Feb 25th, 2013


While Sony and the Playstation 4 announcement dominated the news last week, a new rumor has surfaced that Michael Ancel–creator of the Rayman series–will be leaving Ubisoft after the whole Rayman Legends fiasco.

The decision to delay Rayman Legends until fall 2013 has caused a lot of fans to be upset, including the game’s own developer. According to French website Gamekult, Ancel has stated that his team from Montpelier plan to break away from Ubisoft after the release of the game. The website mentions that the break will be an amicable one and that Ancel will remain tied to Rayman while working on his next project.

It’s interesting to note that even the developer of Rayman Legends knows what an incredibly lame decision it was of Ubisoft to delay a game that was supposed to be a Wii U exclusive. During the start of the fiasco I encouraged you guys to be angry with Ubisoft over the delay and not the developers and this action just goes to show you that the developer wants the same thing as consumers and is subject to publisher whims.

[via Gamekult; translated by NeoGAF]

Thanks, Leo!

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  • Alec Rowson

    What will his breaking away mean for Beyond Good & Evil 2?

    I love the guy and think he should do what he feels is best for him as a developer, I just hope it doesn’t hurt the progress of the already overdue BG&E sequel.

  • Fred

    I played the demo again last night. Wow I really wish the game was coming out tomorrow!
    I really hope Nintendo Hires these guys!!!! They could use the manpower and these guys can make some awesome games. 
    Win Win!

    • NkoSekirei

       that would be nice

  • mralloverit

    It was a dick move on Ubisoft’s part doing what they did and if it is true, I certainly can’t blame Ancel and his team for wanting to leave. However, I have my doubts about this. We’ll just have to wait and see. I have been wrong before, you know.

  • AAAkabob

    So…Nintendo pick them up and make Beyond good & Evil 2 a Wii U exclusive perhaps?

    • I think Ubisoft holds the rights to it unfortunately :

  • Gammalad

    Reggie or Iwata I would be running to him offering him a corner office.

    • CChaplin

      Well, Reggie’s president of Nintendo of America whereas Ancel is in France, but yes, agreed nonetheless 😉

  • IntrepidEmu

    This reminds me of when Resident Evil 4 lost exclusivity to the Gamecube and Shinji Mikami left Capcom over it.

    Developers should really learn to stop screwing with Nintendo.

    • C.S. Bailey

      At least that example has the original target system getting the game on time!

    • Anthony K Aurelia

      You mean publishers?

      • IntrepidEmu

         Yes! Its not the developers fault, that was my mistake.

        Seriously though, Shinji Mikami leaving Capcom ruined them and the Resident Evil series. He’s mostly made games for Nintendo consoles since then though.

        • Doesn’t Shinji work for Grasshopper now? My favorite developers are there: Suda51, Shinji Mikami, and Akira Yamaoka (music). That’s a VERY underrated studio.

        • Rinslowe

          And he was a smart man… Because at Nintendo, true talent can make miracles happen…

  • NintendoNoob

    Good Michael, join Nintendo. If you have passion and are frustrated that Ubisoft delayed Rayman Legends then your a guy who has their head screwed on correctly

  • Johnny Star

     I see Ubisoft’s point by releasing it on multiple platforms, but since it was originally supposed to be a Wii U exclusive, they should have released it on the Wii U on schedule, and released on the other systems later.

  • Take my money NOW!!!!

  • Joey Perez

    i grow tired of the news being listed here has an end caption that is a personal view point of the author rather than actual news.  facts are true and rumors are just rumors however your personal opinion i dont care for… who are you? 

    • First, the people that work on this site obviously aren’t journalists.  Second, even journalists include some opinions in their pieces.

  • Srpg2ishere

    Relax. This is only a rumor.

    • I hope It’s not… there are plenty of chances he will be coming to Nintendo if that happens.

      • Srpg2ishere

        I haven’t really seen the background on this guy as of I don’t know what games and stuff he created before but I agree with you. He could join Nintendo and bring new exclusives and support the console! Especially from the stab in the back Ubisoft gave us earlier with the Rayman Legends delay..

  • Johny


    i dont mind the game going multiplat… sure.. times are tough and you need to make more profit (i guess) … but WHY delaying the wii u version when its complete ? you set your workers a strict deadline to finish the game for the release… and when they do…. “oh.. guys listen.. sory i was so pushing you.. its awesome .. and you did a great job.. but we’re releasing the game in september…” its really a d*ck move… for fans, for wii u owners, and for programmers and developers

    • thedeciderU

      And to think the game was ready for the launch in November 2012! So they’ve really delayed it for longer, although the push to March may have been Nintendo’s idea…

      • From what I heard, that’s untrue. The game was complete but had little platforming in it and focused on just the touch screen controls. Fans didn’t like that so they pushed back the game to add in a lot more actual platforming Rayman segments. 

