Jan 21st, 2014


Disclaimer: This information has not been released by Nintendo. It has not been deemed accurate by Nintendo. The anonymous source who released this information to Nintendo News could be full of it, for all we know. Keep that in mind as you continue to read.

The Wii U had a rough week last week, after Nintendo slashed its sales forecast from 9 million consoles down to just 2.8 million. Stock dropped, Iwata said he’s not stepping down while admitting the company needs a new direction. Plenty of uproar was had across the internet from people calling the Wii U a dismal failure, to others saying it’s the next Dreamcast. Regardless of how you feel about the success or failure of Nintendo, it’s likely they’re already working on the next console and handheld.

According to an anonymous person, the next Nintendo console is called the Fusion. According to this source, the handheld console will be called the DS Fusion, while the console itself will be the Fusion Terminal. Of course, any rumor wouldn’t be complete without a list of specs, which is as follows:

Fusion DS

    CPU: ARMv8-A Cortex-A53 GPU: Custom Adreno 420-based AMD GPU
    COM MEMORY: 3 GB LPDDR3 (2 GB Games, 1 GB OS)
    2 130 mm DVGA (960 x 640) Capacitive Touchscreen
    Slide Out Design with Custom Swivel Tilt Hinge
    Upper Screen made of Gorilla Glass, Comes with Magnetic Cover
    Low End Vibration for Gameplay and App Alerts
    2 Motorized Circle Pads for Haptic Feedback
    Thumbprint Security Scanner with Pulse Sensing Feedback
    2 1mp Stereoptic Cameras
    Multi-Array Microphone
    A, B, X, Y, D-Pad, L, R, 1, 2 Buttons
    3 Axis Tuning Fork Gyroscope, 3 Axis Accelerometer, Magnetometer
    NFC Reader
    3G Chip with GPS Location
    Bluetooth v4.0 BLE Command Node used to Interface with Bluetooth Devices such as Cell Phones, Tablets
    16 Gigabytes of Internal Flash Storage (Possible Future Unit With 32 Gigabytes)
    Nintendo 3DS Cart Slot
    SDHC “Holographic Enhanced” Card Slot up to 128 Gigabyte Limit
    Mini USB I/O
    3300 mAh Li-Ion battery

Fusion Terminal

    GPGPU: Custom Radeon HD RX 200 GPU CODENAME LADY (2816 shaders @ 960 MHz, 4.60 TFLOP/s, Fillrates: 60.6 Gpixel/s, 170 Gtexel/s)
    CPU: IBM 64-Bit Custom POWER 8-Based IBM 8-Core Processor CODENAME JUMPMAN (2.2 GHz, Shared 6 MB L4 cache)
    Co-CPU: IBM PowerPC 750-based 1.24 GHz Tri-Core Co-Processor CODENAME HAMMER
    MEMORY: 4 Gigabytes of Unified DDR4 SDRAM CODENAMED KONG, 2 GB DDR3 RAM @ 1600 MHz (12.8 GB/s) On Die CODENAMED BARREL
    802.11 b/g/n Wireless
    Bluetooth v4.0 BLE
    2 USB 3.0
    1 Coaxial Cable Input
    1 CableCARD Slot
    4 Custom Stream-Interface Nodes up to 4 Wii U GamePads
    Versions with Disk Drive play Wii U Optical Disk (4 Layers Maximum), FUSION Holographic Versatile Disc (HVD) and Nintendo 3DS Card Slot
    1 HDMI 2.0 1080p/4K Port
    Dolby TrueHD 5.1 or 7.1 Surround Sound
    Inductive Charging Surface for up to 4 FUSION DS or IC-Wii Remote Plus Controllers
    Two versions: Disk Slot Version with 60 Gigs of Internal Flash Storage and Diskless Version with 300 Gigs of Internal Flash Storage

The only thing that lends credibility to this rumor is the fact that Nintendo bought the NintendoFusion.com domain back in 2003, which was originally part of a video game festival sponsored by Nintendo of America. What do you think of this rumor? Does it have any plausibility? Let us know in the comments.

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  • starwars360

    Maybe we see it by next 4 to 5 years ahead. Nintendo Fusion’s name look good. But I think it is fake like so much rumours all over internets and rare is real. 🙂

    I will always follow up my life for Nintendo. I love this first party publisher and developer ever. Look forward epic games for Wii U and 3DS then future console and handheld for gaming 🙂

    • Magnus Eriksson

      More like this E3. It will probably be announced together with a discontinuing of Wii U. Maybe Nintendo will release some add ons to the Wii U by march that promise to do this thing. But discontinue that project at E3 with a new announcement.

      • Ducked

        Nintendo will probably port Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros to the PS4. Then sell the rights to Pikmin to Microsoft. And sell Zelda to Electronic Arts. Then make Animal Crossing DLC’s for CoD for Activision. Then Vita will sell 33 million systems in 2014, then Nintendo will discontinue the 3DS, and bring back the Gameboy, and call it the GameBoy Color v 2.0. Then President Iwata will work for Sega and create a new Sega Saturn.

        • Squid

          Lol… I really hope that’s sarcasm.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            He’s playing along with the gag. 😛

          • Ducked

            Yes, trust me it is haha

        • Magnus Eriksson

          Sell ALL their IP’s to EA.

          • Squid

            I say we should just let them make Kinect Sports with their buddies Rareware.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Zelda Kinect, thats something everyone would love 🙂

          • Ducked

            And Activision!

          • Justagamer

            Gears of war with mario..lol

    • paulthevgking

      maybe in 2015 it will be announced. but for now lets play some smash and soem mario 3d world as we look into the future

      • Wildman

        I say 2016 announcement and 2017 release.

  • gamesplayswill

    Hahahaha! …. Wait, this wasn’t a joke!? … -.- Wii U daily, I am getting REALLY tired of your shit. Upload news, not bullshit.

    • PS4/WiiU

      its a rumor, they didnt say it was news. All sites upload things like this.

      • gamesplayswill

        The rumor is ultimate BS. Think about it. Marketing would NOT be on their side due to the Wii U, and more to the point: Nintendo do not move on that quickly…

        • PS4/WiiU

          Yeah, I know its BS lol. If it was like 5 or 6 years from now I would believe it though

          • gamesplayswill

            In 5-6 years, eh… The specs would be a little outdated BUT, I can see it happen. With the DS thing? Again, I can see it happen, but BARELY.

        • matt

          Well the Fusion name was rumoured before WiiU ?? and with them merging Handheld/Console devisions in that new building this makes perfect sense but they wont have to phase WiiU/3DS out before releasing because they can all co-exist together i think this is what Iwata means by not staying in 1 place or we will become outdated and the articles that say Nintendo are changing there business model points to having WiiU/3DS and Fusion Terminal exist on the market at the same time………my guess dec 2015 and they will call it Fusion Terminal or just Fusion which implies a hybrid console.

          • gamesplayswill

            I am sorry, but it is bull. There is no way Iwata would even consider this. Even if Nintendo are unique, they are still a company that needs money to work. Let’s say the Wii U somehow climbs up to 20 million units next year, why stop??!! Why the hell would Nintendo halt and go “…We need another console…” when the Wii U, quite frankly, is capable.

            With the customer It’s like having a coffee. Drink the first one and you don’t want the next. Nintendo fans however, they’ll splash out because it is their personal preference. But let’s say little Jimmy wants it for xmas and he already has a Wii U. His parents will pretty much not get it, why? Because WE HAVE THE WII U. In six years, it can happen. The next year? Pshh! Good luck!

            The console will likely do poorly, while Nintendo are losing billions. The cold hard truth, sorry. 😐

          • matt

            Iwata clearly said we can’t stay in 1 place or we will become outdated ??? work it out…..

          • gamesplayswill

            >.> …. <.<

          • Phillip Fauble

            While you’re correct, this is bullshit. You have one missed point. Nintendo does indeed move on that quickly. The moment the Wii U was finalized their R&D department started work on their next big thing. Chances are they’re working with different controller configurations on modified Wii U hardware though. It couldn’t possibly be this far along.

          • gamesplayswill

            Aye, I do agree with that, I was talking on a BIGGER scale. Like a brand new console. Nintendo give birth to games and accessory hardware like there’s no tomorrow! Haha


            ‘Nintendo are losing billions. The cold hard truth, sorry. :|’

            You could as easily swap Nintendo for Sony with that comment.

          • Justagamer

            I don’t that happening it may lose some money but to say billion..Nah not happening..The real truth sorry 🙂


      To be fair they did put a hefty disclaimer at the beginning of the article.

  • Brandon

    “1 coaxial cable input”

    That should tell you it’s BS right off the bat.

    • AWwriter

      Well, no, because if you look it also says Cable Card slot – meaning that it would be able to replace your digital cable box (like a TiVo – I have digital cable including HBO but I don’t have a digital cable box). Coax is how cable comes into your home, putting a cable card in there (provided by your cable company) acts as a virtual cable box. To be honest, this was one of the more plausible things in the fake listing.

