Dec 16th, 2013

Metroid fans have been waiting for ages for Nintendo to announce a new Metroid game for the Wii U and while that hasn’t happened yet, a new Metroid-inspired game called Reven could tide over Metroid fans until Nintendo decides to deliver. You can see some alpha gameplay footage in the trailer above. The game is being built by two people according to the website and it seems they will launch a Kickstarter some time later in order to raise funds for the game.

Based on what you’ve seen above, would you be interested in playing the game?

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  • To me it looks like a little more than inspired. The character design and level design are nearly a copy of Metroid and even further copies down to the style of the character jumping and transforming into a ball.

    Not saying it is going to be a bad game but it looks to be a Super Metroid clone with some minor changes.

    • yeeeeah that’s what i was noticing

      • AAAkabob

        Pretty much the Metroid equivalent of Mighty no 9. Except w/o a world renowned developer

        Only difference is the RPG element of essentially what were skill points and branches

        • Keep in mind that the Mighty no. 9 is being done by one of the creators of Mega Man though

          • German2508

            That’s why he said “except w/o a world renowned developer.” πŸ™‚

          • The point is not the “world renowned” part. It’s the “original creator”. Or are Varia Games related to Metroid?

    • nin-10-doughfan

      love it though!

    • BluBlue

      That’s what I was immediately thinking. Not that I care—- somebody else can battle out the legal bullSHOT.

      However, if I want side-scrolling Metroid game I’ll just play the incomparable SUPER METROID SNES.

    • The_Last_Metroid

      The developer is even called Varia Games. Varia suit anyone?

  • yeah, that’s inspired by metroid alright o.o

  • Pikachief

    With this and Ghost Song I’m really hoping to get my 2D Metroid fix on Wii U.

  • Pikachief
    • BL4CKWAT3R

      If you actually looked at their title instead of being ignorant and posting this you would have noticed that in the “Reven” font title there is a planet. Pahaha! You never even set foot on a bloody planet in Other M. It was all on a space station. And since was Metroid the only game or movie to use a “planets silhouette” in there title? Chill.

  • Noah Heninger

    Nintendo is not going to allow this on their console, obviously.

  • Vinicius

    What a rip-off! I rather play Super Metroid on my Wii U V.C.

  • cThreep

    Wow, that looks TOO much like Metroid. Morph ball rip off. Not saying it doesn’t look fun, though.

    • Wren Justin Umlauf

      Plot Twist – Main character is actually a girl (0.o)

  • Cesar Barroso

    Ages for a new Metroid for Wii U? it has been only 1 year. Stop those things that only make Nintendo looks like they are doing nothing.

    • Wren Justin Umlauf

      This summer will be 4 years…

      • Lil J Moore

        A metroid game was released for Wii 3 years ago. They don’t need to rush another one out.

        • Pikachief

          If they announced one today it wouldn’t come out till 2015. That’s 5 years between games. That’s not rushing them out at all. Especially when the last one was so bad lol

          • Wren Justin Umlauf

            Other M was an amazing game, but that doesnt change the fact that 5 to 6 years is a long time to wait for a another. (At least for me because I love the series so much) but It’d be nice to know if Nintendo is even thinking about a game.

          • Cesar Barroso

            no, that is a very reasonable time to have a sequel. 10 years for Pikmin 3 was excessive.

          • Lil J Moore

            I didn’t think Other was bad. It’s a good game just minus the exploration.

  • Lil J Moore

    A poor mans Super Metroid, but it has my attention so with that said I’ll like to to give this game a try.

  • val berger

    Maybe too early to digg this. Only 2 people developing this, it looks more like a ripoff than a hommage and I don’t really see too much creativity or original value here. If I wanna play Super Metroid, then there it is, waiting in the WiiU’s Virtual Console. It may work as a Fanproject like there are plenty of similar games spread across the web, but a commercial game sold on the estore? naaah, there are other kickstarterprojects I prefer to push forward.

  • Super Buu

    Makes me thirsty for some moar Metroids!

  • Wren Justin Umlauf

    If Nintendo actually let this on the eshop I would probably buy it because of my love for classic 2D Metroids, but right now I’m seeing too many similarities to call it a game “inspired” by Metroid. Shadow Complex is a good example of a Metroid inspired game.

    Also, for those wanting something Metroid to be hyped about, check this out

  • Justin Carlson

    Soo… it’s making a game as close to Metroid as possible without it actually being Metroid? Watching the video just makes me want a new Metroid.

  • RyuNoHadouken

    yes, now this would be a day one purchase for me!!!!

