Aug 14th, 2014


This is classified as a rumor because it’s information taken directly from a Twitter account. However, it should be noted that the person who released this information was also spot on with the Devil’s Third Wii U reveal, so that does lend some credibility to their history. First spotted by NeoGAF, the tweets are originally released in French, but the translation is very, very interesting.

So what does it say for those who don’t speak French?

You’re gonna love it, but it’s a Remaster. It’s perfect to fill gaps inthe line-up. Really, Big N [Nintendo] will have one game per month in 2015.

We’ve long since speculated that Nintendo is planning to give Majora’s Mask the same remastered attention that Wind Waker HD received, which is why they’re dragging their feet on adding GameCube games to the virtual console. What do you think about this rumor? Which remaster do you want to see most, if it’s not Majora’s Mask? Let us know in the comments.

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  • WiiUltra

    I love this game, I would buy the remastered version without hesitation.

  • bistricky

    I think a few more Remastered games for the Wii U is a great idea.

    Maybe one more from the Zelda franchise and from the Metroid franchise.
    Look at the success of “The Last Of Us: Remastered” for the PS4.

    We are waiting for more fun games.
    Heck, I am even ready for more classic Capcom Remastered games ……..

    • matthew garcia

      Bring back eternal darkness

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        Makes me wonder when they will develop one. They’ve been holding on to the trademark for so long and nothing to show for it.

        • matthew garcia

          Yeah that would be a huge waist to let that one go and then people will just forget about it and it will be forgotten in gaming history. They should refresh it and bring back to people’s attention that eternal darkness was a great game

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Agreed. Though, if they have no intention of using it, they should consider letting it expire. Sounds like a waste of money to keep something you’ll never use.

          • matthew garcia

            I agree

      • iago parrot


        • Epicstuf

          Fucker, get out of here! If that’s all you are going to say, then shut the FUCK up. As all as I know, you are the troll here!

          • Then flag him instead of puking your shitty language around this board. If others agree with you and flag him too, his postings are being blocked.

    • Ducked

      I’d love a Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers remaster!

      • bistricky

        When Capcom released “Ducktales Remastered” in physical retail, I bought it that first weekend …. I really enjoyed how great this classic game looked “remastered” and it was a lot of fun.

        Later, Capcom was asked if other of their classic Disney games would be “remastered” and as we know, they said it will matter how sales go. My understanding is that it sold better then Capcom had expected …. so, I still hope to see other games by Capcom “remastered” in 2015.

        And I really appreciated the fair $19.99 price.

        • Ducked

          The retail version of DuckTales Remastered was a day one purchase for me. Capcom should stay true to their world, I’ll be surprised if we don’t hear an announcement for another remaster soon. Preferably, Rescue Rangers seems the best. The NES game was great, and it has 2 player co-op. I’d pay $29-39 depending if they make the gameplay longer.

          • bistricky

            Rescue Ranger would be a Day 1 buy for me (as long as it goes physical retail).

            I have a friend who is a territory manager for a major chain of gaming stores. He told me that unlike other Wii U titles, “DuckTales Remastered” had to be re-ordered many times (as it kept selling out) in many of the stores he oversees.
            He also told me, quite a few months back, that he had “DuckTales 2 Remastered” being on his future SKU list (product without a SKU made) but the last time I talked to him (a few weeks ago) that it no longer was listed.

            Any of the Capcom classic Disney games that does get remastered, will be a must-buy, for me.

          • Ducked

            That’s interesting. Capcom probably thought DuckTales wouldn’t be so relevant. The high sales on digital is probably why they released a physical. I prefer the physical version as well. I wouldn’t mind seeing a DuckTales 2, or a Aladdin, Darkwing, or Lion King remaster as well!

    • Metroid Prime Trilogy HD (or just Prime HD), Majora’s Mask HD, Mario Sunshine HD.

      • Dáibhí wotshissurname

        Did that guys come from The Last Of Us? 😛

      • ScrewAttack

        I’d quite like Twighlight Princess remastered too.

        • companyoflosers

          thats the number one game on my list of games id like to see redone. TP almost looked aged when it came out but on the wii u completely redone would probably look just like the wii u tech demo back in 2011 which would be amazing.

          • palomino blue

            Nah. New Zelda game over TP, IMO

          • companyoflosers

            Yes but this article is about remakes. Theres no reason they cant do both. With a remaster, the core game is already there, they just have to redesign the assets and some thing like shading, reflections,etc. The core zelda team werent even the ones to remaster wind waker wen they were making it hd. That was a side studio they owned that they task with projects like that. The main zelda team is still free to make the new zelda game.

          • there’s already a new Zelda coming.

          • I think he means he’d rather see the new Zelda game progress in development faster than the remaster.

