Feb 4th, 2013

Last week when Rockstar announced that they would be delaying the release of Grand Theft Auto 5, our tips inbox flooded with hints that a Wii U version could be in the works. We were cautiously optimistic about the news but decided not to run a story since games are delayed for many reasons and it doesn’t have to do specifically for the Wii U. Now Rockstar has officially confirmed that it has no news about the Wii U.

This information should be taken lightly, since the company has not flat out stated that there will not be a Wii U version. The tweet reads that the company has nothing new to share, which means no new developments have arisen. GTA 5 is one of the most anticipated  games this year, so we’re hoping that Rockstar will see the light and bring it to Wii U. Whether we’ll be waiting as long as PC users for Red Dead Redemption remains to be seen.

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  • bizzy gie

    Reggie said there’s a high chance they will release it for the Wii U so I’m crossing my fingers. The possibilities that could be achieved with the GamePad are making my brain hurt (reply what you’d like to see done with it). I’m sure a release will come to the Wii U.

    • Mickey Mouse

      People still see the need to mention that they’re the first commenter, how sad.

      It baffles me why developers even hesitate to bring out a Wii U version of their games. The Wii U is more capable of running these games than the 360 or PS3, and anyone who says otherwise is just a sad fanboy.

      Rockstar, you know deep down that you have to release GTA5 on the Wii U, so pull your finger out of your butt, and get it made!

      • Sidney Majurie

         I will be VERY surprised if there is no Wii U version. Nintendo wants to drop the bomb themselves and have likely imposed a NDA with Rockstar. We’ll know by way of either E3 or Nintendo Direct.

      • LonDonE247

         may be the reason GTA5 was delayed for xbox 360 an PS3 was so that rockstar could finish off the pc an wii u versions of GTA5, an then release them all on all platforms simultaneously! that would be EPIC!!! but i doubt it,since a open world game like a gta game with all the npc an lots of stuff going on in the world in very cpu intensive! an since its taken a fair few years for rockstar to build an optimise their engine to work well on ps3 an 360, i doubt they had enough time to learn how to code an optimise the GTA5 engine to run on wii u, i so hope they do, if there is one game this year that Nintendo should put money into to guarantee a wii u release its GTA5! it will go a long way to proving to the doubters that Nintendo is doing all it can to make wii u a great 3rd party as well as a first party games console!

        I have to admit, the lack of bioshock infinite, an crysis 3, an dead space 3 on wii u already this year has filled me with doubt, an since i own an game on all platforms, to be honest my wii u since January has been gathering dust, an i hate that, since i love the damn thing, but the lack of a killer first part game, ala metroid prime 4, or mario galaxy 3, is hurting my opinion!
        Even when far cry 3 skipped the wii u last year i was so upset, since the ps3 an 360 version has screen tearing galore, an frame rate dips all over the place, i was hoping a wii u version would come fully v synced, but i was disappointed!

      •  How can the Wii U be more than capable of running games that were designed for the 360?  Explain that.

        • Jay

          … just when I think this moron can’t get any stupider…

        • bizzy gie

          GTA was originally an exclusive for PlayStation systems only. Then it became SO popular that Rockstar had the game PORTED over to the Xbox for profit and because of high demand.

          •  OK?  I recall GTA III being the exclusive that Sony paid for and it worked for the PS2 being that top machine.  Then, games were designed around the PS2 which was the top machine.  Now games are designed around the 360 as it is the top machine.  Nintendo nuts are just made because no one thinks about them, but you have to blame Nintendo for that.

            I would go out on a limb and say that even if it did come on the Wii U, it won’t do too much for the system in terms of sales because Nintendo already marketed the system wrong out of the gate.  They do the same thing all of the time – they act as if people can’t wait for yet another Zelda, Mario or Metroid game!  30 years they have been riding these titles and feel no need to change!  Well guess what?  People will change while Nintendo stays the same.  This is why the Wii U has flopped.

          • bizzy gie

            The Wii U hasn’t flopped. It’s averaged about 1 million consoles a month which is pretty solid.

            I’m sure many people would buy GTA on the Wii U given the extra features it could provide via the GamePad and its superior graphics to the Xbox 360 (for graphics nazis).

