support Wii U streams. There is no way in hell a 1080P signal  can be downgraded to 240P signal without major loss of quality. The Wii U Built in screen down samples to 480P and you still lose some quality there in Super Mario Bros U when using the built in screen.

    • RyuNoHadouken

      3DS is 480p and so is the gamepad

      • No. The top screen is 400×240, the bottom is 320×240.

        The gamepad is 854×480.

        • RyuNoHadouken

          i was thinking of the XL, but even then, the top screen is only 800×320 and bottom is 400×240

          • The top screen is 800×240 (400×240 visible to your eyes), and the bottom is 320×240.

          • RyuNoHadouken

            You have two eyes (no kidding!) and they continually flick around to cover a much larger area than your field of view and the composite image is assembled in the brain – not unlike stitching together a panoramic photo. In good light, you can distinguish two fine lines if they are seperate by at least 0.6 arc-minutes (0.01.Degrees). 

            This gives an equivilant pixel size of 0.3 arc-minutes. If you take a conservative 120 degrees as your horizontal field of view and 60 degrees in the vertical plane, this translates to …

            576 megapixels of available image data. in short, we can see more than 400×240.

          • I meant 400×240 of the 3DS top screen’s pixels.  I know our sight is made up of infinite pixels…>.>

            But as far as pixels on the 3DS’s screen are concerned, it’s 800×240, but the 800 horizontal pixels are actually two different 400×240 images. They are not side-by-side however, but rather merged together through an autostereoscopic filter, which allocates one 400×240 image to your left eye, and one 400×240 image to your right eye.

    • The 3ds has a tiny screen so it doesn’t need to be 1080p to look amazing. That’s why Resident Evil Revelations looks like Xbox360 graphics almost. 1080p on a 50inch tv screen is awesome, but on a couple inch screen is completely unnecessary to produce the same image.

  • audie bowler

    i fail to see how the cart and pad add on in a bundle would be a hard sell at a low price it would act as a twin stick come wiiu control bundle…it would be loads cheaper than a wiiubpad for a lot of people

  • This might work for touch screen game, but otherwise it doesn’t have enough buttons.

    • Scott

      “This cartridge will allow the Nintendo 3DS to function as a second Wii U gamepad when paired with the Circle Pad Pro”

  • Linskarmo

    I don’t believe the touchscreen ratios would correlate, but this would be interesting for sure.

  • Will Carpenter

    It won’t fit in with having the circlepad pro on it if it looks like that. 

  • i think they should use wifi to connect them

    • Why, they have bluetooth. I just don’t see this device coming out, the 3DS can already connect to the Wii U without extra hardware. Just look at monster hunter.

  • Johny

    hmmm what could be better than 2 screens… 

    yay xD

  • It’s probably not true. The 3DS doesn’t have pushable sliders and enough shoulder buttons to act as a wii u gamepad.

    • kyuubikid213

      That’s why they said you’d attach the Circle Pad Pro…
      It adds the right circle pad and ZL/ZR buttons.  As for the clickable control sticks, that’s where I take this with a grain of salt.

  • ElCharlo

    Mmmm i have to say that this seems as false. The touch screen in the 3DS and DS has a different aspect ratio and could result in a very confusing experience. Plus the fact that the controls and number of buttons are different it makes it extremely difficult.

    Yes, its possible that some games can support it with the necessary tweaking but thats one more control the designers need to have in mind while designing for the WiiU, its problematic and has problems similar to the cross control of PS3

  • Well either way, I can’t wait to see it in action if it is true and most likely it will mean using my Big bro’s 3DS XL has a Wii U Gamepad =3 

  • Sidney Majurie

    What if this just allows you to play DS or 3DS games on Wii U? Sort of like Gameboy Player did for gamecube advance and Super Gameboy allowed you to play Gameboy games. That would add tremendous value to Wii U!

    • Scott

      If it’s a cartridge you insert into the 3DS to connect to the Wii U, then where do you put the 3DS Game Cartridges?

      • Sidney Majurie

        Oh yeah, nevermind LOL

  • TaintedXGamer

    Honestly Just give us a update that allow the Wii U to Sense our 3DS and link with it.
    that would be easier. I remember the GBA to GameCube link up and that was really good but now with wifi and if you ever downloaded a DS demo to ur 3ds/ds from your Wii you would know what I mean by now.

  • Qwerty Uiopasd

    ok, guys, the wii u CAN connect wirelessly with 3ds. go to mii maker on both systems and go to send/recieve mii, and you’ll see. they just need to make a 3ds/ds player, and just use this technology to do it. simple. by the way i have a deluxe wii u i got in december ( not for xmas) and 
    my miiverse account is nsdude745. 

  • Genesect4ssb4

    This is needed for Smash Bros Owners who wanna play ssb4 on their 3ds instead of pro controller or gamepad or (hopefully smash 4 is incompatible with this) the wii mote

  • this is so old. i always thought a long time ago that the dsi was able to do that with the wii. humans are so cavemen.

  • John Paul Herrera

    This would be the perfect kind of thing for cross-platform game pairs like Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance and Kingdom Hearts , and maybe a console game to go with Pokemon X and Y.

  • Alex G

    That’s a ds lite in the diagram…

  • they need that they had they with GAMECUBE! and i think with Wii!  

    i will buy it!

  • Aias23

    Who cares? Old idea revisited…

  • What would be cool is if there was an attachment for the gamepad that gave it a 3D upper screen like 3DS. That way you could play two player 3DS games with the gamepad. (like Mario Kart 7)

  • LunarNinja

    This might be the device that’s used to pair the 3DS with the Wii U to use Monster Hunter 3’s cross platform multiplayer.