Jun 18th, 2013


When Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze was unveiled at this year’s E3 as Retro Studios’ new project, many long-time Metroid fans were disappointed. Recently Retro president Michael Kelbaugh and Nintendo’s Kensuke Tanabe and Risa Tabata discussed what a Metroid game could feel like on the Wii U, incorporating elements of gameplay into the GamePad’s touchscreen.

“There’s a lot you can do with that thing — once she pulls her arm up and pulls out that [metal flap] and does some of this stuff [Tabata pretends to punch buttons on her forearm]. I can see mapping some of that to the GamePad. I think that would be really cool.”

Tanabe focused on what shooting gameplay would feel like with the new GamePad, mentioning a device similar to a Wii-mote attached to the GamePad that would function for the shooting peripheral. While nothing like this currently exists, it could be created if Nintendo desired. What do you think of these ideas? What do you want to see from Retro Studios when it comes to a Wii U Metroid game? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Magnus Eriksson

    -Morphball controlled by gyros, and seen on pad.

    – Scanning mode, pad

    – Both using motioncontroller for shooting AND pad for map and the like.

    • david jarman

      I want a dance button. Kind of like the one in Michael Jackson’s moonwalker!

      • The_Last_Metroid

        Moonwalk was an option to turn on for Super Metroid!

  • Arthur Jarret

    “a device similar to a Wii-mote attached to the GamePad”

    “While nothing like this currently exists, it could be created if Nintendo desired”

    It does exist
    It’s called a Wii-mote
    It can be attached directly to the Wii U and be used in conjunction with the gamepad.

    But is free-aiming really required for Metroid? Prime 1 and 2 did fine without it. The auto-aiming allows you to really feel like a bad-ass high-tech bounty hunter… so I hope they keep that.

    Some cinematic finishers if you discharge a shot at close range would be a nice feature to keep from other M – otherwise keep it first person as this does make the most atmospheric game.

    I hope they do something with the parasite / metroid DNA story – I’d love a survival story of a Samus that really has to kill enemies to survive while desperately trying to find a way to get rid of all the alien dna and parasites that are in her body.

    I’d love a direction where she herself gives birth to a new breed of Metroid, which then endangers the entire galaxy in a new trilogy.

    Instead of adding more characters for part 3 – I’d love a game where it seems she is the last surviving sentient being in the galaxy because of the destruction these new metsamustroids are causing.

    This should also have an effect on gameplay – of course.

    The wii U gamepad is made to be a scanner, x-ray monitor and sonar locator (by pinging on the touchscreen while using the gyro to look around).

    Actually having the ship controls on the pad while you see space out of the window would be great too – and it could allow for some spaceship-based exploration instead of having just an animation to transition between worlds.

    I’d love to be forced to navigate asteroid fields and visiting inside larger asteroids just to beat some dwelling creature there to keep my energy levels up (metroid DNA – always hungry…)

    They can also utilize the camera of the gamepad for ‘Iris-scan’ doorlocks – fake a fingerprint-lock on the spaceship with the touch screen… just make a lot of little surprising touches to increase immersion on it!

    • NintendoNoob

      I’d like it to have a mature rating too. If people are calling Nintendo a kiddy company a mature Metroid game would help get rid of that name for Nintendo. “Hardcore” gamers would want the game (Because well… They think they are H@rdc0r3 and would buy any mature game)
      I’d love to see what Nintendo could do if Metroid had a mature rating πŸ˜€

      • Justin Carlson

        My two boys 6 & 7 love to play Metroid and Super Metroid. A Mature rating for this game would be really disappointing for my family. I wouldn’t even play it.

        • Sdudyoy

          Yeah me neither, I love Metroid but I will not play Mature games.

          • Elem187

            IS it me, or do ‘Mature’ games have more 12 year olds playing it than any other demographic?

      • I’d play and love it, but I think it’d be a bad idea…

        They could make two versions I suppose

        • NintendoNoob

          Well lets look. There are many games that have a mature rating but kids still play it (Me being one of them) But as long as the kids have self control and know what they are doing and wont do it in real life the Metroid series will keep its old fans and draw more H@rdc0r3 gamers

      • Arthur Jarret

        It would depend on how they’d handle it… an alien/prometheus-esque scene where a growing metroid must be removed from your body in first person?