            Honestly, I don’t know why you’re here. With all the trolls I’ve dealt with on the internet, none of them have been as much of a loser as you are. I mean you hang out on a dedicated Wii U website for what?

            You don’t own a Wii U and have proven yourself misguided. Why waste your time with something you don’t like. Leave. Go to some Xbox website and talk about Nintendo there. I’m sure all the 11 and 12 year olds there would appreciate it more.

          •  I do like videogames and technology which is why I am here.  I grew up with Nintendo and I used to love them, now they are just liars.

            The only reason you are frustrated is because you are trying to convince people that Nintendo lies have merit and I discredit them all.  That can be frustrating.

          • Yeah, like how they exaggerated how their system can run games in 1080p. Oh wait, that was SONY and M$…

          •  Nintendo said that too, but they failed to make it happen as well.  I ma sure that the next system will run at 1080P.

          • How did they fail? All first party games are running 1080p natively. The 3rd party games that aren’t are all mostly from EA

          •  Which fully 3D Nintendo games run at 1080P?

          • bizzy gie

            WTF are you talking about?! What Nintendo lies? Bro, you’re starting to lose any shred of credibility you once had as you enter insanity.

          • Correction: those 11 and 12 year olds have aged some since the 360 is last-gen. They are at least 14-15 now…

          • The Xbox 360 is top machine? What? Seriously!?! It’s only popular with American kids. 

          •  Americans are all that matters…

          • It’s not even the top machine in the US. We’re all that matters? shut the fuck up, you’re making us all look bad. Why do people like you have to represent us online? It’s no wonder the world hates us.

          •  You know it’s the top machine so stop it.  They hate us because they wish that they could be us.  They don’t innovate, all they do is bite and jock our style.  The UK creates nothing, all they are known for is taking people’s land, but have done nothing in the arts or sciences in terms of innovation without taking from others.

            People hate on the US because they wish that they could be us just like the rest of the US hates on NYC, because it is #1.  People hate on the Ravens because they are now #1 (even though they were not the best team), but that is how it goes.

          • Can you at least try to think. I know, its hard for you, but please try. What’s so innovative about the xbox? How is it top machine? Power? Price? Sales numbers? I can guarantee it isn’t any of those.

            All they do is take land? That is exactly what we did here. And in case you didn’t know (since you’re obviously an idiot) most Americans are European.

          •  First I wrote the UK specifically KKK man.  Let’s stop the BS, you know the 360 is the leader in the console race with sales, software sales and the FACT that games are designed for it then ported to other systems.  The PS3 is supposed to be the most powerful out, but games are not designed around it then ported to the 360. The Wii is some other shit and the Wii U is not even in the race.

          • Doesn’t really matter how hard you try. Never in your life will you ever taste pie!

          • Jesus Donald do you have a life?

          •  If I am here and you are here, what does that make the two of us?

        •  You call yourself “highly skilled” but yet you have no concept of anything do you.   Maybe it can be more capable because it has a newer generation of the same processor series as the 360 along with a much newer and up to date GPU.

          Both have processors of the IBM Power PC series and GPUs from AMD but the Wii U has newer and more efficient versions.

          •  You must not have been reading about the Wii U’s CPU.  It is an older chip than the 360’s and if nothing else, we can tell this by the speed of the chip.  See, lying about things does not help the Wii U cause.  Besides, when the new systems (real systems) come out, you will all be forced to shut up period.

          • Now that is funny..  Do a little searching and you will see that while the core clock speed is slower the PowerPC chip in the Wii U is at least 2 generations newer than the PowerPC chip in the XBOX 360.   Sure the Xbox 720 (or whatever it is called) and the PS4 Hackable Edition will have some awesome processors but comparing the processor of the 360 to the Wii U is like comparing a Pentium 4 processor to a modern Core iSeries Processor.

            Also the GPU in the 360 is basically a Radeon X1400 and the GPU in the Wii U is a Radeon 5xxx series.

            Do not argue with an IT guy you simple minded fool.

          •  In my experience, “IT guys” know nothing more than how to turn a computer on and look at their notes!  It goes without saying that the Wii U GPU is newer than the 360’s.  Give this man the Noble Prize for Discovery! 