          • New Zelda over any remaster. I can understand that they made Wind Waker HD to tie us down for the time being, seeing as how the new game probably wasn’t in a playable state. But yeah, new Zelda over remaster, unless it doesn’t interfere with the development of the new Zelda game.

        • You can already play Twilight Princess on the Wii u, is kind of pointless right now

          • ScrewAttack

            It’s the visuals bud. Wouldn’t you like to see that particular artstyle in hd? I definitely would. Not to mention doing so should sate the beasts that cry for a “realistic” grimdark zelda game.

        • LAWDK

          You realise that if you play Twilight Princess on the Wii U’s Wii channel the Wii U automatically re-renders it into 1080p just like with any Wii Game.

          • ScrewAttack

            ….you know what a remaster does right? You’ve seen WWHD, the Master Chief collection, Halo anniversary etc, right?

            You don’t want a remaster for 1080p (alone), you want a remaster for improved detail and graphical fidelity. Putting Wii games through the Wii U doesn’t make them look better, only sharper (not always a good thing).

      • ConCity Soldier


      • Prime needs a lot of work to be a modern game.

    • PlayStation4Life12345

      Agree :D. Nintendo have to many golden games, I would love to play Majora Mask in HD!

    • Blake Good

      DuckTales 2 (NES)
      Darkwing Duck (NES)
      Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers (NES)
      Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers 2 (NES)
      Batman (NES)
      Mickey Mousecapade (NES)
      Mickey Mania (SNES)
      Mickey’s Ultimate Challenge (SNES)
      Goof Troop (SNES)
      Donald Duck: Goin’ Quackers (N64/GCN)

  • Korv13

    I approve this translation!

    Well this is interesting…

  • disqus_Dk6KM2972y

    majoras mask pleeeease

  • greengecko007

    I’d rather see a remake than a remaster. Revisiting old gems is fine, but there should be some degree of new content.

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      I think we’ve seen enough of them for one year. I second that.

    • matthew garcia

      I agree. I find it odd that ps4 and Xbox one are getting a remake of resident evil 1 the 2002 GameCube version and Wii u is not. I mean that was a Nintendo exclusive

  • Arthur Jarret

    Online-enabled battallion wars would sure be great!
    Wii Sports Club Resort, maybe?

    I hardly think Nintendo will flood the systems with Zelda & Mario this much… ah well, we’ll see.

    Of course, a remastered majoras mask is very unlikely, seeing as Ocarina 3D was already a remake – you can’t remaster a N64 game in HD and expect good results from your low res textures and low poly models.

    • Sdudyoy

      Yeah, I have a feeling they won’t remaster MM and instead remake it, probably on the 3DS using the same engine as OOT3D, although I’ve been wrong many times before, I doubt we will see a Majora’s mask HD.

    • They mean graphics remaster. Not resolution. That would be fucking ugly.

  • Merry_Blind

    I so freaking want a Majora’s Mask Remake. Hell, I know it may sound stupid (and yeah it kinda is lol) but one of the big reasons I got a Wii U was because of all those rumors and teasing of a MM Remake.

    Sadly… if this rumor is true, I doubt it will be a Zelda Remake since Zelda U is scheduled for 2015. I doubt we’ll get two Zelda games in the same year.

    So if it’s not MM, I guess I’d like to see either a Metroid Prime Trilogy HD, Mario Galaxy HD, Mario 64 HD, Mario Sunshine HD, or hum………. a Donkey Kong Country Trilogy HD? (I know there’s ZERO chance this last one happens, but would be amazing nonetheless)

    • Sdudyoy

      It wouldn’t surprise me if they remade a Zelda game and released it next year, if it released before Zelda U than it would help more people get into the Zelda franchise, so more people would look into buying Zelda U.

      • Merry_Blind

        Except MM isn’t really a Zelda game for the newcomers, more for the fans…

        • Sdudyoy

          I didn’t say anything about Majora’s mask, I said it wouldn’t surprise me if a Zelda game got remade, I have a feeling if the remake MM it will be on the 3DS.

    • Brandon

      They should just come out with a bundle with remastered games like you said metriod prime trilogy remastered. Seeing how fatal frame is coming to wii u soon the should have a remastered bundle with the four main games.

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    So much for PS4 having remasters. Nintendo is no stranger to it either. Despite that(if this rumor is true), I don’t see it as a bad thing, as it can renew interest in those who never played previous installments. Besides, more games to fill in the lineup, the better.

    • Jon

      yeah but… at least Nintendo doesn’t remaster year old games.

      • matthew garcia

        I can see the last of us being remastered cuz of all the Xbox 360 gamers who jumped ship and came to ps4 but all other games do seem unnecessary.

        • Jon

          yet… how do you know so many 360 gamers jumped to the PS4?