        Sure… I’d be up for that.
        As long as they make it playable without visceral scenes, too, for the existing underage fans… and have samus keep true to her character. (No cursing bounty hunters in my metroid, please…)

      • Elem187

        Nothing Nintendo will ever do will get rid of the ‘kiddy console’ stigma.

        Metroid FPS have been on Nintendo consoles since the gamecube… Fire Emblem, Xenoblade, Last Story, Pandora’s Tower, Disaster, etc are all very mature titles. Nothing Nintendo can do about it except ignore the haters and continue to do their own thing that its fans love so much.

    • The Clockwork Being


      • Arthur Jarret

        If it only it was that easy to get a job in the games industry!

        • Elem187

          Yeah it really isn’t.. They are looking for developers who can program first and foremost… Not many companies pay one guy to come up with ideas anymore. I think Nintendo EAD is the last of that style of game development.

          • Arthur Jarret

            I’m a graphic designer, concept artist and I know some 3D modelling (3DsMax and Lightwave 3D – I’m just really, really bad at animation)

            I don’t have a degree for any of it – and no actual on-job experience except for graphic design… which means the only job in the game industry I could hope for is QA or design of manuals or packing.

    • Gameroy8


    • Ony

      Man, I would love to actually DRIVE the spaceship through space. Like Freelancer or the not-so-soon-to-be Star Citizen.
      With space fight, lazer beams, missiles and shit.

    • Domayv

      The Samus giving birth to a metroid part as a result of alien parasites would be wierd and uber creepy, unless if you want Metroid to darken and become something like Doom, Ridley Scott (after all, his name inspired everyone’s favorite Metroid villain, Ridley) and Dead Space. Controller-wise, Nintendo should allow the use of Wii U gamepad in regular configuation and Pro Controller. Even better if the game supports using the Oculus Rift (it would make for a great experience similar to using the Wii Remote although you can only use the Wii U Pro controller in conjunction with the Rift. However, the Rift is still in Dev stage and will be made for consumers in the future, plus that it’s still available to PCs but the company plans to make if available for the consoles soon)

  • Metroid33slayer

    I just want a metroid game that is playable with the pro controller for me it’s the best controller for wii u. I have 6 games on wii u and only play with the pro controller apart from NSMBU which will be pro controller compatible in a couple of days. I only use the gamepad for browsing the internet nothing else.

  • Ony

    Why the Other M screen ? :/

    Is that a “Retro will now work on a Metroid.” ? WILL IT BE? AAAAAAAHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhh *heart attack*

    • Ony

      Make a strap that attach the gamepad to your arm and shoot with it like samus! yeaaaaahh!…. (no that’s not really a good idea.)
      I have 600464560% trust on Retro Studio to make the greatest Metroid in the Universe, so, let them be.

  • I was disappointed but I understand that there is only so far you can stretch your resources. New system, new game engines and new ideas all take time to develop. I, for one, am willing to wait as I prefer a well thought out project than something rushed to the table. True fans would appreciate this.

    • Elem187

      Its more or less sales… a new console needs to build a userbase. Donkey Kong does that far better than Metroid.
      I’m actually surprised Nintendo is even releasing niche games like X and FExSMT so early in the consoles life. I was expecting Nintendo to just make their mascot titles for the first 3/4 years to build a userbase then make the fun niche titles they obviously love to make at the end 2/3 years.

  • $41809923

    night vision and x ray vision would be cool to have on the game pad

    • d d

      yup, scanner and map usage too.

    • val berger

      agreed; especially xray could be fun when you unveil a hidden corridor using the gamepad. mmmh

  • Ghenry Perez

    Whatever, as long as Team Ninja isn’t making it.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      I think Team Ninjas version was good. Not as good as Retro’s, and to much wining and lovestory in the cutscenes. But gameplay was good, and it looked good too.