          •  Your experience counts for nothing because you base your experience on the false pretense you know what you are talking about.  

          • I think you should know that Donaald works on computers and knows what he’s talking about. He said so himself.

      • Guilliman

         The PS3 architecture is a little more awkward than the Xbox’s, but they’re pretty similar overall.  The Wii U is really quite different from those two in the way it’s put together, so if Rockstar were to do a version for the console it would have to be a project on the side. 

        The other major reason some developers are a little hesitant to bring out a Wii U version of multiplatform games is that it’s new and doesn’t have as big an install base.

    • Laud

      I think a map would be awesome, or even things like being able to turn motion control on and drive with just the gamepad 😛

      •  Oh laud, I thought you did not care about GTA?   You people don’t fool me, you know this is the game of the year!

    • Da Juggla

      All HUD on gamepad.  Messages, missions and info all on the gamepad with touch menus.  Map of course.  If they really want to make a cinematic experience with this game there is no other system right now that will clear your big-ass TV and give you everything you need on another screen.  Controller and second screen in one…all games should be played this way…ACIII looked great on Wii U

    • I’d love to see the overhead view on one screen and the modern perspective on the other.

    • NkoSekirei

       maybe their trying to work out the bugs on the 360 and ps3 versions then after that they will take their time on the wii u version but who knows lets all wait till e3

    • Jay

      The DS version is the highest rated because of the touchscreen so hot wiring cars with the gamepad will definitely make the game better.

  • I bet that their saving the announcement for E3.

    • Fully agree with you. We know Nintendo have to impress us at this E3 with Sony and Microsoft possibly announcing their next gen consoles. 

      •  How is announcing a game that will be on the other consoles impressive for Nintendo?  What will be impressive is if it comes on the next Xbox!  If it did, I may buy it.

        • Jay

          ummm… isnt that what MS does every fucking e3?!!!

          announce multiplat games and pretend they’re exclusives? lol I still remember when their biggest E3 announcement was Rock Band The Beatles… /facepalm

          At least Nintendo DEVELOPS their own games, instead of looking for companies like Apple for help.

          •  Too bad Nintendo develops the same OLD games instead of coming with some new shit.  It does not matter who develops the games as long as they do what they are supposed to do.

            How come little kids are always on Xbox Live?  They know when they see their relative playing a real machine like the 360 and they wonder why they don’t play Nintendo with them and they are stuck with Nintendo, they ending up wanting what the adult has – a real gaming machine.

          • MujuraNoKamen

            When did Microsoft do anything original?
            Don’t Mario and other Nintendo franchises have generally older fan bases when compared to CoD and the other franchises that dominate XBox Live – so much for that adult gaming BS.

          •  You know damned well that Nintendo characters are for little bitty kiddies!  CoD, which I do not like only because it is first-person – which I prefer 3rd, which is why I love a game like GTA. CoD is and adult game.  come one, how can you even try to argue this?

          • D Moness

             I pity people that think that mature in gaming means blood guts and violence only.

          •  Sounds like you should not be playing these “Adult” games based on your immature attitude and commentary.  What are you 12?

          • MujuraNoKamen

             You didn’t answer the question, when did Microsoft do anything original?
            And so what, Nintendo aims many games at a wide audience with particular appeal to children but we’ve all established that loads of adults play Ninty games and loads of Kids play Xbox. If you hate games with young players, then you’re backing the wrong side.

          •  See, you guys always argue about Sony or MS because they are or used to be dominant in their respective fields, or at least viewed that way by the public.  If you are talking MS and gaming, then all I can say is Xbox Live, although like the Wii U controller, the Dreamcast was also first with online play on a console!  It was rough back then playing with dial-up, but it was cool and because of the Dreamcast, I truly felt as if I was in the 2000’s/future.

          • sdmac200600

            so if nintendo characters are meant for “little bitty kiddies,” that most likely means they appeal to them correct? so by your logic, COD is for “little bitty children” since it appeals to them more than mario or zelda does.

          •  Uh-oh, I want to wait for your hate replies, unless they are trying to figure out if you are pro-Nintendo or not.