      I totally agree it’s a fake – not only would that system have to cost north of like $700, but I simply don’t see Nintendo doing a disc-less version of anything ever

  • YiyeUniverseMB

    I’ve always liked the idea of a handheld that doubles as a console. We’ll see.

    • Ducked

      Kinda like the PS4/Vita?

      • lonewolf

        An idea they took from the wii u itself so maybe this fusion thing will be just an application that will blend in a 3ds games on the wii u and vice versa.

        • Ducked


      • YiyeUniverseMB

        Possibly, only the handheld is attached to the TV by HDMI dongle like Chromecast. Like what people expected Wii U to be.

  • Re-Master

    I call fake. Nintendo wouldn’t abandon the Wii U yet. And they DEFINITELY wouldn’t abandon the 3DS yet. Yes this “Fusion DS” has a 3DS game card slot, but they know FULL WELL that the 3DS is selling brilliantly and power DOES NOT win the handheld war. Look at the Vita, for instance.

    I definitely think this is fake.

    • Wildman

      These specs wouldn’t be even close to this final, unless Nintendo had been working on it two years before the Wii U was thought about.

    • Ice Climbers

      Who said anything about Nintendo abandoning the Wii U and 3DS right away? Nintendo could introduce this (or something similar with some better specs) in 2-3 years as a third pillar and promote it as an alternative to 3DS and Wii U then eventually phase out the two systems. This is exactly what they did with the DS, and it worked perfectly (GBA wasn’t discontinued until 4 years after the original DS came out).

      Obviously, this particular rumor is fake, but its VERY likely that something with the same concept will come eventually. Nintendo Fusion is an awesome name and fits the concept well.

      • Re-Master

        But if they did, everyone would lose trust in Nintendo. Thinking “It’s okay, I’ll wait for their better system in a few years”. GBA may have only had 4 years of life, but that’s what handhelds were always like! GameBoy Colour was it’s own console, having games that were unplayable on GameBoy. Yet it was only around for 3 years before the GBA. This was more acceptable because handhelds are cheaper than consoles.

        Nowadays, people expect a console to last around 7 years, so cutting off Wii U after just 1, or even up to 3, would cause Nintendo fans to lose trust. And move to PS or XB, which DO last 7+ years.

        Nintendo should stick it out with Wii U. They turned the so called “doomed” 3DS into the fastest selling console in history and 2013 best seller, AND that’s in the world of Smartphones and Tablets. So I have no doubt that Nintendo can turn Wii U around.

        Even if the Wii U flopped overall at the end of it’s lifetime, Nintendo has enough in the bank that they can continue in the hardware business and fight back. Even IF Wii U is doomed, Nintendo is not.

        • Ice Climbers

          Reread my post. I’m not saying that they would cut off Wii U after 3 years. GBA had more than 4 years of life too and coexisted with the DS for quite a few years. It had a 6 year lifespan.

          People aren’t going to lose trust in them because the Fusion would be introduced as an alternative JUST like the DS was. DS was originally a third pillar and wasn’t supposed to replace GBA.

          Nintendo wouldn’t just cut off Wii U and 3DS right after releasing Fusion. Fusion would be a third pillar like the DS was. They’d coexist for quite a while. Then Nintendo can phase out 3DS and Wii U later on like they did with GBA SEVERAL years after DS came out. Nintendo needs a change in strategy, and simply riding out the generation and then trying again with their current strategy is just setting up for failure unless Nintendo can catch lightning in a bottle again. Assuming that they can/will catch lightning in a bottle again is just idiocy.

          Introducing Fusion as a third pillar alternative, NOT a replacement, would be an easy way to change their hardware strategy.

          Also, people expected consoles to last around 5-7 years back then too.

  • PS4/WiiU

    I would believe it if it was in 5 or 6 years from now. But if they already have the specs then that’s BS. The wii U only released a year ago

    • Sam

      EXACTLY. If those specs are real(which they’re obviously not), then it’s not exactly “next-gen”. The name is cool, and I like the idea, but not until at least 2017.

    • The Clockwork Being

      I know right. Some rumors are good but some are just plain stupid!

  • Møhåmmęd Jårmøn

    Those specs tho

  • With a name like Nintendo Fusion I would imagine that games could be played on either the console or handheld. For this to happen they would need to use the same CPU architecture (almost certainly an ARM chip). The CPU architectures here don’t match, this is a total fake. However I will say that it is a fantastic idea for an *eventual* 3DS/Wii U successor. Within a couple years ARM CPUs and mobile architectures should have more power than even the Wii U.

    • matt

      If you read both specs its quite obvious the handheld specs due to less resolution ect could easy put out everything the console does a handheld with a extreme powerful gpu and 2GB of Ram for gaming is beastly guys.

  • Sdudyoy

    There isn’t a doubt in my mind that this is fake, why would there only be 300gb of space for a diskless console? I would immagine they would at the very least in five to six years be able to put 1 terrabyte in there, there are so many things in this that could at least have been thaught over better.

  • PS4/WiiU

    WHY would they make fusion DS when 3ds Is doing AMAZING!!!!

    • matt

      Because of that reason alone Nintendo handhelds sell bucket loads if they do Fusion Terminal then every game they build will be able to be played on both Fusion DX and Fusion so yeah it’s basically a home console that is also a handheld that supports GAMEPADS ect so win win i would buy this in 2015.

      So i get a thumbs down for stating Nintendo handhelds sell tons ??? so if they merge the 2 it’s obvious it would sell 20 million a year quite easy.

      • PS4/WiiU

        you cant be sure about that. 3DS is selling more than any other console BY FAR so there is no chance that they would risk making another console

    • Ducked

      I think the next handheld will be called the 4DS

      • Squid

        Now you smell the game!

        • Ducked

          I smell fire!

      • paulthevgking


        • Ducked

          My Pikmin are dying! I feel so bad! Wait, why is this game injecting poison in me!

      • Matthew Stapleton

        Your just not playing 4th Dimensionally!

      • sup3rnoah

        HDS? No? Okay.

        • Ducked

          A handheld in HD? Sounds awesome, but name sounds bad lol

  • uPadWatcher

    If that rumor is true, Nintendo needs to bring back the slogan, “Now you’re playing with power”.

  • D.M.T

    I predicted a year ago that Nintendo’s next gaming system will be a combination of a home- and handheld console. You can play the games on your TV or in the train on your way to work/school. The specs are obviously fake.

    • Ducked

      They probably will make the handheld the controller, but I agree this rumor is fake.

    • darkcreap

      Yep, I am with @disqus_tjHiBPyQZn:disqus. I see them doing something like that, but the rumour is fake. They would not allow such a detailed early leak of their new platform specifications. Mainly because their competitors would now their game very early.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      If you predicted it its probably not going to happen. 🙂

  • Kyle Edwards

    I can tell this is fake from one spec, “1 Coaxial input”. No way in hell ANYONE would include one of those.

  • David Trail

    No Wii U and 3DS have loads of life in em!

    • Ducked

      Yeah Nintendo’s next home console and handheld probably won’t come out until 2018

  • Nintendoro

    I’m not buying it !!!! Handheld perhaps no more

  • CaesarGood

    If it is true, I am going to wonder what Nintendo is doing if they do not utilize a Dolby Digital Optical Cable. I find this audio method to give the best and highest quality sound…

    • Zuxs13

      optical cable does not give better sound quality than HDMI. And if you are into true sound quality individual analog cables for each channel would be the proffered method.

      • CaesarGood

        Analog cables for each channels probably does sounds nice, I actually have an older model Awia system that had that but never was able to use it on anything at the time. but as far as digital sound I have been using an optical cable connection or about 8 years now. When it comes to something that says Dolby Digital on it, rather it be a video game, dvd, or satellite it always gives me the best movie sound around. And I mean as if you at a theater, and it makes a difference. Anyhow I haven’t had a chance to try a straight to sound system connection with hdmi yet, but I will look forward to it, so I can see what difference is between optical cable.

        • Zuxs13

          Discrete analog for each cable is the best way to go, that is why its only found on the most expensive blu ray players or DVD players out there. No game console has that. Digital coax and Optical are the exact same thing as far as sound quality goes.

          HDMI offers the highest bandwidth for surround sound available. You can not get dolby true HD or DTS HD surround sound with an optical cable. Plus if you are using HDMI for video and optical for sound you will get lag and the sound will be out of sync.

          • CaesarGood

            Really its all the same all it does is convert to Dolby Digital or regular DTS. And lag really isn’t a problem, all you got to do is reset the sytem, turn it off then back on whenever that happens. I would rather Nintendo add the optical out like the rest of the systems have but they do what they do…

          • CaesarGood

            If u ask me it all sounds the same unless u have satellite ears u won’t really be able to tell the difference. Dolby true hd gets put out as Dolby digital which is fine with me. I get straight theater quality sound from it and as far as lag if it happens all u have to do is turn the power off then back on, no big deal. I just want for Nintendo to add an optical output on their next system, if not then oh well..