          • Brandon

            Sony is probably going by the number of new accounts. Im one of those xbox 360 jumpers and some of my friends are too, but i wouldnt call it jumping ship.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Most of them just felt that PS4 was the better deal. Not exactly jumping ship, but investing their money where they feel benefits them. They’re probably likely to buy an Xb1 at a later time.

          • matthew garcia

            Cuz of them reaching 10 million in 9 months and Microsoft only at 5 million. Last gen ps3 was the overpriced hard to program for console and 360 beat ps3 rather easily early on. This gen the tables have turn and Xbox one was the overpriced drm plagued console

          • Jon

            So, you are going on the assumption that because one sells more,
            everyone is jumping ship and going to another? So, with that logic, all the Xbox and Ps2 Fans jumped ship and went for Nintendo last
            generation… With out proof that these people are actually doing this, I won’t start saying how everyone is jumping ship so until try numbers are given, one shouldn’t say that, also, don’t give that stuff Sony gave saying how everyone who created a new account is new to Sony. There are many people (8 of which I know) who never had a PS+ account on thePS3 that now have one due to the PS4 requiring one.

          • matthew garcia

            So you honestly think nobody jumped ship and went to ps4 cuz of Microsoft’s bogus drm policies that would have limited every Part of the console and crippled you as a gamer. I just saw the sales of the last of us ps4 and it sold 1.5 million in 24 hours. I’m sure a lot of those purchases were from New buyers who were pissed at Xbox one flip flopping everything they did

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        Actually, Sony has remastered a fair amount of their older titles into collections. So, I think you’re a bit off there. While remasters of last gen games are true, only one so far, has come from Sony that I’ve heard about, with the exception of Beyond:Two Souls possibly getting the treatment. Many are coming from third parties it seems, but that’s out of Sony’s hands. Either way, I don’t see the big deal with them, as there are people who haven’t played these games before(that goes for older games too). We have the option to buy them, or pass them up.

        • Jon

          they still remastered a game that was a year old. How many times has Nintendo done that? I am not saying that it is bad they remaster them, what bugs me about remastering is when they take a game that is still pretty much new. That’s why I’ll never buy the Last of Us Remastered either. If Nintendo started remastering games like Skyward Sword or Xenoblade, then I would be actually annoyed by that and probably never buy them.

          • matthew garcia

            Nintendo does it with pokemon

          • Jon

            Not really, Pokemon is a new region, new story. Black and White 2… yeah it was mostly and probably the closest I’d call to a remake but at the same time, they didn’t have the 3rd addition to it like Emerald, Crystal, and Platinum but it was at least a brand new story that was actually a continuation. So it was more a sequel than a remake. If you are going to call these remakes, then any game in any series would be remakes with your current logic. But as for remakes, Red and fire-red were 6 years apart, Heart gold/soul silver were 10 years apart from their originals. And the new ones are 11 years apart.

          • matthew garcia

            The point is the remakes weren’t necessary. It’s not like there is a huge jump in graphics or anything. There just cash grabs. All big 3 companies are guilty of cash grabs. Monster hunter was a remake from last gen to this gen

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Good point, and yes, all three are guilty. The bottom line, is making money.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Well, that’s why people have a choice of to either but it, or don’t. I understand what you’re saying about remasters, as I myself plan to pass up The Last of Us considering I already own the DLC from the PS3 version. Despite how old the game is, a remaster is no harm and doesn’t stop new games from being developed. Even if Nintendo remade Skyward Sword for example, it wouldn’t bother me. I’m sure most fans won’t really object to it and will probably purchase it again, especially those who haven’t played it.

          • matthew garcia

            Yeah skyward sword came out on Wii’s decline and didn’t get the full attention that most zeldas have. A remake probably wouldn’t be to bad just for the hell of it

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            That’s true. If it were to happen, it wouldn’t be a big deal. If a game is popular amongst its fans, they probably will end up buying it again anyway.

  • Daniel Ireland

    Remastered anything Zelda or Metroid would be AMAZING.

  • RockieOllie

    Donkey Kong 64….

    • JCdude

      I’m hoping for either that, Super Mario 64, or Majora’s Mask remade.

    • Wooopigsooie

      YES!!! I need my 3D Donkey Kong and since it appears that Nintendo doesn’t intend to make a new one, a remaster would be awesome. Multiplayer on that game was freaking BEAST! Also hoping for a King K. Rool Smash reveal.

    • Guest

      Considering they cant even re-release the Donkey Kong Country games I highly doubt they could remaster that one… as much as id love em too…

  • ActivesiN

    proabably Mario Sunshine

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Probably unlikely, but that would be nice. Though, I’d rather see a sequel.

  • Benjamin_nl

    super mario galaxy hd i have seen it on my retail store release list for 2015

    • Steve793

      Could you give a source?

  • Sdudyoy

    I’m up for a remaster, as long as it’s a older game, and by older game I mean a game not from the last generation, I don’t see the point in remastering last gen games.