          • sdmac200600

            and what in my comment would even percieve me as being hateful towards nintendo? it is a fact that most kids would rather play COD than mario or zelda. ask any kid on COD about mario and they will say, (and keep in mind a 10-12 year old would say this) “mario is kiddy. too many bright colors. dark colors are the best!” take a kid that has play COD alot and has never even experienced zelda and sit him in a room with any zelda game. guarantee he says it sucks the moment he gets to the first dungeon because he isn;t used to using this thing that every human should have called a brain

          •  Anybody else see the irony on how he slams Nintendo for making (according to him) the same “OLD” games but yet he is defending yet another Grand Theft Auto game that will most likely be the same old GTA stuff .   Hypocrite much?

          •  Compare GTA3-San Andreas and tell me if they look or play alike.  Now compare Mario Brother and the way to the Wii U Mario Brothers and tell me if they still look the same and play the same?

    • Would be nice id show some real love to Rockstar if they did this. Not a huge GTA fan tho after GTA4 it seemed not to be as fun as San Andreas and Vice City but still decent.
      I would buy 5 on WiiU tho just as I did with 4 mainly to show third parties we will pay even on Nintendo platforms 🙂 

      •  Some people cannot escape the past.  GTA 4 was not as fun during the regular mission as the others true, but the ONLINE part of the game is where it really shines as it is so totally different from the main game!  The online play never gets old.

  • No PC Version announced either which is surprising which has the PC gamer community upset

    •  On Rockstars board (for the highly skilled like me), they announced that it will come on the PC, just that it might be delayed after the consoles because console sales bring in more money and this is why it will not hit the Wii U – unless Nintendo scrapes some money together to subsidize money that Rockstar would prefer to have.  Nintendo does not have enough to make it an exclusive.

      • Jay

        (for the highly skilled like me)


        BTW Nintendo MAKES exclusives not buys them. lol

        • They will have to buy if they want to stay in the game! Oh yeah, no one else seems to care about their exclusives, they don’t run the show anymore and have not since the SNES days and even that is debatable.

          •  Yeah that is why Nintendo First Party Titles are consistently in the top game lists based on customer reviews of actually playing them just about every year.  

      •  Nintendo isn’t gonna give them ANY money so that they just port it over with no effort put into making it Wii U worthy either! So that leaves the PC version…’cause it will look better and cost less than the console versions that bring in more money!

        •  Well, they could just port it over and the Wii U’s GPU would automatically enhanced certain features without them trying to program for it.  This is what I mean about Rockstar saying that they would not make any games for the Wii U because it will not make them money.  The Wii U’s much slower CPU would be a problem too.  You saw how GTA 4 did on even powerful PC’s.

          •  “Well, they could just port it over and the Wii U’s GPU would automatically enhanced certain features without them trying to program for it.”

            This is exactly the lazy ass type of porting over a videogame that the Wii U can do without.  There is no such thing as “easy money”! GTA 4 on PC suffered because of the same lazy ass programing!

            A chef creates an exquisite meal for a king, as he would for a pauper, because cooking is his/her craft!

            Videogame developers should heed the same advice…just sayin’!

      •  Who said anything about an exclusive?

  • DemonRoach

    Nintendo needs to PAY to get this on their system. 

    • So do the other companies, so your point is? 

    • Err yes, true but like Chris said so do the other companies and we again have to PAY to get it on our console be it PS3/XB360/WiiU/PC so indeed what’s your point?

    • Jay

      problem is Nintendo’s nobody’s bitch and wont pay unless its THEIR game.

      • DemonRoach

        And they ARE paying for THAT by losing 80% of their total market value in the past 5 years.  Investors in Nintendo lost millions, and Nintendo lost billions.

        • Bram Lorreyne

          market value is not the same as amount of cash. Nintendo still has a lot of cash after the successfull years of the wii. Market value is just the value of the company on the stock market, and that’s a lot more diffficult than just amount of cash. It also depends on YEN/$, future perspectives, … The biggest reason for the stock market crash of Nintendo is because the whole gaming industry changed from Console + PC to Console + PC + tablet + cell phone + OUYA + …

        • Again, you do know that Sony lost a fuck ton of money last year and only now they are gaining their money back. 