          • Zuxs13

            It doesn’t all sound the same, you just need someone to point out the difference to you. Dolby True HD is uncompressed audio, unlike Dolby digital, so its like comparing mp3 to a DVD in sound quality.
            The sync issue isn’t always solved by power-off, power-on.
            I agree they should add an optical cable but coaxial is still the same thing. Either way HDMI replace it all and there really isnt a need for them to put either in there any more especially if this is the “next” console of theirs. Optical/Digital coax are out dated technology. (note, if you don’t have a new HDMI receiver but have a modern HD tv, many of those tv’s will output audio from the HDMI cable that runs into it to your receiver using optical cables. So you can still get thet Wii U or other devices to work for your set up, if your TV has an optical out)

          • CaesarGood

            I’m actually well informed on all of this audio stuff, believe me I have been using surround systems since the days of GoldenEye 007, and the optical out would makes sense to to me as the home theater system that I have is before hdmi was out and optical is the best choice. I can have, the hdmi that is connected to the tv, be transferred to my home theater system by using an optical cable but that’s where the big difference comes in at. When you do, you do not get full dolby digital that way and the sound is way softer. Until I upgrade to a new sound system I won’t be to worried about it…

          • Zuxs13

            Easy solution, upgrade the receiver its time. lol

          • CaesarGood

            Guess you can’t read , I am not too worried nor concerned about that guy. My sound system still going strong, beating like a heart beat, pumping that beautiful optical dolby digital 5.1 bass…

          • Zuxs13

            Trust me, upgrade to a new receiver with HDMI and Dolby TrueHD and DTS master audio decoding. You wont be disappointed. Plus you wont be outdated and missing out.

          • CaesarGood

            Trust me, i went to the store just to check it out and couldn’t tell the difference. So believe it is not a big deal. I have been just fine, all this time…

          • Zuxs13

            Where did you go to check it out? believe me i sold and installed Home theater equipment for years. There is a huge difference. Its like comparing low bit rate MP3 to a CD or DVD/Audio.. much clearing, actual discrete channels, and much more defined sound, Its worth it, and so are the newer capabilities of the receivers like the 1080p up converting (some will be or are doing 4k up converting now) along with tablet remote controls, web station streaming, Pandora, spotify etc. Wireless audio from cell phones apple air play, and more.

          • CaesarGood

            Uhh, it doesn’t matter where I went and like I said I’m not interested in upgrading unless I can’t here from my speakers. Don’t care for all that as much and I’m glad u know about it. But, if u not getting me a new speak system, then u can quit badgering me about it, u not going to change my mind…

  • Lil J Moore


  • matt

    Before WiiU came out Iwata said something like more than 1 console can exist on the market…..??? i think they will bring Fusion Terminal which is the Home console/Handheld hybrid in 2015 basically having mid range consoles and a very high end console in the Fusion Terminal,Iwata said we can’t stay in 1 place or we will become outdated sort of says their thinking of allowing more than just 3DS And WiiU on the market at once i think Nintendo are thinking about having all 4 consoles or 3 if you count the Fusion as 1 console on the market for absolute dominance…..Oh i also put ps4 and xbox1 mid range as i bought a ps4 and sold it because i had wiiu games that looked better in comparison ????

    • darkcreap

      Sources? I think the market is alread tiny enough for 3 consoles and 2 handhelds. Having 4 consoles and 2 handhelds might be too much. Especially, too much for Nintendo, as they would spread too thing between 4 platforms.

  • Deadpool U

    I’m not seeing this happen anytime soon but maybe in a few years rumours like this hardly turn out to be true.

    • Ducked

      Well 9th generation I guess…

  • The finest farm-quality bullish*t.

  • TheMultiYoshi

    These specs look too far-fetched, and if Nintendo made a hybrid system it would mainly be the handheld with all the specs, and the home “terminal” just streaming to the TV and maybe adding multiplayer support or something with an extra processor. But here’s one thing: that Pokémon Plus/Minus rumour also mentioned a hybrid console with a “terminal” unit.

  • Michael DeVore

    This would be inline with their current plans of merging their development into one. If you make a handheld this is also a console you don’t have your teams, and resources divided. The Jump to 64bit cpu would have me a bit concerned. Sony and MS don’t really talk about it but that’s really the reason they dropped backwards compatibility. However, since they’d be sticking with ARM arch and with IBM it might not be too hard to pull off. If they can do it, and keep it 100% backwards compatible with the WiiU and 3DS then they should go for it. We’ll just have to find out if it’s true or not.

  • Ducked

    I always thought it be awesome if Nintendo’s next console was combined with the handheld. All the controllers would be portable. You could play anywhere you go, and at home.

    But I don’t buy this rumor.

  • matt

    Expect this new console in 2015 and think games like Project CARS in 4k or 900p on the fusion handheld for on the go wow…

    Think of it as more choice ect,that’s a new business model allowing more choice…….

  • darkcreap

    Pure fake. It is unrealistic that Nintendo would let leak such a huge movement so early in the development. This kind of things they keep very secret to prevent copying.

    Then, I cannot believe they would only triple memory capacity after 5-6 years. Seeing the history of WiiU, Wii, GCN and N64, only between GCN and Wii was such a low upgrade.

    I have my doubts about how they would fit 4 WiiU gamepads to be playable, knowing that they will support 2 (maybe one day). It seems there is a bandwidth limit due to 802.11n.


    If there is a practical limit of 25/40 Mbps that probably two gamepads will share by reducing overall bandwidth utilisation. This seems legit since I have a 50 Mbps connection at home with WiFi n and I do not reach 50 Mbps through WiFi never.

    Fitting 4 gamepads would require high coordination to use very efficiently the WiFi n, which I highly doubt is easy to do and would at least require deep engineering. There would also be very likely a distance limitation and having 4 gamepads at (possibly) very different distances does not seem easy enough. Actually, the fact that Nintendo does not support 2 gamepads already leads me to think they are facing trouble in this respect too. So I do not think they would use 802.11n for the gamepads-station connection.

    Using other WiFi standards can achieve better rates, but it is only a guess how backward compatibility with old gamepads (802.11n) would not be too detrimental.

    Nevertheless, there are two things that seem legit, even if all this is BS:

    1) It is very likely that next Ninendo’s platform will be an integrated platform. Vita TV is actually a step in this direction.
    2) If Nintendo are smart, they would reuse the gamepad up to some point as they have done with the wiimotes, to save people high adoption costs.

    • I have 250 Mbps Internet at home, and I get that easily with 802.11n on my Macbook Pro.

      • darkcreap

        Are you talking about:
        -synchronisation rate between you and the Access Point? That seems plausible, but in practice it is unlikekly you will get that bit rate. Medium access ruins bit rate with WiFi. For instance, with one 802.11g (54 Mbps max) station at a time, it is difficult that you will achieve more than 25-26 Mbps at a time. This is because how access to the medium is controlled by the AP and the other stations. This has nothing to do either with how fast your connection to the internet is. You could be connected to a 250 Mbps WiFi, but not have that effective bandwidth in the exit to the Internet.
        -bit rate that your ISP gives you? Even if they give you that, it is unlikely you will get all that bandwidth with WiFi. Let alone one station.

        • Simply, if I download something from the internet (or do a test) via WiFi, I get 250 Mbps. I should clarify I also have 5 Ghz instead of 2.4.

  • Rick Valenta

    I still prefer Project Dolphin..as far as favorite Nintendo console codenames go.

  • Peter Lythaby

    And it’s not April 1 yet

  • Kenshin0011

    Ever since Nintendo combined their console and handheld HQ’s, I knew that their next console/handheld will have the most interactivity and connectivity than any other previous Nintendo products. Keep in mind that the next handheld/console IS NOT coming anytime soon, not for about 4-5 years at the earliest. They’re not going to abandon Wii U, that’d be stupid in every way.

    So, as far as the above specs go, I think they should be taken with a grain of salt. Even if some are legitimately true, these consoles are early and development and things change all the time.

    What I do truly believe to be true is the concept of FUSION. A console that can also play handheld games for those who do not commute a lot and a handheld for those that want to take Nintendo on the go. I barely play my 3DS outside of my home and I would love to be able to have the OPTION to play 3DS games using a home console.

  • Squid

    Even though I call fake on this, Nintendo Fusion sounds like it could be a add on that upgrades the wii u and also gives it the ability to play 3DS games.

  • tronic307

    Come on, HVD now???

    While I’m a proponent of a unified ARMv8-A unified architecture for the next Nintendo console and handheld, this just seems like fanboy speculation run amok. Those console specs, for instance, look like a pimped out monstrosity that would put Nintendo in the poorhouse.