      • I agree 100% Other M might have been the most hated Metroid game for many, but for me it’s was actually one of the better ones, Still Super Metroid is #1 for me and Metroid Prime 2 Echoes is 2nd, the other Primes and Metroid games where great, but for me Other M was my 3rd most favorite Metroid Game. To much whining and to much Cutscenes making it feel like Final Fantasy in a way which didn’t fit to very well I suppose, and I can relate to the hate for that from others. But it didn’t really bother me to much.

        The only thing which did bother me was the Soundtrack for Other M, it was the worst Soundtrack ever in Metroid, exceptions on the mini boss battles and some special event and boss battles, the area music was completely crap, all I heard was ambience in the background.

        It fits Metroid a little bit, and made you feel you really where alone, but the outstanding soundtracks on Metroid Games are da bomb, and that not being in Other M was dissapointing. I missed that in Other M the most.

  • d d

    It would be cool to have the map disabled in some areas, but have a drone ability to map our own areas on the gamepad…some how incorporating panorama view…

  • RARE

    No peripherals…

  • As long as the newest Metroid title has unique and innovative Gamepad features that makes players want to play the way the developers intended (Off-TV Play should still be supported), then that sits well with me. However, no moving the pad to scan your surroundings. ZombiU-style scanning is unnecessary for this style of game.

    • Arthur Jarret

      I would make it optional like scanning in lego city (where you can move by using the sticks – too… but gyroscope aim also works)

  • d d

    How about having Samus’ suit meters on the GamePad and the player can choose how to distribute resources during gameplay. Health, shield, arm cannon, morph ball, etc.

  • Grulnork

    Can’t wait!

    Metroid may not sell as well as Donkey Kong, but it could very well convince some core gamers to get a Wii U console alongside there PC/PS4/XB1.

  • d d

    Liked it better when Samus has little character interaction. less cinema but more scare and thrill. Hated the soldiers in Other M.

  • Mark Thom


    • PLEASE! Hunters was so much fun

  • Zombie_Andrew

    No, no, no retro, no gimmicks just good gameplay, no mini-games. If you wanna do something cool with the second screen look no further than Fractured Souls for the 3DS

    • using the gamepad as an arm computer is a gimick? Frankly, it’d just be easier than using a normal menu.

      • MujuraNoKamen

        Agreed, one of the great things about touchscreens is how quick they make menus, so I think that computer thing would be great for the gamepad. You could access the computer and have options come up for map, lore, enemy database etc. not only would this be a great feature on its own it would feel very natural and put you in Samus’s space boots as though you were her looking at her computer.

        • Also, they should make it a real time menu, like, while you’re distracted with the menu on the gamepad, things can creep up and grab/attack you on the TV. I loved that idea with ZombiU, but I have a zombie phobia, so this would work way better for me

      • Zombie_Andrew

        I’d rather have something cool like having Samus being able to travel to alternate planes of existence represented by the TV and gamepad screen, where areas that are blocked off in one universe are available in the other, and in one area may be full of enemies, but have none in the other universe. So you have to travel from the TV universe to the gamepad universe to complete the game.

      • Elem187

        using the gamepad as samus’s arm computer is a wonderful idea… As long as they keep the Wiimote-nunchuck controls identical to Prime 3. I think Retro proved that it is possible to use the wiimote/nunchuk in a shooter that almost rivals a mouse/keyboard. It certainly blows the dual sticks out of the water (ugh, console FPS suck because of twin sticks)

    • Elem187

      Gimmicks add to gameplay… Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 would be worthless and uninspired without its gimmicks.

  • murtry

    Now is not the time to discuss what a Metroid game -might- be like. Now is the time to be actively MAKING the game. You simply have to have more games coming out soon to survive, Wii U!

    • Ice Climbers

      This what they call the brainstorming phase. Or they are already deep in development, and this is just for show to hype fans up.

      • MujuraNoKamen

        Retro have said they only work on one large project at a time and since DK is approaching its final stages before release this year, a new Retro [Metroid] game is in the very early stages at best. I live in hope though, maybe they’ve switched between making DK and Metroid for the past few years (come on a DK game took 3 years & studio expansion and still is 5 months away from release?) and it isn’t quite as far away as we’ve been led to think. Maybe a new Metroid is in development at Nintendo & retro could be supervising a team at EAD.