          Also, Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony all have to pay for a game to be on their consoles 

          • Noel Cintron

             You Are Dead Wrong Its The Other Way around. EA activision And all 3rd party developers pay royalties to the system in which the game is sold for

  • no shit, i would love to see gta v on wii u but i seriously doubt that its going to happen. hell they dont even have a pc version!

  • Justin Downer

    Why is rockstar like this i almost picture this idiots going under. With the CEO of EA putting down the Wii U it almost seems like Nintendo is going to be sucking at 3rd party again. WTF

  • Adam Porter

    i don’t really care bout GTAV

    •  Stop lying.

      • Jay

        not everybody cares for this game,,,


        it sold less than Mario Galaxy and Wii Fit. There’s more people interested in adventures and fitness than a gangster simulator.

        STUPID AS SHIT I swear. he thinks EVERYONE wants this game.

        •  If the game were so insignificant, then why is there a separate article on a Wii U site about it?  Wii games people dismiss because we all know that only a few Wii titles sold because the casual gamer got caught up in the hype (women and the elderly – big market there!) and thought that they could lose weight by playing videogames – something most of them hardly if ever did!  You know Wii games were novelty items and not serious items. 

          I’d like for Nintendo to release one of it’s games on another system to see how well that sells.  Nintendo titles sell well because usually those are the only good games on their systems!  Most serious 3rd party publishers want to program for real videogame systems and not for the Romper Room crowd.

      • Adam Porter

         i don’t even know what it’s supposed to be about, you know the story, that little bit inbetween killing hookers and running people over and typing in cheat codes so i can take a jet and blow up some shit. looks like they are bank robbers, real original. blowing my mind.

        •  Well, you look like a grown ass man, so stick to your juvenile Mario and other baby games with primary Romper Room colors and simple controls.

      •  I know it’s hard to believe that someone doesn’t care about another GTA Release that may be horrible like the last one.  I used to be a huge GTA fan but their latest releases up to GTA4 have been the same thing over and over with no new innovation.  You can only kill so many hookers and drive around and blow crap up before you get bored with the monotony.

        Maybe GTA V will bring something new to the table besides better graphics but as of now I remain skeptical.

        Maybe your self proclaimed “highly skilled” persona can comprehend that.

        •  When people keep talking about ‘killing hookers” or driving around, then I know for a fact that you have never played the game and are only paid to write pro-Nintendo propaganda.  It is clear that is all that you read it was about or heard.  If you had played the game, then you would know that is the LEAST that the game is about.  Maybe Nintendo should try and get Saint’s Row instead.  Saint’s Row is about what you think GTA is about.

          •  I never played saints Row but have been playing GTA since GTA 2 and purchased GTA 4.  I played a little online but found that it was filled with people with poor attitudes similar to yours which is why I stopped and do not find online game play with some games enjoyable because it is often filled with immature foul mouthed punks. 

          •  Awww…  You get hurt by a few bad word online?  Poor baby.  THIS GAME IS NOT FOR YOU THEN!  Stick to your baby games made by Nintendo. 

      • Refrayin

        I played San Andreas a lot back in the day.
        But, to be honest, the only thing i found “fun” in GTA is wacky physics.


    The fact the game comes out in September might mean Rockstar are leaving the news until Nintendo’s E3 conference.

  • RyuNoHadouken

    dont worry…there will be a Wii U version…Tingle told me the other day

  • skid5jack

    Quite simply. GTA probably won’t sell on Wii U. Not worth Rockstars time porting it

  • Jonas

    if its gonna be released for wiiu ill buy it. if not ill not buy it. its as simple as that

    •  Well I guess you bought the wrong system then my friend.

      • Jay

        you read that comment wrong fucktard….. /facepalm

      • Andres Trujillo

        what do you get out of spending your time hating on a Wii U news site? you surely must be getting paid by sony or microsoft, I cant think of another reason someone would do that. I guarantee you wouldn’t do this in real life, or maybe you do and are just hated.

      • Jonas

        didnt say that. I just sayed if its releasing i would. But im not crazy about gta so i actually dont care. 