  • Sydney Ultrasyd

    Haha XD FAKE, no way they could give such accurate info, and that would be stupid to lock some spec when a console is to be released in several years. They’d more likely give a concept, not technical info.
    Now, I’m really waiting for some GOOD NEWS about the current gen of Nintendo machines.

  • Agent721

    It’s a good idea, actually, but it takes years to launch a system. This would be a minimum of two years away, if Nintendo wants to avoid a Wii U repeat. I hope they continue to support the Wii U…tons of us DO love it!

    • matt

      Did u know there is a rumour that Nintendo have tested lots of software concepts and are turning them into games to avoid launch problems like every console before it….

  • gamesplayswill

    Guys! Let’s not forget the leaked console called: The Wiiluxe! It can give you chocolate chip cookies through the disk slot while you play on the new 1440p gamepad, complete with stereospeakers and a whopping 200 billion hours worth of battery life! All for an affordable price of $10 in America.

  • Jorge Almeida

    There’s actually two parts of it, Nintendo bought/became part of a DVD Forum/Bluray type of company’s back in 2008 that’s responsible for devoloping HVD disc that can store up to 10 TB of storage

  • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

    Not Bad

  • Sydney Ultrasyd

    Haaaa, lol @ the coaxial input XD

  • Dennyleven

    If nintendo released this like in a year or so, it would be their doom! Don’t get me wrong, I’m 100% supportive for wii U. But just because the wii U right NOW is pretty low on sales, doesn’t mean it can’t change. Imagine the, what is it, 3 million people who’s bought a wii U right now will have to buy a new console and loose all faith in nintendo. Recognize this? It’s the same way sega died. If nintendo just gives the wii U some time and waits until SSB and bayonetta and DKC and MK8 comes out, more people will buy it and BOOM nintendo losses fixed!

    But whatever. I don’t really care about sales of the wii U and stuff. Sure. It would be pretty sad if it fails and stuff, but all I really care about is having fun with my product! There are a lot of fun games that I can play, so I’m not complaining!

    Hear that sony and microsoft fans? The quality of a console isn’t based on how many people bought it!

    • Zuxs13

      not a sony and MS fan boy, but a consoles quality is related to how many people buy it. More console sales means more it, it also means more people on line in multi player and more people who share a common interest as you. That being said, its not the only thing that leads to a quality console but it sure helps.

      If you dont believe the Wii U is a failure yet then you are blind. Does that mean its “done”? No. it just means it has failed already and will not catch on like its predecessor or like the 3DS has. Can it end up like the Gamecube? Sure. it already has some awesome games and many more coming, it can be a good 20-30mil niche console, but that will most likely be it.

      If you want my reasong why i dont think it will surpass those numbers take a look at this list. Its the top most wanted games in Japan coming this year. Only 1 game on the wii U is on that list. Not even Smash Bros or Bayonetta or X or DK, kirby or anything. Only Mario Kart.

      • Dennyleven

        I can’t agree with you, because I don’t play online. See it like this. a chocolate bar tastes really good. But no one is buying it! But just because only a few is buying it, it’s still very tasty! That’s at least what I think. I like my wii U and I’m going to continue playing and having fun with it! Are you OK with that?

        • Zuxs13

          You are one person though! So yo umight think quality on means great games. But the other 200+ million gamers (in US alone) would have many many other measurements of quality, and the ones i listed are high on many peoples list. I dont play on line much either, but that doesn’t mean i want an archaic box that only plays video games..

          If i go buy a chocolate bar one taste fantastic and is $10, and another taste great, has fancy packaging, gives you coupons for you to give to your friends to buy one as well, and most everyone you know prefers this second chocolate bar? which one do you think is going to stay around?

          • Dennyleven

            You really don’t get my point do you? I DO NOT CARE how many sales there is because ALL I CARE ABOUT IS ME HAVING FUN! And I am having fun and I’m gonna continue doing that with all the games coming out. End of descution… okay?

            And by the way, did you know that there was a time where consoles where boxes which only played video games? lol (sarcasm)

          • Zuxs13

            Again i will restate what i was saying since you are not getting it ( i got what you are saying ) YOU are a singular person, what you care about does not make the Wii U a success, it does not make it a quality machine, it only does that to YOU AND YOU ALONE. As far as the rest of the world it is a failure at the moment.

            Yes i do know that because I was around when they were invented! And i do not want to spend money on a box that only plays video games ( i have 13 other machines still that already do that) Most consumers don’t either. This is obvious by the way consumers are buying items. People wouldn’t buy smart phones in the numbers they are if all they wanted was a cell phone that made calls. Wake up its 2014, its time to expect more out of big N other than great video games.

          • Dennyleven

            Expect more then great video games? what else would a game company be doing?

            Please… can we just end this discussion? I get your point. Just because I like it doesn’t mean the rest of the gaming community does. And I know it is a faliure at the moment, but I am pretty sure that big N will get out of it, seince they’ve gotten out of every other trouble they’ve been in. All I’m saying is that me and a lot of other people (about 2,5 million to be exact) are very happy with our consoles! Can we just leave it at that? I won’t respond to your next comment, so you don’t need to respond. Okay, bye! 🙂

          • Zuxs13

            They are more than just a game company though! They are a hardware company and they have to make compelling hardware with features consumers want or people wont buy the console.

          • lonewolf

            Its not official but there is a rumor that thee wii u has sold above 5 millions which is not that bad but if sales don’t rise up till the end of 2014 then officially the wii u might be in trouble.

          • lonewolf

            People buy smartphones because those are the onluly mobile phones available on the market right now. you think if there were other phones available they wouldn’t sale? wrong they would sale but those phones are no more so your argument is not valid try something else.

          • Zuxs13


            this is just on company. look at the bottom of the list there are plenty of non smart phones out there. Also look at the pre-paid market, plenty of those are non-smart phones as well. So my argument is completely valid.

  • wober2

    I am hoping this is a android tablet that plays wiiu games and can be used as a 2nd player controller for wiiu. I know they were looking into education tablets maybe we could see a mobile wiiu in the classroom…

  • Wayne Beck

    I’m actually fairly confident that Nintendo’s next console will look something like that.

    As for the plausibility of this information at this point in time, Bullshyt.

  • wober2

    lol i do love the code names though.. jumpman… hammer… freaking awesome!

  • paulthevgking

    i know its fake but i hope they have anew device coming out, i would like it when they do, its like the hype is in the air

  • thomas stevenson

    It probably is fake, nut remember, nintendo started working on the wiiu a year after the wii released

  • disqus_7gPsR5T4kR

    What I could see actually happening, which would make Nintendo Fusion a real deal, would be a way to have 3DS games playable on the Wii U. Other than that this is fake , that Hammer code name must have been culled from the abandoned Project H.A.M.M.E.R.

  • paulthevgking

    the specs are fake but their still could be project fusion in the works, but remember both project cafe (wii u) and 3ds’s project started very early. so maybe these specs are wanted specs. we’ll have to see

    • Rumpelstiltskin

      Why would they be fake? Seems pretty reasonable for a console that’s released in 2016.

      • paulthevgking

        NO NO NO! i’m not saying that it is fake, its possible for the future, i said that these specs are what they want to achieve in the future, just right now with nintendos financial problem, not possible, but for the future yes. sorry for the confusion

        • Rumpelstiltskin

          Financial problem? They have over 10 billion dollars in the bank and are making profit despite the low sales of Wii U.

  • BIG Franky

    this is ridiculous…. the only thing that makes it almost somewhat plausible is that the unit would be severely under-powered… and I could see Nintendo doing that, LOL…. but yeah this is foolishness.

  • Andrew Clear

    Yeah, this would cost way too much for Nintendo to actually want to make it and sell it.

  • GregoryTheRainMaker

    I’ll wait until it’s actually official.

  • xdrewxnl

    I really hope it’s not true. It’s so early in the game and I would feel kinda burned as a customer who bought both the Wii U and 3DS.

  • Enumerating Wishes

    They had Wii U compatibility in mind but look at how expensive it is to begin with.
    The math for the GPU don’t add up either.

    2816 * 960 * 2 != 4.60 TFLOPS [it would add up to 5.41]
    If we use the 290X as a base we’ll end up with 61.4 GP and 169.0 GT
    Pixel Fillrate = 960 * 64 != 60.6 GP

    Texel Fillrate = 960 * 176 != 170 GT

    This “Terminal” uses the Flagship AMD 290X however that’s insanely expensive (and will be in the next 5 years) and the maths did not add up correctly.

    Using a Power8 processor, IBM’s latest installment of the Power Series (actually its not even out yet), is also cost prohibitive. One single IBM Power 7 core has more GFLOPS than the entire CPU modules of any current gen system (Wii U, PS4, Xbox One.)

    Terminal is a real beast but there are some things that don’t make sense.

  • Josh111111

    The domain doesn’t give this credibility, it’s simply what inspired the rumor.

