Jan 28th, 2014


Before I start I must say that WOW this game looks very promising. Just look at that concept art! Sit back and take in all that classic, eerily exploratory, side-scrolling gameplay bliss! Just listen to that music!

Phew! Sorry about that guys —I’m a huge fan of retro revamps. Hot off the Kickstarter press is yet another indie game with Wii U support. Taking inspiration from genre-defining classics such as Metroid and Megaman (these two are obvious), the 2D platformer dubbed ReVen has just launched on Kickstarter with an initial goal of $18,000.  As of writing, with a whopping 26 days to go, backers have funded $8,786. While supplies last you can secure your DRM-free copy of the game by pledging $10.

Aside from the obvious art style homages ReVen appears to be striving for some never-before-played gameplay twists. And its on the gameplay front where the developers say that ReVen borrows inspiration from more modern classics like Deus Ex and Crysis. In addition to its RPG elements, of which include an intriguing mining/crafting ability creation system, as well as online play (if funded), ReVen touts its own mission creation mode. The developers write:

“The Mission Creator. One of Reven’s most anticipated features is the ability to create and share custom levels and mission packs with your friends and the rest of the world. The Mission creator makes this possible. Players will be using the same tools we’re using to build the game so that they can create levels and mission packs to the same quality and complexity as the game’s main campaign. Our goal is to create a community of people that build and share their own unique stories and challenges for everyone to download and enjoy.”

An abundance of information about the game can be found over on its Kickstarter page. Curious about the game’s story, gameplay mechanics, the number of worlds it has to explore, whether or not it will have full voice acting (spoiler: it will), or other juicy details? They’re all there! I must say, though they’ve earned a bit of a bad reputation, I really enjoy what Kickstarter and other crowdfunding services have done for the industry. The developers really lay all the information out on the table.

Reven Concept art

Developed by Varia Games. Get it?

ReVen has several stretch goals and is also seeking support on Steam Greenlight. What do you guys think? Will you be backing?

Keep checking WiiUDaily for news and updates on ReVen!

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  • Brett Butler

    I’d play this for sure.
    Seems legit. Thank goodness for Kickstarter and the “side projects” of Capcom’s greats.
    Mighty #9
    and Reven.

  • RyuNoHadouken

    whats up with all these SNES game ripoffs? can we get something NEXT GEN?!

  • GregoryTheRainMaker

    ReVen impresses. It’s a game I would invest time in. Besides they did a good job of giving the game a good name.

  • Kevin James McAllister

    I’d have to wait to see how it turns out. Right now it looks like a Metroid clone without the inspiration of Metroid, but with some RPG elements tacked on. If over the course of development it finds itself, I’ll be happy to look into it.

  • Skelterz


    • Frankie

      So tell Square Enix? What can Wii U Daily, or some indie devs do? Also an HD Chrono Trigger would be pointless they can only do so much for the art and using 3D models would be a waste of time. They could make a new game with the time it would take.

      • Skelterz

        it would be pointless to you fag only to you

        • Frankie

          I would love to have an HD remake. Just realistically it does not make sense.

          • Skelterz

            i was jerkin your gherkin xx

      • Simon Stevens

        What part of remake didn’t suggest doing the whole thing over?, no need to be sarcastic and condescending

        • Frankie

          I was being neither just honest. As someone who works in the industry, people do not understand game production. They could rerelease the game again, or do an HD remake. An HD remake would require all new 3D assets and textures and everything else. That would cost millions, which could be used to just make Chrono 3, or a brand new game.

          Settling for Square to just rerelease the game with updated visuals is just bad for the the industry, it lowers expectations.

          Also, most remakes are just updated visuals and fixing some bugs. Even Windwaker HD was just that. Small new feature with the tingle bottle, but nothing too major.

          • Simon Stevens

            Good points, but I don’t think he wanted to take that into account, he just wanted what he wanted because he’s a fan, there was no need for his reply though, completely missed that, wouldn’t have stuck up for him if I’d seen that.

            I wish they would make a brand new Chrono game, but at the same time, I really wish they wouldn’t, there not as good witg jrpgs as they used to be, compare what we see now to back then on ps1 and 2, there really isn’t a comparison, the only franchise they haven’t managed to screw up is Dragon Quest.

            Wind Waker HD on my tv looked absolutely out of this world compared to the gamecube version, it was good for fans and the generation who never played it, my tv boasts very high contrast though lol good ol plasma technology, I think some HD re releases enhance the game, some don’t in my experience, WWHD definitely enhanced the experience, really hope Capcom one day port Okami HD over to the Wii U, y’know….. when there not dealing with poverty.

          • Frankie

            Yes Windwaker HD was a lot better than the original I thought. Square Enix lost most of its good developers in the early 2000’s. Wada just did an interview where he says they are making remakes and smartphones games to let the big names they have left focus on major titles while raising money for new IPs, it just has not been going as expected with games taking too long. I hope they bring out some new IPs soon, or make a Chrono 3.

          • Simon Stevens

            It’s a shame really, people say it’s because Monolith Soft are no longer a part of it, but as good as Xenoblade was, I think neither are as good without eachother, I noticed they ported Dragon Quest VIII to mobile, but it looks pretty dire tbh as they made it run in landscape only and that just does not do any justice to the game, one of the best jrpgs around shouldn’t be experienced through touch screen either, I think it says it all when all I have to look forward too from SE now is Final Fantasy X HD on the Vita, I think the only company who haven’t bowed to any of today’s pressures and despite how it went for them, they have all my respect, and that’s Atlus, I really genuinely hope they have a lot of success with SEGA, they deserve it.

          • Frankie

            It seems like Sega realizes this and bought Atlus to make money, not to influence them, and I believe Sega wants Atlus to resurrect some of the older Sega IP’s.