        • Elem187

          Chances are all of the games coming out this year are already done and have been for awhile…. of course they will still get the polish treatment from now until release…. But NIntendo knows it needs to drop at least 1 title per month until the end of the year to build confidence in the console and to prove that the drought is over (nobody will buy a console if they dont think Nintendo can support it on at least a monthly basis)

  • bradtastic2

    No motion/pointer control PLEASE! I just want to aim with my right stick πŸ™

    • Saul Rivera

      I love playing FPS’s with the wiimote…much more precise and faster aiming…but an option for multiple control styles like BO2 would be perfect of course

      • bradtastic2

        True, I should have said “motion/pointer control ONLY” πŸ™‚ I just fee it can lose itself sometimes and aim where you don’t want it to. I just feel more control with a right stick but only because I played alot of great FPS games like Far Cry 3 and Dead Island with a traditional controller.

  • Starfoxguy

    Something similar to Prime on DS but no touchscreen aiming.

  • Pikachief

    I’d like a 2.5D metroid done right. Use the gamepad for equipment and a map screen. I kept wishing the whole time playing super metroid that the map was on the bottom screen and I kept taping the screen for the map lol.

    But even a metroid prime game, idc as long as its good!

  • peeer

    “mentioning a device similar to a Wii-mote attached to the GamePad that would function for the shooting peripheral.”

    I certainly hope not, or at least I hope they give us the choice of control type, especially for the aiming lol. Thats a point I disliked from Metroid Prime 3 on Wii, they scrapped the lock-on aiming. Forcing us to have to use that stupid pointer that was always messing up on Wii-motes to aim. Not leaving us the choice to have a lockable cross aim to play on Gamecube/Classic controlers.

    • Luffy

      i hope they give us the choice. i for one, prefer the wiimote controls for shooting then analogs

    • tronic307

      You could select lock-on in the options.

      • peeer

        Yes but you still had to aim with wiimote.

        • tronic307

          Still better than having to stop in order to turn or aim. I enjoy both control schemes, but what I really miss from the Gamecube versions was the sequence breaking and the ability to scan-dash.
          A friend of mine once said Samus handles like a drunk robot with the Wiimote & Nunchuk.
          To each their own; YMMV.

          • peeer

            Yeah its better, but Retro did mess up that part for Wii big time. They should have gave us the choice. I hated that so much that I’ve quit that game without finishing it. If the next metroid does not have better control options I’m not gonna buy it. Personally I really enjoyed Other M more, good job from Team Ninja there.

  • Ducked

    A Metroid game on the Wii U with cross play w/ 3DS would be sweet

  • tronic307

    Touch screen control would allow map, options, beam selection and custom weapon stacking on the fly, while freeing the right analog stick for aiming. I like the IR pointer attachment idea for the GamePad, as well.

  • Agent721

    Multiplayer has to happen, with leveling up choices as in COD. For single player, having her body mapped out on the pad with interrchangeable weapons, shields, and items is a must. She could have to choose her loadout on the ship prior to exploring a new area. And perhaps each area could have different paths, utilizing different loadouts, bringing options on how to proceed.

    • Well if they add a multipayer again in a metroid game, then I beg them to do it like they did on Metroid Prime Hunters. Different playable chars (which could make a re-appearance for sure MPH hunters below) for the multiplayer game, don’t do it like they did on Metroid Prime 2, that Multiplayer was fun, but also felt weird as there where 4 Samus’s.

      Just get Sylux, Trace, Weavel, Kanden, Noxus and Spire back and maybe some more πŸ˜›

      • Emily Horton

        Multiplayer Metroid Prime: Hunters was a train wreck. Sylux was way OP and ruined the game imo. I think it should be more like Metroid Prime 2.

        • That’s a personal opinion, atleast in my eyes. Sylux was not OP, didn’t had any trouble with players using him, unlike my username and avatar are from Sylux and would suggest otherwise, I never played Sylux in mph myself. I played Trace and sometimes weavel or kanden until the online cheating came and people playing with unlimited health and missiles, didn’t last long though first cheaters came like 2 weeks after launch, gave up on mph online games a month later or so.