    • clownshoes1982

      the Wii was not HD, so they could have HD remasters of games.

    • Badouken

      Agreed, unless it was a super rare game from last gen like saaay Xenoblade Chronicles because that game is begging to be in HD.

      • Sdudyoy

        While that’s true, I was going to get that game, and was very much looking forward to it, but I’ve never been able to find it.

        • Badouken

          Ya I was lucky and found a copy a couple months ago. Gamestop got a new shipment recently. So check out and click availability in my area or whatever, I was quite surprised my gamestop had like 6 brand new copies they were selling “used” for $50.

          Game was amazing, and I generally dont play JRPG’s.

    • Michael Hancock

      HD. That would be the point.

  • Jojojojomaster123

    MOTHER 1 + 2 + 3


    IN HD OR 3D


    • clownshoes1982

      I’m like halfway through Mother 1 after freshly beating Earthbound, and I’m going to play Mother 3 next. This would be the only time in the history of the world that I would be upset about this… but with my luck, it will happen. Oh, well, I guess I would just have to play them again.

      • Shota

        beaten all those game years ago. The story is bizarre yet so well written

  • Squid

    Kirby air ride HD.

  • clownshoes1982

    there is no way that Majora’s Mask will be on anything but 3DS. I admit that I could be wrong, and will do so if it goes to Wii U, but I just don’t see it happening. I bet it will come out within the next year using the same design as OoT3D on 3DS.

  • Petri

    They could outsource remasters.
    For smaller devs that would be getting paid by the results.

  • Ducked

    I don’t think they’d release a Majora’s Mask remaster on Wii U the same year as the new LoZ game. Nintendo port Majora’s Mask on the 3DS.

    • Milky Bacons

      I would be disappointed if they put it on the 3DS. I have both a Wii U and a 3DS, and even though LoZ:OOT 3D was my first Zelda game I played, now I find it more fitting for LoZ to be on a console. I would still buy it if it was on the 3DS, considering I haven’t played original MM, but… I don’t know where to go with this.

      • JCdude

        I’d be disappointed too if it wasn’t on Wii U. I’m purposely holding off on playing through any more of Majora’s Mask until we know if there actually will be a Majora’s Mask remake, which I think is more than likely.

        • Badouken

          Im craving to replay Majoras Mask / buy it on Wii VC but I know anyday now they will announce a remake or something! So im holding off as well!

  • Jon

    Oh look… another rumour of Majora’s Mask Remake.This is what…10? 20? 800? I don’t know, I’ve lost track.

    • companyoflosers

      theres no actual indication that this remastered game will be majoras mask, the author is just speculating that it is because thats what they want to see. the only news here is that at some point on the wii u there will be another remastered game. we dont have any idea what it will be or wen it will come out. i think the author is just a little over eager. especially considering they only seem to be remastering gamecube era games and putting n64 games on VC or 3ds. if anything majoras mask will only be a 3ds remake if nintendo’s past tendancies are anything to go by.

      • Jon

        lol, no need to tell me your life story on the fact that I pointed out this is another rumour… That’s why I pointed it out. I never points indicated that I think this is majoras mask nor have I even gave speculation to what I think the game is.

  • Justin Carlson

    Metroid Prime Please.

  • Yen

    I’d like remastered Gamecube games over VC Gamecube games.

    • Jason

      I’d like VC GameCube games, because I’ve never played any of them.

      • Yen

        But if it’s remastered it’d almost like you’re getting a better version if it’s done right. For example, Windwaker HD fixed a lot of problems that were in the original Windwaker.

  • Epicstuf

    Timesplitters. Oh wait.

    • C4

      Will happen 100% if Ninty were willing to invest a bit of money into it. While they are at it they can also revive the Chrono and Mana series and Snowboard Kids. Just send those companies are few thousand Yen…

      • Epicstuf

        But, they are making a remake or remaster thing called Timesplitters Rewind. I dunno if it is coming for Wii U. It’s coming for PC and PS4. If it doesn’t release on Wii U, I will play it on my Gaming PC.

  • Brandon

    What shocks me is “will have one game per month in 2015”. Is this big games, indies, or remasters?

    • matthew garcia

      Honestly If i remember right didn’t Nintendo say the same thing for 2014

  • Alexander Kleinwechter

    OMG!!! Please majoras mask remake, and Metroid Prime Trilogy HD remake!!!

  • Ducked

    This may be off topic… But I for one would like to see legendary actor Robin Williams be a character in the new Legend of Zelda game. The Legend of Zelda series was his favorite video game franchise, and he named his only daughter after the Princess Zelda

    • matthew garcia

      Wow I didn’t know that. That would be great.

      • Ocio Aguilera

        Hey, Matthew… look at this!

        • Ducked

          Love that commercial, it’s sad watching it now.

