Jan 21st, 2013

Earlier this month Headstrong Games put the word out on Twitter that they were looking for a talented programmer for a ‘next-gen’ title, and now there’s evidence to suggest that their under-wraps game is headed to Wii U.

The British developer of Batallion Wars 2, House of the Dead: OVERKILL and the Art Academy series has not made any announcements of a Wii U project but French site Nintendo Master has pointed to the LinkedIn profile of Associate Producer Jo Tunstill, which listed amongst her projects ‘unnanounced project on WiiU’.

The entry has seemingly since been removed from Tunstill’s profile, and with nothing officially announced this should be taken as mere rumour for now.

Still it’s tantalising to think of what Headstrong could be bringing to Wii U. A console version of Art Academy would make a lot of sense – remember that awesome concept footage from the very first Wii U announcement trailers that featured a player sketching a picture of Link on the gamepad – but a brand new Batallion Wars would be just as welcome.

Given the increasingly close working relationship of the developer to Nintendo, it could also conceivably be an entirely new Nintendo-published IP.

What would you like to see Headstrong Games bring to Wii U? A new Batallion Wars? A revival of another old franchise like House of the Dead?Speculate away in the comments below.

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  • Mickey Mouse

    I shall wait with baited breath for an official announcement.

  • Batallion Wars 2 is spelled like this BATTALION WARS 2 !!!!

  • RetroSquid

    So early in the game for the WiiU, whatever they bring will be a welcome addition to the game catalogue.

  • Fred

    Battalion Wars is what I’d love to see

  • It would be interesting to see what people can draw on the the Wii U gamepad when not restricted to just black and white like on Miiverse.

    • Immallama22

      Exactly, I’m always amazed by the great artwork there 😛

    • CharmanderRulz

      I think restrictions are what push artists. I for one wouldn’t draw on Miiverse down to the pixel finding 3 tons of grey (not including black and white) if everyone would do it easily. I would still get this application expressly if you could post to the world like Miiverse.

  • uPadWatcher

    The House of the Dead: Overkill TWO!!!!!!!

  • Sami Rautio

    Both games sound fun 🙂

  • Sami Rautio

    Both games sounds really fun 🙂 AND what wii u needs is more multiplayer games with up to 1-4 or 1-5p library i still kind of low 😮 not complaining but they need to also fix miiverse random freeze. 🙂 I dont own a xbox360 but my friend does and 1 game that is fun with 4player split screen is halo 3&4 …something like that maybe a hole new fresh  nintendo series  game 🙂 loved Nintendoland & waiting for Zelda and mario and metroid but while then some really really fun game with 1-4 1-5 players i love every game styles from kiddies to core games 🙂 dont like singin & dancing games that much :D…but more games and fast other than those 2d games :/ like trine 2 still but something to get more players to jump in to Wii u  !!!!! …bought the wii u  few weeks ago but not much to play 🙂 i know the console is young but Local Multiplayer anyday over online play …..(I want to enjoy the games with my friends not playing alone 🙁 ) Share the friendship and happines !! (Nintendo im counting on you )    THIS IS WHAT I CAN CALL FUN 🙂 also  me and my friends  can sound like this some times 😀  http://youtu.be/N8iH4K1EbOE?t=1m44s

    • sharlo galmo

      yo dude you can play trine indeed online with 3 friends, the cave can play with 3 players online, aliens you can play with 4 players online,monster hunter 3 you can play with 4 players online, and there will be more coming be patient!!

    • MetroidZero

      Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed Wii U has 5-player local multiplayer (4 on TV and 1 on Gamepad), and all 5 local players can go online together and race against other players. More games should have this; I agree.

  • Ryan House

    I remember seeing this picture during E3 when they first showed off the Wii U yet every picture I’ve been seeing have been only black. its like Manga. I would of thought that the colour drawing software would of came with the system or of been free for download from their store

  • $41809923


  • Noteak

    Bring me another Battalion Wars

  • jcnba28

    Who wants a new Metroid Prime on the Wii U? Like this page 🙂



    gimme Batallion Wars Batallion Wars