    • Elem187

      please do not make Metroid anything like COD.. COD sucks. Thank you, this was a public service announcement.

  • Emily Horton

    Why not just use the gamepad like a controller? You know, buttons, analog sticks… That sort of thing. Then use the gamepad screen for things like maps, scanning etc.

    • Elem187

      Because twin analog sticks is terribad for FPS. its inaccurate/slow so devs have to implement stupid things like aiming assist, which gives people a false sense of being good at shooters….. Take Call of Duty for example, Infinity Ward/Treyarch make some of the worst players at shooters feel like they are semi-gods in the genre.
      But if those same players played a shooter without that assist feature they realize how terrible they are at shooters…… The Wiimote/Nunchuk is the closest thing we will have to a mouse/keyboard on a console, and retro proved it…. sadly nobody else tried to mimic those controls successfully in any other shooter. Nintendo will stand out by having the only console shooter that doesn’t play with dual analog sticks, which is a great thing…. of course leave the option to use the dual analog because there is a lot of people who live in the stone age that resist change.

      • Emily Horton

        The majority of complaints I ever hear against Wii/Wii U Games go something like “Why doesn’t Nintendo use buttons and control sticks like a normal game?”

  • TULFich

    Wiimote was way better for Prime gameplay, but I can imagine things like: calling ofr ship support via game pad and on the TV samus making those touching things on her arm cannon like in batman Arkham city, amm beam swaps with the touch screen, so as visor swaps, amm mere analog shooting would be great but I still preffer the WiiMote.

    So my doubt is: MP3Β΄s ending was an opener for MP Hunters or an opener for a new Metroid Saga, cuz that ship at the edn looks pretty much like Sylux`s one. ANd please do make it for Wii U I remembre some fanart pic, where samus on the morphball was like rolling through some puddle and some scenery on a very nice HD quality as it was like to be MP3 before Wii was out.

    this one http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v642/sxdx/metroid329vv.jpg

    • …It didn’t look like my ship, it WAS my ship, but many people didn’t play Hunters or didn’t like it so they don’t know me and my ship, but yeah I’m stalking Samus, I want my freaking alimbic shards back, I need that ultimate power, so I can rule the entire universe!!!

      As for the artwork, I’m jealous why does Samus look so sexy there even in her bowling ball form, I want that as well, gimme that awesome artwork, only about me!!!! I need it!!!

      Or perhaps give me my own game, like that turd of a Wario, he did get his own game(s) so why can’t I?

      • Ony

        Waluigi’s second account spotted :Β°

        • How dare you compare me to Waluigi and even state this is his second account. Do I have to come and hunt you as well? Another Bounty to hunt, bring it on.

          On a real response, this is not Waluigi’s second account πŸ˜› I only have one account here and that is this one. Waluigi and me are 2 different persons. Saw the response from Waluigi and Sonic the hedgehog elsewhere, when I saw this post I simply couldn’t resist to make a similair response haha.

  • Smartass2

    I would like to see the Wii mote being used

    • Elem187

      its the only way to play a shooter on a console.. whoever created dual analog shooters, should be shot. It really cheapens the genre because it requires auto-assist. Auto aim assist is required in dual analog shooters, other wise console gamers would never play shooters because they would realize how bad dual analog sticks are in shooters.

  • Wanderlei

    3 years and ex Naughty Dog employees for Donkey Kong? Really? They should have made a kick ass Metroid to appeal to a mature audience.

    • Elem187

      But those ex Naughty Dog employees feel like they hit the big time because they are working on such an iconic franchise….. I’m sure if you asked them they think Donkey Kong is far more exciting to them as developers than Uncharted 1/2/3 was.