        • matthew garcia

          Woooow that’s crazy never would have thought. He has great taste in games lol

          • insomniac

            he has done multiple Zelda commercials and even named his daughter Zelda

        • matthew garcia

          He may have been gaming since video gaming started

        • Epicstuf

          Hey, hey! Don’t remind me of him!

    • Brandon

      And his daughter should be an npc also or redesign zelda after her.

    • abe

      in my mind I see the happy mask salesman as Robin Williams

    • Phoenix Maybe

      Indeed. And he should be more than just a cameo, like someone that you could go to for side missions or a shop owner.

      • Ducked


  • Dimitri Theodosakis

    My Hopefully Bets Remasters
    Mario Sunshine HD Remaster (Wii U)
    Mario Galaxy HD Collection (Wii U)
    Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask HD Remaster (Wii U)

    • David John Gifford

      all Mario hd remake collection i say along ith a all in one mario kart collection a all in in one dk collection

  • John Perez

    yeah MM was good but how ’bout something with the best local multiplayer experience ever…Donkey Kong 64!! or Perfect Dark. i still have the cartridge but i only have 3 controllers so yeah..

  • Milky Bacons

    Yes, it’s a rumor, but still: There’s light at the end of the endless tunnel! Does that make sense, maybe not, but I don’t care.

  • Metroid Prime trilogy?
    But then again I like the idea of selling my copy for £60.

  • Ben English

    It wouldn’t surprise me for Majora’s Mask to get a remaster, but I doubt it will be on Wii U. Remastering an N64 game requires a lot more than texture replacers and lighting engine changes, it would require a huge amount of rebuilding of models and environments. Doing that for 3DS is one thing, but an HD remake would suck resources away from Zelda-U, which is also supposedly due next year.

  • Jason

    Super Mario All-Stars 2 (Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine)

  • shoeses47

    Pokémon Colosseum, Pokémon Colosseum, Pokémon Colosseum…

    • C4

      Doesn’t that need a new game to use recent Pokemon? But yeah that’s one game the Wii U needs.

      • shoeses47

        I guess. They could also add more content on to the parts after you beat the games, and obviously an online mode. Then again, given that The Windwaker HD add absolutely NOTHING new…

  • Tywin Lannister

    I’m hoping for a Twilight Princess HD.

  • Luis Gonzalez

    I hope this is true. I don’t care if they release remaster, they are still Big N games. They need to release more games before it is too late and lose all 3rd party support. I do not own any other console if it is not out on Nintendo I don’t play it. I can not afford 2 or 3 consoles. I really like playing 3rd party games.

    • purple

      Dude, they already lost All 3rd party support. Nintendo is alone. And always will be unless they change.

  • HavokPants

    eternal darkness remastered THINK ABOUT IT remember they keep filling the trademark? so this is my guess

    • MujuraNoKamen

      I’d give both balls for that to happen lol. Maybe they’ll do it to test the water for an official sequel which for me is tied with Metroid Prime 4 in terms of I NEED IT.

  • BIG Franky

    Metroid Prime Trilogy….REMASTERED….. hold us over until the new Metroid. please and thank you.

    • matthew garcia

      They really need to cuz looking for those games on Wii is hard and when you do find them there expensive as hell

      • Badouken

        I have all three original discs still but id love to rebuy them considering they are among my favorite / most played games ever. Especially because my Wii U cant play GC games anymore…

  • Kieran Ryan

    Cranky Kong adventure.

  • Darius

    It’s kinda cool how many people really enjoyed super Mario sunshine. I thought it was pretty good I mean I did play it to absolute completion but I’ve always preferred Super Mario 64. I want another Mystical Ninja I LOVED that saga for the N64

    • purple

      Mystical Ninja! Man the N64 had so many games. I wish they still did games like wave race mystical ninja, quest 64, Aidyns chronicles

      • Darius

        I know all of those were classic every other game from that console felt so fresh and made me anxious to play but a lot games these days I can pick and choose without a second guess. What happened!?

  • Chase U

    Super Mario Sunshine DAMMIT!!

  • Dáibhí wotshissurname

    Hoestly, I would always take a new game over a remaster of a game, as I think it’s way too common now.

    • A – Kuma

      i half agree with you. remasters of OLD games i can appreciate, remasters of recent games(GTAV, last of us, etc) is just bullshit

  • Super Mario SunShine HD

  • RyuNoHadouken

    Super Metroid 🙂

  • Nick Petlock

    I definitely hope for either Super Mario Sunshine or Mario Kart Double Dash!

  • ZeldaFan83

    I would love to see a Beyond Good and Evil HD remaster and also a Metroid Prime Trilogy remaster. Eternal Darkness would be awesome too.