        I doubt that Nintendo has the ability to push back a third party game. 

  • C.S. Bailey

     I understand that as much as I love gaming, that it is a business, and things will get delayed to maximize profit. I also understand what it’s like to see a company break too many promises, and once faithful fans show their dissatisfaction by not buying things from said company. A slight (additional) delay for the Rayman game could have been accepted, letting Wii U owners know that they aren’t getting a game promised for the launch window until Sept will not.
    Personally, I really don’t care that much for the series, but since there aren’t many good exclusives for the system, I would have given it a try. Hell, the AC series has always intrigued me, but I never purchased a game. Then I saw AC3 for the Wii U on sale for $40 at Gamestop….
    While reviews may say that there are small errors or whatever, it’s my first AC game, and I love it! After this Rayman fiasco, however, I’ll probably never get any of the DLC. They obviously have enough money to warrant not releasing a finished game for at least 6 months, so they don’t need any of mine.Petty, I know, but at least I practice what I preach.

    • Matt Newsome

      That’s not petty my friend, that is called taking a stand!  If more people get over feeling petty and do what they feel is right, it becomes a movement!  If enough people follow this movement, then voices are heard and proper actions are taken!  Money has been taken for preorders and promises have been broken, and for the wrong reason!  It was nice having it as an exclusive and now we don’t get that and have to wait 6 months.  That is unacceptable.
      I too started with AC3 and it was one of the most interesting and intriguing games in my play book.  Incredible game.

      • Arthur Jarret

        Totally agree – I’m haven’t bought any unused Capcom game ever since they cancelled Megaman Legends 3. Their poor decisions regarding DLC on Street fighter X Tekken helped with that, though.

        Only now they are releasing Monster Hunter for Wii U and 3DS exclusively combined with the new Ace Attorney announcement are they regaining some of the love I had for the company. Prompting me to preorder Monster Hunter for Wii U.

        Ubisoft has fallen out of grace for me in the same way Capcom did. I love the developers but will no longer buy an unused Ubisoft game until they make a grand fan-gesture. (This gesture does not have to be platform-specific either… just any way to show they care about their customers as people who love their games, instead of only caring about their customers wallets)

    • Rinslowe

      Not petty at all. Where you put your money and on what is entirely up to you. Based on the example you’ve provided, I can confirm you’re not alone in your way of thinking…
      If we allow Ubisoft to do this once, what’s stopping them from doing it again and again and again…ad infinitum.

  • Michael Jurado

    too michael ancel dude nintendo just made a new system i’m pretty sure they are taking applications XD

  • Hire them please nintendo and lets make more awesome games

  • ZeldaFan83

    I think Michael is a little upset that it is no longer an exclusive title after being made exclusively for the Wii U for the last 2 years or so, but he has no control over exclusivity for a game when dealing with a publisher but I do believe he is mostly upset about the delay of a game that is finished in development and Ubisoft is delaying it’s release for 6 months just to be released along side the other console versions. Michael is a big supporter of the Wii U and he wanted the game to come out when it was finished which is now, Ubisoft doesn’t delay Xbox 360 or PS3 games so they can coincide with a Nintendo console release so why do it to the Wii U. I think Michael Ancel believes the game should be released now since it is finished and add a great game to the Wii U’s library which would also help the Wii U’s popularity with fans. I do believe Michael Ancel should part ways with Ubisoft and that way he can make the kinds of games he wants to without the hassle of Ubisoft constantly changing when or how his games should be released.

    Best of luck to you Michael Ancel.

    • brian murphy

      kinda like crytek and EA they built a new game engine for crises 3 and wanted there game on Wii U cause it could handle it perfectly but EA wouldnt publish it on Wii U so they had to make it work for the 360 and ps3 and was not able to show off what there engine was meant to do on the Wii U having there own game come out waterd down in lower quality and less functions all cause EA thinks it wouldnt sell well on the Wii U 