  • Fred

    I don’t even have a guess if this is true or not. However, I’m hoping that the next one Nintendo brings out is a handheld console. In other words I want a handheld that’s at least as powerful as the Wii U, is completely portable, but also has an HDMI output and can also sync up with 4 controllers for couch multiplayer. So this is similar to what I’m hoping for.
    Can you imagine if Nintendo had ALL their studios working on the same console? We’d get new games much more frequently!

  • Fred

    I also want to be able to download DS games on my 3DS. I don’t understand why they aren’t doing that. There are so many awesome DS games and they put 3DS games on the for download and it’s backward compatible. I’m hoping for it, but I’ve been hoping for it since they put New Super Mario Bros 2 on the eShop and it hasn’t happened yet.

    • AceRuby

      Probably has to do with the fact you can still buy DS games at stores and the 3DS supports DS games…

      • Fred

        There are so few DS games left in stores. The ones I want (and don’t already have) are no longer in stores. When was the last time you say Phantom Hourglass in stores or Diddy Kong Racing?

  • Pucker

    The only thing that could be true is that Nintendo is working on a new console. Nintendo should make a new console that matche the specs of the Xbox One and PS4. Can you imaging Mario in a game with specs like the Xbox One and PS4?

    • Leo

      Yes i can, it would look like Super Mario 3D World ¬¬

    • leo

      no not match … exceed the specs of ps4 make it on par with ps5

  • Agent721

    Perhaps all were taking about is 3DS TV, like Sony’s Vita TV.

  • harelsen

    This article is such fake.

    The wii u is a little over one year old and for nintendo to stop here, or 3 years into the future, would be insane… 4.3 million people already own the wii u. most people would probobly not buy the next console because they would be afraid to invest 400 usd for a console that would not last.

    • Kenshin0011

      What makes you think that this rumored console will release anytime soon?

    • AceRuby

      *5 million Wii U owners 😉

      But yea Nintendo isn’t releasing a console anytime soon they have to many Wii U projects in the pipeline as is.

  • Leo

    Launch game: Metroid Fusion. Oh wait!

  • This is the direction I expect them to go at somepoint. Nintendo takes time to get games out for two consoles but fuse handheld and home console and Nintendo could afford to completely carry the system on their own games if necessary.

    Looking at the terminal spec it’s not far off a wii u. Releasing a new ds that integrates with the Wii U might make more sense short term. Personally I think this many years away.

    • matt

      Can i say on Amazon UK wiiu sits at No11 in the best sellers with ps4 at No1 and xbox1 at No61 so WiiU is by word of mouth starting to pick up in UK ??


      Plus on Amazon UK wiiu scores a 4.4/5 on user review scores the highest score of all 3 so people are happier with their wiiu purchases more than xbox1 or ps4…….NOTE THIS WAS ON THE 21ST AND 22ND OF JAN ??

      • ? Of course you can say it… But in what way is that relevant to anything I said. I wasn’t badmouthing the wii u. It’s a good console.

    • matt

      Terminal specs are ridiculous and at least 6 times the power of wiiu/xbox1 and around 5 times ps4 easy……

  • Guest

    If this was their big plan it might also explain why the wii u was under powered. They didn’t want the follow up console to be less powerful that it’s predecessor.

  • Shagrath1983

    I bought a wii u but I am dumb enough to buy the fusion if it came out next year.

  • oSHINSAo

    Everyone saying this is Fake… but you´ve always wanted this…

  • Michael

    Hoax! And I will tell you why:

    The DS with those specs would cost as much as an iPhone and that battery would make the console huge and heavy! 3G? Come on! A Tegra K1 CPU/GPU would sound more realistic and would show graphics in par with PS4!

    And the console itself (terminal) would need a huge fan to cool it down! 300 GB discless when the discs would support 1 TB, how is your math going? Those discs is not even in the market yet (http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holographic_Versatile_Disc).

    Another thing, Nintendo never uses game characters as project names (refer to Kong and Jumpman). There is also misspelling (GPGPU), the info of PowerPC 7 are not even known, and yet the person can’t choose the correct numbers from the rumors (1.25 GHz for the Wii U).

    Last thing, Barrel and Hammer are tools used by Kong and Koopa.

    So no, you are now officially debunked…

    • AceRuby

      The next DS line of handheld visually will probably more inline with the Wii U visually but not as intense obviously since a console can produce more visually then a handheld.

  • Brandon

    This sounds cool but also expensive and nintendo wouldnt need that much power for its games.

  • Steve6cupcakes

    I’m just going to point out the fact that nintendo started development on the wii u around 2008 and it came out 2012 so don’t think there next console will be comeing out any time soon

  • Aztecninja

    The most bs part of this is the part about supporting 4 wiiu game pads, but the fact is that with every new console released, Nintendo always make a new or redesigned controller. And if this is being launched not even a year after wiiu why would they use the old and or last gens controller on their new top end console. So don’t take this ‘new console’ seriously! Btw I do own a wiiu myself and I think it has great potential to be amazing when the new games are released!

    • Kenshin0011

      Why do you think this rumored console is set to release anytime soon??

  • FutureFox

    Smoke, meet @$$

  • Brandon

    This would not be as good as it may seem if it were to come out, because just like the wii u the memory is slow and with that kind of power on the gpu it would be to slow to work with.

  • Immallama22

    I’m not sure about the specs, but I think it’s extremely likely Nintendo will release both a new handheld and console together.


    Something tells me that Nintendo is enjoying these negative or rumored stories as of late. It seems neither strange or surprising that Nintendo getting trashed about their earnings, games, and Wii U, but at the same time it seems too much. Seems to me that Nintendo is trash talking themselves to make their 2014 lineup look spectacular and hopefully have people talk about how they bounced back. Think about it.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Ive thought the same things many times. It must be a show. Its impossible that the president of Nintendo is this incompetent. They are suddenly being the most stupid and idiotic company in the world. It must be on purpose. Its a trick of some kind.

      • Leo

        “They are suddenly being the most stupid and idiotic company in the world” – no one could ever snatch that wig out of EA.

    • AceRuby

      The thing is the Wii U’s 2014 lineup is already looking great though that’s the hilarity if it all and how people just don’t want to acknowledge the fact that Nintendo has plenty of heavy hitters coming out this year.

  • Mario 1983

    Of course Nintendo will already developing their next console, how soon they abandon the Wii U and release “Nintendo Fusion” is anyone’s guess.

  • Kenshin0011

    How come so many of you imbeciles think a new console will be RELEASED any time soon?! Jeez the IQ of many on this planet is very low. Learn how to read without making ridiculous assumptions

    • matt

      WiiU so far has shown more power SORRY SONY FANS.

      • oontz

        Nope, noooope.

        • matt

          Yes it has i sold a ps4 because of this…..

          • oontz

            That’s great for you… do you want a cookie?
            Opinions aren’t facts. Nice try though.

  • Sheiky Baby

    I don’t think Nintendo needs to launch anything so soon. Maybe in the next 4 years? That’d be more reasonable. A console that is brand new and has nothing to do with the Wii OS, but that still allows you to use your Wii/WiiU accesories. I can’t imagine Nintendo ignoring those who supported the Wii U, so I could see them allowing both consoles to connect in some form.
    By that time, Nintendo would probably have ports from the current gen games that the Wii U missed out on.

    I do believe the Wii U has wayy more potential than Nintendo is allowing. A new OS is much needed for it too. It doesn’t look up to par with the other two consoles.

    • C4

      “Maybe in the next 4 years?”

      Yep, 2016 – 2017 would be mean a normal 5 year cycle for each console.

    • tronic307

      Nextendo won’t have backwards compatibility. You’d have to somehow have a spare GamePad laying around without a console. I do believe the console will play the handheld games, though.

    • AceRuby

      Their are too many Wii U projects in the pipeline already there’s no way Nintendo is going to abandon Wii U owners at this point. 2016 is the earliest we’ll hear about the Wii U’s successor.

  • Geoffrey Tasker

    My blood pressure was fine until I had to take in so many grains of salt after reading this

  • Jeffery02

    I feel that Nintendo SHOULD be working on next gen right now. They can take their time though and in fact they SHOULD take their time. If they start working on the next gen console AND handheld at the same time right now, they could plan a 2018-19 release. This would allow plenty of time for development of both hardware and software. They already merged their development divisions. Since then, I had a feeling that the next console and handheld will be linked in many ways. In all that time, I feel that they should develop a Star Fox game, a Metroid game, and a new IP that would take advantage of the new console/handheld advanced connectivity all for launch. They could also slowly start getting other games developed for this non-rushed next-gen combo so that there is no major drought. They could also get away with a combo that’s about on par with, and maybe even a little better than, the PS4 and Xbone in terms of hardware without breaking the bank.

    • AceRuby

      I’d say more inline with 2016 seems more plausible especially since the 3DS will turn 5 years old by then 2018 is bit late.