  • Rinslowe

    I’d say that it’s almost a guarantee…
    The title is anyone’s guess though. Cough, cough, Metroid Prime Trilogy cough…

  • spaniel

    Eternal Darkness HD!!

    • Badouken

      This could happen! Didnt Nintendo file some trademark or copyright or something for allowing this game to be released digitally?

      • spaniel

        That is what I read as well, yes. It would pave the way to a sequel quite nicely!

  • SolarShane13

    Why isn’t this in the rumors page?

  • Christian Schoff

    If not Majora’s Mask then I’d prefer Eternal Darkness.

  • iamserious

    Nah nothing from Wii, those games are great the way they are. Majora’s Mask HD would be great though. Super Mario 64 HD would be pretty cool but not likely. Wave Race HD would be pretty awesome. Mario Sunshine HD is another obvious choice. Of course many including myself would also want Eternal Darkness in HD. And by HD I mean high definition or remastered or better.

    • A – Kuma

      if the HD remake is anything like the WWHD that game is going to be gorgeous…and terrifying.

  • A – Kuma

    I would buy Majora’s Mask HD faster than the cashier can count my money! But holy shit one game per month??? I’m taking that with a grain of salt, are we talking VC releases or actual wii u game releases. If it’s wii u games then my god, that would definitely help move units.

    • C4

      Yep it sounds like _maybe_ he combined VC + Remasters, VC already is every month or so. Still even if it’s just every 3 month it wouldn’t hurt to have remastered masterpieces. If they do it regularly and pick the right games I think it’s a good decision 🙂

  • A – Kuma

    random thought: who would be mind blown if Xenoblade Chronicles X got the Bayonetta 2 treatment(first game packed in).

    • Michael Hancock

      Geez, that’s not going to happen. In a perfect world. Anyways, wasn’t Bayonetta 1 rendered in HD, in the first place? Hence, easier to repackage.

    • Andrew Gonzalez

      That would be cool but the two stories aren’t linked besides X is just a spiritual successor.

    • C4

      Mind blown if you can import save game from Wii version. But it would be awesome regardless, and I’d pay 3/4 full price for it, one of 3 or 4 Wii games that should get a ‘remaster’ treatment.

    • MujuraNoKamen

      If they were to remaster it in X graphics for release in early 2015 it would be a hit as so many people missed out in 2011/12.

  • Frogjerky

    Calling it: Quest 64.

  • companyoflosers

    idk, i think a vitual console release of majora’s mask would be good enough as well as a 3ds re-release like ocarina of time. i think if any zelda game needs remastering right now, its twilight princess since they are already giving gamecube games the remastering treatment. i dont think the tweet indicated majora’s mask really, i think the author just wants to see it happen and is getting his hopes up. i wont complain if im wrong but it seems the gamecube games are the ones getting remasters right now while the n64 games are getting VC releases or 3ds remakes.

  • Badouken

    Metroid f’ing Prime REMASTERED! Id buy it… twice…

  • anthony optimo

    F-Zero GX and AX please.

  • Demento12

    Probably Fatal Frame 2 & 4 Remastered :,)

  • TheBoldman67

    Eh, I think Wind Waker was enough. if you’re going to do a remaster, do another franchise. I would say do Star Fox, but they already had 64 3D. If anything, the most forgotten series right now is F-Zero. a GX or X remastering would be completely bad-ass. That would hold me up until another F-Zero. A Super Mario RPG remaster would be great, if they don’t do F-Zero. They’ll probably just cash grab the Zelda remaster though.

  • Rahman Henson

    I would love to have gamecube games on the Wii U

  • Guest

    Baten Kaitos HD Collection

  • Michael Hancock

    Baten Kaitos HD Collection

  • Michael Hancock

    Xenosaga HD Collection

  • Michael Hancock

    Ribbit King

  • TheBoldman67

    Actually, adding on to my earlier post, if they remake F-Zero, an F-Zero X HD remake with all of the content from the N64 DD and online would be awesome. Or just track editor for GX and more levels.

  • cory mccallister

    super mario rpg legend of seven stars or secret of mana or maybe luigis mansion please yes no maybe no ok fine ill go to my corner

  • Mitch Hall

    One “big” game a month would be fantastic.

  • chunter

    Techno Super Bowl 3

    Remaster that game and I guarantee you older guys everywhere who grew up with it will buy a wii u.

    Then remaster a gauntlet game.

    Then add battle arenas as dlc content to Mario kart 8.

  • Thiago Fernandes de Aguiar

    Super Metroid please!

  • Brandon

    Why cant we play gamecube games on the wii u, we were able to do it with the wii, anyways all three consoles have the same architecture.

  • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog


  • Andrew Longo

    it better be for the wii u and not 3ds, ready to toss my 3ds in the trash

  • C.S. Bailey

    I’d probably still buy it, but I hope it isn’t Majora’s Mask. Save that for the next one. By giving us Majora’s mask, they will have fulfilled a fictitious agreement made between them and the people begging for it. It’s like when your parents finally bought you that gaming system you wanted back in the day. Once you got it, you knew not to ask for a bike the next weekend.