          • Simon Stevens

            That would be a tragedy, I hope they don’t make the same mistakes that Microsoft did with RARE, that would be tragic, I don’t think Sega have many ips, at least not to my memory, there most notable was always Sonic, hopefully Atlus stick to what they do best and bring us some gems 🙂

    • RichM

      Yes! Yes! Yes!

  • starwars360

    I had paid 10 dollars and supports it. 🙂

  • It’s a Metroid clone. Not a bad thing as I think many of us would like to see a HD sprite based 2D Metroid game.

    If Deus Ex came out in 1999 rather than 2000 would it still be classed as a modern classic? Or a retro classic?

  • Nothing5555

    Wow it seem like the Wii U will be the indie console of choice, not that its a bad thing.

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Dunno about the indie console of choice. There’s many indie games on other platforms too.

      • Nothing5555

        True, but i do see a lot of news regarding indie releases on the Wii U though it could be due to missing major 3rd party support. Oh well…one thing I hope to see from these indie developers is how they will make use of the variety of control options from the motion controls to the tablet.

  • haris zeekrya
  • jhell

    it is only one metroid out dare

  • RichM

    Is there a reason Nintendo does not sue the pants off this project? “Varia” games…varia suit. The intro, the ship, the arm cannon….everything is a metroid rip off. Including the whole virus infecting people (Fusion anyone). Wii U is only a stretch goal. Thus, they’ll get a metroid type game on other systems. I say sue sue sue and make up for the Wii U!

    • rp17

      It’s not like Nintendo has the word Varia copyrighted because they used it in their game. Also the Wii U will get a port no matter what. The stretch goal is to add Wii U exclusive features for the gamepad. And as development goes on, it will likely become more and more distinct than Metroid, but of course it will have some similar elements. It is Metriod-inspired.

  • Squirrel09

    I like 2D platformers as much as the next guy… but please don’t make every game a platformer…

    • I feel there’s a shortage of good metroidvanias out there on both wii u and 3ds. The only one outside vc on 3ds I can think of is cave story and for the wii U there’s unepic (Not played unepic but only got average reviews).

      Personally, though I want a range of games, I want more platformers per year than fpsers. What I’d really like though is something like a high quality new Shinobi game or a new contra game. Wish Strider was coming out on Wii U.

    • Enumerating Wishes

      My thoughts too. While you can make the argument the Super Nintendo was also over saturated with platformers only a handful was successful. I guess what would be a FPS on a Sony/Microsoft console becomes a Platformer on the Wii U.

    • rp17

      I can see that comment being relevant to other games but this game is supposed to be like Super Metroid and Megaman, so it wouldn’t work as anything else.

      • lonewolf

        Perhaps super metroid and the old castlevania games (metrovania) but not quite similar to megaman.

  • Metal_Man_v2

    Wow this does look cool! I can see the similarities with Metroid and elements of metroidvania platforming, but how does this look anything like Mega Man?

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      It doesn’t. It certainly looks like Metroid, though.

  • Guest

    If Sony tanks before this comes out can we have the Wii U port even if the stretch goal isn’t met? Either way this game looks pretty cool, the artwork reminds me of The Guyver.

    Also, how ya gonna make a game that looks and plays just like Metroid and make the Wii U port a stretch goal in the first place?

    • rp17

      It is coming to the Wii U no matter what. They do, however, have a stretch goal to add specific gamepad only features to the game.

  • Shinigami King

    I have a thing against putting personal information online and using online money transaction. It’s a shame because I really want to back this. I love metroid and this seems to be harking back to it. I also like the RPG elements though I’m not sure if I like how large the waves of enemies are. Whenever there is a mass of enemies , all of which go down easily, I find it is a form of false difficulty.

  • Will W

    If someone told me that this was a new Metroid game, I’d have believed them 😛

  • Stephen Macneil

    Supported it. I hope more wii u owners get behind this to show indie developers they have an audience and maybe well open the gamepad support stretch goal.

    • Shy Guy

      It’s all well and good till someone tries to make a game about two Ukranian electricians trying to save the Broccoli Kingdom.

      Seriously though this does look like a pretty good game and I look forward to supporting it, when it’s released and I support it by buying it.

  • Steve6cupcakes

    It looks way to much like Super Metroid

  • Simon Stevens

    This looks very lazy to my eyes, hoping it’s just because it’s in it’s very early stages but if that’s going to be near the final product, I’ll pass, looks too similar to too many other games, nothing special in that case

  • The last Chozo

    To all the people who dislike this game for it being similar to Metroid. While there us absolutely no denying this game is play station all stars level of being “heavily in spired” by super Metroid. I ask you to consider this: Nintendo has announced pretty much nothing about a new Metroid game, so if Nintendo isn’t going to make a new Metroid why not let someone else have a shot at it?

    • Rinslowe

      “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”

    • Guest

      When Nintendo gets around to making a new Metroid game for the Wii U I doubt it will look anything like Super Met.. sorry ReVen.

  • lonewolf

    Nintendo should fund this game and make it an exclusive for the wii u and the 3ds.

  • Rinslowe

    Some guy was jumping in the comment section everyday about a month ago I think, promoting this game, lol.
    Definitely loving that Wii U king of the sidescrolling/ platformer vibe going on…
    Hmm, RPG, Deus Ex and Crysis elements. Intrigued.

  • Josiah Parsons

    Meh. Another MetroidVania.

  • Blugrave

    This game has lot’s of promise. The developers are friendly and very responsive to the community. Check it out guys. I can see this game turning into a franchise after it’s success.

  • Marcus Hunter

    I’d recognize Super Metroid’s Openning sequence even if it was made for Call of Duty. Still this looks like a great game heavily inspired from Super Metroid.

  • Donaald

    Nice artstyle