      • ZeldaFan83

        Yeah…I find that kind of funny that EA isn’t really pushing to have their games released on Wii U. You think that a 3rd party developer like EA would want to put their games on as many consoles as they can at a financial perspective as well as at a gamers perspective. They don’t want Crysis 3, Mass Effect Trilogy, Mass Effect 3 DLC or so far any other games supporting a release for the Wii U and I’m starting to wonder why. I know there was the whole Nintendo Network/Origin ordeal between EA and Nintendo or perhaps there is the fact that EA doesn’t see a huge install base with the Wii U as it has only been out for about 3-4 months and they don’t want to waste resources porting their games over to the Wii U if they believe it’s not gonna sell. I think Nintendo needs to try harder to get EA and more 3rd party support and that EA is just being a big baby and refusing to put any effort into the Wii U and that’s not gonna be a good thing for them when the Wii U starts to really pick up and builds a huge install base like with what happened with the Wii, DS, 3DS, etc. It seems to happen quite frequently with Nintendo consoles, they start out slow at launch like with the 3DS as there wasn’t a great or big selection of titles at launch but then after a year or so the 3DS really picked up and now has an enormous install base as well as a ton of support from developers and the same thing will happen with the Wii U 🙂

  • Paladinrja

    Yah, I don’t think its a rumour. Most publishers are really pissing devs off with the Wii U thing. First they complain about exposure for titles then they limit that by removing a whole sub-section of the audience.

    Nintendo seemed to have upset the apple cart with thier re-entry into mainstream games market.
    Without a doubt I have never seen such a concerted effort to suppress a major player in 30yrs of gaming. The other publishers, games media, even this crazy amount of fanboys who suddenly have had an upgrade in IQ… still get everything wrong but the pure genius is everyone gets to hear more plausible rubbish that they can cling to and repeat.

  • AlienFanatic


  • Alex Damman

    wait, so rayman stays owned by ubisoft even after these guys leave? what the heck?! i mean, i know that ancel probably had to sign over the rights to the character to ubisoft when he first created the series, but i still don’t like it. rayman should be the intellectual property of ancel and his dev team, not the corporation!

    • Agreed. The artist is most important, but that same thing has happened many other times. The creator of Final Fantasy, Megaman, and Xenogears all lost the rights to the product they slaved away for years over when they quit or their contracts got sold. 

  • Edward Rhoderick

    I like that people are finally done just bending over and taking it from big companies.For so long people just accepted crap and did nothing. You’re seeing it more and more and I couldn’t be happier. I preached for years if people would just stop excepting bullshit and stood up/together that things would have to change.The big companies should be trying to win us over not have us accepting the scraps they throw at us.

  • TheSpeedymouse

    If he leaves Ubisoft, is this the end to Rayman or Rabbids?

    • No, but if the creator of Megaman and Final Fantasy leaving their own companies is any sign, than that does mean that the artistic integrity of Rayman is going to slip. They’ll either milk the series, let the quality slip or experiment with him in ways he should not be experimented. 

  • Michael Scitney

    Ancel will go to Double Fine.

  • MujuraNoKamen

    I hope none of you have forgotten to keep nagging Ubisoft about this fiasco. Keep asking them to release the Wii U version ASAP and tell them why they’re screwing themselves over with this one.
    Anyway, I kinda hope he does break away. Ubisoft made a stupid decision and Ancel clearly sees sense and wants what us fans want which is the right thing. I hope he can break away ASAP and then get Nintendo to publish RL on Wii U immediately while Ubisoft can carry on making and then publish the 360/PS3 version in Autumn. After that then Ancel and his team rightfully get to keep the Rayman license.

  • His vision is needed in the gaming community! Hopefully he goes somewhere that will let him shine like Nintendo. Whenever the news broke of the Rayman thing I knew it would piss a bunch of people off but I had no idea it would go to this extreme, and I’m GLAD it did, they deserve to lose a fantastic developer. Just like Shinji Mikami, and Keiji Inafune left Capcom, 2 of the greatest game developers ever left due to the publisher being dumb.

  • WiiU Daily:  his name is MICHEL, not Michael.  He’s French.

  • Rinslowe

    If he did decide to part ways with Ubisoft, I would say that decision is 100% justified. Like he said himself, there has been no consideration on Ubisoft part, in acknowledging the hours of dedicated sacrifice involved in getting Rayman finished in time for release and then the so-called business division pulls rank and chooses to delay that release! And for what? People who own a 360 only are not affected by Wii U coming first, People who own a PS3 only are not affect by Wii U coming first! Non of those people are going to rush out and buy a Wii U just for Rayman, therefore lessening MS or Sony from leveraging royalties!

    It was not a smart move, any way you look at it. It was a decision played by a hand forced, not by developer choice. Those poor peeps at Ubisoft Montpelier…

    I cannot in good conscience support this title on any system in boycott of Ubisofts actions.