  • Telly SkyVongola Lowe

    Kirby Air Ride most definitely

  • ben

    Majora’s mask is not a game cube game.

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      It was re-released on the Gamecube as part of the Legend of Zelda: Collector’s Edition. While not originally released, it was released nonetheless.

  • Iron Angel

    F-Zero GX! (it’ll never happen 🙁 )

  • Deion Powell

    It’s got to be Majora’s Mask HD, it’s the main game fans have been asking for.

  • flovv

    Twilight Princess all day !

  • Petri

    Little Nemo: Dream Master please.

  • Andrew Gonzalez

    I swear, no one better not give Nintendo sh*t for these remasters if true since everyone else is doing remasters up the ass.

  • blackheartdrunkinparis

    I recall not too long ago that the company that remastered oot for 3ds was hiring to help create a “legend”*hinthint*

  • devmiles

    the concept of the HD remake has become quite old now so we can conclude nintendo is very late and behind on this. windwaker was good but too little output in general. the wii-u is still having difficulties after all this time to have a decent library. the games that are available are good though but nothing outragiously special. i guess (or more hope) that 2015 will be the year that things will speed up, as sony and microsoft will step up and shift gears too. it’s better for nintendo to just shut the rumors and come up with facts, so we can expect this and that and everybody knows. nintendo is very vague on communication and then we see 20 video’s of pretty much the same thing. i’m getting a little tired here

  • Jonathan Dogey

    I want a remaster of Luigi’s mansion with special new levels, as well as a Wii U version of Luigi’s Mansion 2

  • SuperSonicBrawler

    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. I don’t want the Majora’s Mask remake on Wii U for the same reason I was against WWHD. Unlike OoT3D, which was innovative in that it didn’t just make the game prettier and tweak a few little things here and there; It took what used to be a game exclusive to home consoles and made it portable, Wind WWHD simply made the game prettier and shortened some side-quests which really didn’t get on my nerves all that much in the first place, and then tried to charge me $60 for it, when I’d have been much more satisfied just picking the original game up on the eShop for far less time and money, along with some other GameCube titles. I blame the lack of GameCube games on the eShop right now solely on Nintendo’s decision to remake WW in HD. Now there’s a plethora of fans who believe that these games require the “HD treatment” before they’re allowed to release on the Wii U, which puts pressure on Nintendo to do just that, which means I have to wait that much longer before I can play these classics on my Wii U. Graphics don’t make a game, gameplay does, and no matter how many polygons they decide to add to Majora’s Mask, it’s still going to play like Majora’s Mask, and I’d rather experience it again on my 3DS playing it on-the-go with the same graphics as OoT3D rather than being stuck in my room replaying it the same way I always have. Heck, after transferring my Virtual Console games from my Wii to my Wii U, I could go play Majora’s Mask right now. I could even use the gamepad as a little TV monitor. Literally the only difference between that and a remastered version would be the prettier graphics, and the addition of gamepad controls. I’ll jtake the gamepad controls, hold the graphics. And while you’re at it, how about throwing in Mario 64 and, oh I don’t know, EVERY OTHER N64 GAME CURRENTLY MISSING FROM THE ESHOP THAT WAS ALREADY ON THE WII SHOP CHANNEL. I’m tired of Nintendo putting it off, and asking them to remaster every old game that pops into our heads isn’t making the process go by any faster. We’re Nintendo fans for Pete’s sake! When have a game’s graphics ever taken precedence over the gameplay for us? But enough of me ranting. My point is that I’d rather see MM remade on the 3DS. If they wanna put the original on the Wii U eShop and sell it for a decent price, more power to them, but don’t go wasting God-knows-how-long trying to make the game that much prettier when it just doesn’t need to be.

    • Christian Schoff

      I agree on all those points and am glad I got my Wind Waker for free.

  • ThugSmokerzOnly

    Mario Sunshine HD!!!! Please, Just take my money.

  • TrueWiiMaster

    “We’ve long since speculated that Nintendo is planning to give Majora’s
    Mask the same remastered attention that Wind Waker HD received, which is
    why they’re dragging their feet on adding GameCube games to the virtual

    What? Did you mean N64 games?

    While it would be cool for Majora’s Mask to get an HD remake, I doubt it will happen. Because nothing in the original game could really be used in the remake, they’d basically be making an all new HD Zelda, but using the preexisting story and layout. There’s also the question of what style to use, since the original style, or the updated version in Ocarina 3D, wouldn’t be all that great in HD. Even if the remake does happen, it’s not likely to come next year. The new Wii U Zelda is supposed to come out in 2015, and it would be strange for Nintendo to release two Zeldas on the same system in the same year, even if one of them is a remake.