    • Benjamin Knotts

      Amen brother. I’m not crazy about GTA, but it would be a dream to see what R* were to cook up for Nintendo.

  • Matt Lambourne

    Pfft, Lego City already looks better anyway 😀

  • We should all write to Rockstar and tell them how much we want GTA V for WiiU.

    • bizzy gie

      Screw that! Let’s start an online petition.

      • WakeUp_Operative

        Already done. I posted a link to a very big and ambitious petition in my other post here. It’s goal is to get other games that have passed up the Wii U that Wii U gamers would probably like to have on the Wii U.

        Here’s the link:

        I hadn’t realized that my first post which was made about 10 minutes before this post had sunk so quickly.

        • Ok can you post this link here so I do not have to go searching through older post. please and thank you.

    •  Money is the only language Rockstar can speak.

  • gabriel sanchez

    If it just comes out for the Wii u and I could play it on the gamepad I would be very happy. If not then i think I’m going back to Xbox or PS3 until the new system comes out. Sadly But true… I mean if Black ops 2 can come out so damn fast on the WII U after it was allready developed then so can GTA V!!!!

  • Hmmm… why do i get the feeling Nintendo asked them to keep this on the hush so they can announce it at this year E3. All other developers who have no desire to bring their key franchise to the Wii U did not hesitate to say they will not.

  • WakeUp_Operative

    I hope this isn’t breaking any rules for commenting this, but I’m attempting to gather signatures on a petition to “Wake Up” 3rd parties to this illusion that they just can’t compete with Nintendo on Nintendo’s own consoles. That if they port a game to a Nintendo system that they have to make it unique, even though they don’t do that for the PS3/360 versions. Any signatures would help, and also please spread the word. The more people who know about this, the better.

    The hope is to get games like this, onto the Wii U.

    • Jay

      they know this already.

      one lazy 3rd party developer complained that Nintendo is “too good”

      WTF?? Then STEP UR GAME UPP!!

      • Andres Trujillo

        You should post this on Reddit, specially in the wiiu subreddit, theres 9000+ signatures right there

  • You read the article – “GTA is one of the most anticipated games of the year.”  Nintendo nuts are crossing their fingers to get this game that they claimed that they could care less about.   Normally this should have dropped in March, now I have to wait until September!  Daaaaaaamn!

    • Jay

      there are about 100 “most anticipated games of the year”

      Most Nintendo fans would rather play Pokemon than GTA. FACT. Pokemon sells 10x GTA does. so your trolling fails 🙁

      • Adam Porter

         oh god what i wouldn’t give for a 3d pokemon game for the wiiU T_T

        •  Man, you look too old to be playing that shit!

          • Adam Porter

            what you don’t seem to be able to conceive is that someone has out grown the GTA series, i played GTA, GTA 3, vice city, sanandreas, and 15 minutes of GTA 4. i’m bored of GTA, it’s the same thing over and over, and i don’t find it amusing or entertaining any more.

          •  OK.  I could go with that except that you want to go backward to Nintendo games.  You also played (so you say) every GTA game, which meant that you clearly loved them, but claimed to dismiss their latest masterpiece which was indeed a masterpiece of video game design.  I am sorry, but I don’t buy it.

          • Adam Porter

            i was a teenager, vice city was fun. GTA 3 was alright, i was too young to understand what GTA was about when my bros got it, didn’t like sanandreas or GTA 4

          •  GTA 4 is a masterpiece and it shows other publishers how to make a modern game.  When I see that game, I always wonder why EA can’t improve the graphics on it’s Madden to look more realistic and why they only wait until new systems arrive to bump up the graphics – using the same engine.

            I admit, I did not like the graphic styled used in San Andreas.  I think they realized it was not the best and quickly let that go.  As far as 4 is concerned, there is no denying it was amazing.  Too bad it could not have been in 1080P or at least no jaggies!

          • Adam Porter

             but graphics isn’t everything, graphics didn’t make GTA4 fun for me, i’ll admit i liked vice city’s humor something the others were lacking imo, sanandreas went over the top with stupid cheats that just made it into nothing but a sandbox killing game.

