May 15th, 2012

Retro Wii U controller
Graphic artist “gifteddeviant” made an awesome mockup of a retro Wii U controller that got our attention. Inspired by the old NES console and colors, we have to admit we wish Nintendo would release something like this during the Wii U’s lifetime. With a similar retro Wii U console, of course.

Be sure to check out the beautiful Wii U controller 3D render as well. We have a lot of Wii U mocks-ups and concept art that artists have sent in to Wii U Daily, we’ll be posting the best of the best over the next few days. If you have or know any cool Wii U concepts, do share in the comments section!

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  • nathant16

    Oh my god David, you were right, look at this, its totally awesome, it even has red. God oh god, i cant believe it, I think i’m about to cry. I cant believe it. I am so , yes, thats all i can say is yes.

  • swic11

    haha, this does look bad ass.. Lets just remember that this is fan art, But hopefully Nintendo will do something similar. I think I would rather have the circle pads in purple though lol

    • swic11

      its still fan made art, but lets hope Nintendo gives us options of color from the start and not 4 years into the consoles life like the regular wii.

  • swic11

    I love the controller design, I have already stated that in Numerous posts before. So this article is about a fan made rendering of the Wii u controller, so of course we are going to talk about the color and other color possibilities..

  • swic11

    if thats what you like, then sure

  • alienfish

    Ummm, did I just enter an alternate dimension? No one makes any sense here. This design isn’t that great. I’m sorry, but those red circle pads just won’t do. In fact, any color would look like crap there except the same gray that outlines the controller. This design looks overall unfinished. Too much contrast.

    • swic11

      I still believe that purple would look great on the circle pads, its goes well with black , and looks great with grey. But overall the controller design is just “ok”

    • david6

      Grey,:p you just dont like it cause i do. Grey is boring.

  • Captain snugglebottom

    I realy hope that nintendo will have a variety of console colours from the begining.In my opinion nintendo would make a great move by doing so and it would be even better if one of the console colour would be green blue and black

    • swic11

      I agree, (not your your color choice lol) but when they showcased the Wii at E3 forever ago, they had pictures of many different colors. I am tired of plain old white. A few colors at launch would be great.

    • david6

      What a disgusting sounding handel name. Probly friends with that creepo mellemaster from yeasterday. Can we please keep wii u daiy creep free.

      • nathant16

        Yah, snugglebottoms is a brand of diapers. Some people have cooties and eat shi-.

        • nathant16

          Swic and david has cooties now cause their names are by his.

  • Norm the Conqueror

    I don’t care if this is made or not, as soon as I get a Wii U I’m spray-painting my controller!

    • uPadWatcher

      I’d probably do the very same thing as well, Norm. By the time the Wii U launches in late October/early November of this year, I’m buying it!

  • Trustworthy Doctor

    If I could change it, I’d make the circle pads white and add some blue lights.

  • Eddy120876

    I Like the idea of different color controllers. This one what i needs for my tast is to have all the button on red and white highlights. 😀

  • david6

    I like it, ill buy a wii u now.

  • Apple Juice

    nice :O needs more grey though

  • I like it 😀


    I looked up original nin controller, it had grey and black, red buttons, but some were more black. I like this black scheme.

    • amatboy4010

      The above is not my email(handel error, trying unrooted markers.

  • amatboy4010

    If its black scheme, I’ll be a happy robot, it will accessorize my external circuitry.

  • Paquito

    I want it with the colours and aspect of 3DS

  • Chris

    Maybe Nintendo could make something like this and call it the special edition that comes free with a HD remake of Super Mario 64 =3

    That would be sweet

  • Gamecube FOREVER

    heh heh NES rules!

  • Domo57

    I gotta have more cow bell.