  • Scott Duperree


  • lonewolf

    Who ever gets this serious is a complete moron (no offence) and especially this bs site to upload some news without checking it twice for example if i was an editor here i am actually really glad that i am not) i would look at this rumour will have a great laugh and skip to something else i would not even consider to post it on here.
    Nintendo actually stated several times that they plan an unification between the 3ds and the wii u but that will happen trough the internet there might be a fusion project but would probably be just an app for both the wii u and the 3ds.

  • Michael Rowlands

    I bet its a new smart phone Nintendo is working on

  • Wildman

    Those specs are all over the internet! I would like to see it honestly, but I know it’s not real. Or at least not yet. Wait until the Wii U turns five. Then we will possibly see, or hear what’s going on.

  • Wildman

    Only b/g/n wireless? I would expect the new 802.11ac standard.

  • Logan Wayman

    Hope the DS Fusion and Fusion Terminal is non-region locked. Oh, and judging by the names, maybe you can sync them both with each other? Oh, and maybe they’ll be revealed at E3 2014.

    • paulthevgking

      E3 2014? no for the following reason: – wii u just came out
      -lots of wii u game to be announced
      -it will be sega all over agian
      but expect next gen to be announced e3 2016 or 2017

  • andrewjcole

    Anyone agree that it seems fake when somebody gives them full specs? Like, seriously… how would they have every bit of information to type down for a fan website.

  • Daniel Carvalho

    You can see this rumor is false because the 3DS is going very well on the market, so making a new handheld is nothing Nintendo should be worrying about now.

    Although, I do believe this rumor has some kind of foundation, maybe we’ll see something related to both 3DS and Wii U, like more crossplay possibilities, and Nintendo Fusion may just be the name this new network will have.

    Anyways, it’s just a rumor, and something only Pachter would believe…

    • TheMoeses

      yes, but the giant empire of 3DS ends with super smash bros 3DS… so they need to start with the new model.. dont you think.?

      • Daniel Carvalho

        I could see a new bundle or a special version, like they’ve done with Pokemon XY, but not a new model…

  • readypembroke

    If they wanted to actually make this console they should take out the coaxial input and the CableCARD slot. Also to hurt MS and Sony, use 12 GB of GDDR5 memory and 4GB of DDR4 memory and make a GPU based off of the R8 280X and have at least a 500GB hard drive.

  • Justagamer

    Wish but this is just a rumor!

  • Decker Shado

    Damn, I had a whole script together… now I have to add this to it. Brilliant.

  • Superstick98

    To be honest, I think Nintendo should try to make their next console equal or stronger than Microsoft or Sony’s console. It’s not really the fact that the Wii U isn’t as powerful as PS4/X1, it’s just that I want the fanboys to be quiet and get off Nintendo about this. They constantly use that excuse when arguing about consoles that the Wii U is underpowered. I would love to see what they say if the tables turned. XD

    • Brandon

      Well not being a fanboy or anything but the wii u is alot more weaker the the xbox and ps4

      • matt

        WiiU runs project cars on 1 core ?? yeah ok

        ps4 on 4 cores
        Xbox1 on 4 cores

        Wiiu is just as powerful as both of them quite easily.

        • oontz

          Um, no it isn’t.

          • matt

            Read the link he clearly says xbox1/WiiU will keep up with ps4 ??? don’t pretend to be stupid now….

          • oontz

            You’re the one being stupid with your poor use of English grammar.

          • matt

            Grammar this grammar that get a life it’s not an English lesson.

            WiiU can push graphics easy at ps4 level if not better.

          • oontz

            “WiiU can push graphics easy at ps4 level if not better.”

            HA HA HA… dream on.

        • Brandon

          Actually it is not as powerful and i highly disagree it runs that game with one core. Another thing is that the game only can run on 720p for the wii u but is running at 1080p on xbox and ps4. Dont fool your self, im not saying the wii u is weak its just not as nearly as powerful.

          • matt

            Here read this thats old news all 3 are shooting for 1080p 60fps and Andy explains how xbox1 and WiiU will keep up with ps4’s gddr5 when using esram/edram on wiiu and xbox1 read……


            720p native 30fps was the target before SMS had newer devkits and before they discovered the hidden power ie edram…..

          • Brandon

            I read the whole article and it says nothing on the cores other then the ps4. I already knew about esram and edram. But wii u’s edram wont be as good as xbox with the esram. The wii u version is still only running at 720p which is not bad but just proving my point that its not as strong.

          • matt

            They are clearly more impressed with wiiu,and here is a cut and paste of what he said you can’t be English mate..

            Andy makes interesting comments on Playstation 4. He mentions bottlenecks in command list building, memory copying, etc. Andy makes it a point to mention that the console’s single-core speed is slow compared to a high end PC, so they have split their renderer across multiple threads. Similarly, the team decided to make use of the eSRAM (prioritized in Xbox One and Wii U) over PS4’s GDDR5 memory. This will mitigate some of the PS4’s advantage on that end.

            So he says ps4’s cpu isn’t great and xbox1/wiiu when usng there esram/edram will mitigate the advantage ps4 has ??

            WiiU’s edram is more powerful than xbox1’s esram and i mean alot more wiiu’s edram is on everything cpu/gpgpu/cores/Cache you name it you can access it for almost anything unlike xbox1????

          • Brandon

            But when he talks about the cpu hes practically talking about all the console cause the xbox cpu is just a little bit faster and wii u’s is slower. The edram in the wii u doesnt really affect the cpu that much. As for the gpu it doesnt use the full speed of the edram because the gpu on the wii u is not strong or fast enough.

          • matt

            Please the cache processor has 3MB edram get a grip m8……cache processor is the central processor unit mate and its this that allows you to access memory faster so if you think wiiu’s cpu with edram cache ect isnt powerful your funny mate….

            Brandon your a joke the edram in wiiu is IBM’s new high bandwidth edram and its immensely powerful it’s the future off ibm cpu’s mate they have used it in power7 and power8 processor’s please don’t come bk with another lame comment there is no comparison with powerpc and x86,powerpc is leagues better in everything x86 is laptop/mobile territory powerpc/power7 and 8 are proper processor’s and wiiu’s is fully custom.

          • matt

            Brandon read my link……

    • Tiina Kallio

      They would just use the “Kiddie console” phrase, as they did with Gamecube despite the fact that it was more powerful than PS2.

    • matt

      Wiiu is stronger than them already u plum…..

  • Ricky__Spanish

    What a bunch of bullshit

  • Xavier Lopez Chabelo

    Well… considering that Microsoft started the XBOX ONE development a year after the 360 this can rumour can be true.

    So expect a new Nintendo home console in 5 years from now

  • Rinslowe

    This is certainly anonymous bs….
    Telltale giveaway. Full specs. Even Wii U is largely unknown…

    And those specs… lol.

    • GmailIsDown

      the specs are a dead giveaway that this is meant to be a joke

  • miamirican305

    Lmfao! @ Coaxial Cable Imput! Ahhhhh HAHAHAHA! BS!

  • leo

    Coaxial Really?

  • leo

    Ok lets see 1. more memory because the majority of people wont see past the # and not what type 2. That CPU …. I (let me rephrase that ) Wii think it should be on par with ps5 yes? 3. GPU … i ask the same thing. As for holographic tec…. now that is something interesting.

  • Justagamer

    The console in question..The rumor anyways

    • tronic307

      Isn’t that the Nintendo “Stream”?

      • Justagamer

        Not sure but ive heard that there will be to different types

  • Mickey Mouse

    300 GB of internal flash storage, this is a strange number for memory. Usually it would go 32, 64, 128, 256, 512 etc. I’d love to have that amount of flash storage for storing downloads, they’d load almost immediately, heck I’d even start getting my retail games exclusively through download regardless of the extra expense just to have them all stored on internal flash memory. Dream on, dream on!

  • Ricky__Spanish

    Yeah release an add on for the Wii U first. Then you can burn just like Sega did

  • SkyStormXD

    21 MP camera?? dafuq is wrong?

    • AceRuby

      I think it was supposed to read 2 1.0 MP cameras.

      • SkyStormXD

        oh, i guess i didn’t notice the space,
        this is fake anyway, there are lots of errors like “stereoptic”
        and, it would be nice for nintendo to include a mini hdmi port on the handheld….

        • AceRuby

          I figured it was probably fake anyway just wanted to clarify a little is all 😉

  • Krzysztof

    I reckon that next Nintendo console (most likely a handheld) simply will be Wii/Wii U (depending on technical capabilities and cost) portable. Full blown Nintendo home console, backward compatible with 3DS, in your pocket. At least that would explain Nintendo’s huge focus on the tablet controller and low power consumption with the Wii U.

    • AceRuby

      That’s pretty much how Nintendo’s done their portables really lately 3DS was more in the Wii territory visually and I expect the next handheld will be around the Wii U territory as far as visuals go.