  • Kaihaku

    Meh. It’s not that it’s a pretty much direct clone, it’s that it’s yet another 2D sidescroller. The market is oversaturated with these right now and I only have time for the most inspired.

  • LevenThumps

    When I think of a Metroid-inspired game, I think of a game that has a lot of backtracking in it once certain upgrades are found, like Castlevania. I know this game is only in the alpha stage, but it looks a LOT like Metroid, not just inspired by it. It looks a whole of lot of fun, but I could also play Super Metroid and probably get the same experience this game has to offer. Hopefully things will change and make this game unique during development.

  • Ajackson

    The background is confusing, the blocks that are walkable aren’t distinguishable enough from the blocks that aren’t walkable on.

  • Leo

    “inspired by”? This is clearly a blatantly copy!

  • (might be double posted lost previous one, some crash somehow)
    Hmm I guess I’ll hunt down Reven instead, lost track of Samus near the Alimbic cluster, found her again later near Elysia and lost her again >_< He seems like an easy target, on a personal note his/her game looks kinda fun, finally a chance for me to "play" with Samus…

  • DragonSilths

    Everyone who bitches about it boo fucking hoo. You want a stupid sidescroller Metroid game, Nintendo wont have a new Metroid for a few more years, now something like this comes along and you bitch at it? Yet the same type of thing with Mighty 09 and you praise that. Like wtf. I hated the 2D Metroid games, but this looks pretty cool. I’ll probably get it. So what if it looks similar.

    • Morgan Constantine

      Metroid is renowned for their atmosphere this is a really crappy imitation the only “cool” part about this is the diversion of power to other body segments…I cannot even comprehend how you could hate the 2D metroid games and think that this looks cool. When I say I want Metroid I want metroid I am tired of having to just wait for one playing stupid imitation games like this. The main problem I have with this is that it shows almost no originality. Even the main character syrek looks like sylux from metroid prime hunters, and his movements are like samus. Why not just make a metroid game and not copy. I realize they can’t sell it if they make a metroid game, but at least then I wouldn’t feel like they were trying to say it was an original thought. I have the right to complain and I am going to complain because this is not cool, it is merely half effort in video game making.

      • DragonSilths

        I just don’t personally think Metroid was truly Metroid till it became a FPA with the Primes. When Prime 1 came along I was like NOW THIS!!! Is Metroid.

        • Morgan Constantine

          thats perfectly fine, but I cannot just let you say this looks cool when the 2D metroid games are exactly like this except with better atmosphere. I also wanted to let you know why our complaints are legitment, because for the true metroid fans it will always be remembered as a sidescroller. dont misunderstand me…I love prime, but I love where metroid was born even more. I don’t want some two bit cheapo imitation, damn it I am ready for the real thing. thats why I complained at this, its not original and its not a metroid game no matter how hard it could possibly even try…

          • DragonSilths

            They aren’t though. They don’t call it Metroid. Its not trying to be a Metroid game. Allthough the Dev studio is Varia games…and isn’t Samus’s Suit Varia?

          • BL4CKWAT3R

            Samus has the Power suit. She later aquires the Varia Suit as an upgrade. I would assume they liked the name a lot so they used it. :/

      • BL4CKWAT3R

        You are aware that this game is only three months into development right? Why don’t you nay sayers actually go to the site and read about it instead of hating on something you don’t really know or possibly understand? Apparently this is what the game looked like in the first 2 months of its development. A lot has changed since then. At least that’s what they said in the comment section on youtube from what I read. Check it out and Read up on it. They are seriously doing some cool things and plan to show more! πŸ™‚ They are even given us a mission creator for pete sake! πŸ˜€

  • FutureFox

    Just as “inspired” as Ghost Song.

  • The people calling this game a rip off really aren’t helping our image as Nintendo fans.

    It makes us look bad to the developers because they’re just trying to satisfy us with something directed towards our demographic, and it makes us look bad to other fan bases because it exacerbates the image that we only play Nintendo games.

  • Daniel

    Now all they have to add is colour.

  • Adrian Brown

    Varia Games? Even their name is Metroish lol

  • starwars360

    Nice. If it is coming Wii U eShop downloadable game when game is real confirm after kickstarter complete. I will buy it!!!! :))))))))))))))))))))

    Game look epic. :):)

    Hope Nintendo publishing it. πŸ™‚

  • Reason

    Looks like cheap flash game.

    • SleepySkullhead

      Well, it is in alpha still.

  • thedeciderU

    how is this not copyright infringement? haha looks cool though

  • Nicolas Dorion

    1:44 “a small Β«discΒ» that can fit in smaller areas” all right, it’s a morphball, you are allowed to say it