  • Rwars

    I’m kind of wanting it to be a Luigi’s mansion remastered, or Paper Mario:Thousand Year Door…

  • sCryeR

    Give me Ocarina of Time OMG NEED :>

    or Bomberman 64 HD :DDD

  • Xera22xc

    NO MORE REMASTERS PLEASE! Work on some new material!

  • 00EpicGamer00

    Come on guys, Nintendo is OBVIOUSLY doing a remaster of “Link: the Faces of Evil.” 😉

  • Seddiki Selim

    majora’s mark is definitely THE zelda gameI would adore having re-mastered on wii U !!

  • brian

    They should have Retro remake Rogue Squadron for GameCube. Man, that game was awesome. I know, it’d be difficult now, with Disney at the helm.

  • nin-10-doughfan

    i think remakes of classic games will also be a system seller. Not only will it bring back memories but at the same time new gamers also can experience fun and get to know the company like the big N and from there they can really judge what are they’re all about ( not only for nintendo but also to the other two.)

  • MonadoKnight

    It’s prime time if you ask me! I don’t care if I already got the trilogy on wii (luckily so it’s bloody expensive now) id pay full price for a hd remake. Would also love a super mario sunshine remake

  • Kmac

    “It’s a me Mario! Keep remastering me!”

    My Reaction: -____-

  • Davidgr2

    I’d love to see Zelda Skyward Sword in 1080p 60 fps..playing it on the Wii in 420p really blows.

    • Justinr

      Yeah really if any game should benefit from 1080p it should be skyward sword.

  • GTMacc

    Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers remaster would be amazing, happily take majoras mask though 😀

  • Selective Nerd

    Twilight Princess. That game had insane graphics even though it was standard def. I feel like Nintendo should remake Majora’s Mask on 3DS and Twilight Princess for Wii U.

  • That_Fuzzy_Bastard

    Majora’s Mask remaster would be great. Metroid Prime trilogy remaster would be lovely.
    What I really want in my heart of hearts is a Chibi Robo HD remaster. But I think my heart will not be getting what it wants.

  • Craig Desmond

    never played majoras mask love to play it for the first time remastered just as I did windwaker however there is Zelda u next year and I doubt that they would launch two Zelda games on the same machine in the same year

  • GmailIsDown

    remake romancing saga 3 please

  • Daniel

    It would be interesting to see Majora’s Mask remastered with the Wind Waker art style.

  • sonicsony01

    WII U IS SHIT AND NINTENDO IS GARBAGE!!!! ALL HAIL THE KING PS4!! and Wii u games are for kids, fucking no-lifers:-) get a life virgins

    • Shootdatrupee!…

      Up voting your own comment. Classy.

  • sonicsony01

    200th comment!!!!!!! Awesome ;O)

    • Guest


  • Rob

    I think that since Wii U owners are getting jipped by not getting a Resident Evil remaster, they can make it up to us by doing an exclusive Final Fantasy VII remaster instead.

    Yeah, yeah, I know it’s a pipe dream. But dang, can you imagine the systems sold from that one deal alone?

  • Joseph Oliveira

    Super Mario Sunshine please.

  • Coffee

    A link to the past 3ds

    a link to the past 3ds

    a link to the past 3ds!

  • James Ese

    Mario Galaxy 1,2 I hope!

  • gurdurrlv34

    I would pay ANY amount of money for the classic Pokemon games (non-remastered) on the Nintendo 3ds

  • allvalve

    Possible candidates:

    Mario 64 (total makeover, would/could be awesome)
    Mario Sunshine
    Metroid Prime series

    It won’t be

    Anything made by a second or third party that isn’t Nintendo IP (No Rogue squadron etc)
    Another Zelda (Zelda is great, but we’ve had a remake already)
    Mario Galaxy (it’s too recent, and can be played on Wii U anyway)

  • Blake Good

    The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D (3DS)
    F-Zero X 3D (3DS)
    Wave Race 64 3D (3DS)
    1080° Snowboarding 3D (3DS)
    Yoshi’s Story 3D (3DS)
    Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door HD (Wii U)
    Luigi’s Mansion HD (Wii U)
    Super Mario Sunshine HD (Wii U)
    Mario Party Collection HD (Wii U)
    Pokemon Colosseum HD (Wii U)

  • Rickson Griffith


  • Guest

    Splatoon is remaster can anyone guess?

  • Guest

    I hope retro is responsible, they could remaster diddy kong if rare ip doesnt raise its horns. I’m hoping they do something, hmm should nintendo give them ip tho it raises questions about who owns it. Could you imagine pokemon stadium remastered, then microsoft might interfere

  • Guest

    Sunshine reminds me of …

  • George NSIII

    Hope that it’s MM :3