  • ETeach

    Total BS. As much as people want Nintendo to develop a new console, can you imagine how much that would hurt their image as a company? “Why should I buy this one when the next one is only two years away?” They’ll need to just stick with the WiiU, maybe it’ll do good, maybe it won’t.

    The gamecube was a failure sales-wise too, but i still have fond memories of playing those games. As I’m sure i will my WiiU games.

    • AceRuby

      2016 is the earliest you’ll see a new console from Nintendo they already have to many Wii U titles in production right now for them to even be prepared for a new console’s launch.

      • ETeach

        Agreed, and that’s earliest. WiiU came out in 2012, right? So I’d guess it’ll be 2018, maybe 2017 if the WiiU never picks up.

  • jreed3842

    God… I hope this isn’t true… I can’t afford anymore consoles for quite awhile, I can barely afford any games! It’s taken me forever just to save up the money I’m going to spend on Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros. … I don’t wanna have to start all over and save up for new consoles, lol.

    • oontz

      Get a job… unless you live in America, in that case start canning.

      • jreed3842

        I’ve already got one, but the amount of money I make barely allows me to pay my rent and bills. So, that’s why saving up for games is so damn hard.

  • Guest

    Although it’s a prototype code name (it’s still a rumor), imagine if Nintendo created a logo for their upcoming game systems 3 to 4 years from now…

  • uPadWatcher

    Since the first one was a dud, here’s fixed fan-made logo for the Nintendo Fusion handheld and home console (still a rumor).

    • Daniel Carvalho

      As I said in a comment before, I believe it could be something related to crossplay between the 3DS and Wii U. Your logo goes along with my theory

      • uPadWatcher

        Thank you, Daniel.

  • MysticDude97

    The concept seems like something Nintendo would do, though the components have me skeptical.

  • GmailIsDown

    lay? jumpman? still powerPC? “co-processor”? i take it that he was trolling.

    • Rumpelstiltskin

      You should read this

      And the co-processor is without a doubt for backwards compatibility as it’s the same CPU found in the Wii U. The PS3 also had a co-processor in the early models so that it could play PS2 games.

  • Michael Ocampo

    I Wish Nintendo an insane amount of luck with whatever they (and me later on :->) do now and in the future. Keep on Nintendoing it! 🙂

  • Cold Heat

    This is full of all kinds of bullshit. Is it April 1st already? What a joke, and not even a plausible one.

  • Josie the Sketcher

    I wish Nintendo just waited until early March before announcing wii U was failing. So they made things way worse now since we have to deal with all these really biased and nasty negative media reports for months to come., which is going to put people off the Wii U. What’s worse is now people are fantasising about Nintendo creating a new console when the Wii U is only less than two years. It’s insane. Nintendo can’t be that serious about giving up the Wii U all together. That can’t be right – just no!

    • Abe6772

      i feel your pain bro (the wii u is a solid system), but lets be honest here, Nintendo dropped the ball with the wii u. It wasnt marketed right, no real solid titles. it was bad. But I dont think the big n will give up on the wii u just yet. plus, this is just a rumor

  • nawaf

    الله يستر والله يعين يارب ان شركة نينتيندو تحسن من وضعها

  • iamserious

    In 4-5 years time, there next system (much beefier) WILL have Wii U backwards compatibility and it WILL also have some kind of crossplay with their next handheld DS (play DS games on gamepad?) as well as a great VC library from old consoles and handhelds and it will still use the gamepad(s) Wiimote/nunchuck and the pro controller. Well that’s if they know what’s good for them. 😉

  • Abe6772

    one thing that nintendo does (and sells) best is handheld and a console handheld is a no brainer and predictable. still awesome

  • ICHI

    I don’t believe it, or at least that these specs are real and something is coming so soon. I do however think merging the DS and home console could be a good idea for their next gen offering.

  • bugart19

    I think it’s all made up, just to get readers attention, by the way, with all this console failure, talk where is all the PS Vita bashing?

  • Random12multi

    Remove the bullshit that my nintendonews got this. NOW. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCJFIgsybYw&feature=youtube_gdata_player

    • joey t


      Posted by Jahmai Williams | Tuesday, 1 January 2014 | Gaming News, Rumor

      • That guy who hates Spike

        Like gaminrealm is telling the truth.
        Both these people are desperate for clicks. One would make a story, just to cause attention, the other guy plagiarised the lie, grabbing some of the attention neither of them deserve.

        • Wolfgem

          Someone is quick to judge Gaminrealm….

          • That guy who hates Spike

            It’s not quick. I came to a conclusion after thoughrouly examining the parts of the console, how far development is in comparison to previous examples. It sounds really face.

  • Josie the Sketcher

    They have fused the Wii U and 3DS with Miiverse and Eshop. Maybe they can do something else along the lines, like having a mini version of Super Mario 3D world to put on the 3ds then transfer your saved progress to the Wii U so you can continue it -They have (kind of) done that with Monster Hunter 3 ultimate so perhaps they could do more similar.

  • paulthevgking

    something caught my attention. A couple of weeks ago pokemon gen. 7 rumors came out. one part of the rumors was that their will be a MMO like mainland only playable on the terminal. Many thought that was just a place you can go to but now with this, terminal could be referring to fusion terminal. considering that the two hardware are supposed to be connected, maybe their will be a mode you can only play on the terminal for multiplayer. pokemon rumors: http://guardianlv.com/2014/01/pokemon-plus-and-pokemon-minus-rumor-true/. third bullet from the bottom. (note: pokemon rumors was talked about weeks before these rumors)

  • SomeFluffer64

    Perhaps this may hint at a 3DS player for the Wii U?

  • Matski

    Sorry but this seems pretty ridiculous, the specifications of the handheld alone would bring its production cost way beyond the existing 3DS into the highend mobile phone market where phones are priced at like £600! that is not sort of price point I could expect Nintendo to be looking at. Why do I say this? well things like Gorilla Glass, Capacitive Touchscreen, Slide Out Design with Custom Swivel Tilt, HingeMagnetic CoverThumbprint Security Scanner with Pulse Sensing, FeedbackMulti-Array Microphone,
    3G Chip with GPS Location, Bluetooth v4.0 and 16 Gigabytes of Internal Flash Storage. This is way way too much stuff for a handheld console and is technology that is far too advanced to reach £200-£300 price point!.

    But the biggest proof that this is bollox is the magical “FUSION Holographic Versatile Disc”, a technology that is either experimental or nowhere near mass market potential. Building a console requires using chips, drives etc which are in some way mass produced again to reach an affordable price point. So unless we see Nintendo investing million and millions into this completely new field of data storage, and setting up their own factories and distribution networks to supply this technology I find this all very hard to believe.

    Lets also think about what the hell people would do with discs that had the potential for 100’s of gigabytes? what games company on this earth would required that amount of storage space for one game? they wouldnt have the resources and finances to build a game so advanced and highly defined to make use of such a thing!

    And in the end, all of this is meaningless, as a Wii U owner knows, the raw specifications tell you nothing about how it will perform. On paper the Wii U may seem under powered but anyone who has played some of the admittedly limited game library would know that it kicks ass!!

    • paulthevgking

      maybe this is what they want to achieve and might take out some of the stuff in development.

    • AceRuby

      Yea I agree honestly I expect the next Nintendo handheld to be near Vita level as far as visuals are concerned and that’s about it which makes sense since that level of visuals would have gone down in price quite a bit by now and by the time its actually released (which is probably late 2015/early 2016 at earliest).

  • Shaise

    Even IF it is real, and is Nintendo’s second attempt to the 8th gen if Wii U fails, then Nintendo better give us compensation, especially us people who bought at launch with faith in it!

    • Christian Schoff

      Gotta love entitled people with their “Nintendo better give me something”.

    • AceRuby

      Nintendo isn’t releasing a new console anytime soon this rumor has no validity and even if it did its still a few years away from release. Nintendo won’t release a new system no less then 4 years to a console’s life so your looking at 2016 as the earliest you’ll see or hear of a new console. Now the 3DS successor you might hear about next year possibly since that’s been out since 2011 but that’s about it really.

  • ConCity Soldier

    GaminRealm reported this article first not Nintendo News.

  • gerome

    this info is more fake than my granny’s boobs.

  • Quicksilver88

    This is just some hardware junkies wet dream…

    I think the concept of a portable/console device is a possible path for Nintendo. The key is though all the hardware would need to be in the portable. At CES AMD just showed forthcoming mobile chipset they claim will outperform ps360 on a 5 watt chip. That could be the future for Nintendo. I envision a 2DS type design with an HD touch screen. The screen can be split for portable 2 screen play or not for when you are playing with TV. When at home Nintendo would simply reverse WiiU streaming and they would stream the tv video from the handheld. On the TV side you would have a small hub like devise with Hdmi,Lan,usb3, sd, and other ports. The portable can be used as second screen/controller or cradled on the tv dock and the user can use pro controller or wiimotes for input.