          •  If it had been on a Nintendo system, it would be hailed as a masterpiece, but since Nintendo designed systems that cannot support this type of powerful engine, all that is left for Nintendo and it’s paid viral posters to do is to hate.

          •  Where you do you report trolls because we have one right here

    •  It’s one of those guilty pleasures…IDK?  Anyway, why aren’t you a Nintendo Nut anymore? I heard you used to be a big fan…just askin? I remember when I was younger and Nintendo did their own thing and it made me mad, but as I got older, I realized that the only person I was hurting was me! So…buck up buddy! Things aren’t that bad…xD!

      •  I used to love Nintendo back in the NES and SNES days, but once they decided to stick with cartridges over CD’s and the N64 did not live up to the hype, they lost me.  The the GC came out and they still made it toy-like with little DVD’s instead of full-sized.  No need to explain the Wii.  With Wii U, they again lised about trying to court hard-core gamers, but instead they could not leave the babies alone.  Maybe my son might like it, but not me!

        Now I play the Wii games on the PC emu and it is ok, but my PC is very powerful so of course it looks good.  I would never buy a Wii and Mario Kart (a game I used to love), still has simple play mechanics, simple graphics and nothing advanced.  It feels like a 3D SNES games instead of a modern, more complex 3D Mario Kart as it should be.

        • Have you ever played a 3D SNES game? I seriously doubt it. And cartridges are better then CDs, they’re just too expensive.

          • I have played a 3D SNES games (Star Fox).  At the time, I did not really like 3D because it was not detailed enough for me, but little did I know it would become mind-blowing.  Cartridges are not better than CD’s.  You know nothing at all.

          • In what way are CDs better? Read/write speeds? Durability? Resistance to aging? Lower power consumption? The only thing better about CDs is that they are cheaper. For a “computer tech” you don’t seem to know shit

          •  Oh boy.  How about holding 700MB’s vs I think 32Mbits as the largest cartridge?  We won’t get into the Neo Geo.  You must be young.

          • That was the past. Modern technology voids that.

            do you really think that the vita and 3ds carts only hold 64mb of data? Disc are limited to how fast a disc can spin and be read. USB 3.0 averages at 400mb/s. Now I’m sure 3ds and vita carts are no where near that fast, but the ps3 had a read speed of 17mb/s, not a very hard number to beat. Plus carts now have flash memory, meaning you don’t need a memory card or storage unit.

          •  Yeah, that WAS the past – which is what we were talking about!  Listen – I don’t care about portable gaming.  Your point is moot because even Nintendo is not using cartridges now for their home consoles. 

          • No, you were talking about the past, I wasn’t. And carts then were better, they were just too expensive to make bigger. They still are. That’s why a 4gb SD card or flash drive is $6-$10 while a DVD is around $1

          •  I am waiting for you to tell me something that I don’t know.  SD Card or Flash is different from a cartridge in the traditional sense.  I mean, people like you, always like to change the subject to argue your own little fetishes.

  • AlienFanatic

    Honestly don’t care about GTA5.  I’m DYING to know, though, if the Wii-U will get a Collector’s Edition of Aliens: Colonial Marines.  I’ve only got a couple days left to order it for the XBOX if the Wii-U isn’t getting it.  (Playing as Apone and Hicks + the Power Loader are irresistible perks.)

  • If there ever was a time for Rockstar to make a game on a Nintendo system and not have to remove ANY mature rated content from their games…it would be NOW! But alas…I can’t figure them out! Maybe they are waiting for the Nintendo Wii U Steam Engine to start SMOKIN’!

  • DemonRoach

    GTA 5 will not run on Wii U without a lot of work.  I highly doubt the game will ever appear on Nintendo’s console. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/df-hardware-wii-u-graphics-power-finally-revealed

  • they probably mess the legend of zelda wind waker hd release or probably amaze us with wii u gta v

  • I really really really REALLY hope this game come out for Wii U. I don’t even know why, it doesn’t mater to me if I’m just using the pro controller the whole time. I want GTAV on the U.

  • As an owner of a PS3, 360, and Wii U i would personally like to get this title on the wii u the hardware is there and the possibility of new game play with the game pad is a big factor for me choosing the wii u for newer titles