    The problem is price point which matters to Nintendo as 3DS flopped at $250 launch price…..still if they could launch this at 250 for the ‘core’ portable and the doc for $100 and then a bundle for $400 with controllers this type modular device might work. Everything is digital with entire Nintendo library from Nes/gb thru 3DS/WiiU and subscription options. Imagine the benefit of an HD Zelda on a portable or on the TV or how aabut Fire Emblem home/away

    • AceRuby

      Yea Nintendo can’t price their handhelds past $199 if they want to keep their edge in that area (like said people didn’t like the $249 price of 3DS). I do believe this is very possible that Nintendo is doing this though to where they are going to combine both handheld and console as far as hardware is concerned to make it much easier for the development of software for both platforms which is why they combined their console/handheld R & D divisions recently.

  • flovv

    The one thing I see making this BS:
    “Dolby TrueHD 5.1 or 7.1 Surround Sound”

    Nintendo would not fork up license money for something that isn’t needed. Wii U uses 5.1 PCM, no need for encoding surround with Dolby when using HDMI.

    • Zuxs13

      Just because its on there doesn’t mean it is decoding it internally. I can still out put Dolby True HD through PCM. people often don’t know what it means for a system to have PCM or Internal decoding, so they just state it does True HD.

      • flovv

        Don’t know if you really get the point here.
        If Nintendo would use Dolby TrueHD, which is kinda pointless as it isn’t needed, they need to pay a license fee for every console they sell, as far as I know.
        If they just output PCM (2.0, 5.1, 7.1 or what ever), like the wii u do, the sound will be the same as if it used TrueHD or DTS-MA. Only point to have these two would be if the console can play blu ray or another new format.

        Or do I miss something that make sense to use TrueHD in a new console from Nintendo?

        Don’t get me wrong, allways love a new console from Nintendo, have had all (not all handheld) since 1987 when I got a NES. I do think this is just crap that some troll cooked up trying to be funny. TrueHD was just one of the things not making sence, but they other is covered in other coments.

        • Zuxs13

          No what i am saying is it could just be PCM 8 channel and this guy doesn’t know the difference and assumes its True HD. There would be a difference because there is no telling if their linear PCM sound tracks are uncompressed like True HD is. And it could also mean they are using a blu-ray capable disc drive as well.
          yes they would have to pay licensing fees to dolby and DTS but they have done that before since they had Dobly pro logic before, but i doubt they would for True HD or DTS HD unless they were supporting Blu-ray.
          My point though is this guy could be confussed because many of the specs out there for the Wii U said Dolby Digital 5.1 even though its just 6 Chanel PCM.

          • flovv

            I agree, he might just know the difference, or Nintendo might be planing a blu ray (+) compatible console, tough I doubt it!
            And you are right, Nintendo did use Pro Logic II on Wii and maybe Game Cube as well (?), don’t remember that.
            The strange thing is I wonder what they are using with WiiU, I use the component cable now (+ the 2 rca for sound) and the 1080p looks as good as the HDMI, though I do not get any 5.1 surround, but I do get some sort of surround, which makes me believe that they are using something that might be Pro Logic (II) compatable (or possibly DTS-Neo) as I haven’t seen anything about Dolby or DTS regarding WiiU. Sounds pretty good acctually.
            Note that I use this only because it is easier to switch to my headset that way when I play in the evening as the other part of the family sleeps just about the living room.

            Not important, just know that TrueHD is not uncompressed, it is indeed compressed, but it is lossless compression.

          • flovv

            Strange, my reply that I posted yesterday or the day before seems to vanished :/

            The short of what I wrote:
            I agree, might just be ignorance or perhaps they will support blu ray.

            Not important, but TrueHD is not uncompressed, though it is a lossless codec for superior sound.

            The GPU is also a interesting thing, the one specified is a slightly downclocked Radeon R9 290x, which needs 250W+! That is quite a lot as, if I remember correct, the WiiU is about 75-100W for the whole system.

  • C.S. Bailey

    You have to admit, the rumors get more and more detailed as the years go by….
    At the end of the day though, it’s what many would love to see from Nintendo; A console/handheld combo that kicks ass!

  • Marcos Parreira

    Any name is better than WiiU

  • edge

    I don’t disbelieve that they are working on something new, but I take these rumours with a massive grain of salt. Besides, one of the biggest mistakes of Wii U is that its name and look are too similar to the Wii, and that both were on sale at the same time. If Nintendo is going to release a new console and avoid making this mistake again, it’s going to want to clear out the Wii U first. If I read news of them slowing or stopping Wii U production, as well as a significant price drop so retailers can clear their stock, then I’ll believe that something new is brewing.

  • jonen

    this is almost certainly fake, but i wouldnt mind seeing those specs in the next home console. some things point to it being fake, i doubt nintendo would put holography inside their consoles, sounds like a waste of money. im also skeptic to the DDR 3 and 4 memory as the next console should really use GDDR 5 or newer to outmatch PS4 and X1. even Wii had GDDR 3

    another thing that makes me suspicious is that the DS fusion has a qualcomm GPU, but they call it an AMD GPU. so which one is it?

  • William Cole

    Wii U should have been called Super Wii but anyways, maybe this is a 3DS/DS TV device like the Vita TV. On the contrary, I do believe that Nintendo is thinking about their next console like any hardware creator should do. I believe that it was stated back when the Wii U was first released that Iwata had stated that they are already thinking about ideas for their next console. They aren’t going full time on it or anything because the Wii U needs help. UNLESS, they are planning to phase the Wii U out completely and release Fusion which supports Wii U( I HIGHLY DOUBT THAT).

  • Arthur Jarret


    Why would I say this?
    I see the use of licensed tech like Bluetooth and Dolby. Nintendo really doesn’t like to pay for external licensed tech. etc.

    Also – thumbpad security scanner? What did the guys who thought this up do – pull up every spec sheet of every 2013/2014 tech and copied them into a list? The technical specs also do not match the current system’s at all – so for a system that plays Wii U and 3DS games

    Entertaining read, though!

    Alas, it makes as much sense as:

  • Hiintor Flaas

    These system specifications are garbage. We haven’t even got a directive from Nintendo concerning their next gen hardware after the Wii U. The last product roadmap I saw projected the Wii U to be their dominant console until Q3 2018. The current Wii U is just fine if more would be done with the 32 TEV units and the on-chip cache used more appropriately. Most games you are seeing those go unused and there is a lot of optimization thrown out the door – they’re looking at it as a PC architecture with a general purpose core and 160 stream processors. They need to look at it as a parallel computing structure with all 192 sp’s and TEV’s. The on-chip DSP also often goes unused and core 0 or 2 is used instead. Super Mario 3D World is the first game I’ve seen to make some use of the TEV’s and all 3 cores. (I used to work for Renesas until layoffs two months ago.)

  • ETMew2348

    ha ha now im on top >:D

  • T-X

    Omg but this would be so cool. To be able to play 3DS games on the main console. Since Nintendo is the master of 2-screen style and all that. Imagine a cross-buy feature too. I only wish the next console can be somewhat similar ambition-wise.

  • Will W

    I can see Reggie Now, chopping with his hands: Not only does this power up the Wii U, but allows the 3DS to connect seamlessly to the Wii U.
    However, I’m 99% sure this is false information, so I’m highly doubting it…

  • I 100% want this. But I 100% doubt this.

  • Will W

    The Chip-naming conventions are ridiculous: Based on Donkey Kong.

  • sam

    If this is true which I highly doubt I will not be getting it I’ve always been a hardcore Nintendo fan. I have gotten every Single handheld and home console Nintendo has released on day one but with what they did and continue to do with the Wii U. Wasting time and releasing stupid games that don’t appeal to Hardcore N fans. I love Nintendo but I’ve had enough and making me waste money on the Wii U will be the LAST straw.

  • Andrew Longo

    I can confirm that this is true, the start-up screen is not music but a soundbyte that goes: FUUUUUUU-SION! HAAA!!

  • Admin

    Why would a console system have a 1 Coaxial Cable Input….
    Because its not just a console system its a device that outputs such as a TV.
    What if Fusion is not just for fusing the game console + handheld but fusing the
    console+ handheld+ Cable+to a Nintendo TV.
    Even crazier what if this isn’t a normal TV but some sort of holographic projector.
    If you are creating depth x,y, Z planes you need more power in your gpu, cpu, ram just to create the depth, because on the tv its just 2D. But if you have a 3rd dimension you are rendering multiple layers. The terminal might not be a console at all just a terminal to plug in your Wii u & cable blue ray player.

    Wasn’t there some talk awhile back of Nintendo bringing out a product that wasn’t a gaming console?

  • Denvy

    “The only thing that lends credibility to this rumor is the fact that Nintendo bought the NintendoFusion.com domain back in 2003”

    An 11 year old domain lends credibility?