  • MujuraNoKamen

    I don’t think a Metroid prime game should rely too heavily on use of the gamepad, if it’s overused and doesn’t feel natural, that’s when a great tool like the Gamepad becomes a gimmick. I think they should just have normal button controls (left stick = move, right stick = aim, L = lock on etc) but use the Gamepad as Samus computer so (these options are always on the gamepad – but if you use the pro-controller you press start) and get options for map, options, enemies database, lore etc all of which options come up on the touchscreen so you just have to tap the option you want, or if you don’t want to do this/are using the pro-controller, they appear on screen and you can just use the arrows to cycle through the options. I also hope using Samus’s ship comes back, not just for saving and taking you from one place to another but you get an option on your computer to use it and pilot it remotely using the gamepad buttons or have an option to use the Gyroscope – I believe Blacklist has a feature where you tilt the gamepad to remotely control a UAV. I know a lot of people have suggested lifting the Gamepad up to scan enemies, I however think it’s best to just have a visor for it then target an enemy to scan them. Nothing against gyro controls, it’s just lifting the pad doesn’t seem like a natural way to scan something and could come across as a gimmick, besides buttons worked fine in other games so why spoil a good thing. The touchscreen could also be used to weld things like you had to do in Prime 3, and thinking of the terminals on Pirate planet in corruption, it would be nice to use some sort of hacking feature.
    Sorry for the text-wall by the way.

  • Ben Ifits

    Whatever happened to this??? It’d be pretty epic in a metroid game IMO as I always preferred MP3 motion controls over the first two. Honestly I couldn’t see using the touchpad while it’s connected either. Idk just a thought though.

    • Forbsz

      It looks terrible! the huge gamepad on top of that thing uhhh

    • Ony

      They said it would be too heavy :/

      • Ben Ifits

        Idk I don’t think it would be but I can’t actually say as I’ve never held one. I just think it’d be cool to be able to hip fire using the tv and when aiming down sights use the game pad. Idk I was one of those odd people who played MoH H2 with the original zapper so I’m just a bit biased lol

  • Chris Woods

    i would like the usual 3d map on the game pad along with selecting missiles. plus a menu for the body parts and bios of the enemys you can read

  • andrΓ©

    nintendo! make a “new” super metroid u and do as a platformer in HD, 2 players splitscreen, in a randomized world.

  • DemonRoach

    Unless it’s done the same was as NSMBU, I rather them just work on a new IP or revive a very old IP.

  • Madmagican

    Personally, I think the gamepad would be perfect for scanning stuff if they decide to go the Prime route again

  • JeanPaul

    I feel like shooters were better suited for the wiimote but.. Heres an Idea, you can only shoot when you are holding the gamepad up right at the screen (kinda like the zelda nintendo land game only you can still move around) but you can only aim by moving the tablet into the correct position? and when it’s not held up straight you do something else (maybe the new element to a new metroid game) on the TV. But of course an option to play it normally.

  • John Andalora

    1) How exactly would the arm thing enhance gameplay versus pressing a button on a controller?
    2) What kind of things are you expecting to do with the armpad gamepad?
    3) How on earth do you expect to make a peripheral for the Gamepad that would have shooting without either having to have a separate controller that you would pick up and put down over and over, or making the gamepad look silly by putting it on some convoluted shooting item?

    Just some of my questions.

  • Zuzanah

    I’ve missed Metroid so much πŸ™‚

  • Kaihaku

    I liked that Samus could remotely control her ship in Metroid Prime 3. I’d like to see that on a more interactive level using the gamepad to chart flight plans and target bombing targets. Ideally Samus could act in real time while the ship is following her orders – allowing her to grapple on to reach a distant point ala Metroid Blast, target the same enemy, have the ship act as a distraction, so on and so on.

    In general… I’d like a sandbox game where we actually get to play Samus as a bounty hunter. Bringing in bounties would earn credits that could be used to repair/upgrade her ship. I think that would be a fresh take on the series and a great way to recover from Other M…which was far too linear for me.

  • Fox Mcloud

    Pro controller and hd graphics that’s all I can say

  • Spike Ashford

    Okay, so lets say the next game is Metroid Prime 4. Best ways to use the gamepad would be:

    – Using the second screen as a visor, not the scan visor or a command visor, but a dedicated visor for the gamepad.

    – Different/switchable tabs on the second screen like one to bring up the map, the other to switch on my radar and another to change my missiles. Things like that.

    – If there won’t be a dedicated visor, then combine the two above ideas. Different tabs to switch visors in real-time. Plus another to change my missiles.

  • cade butler

    Prime style with a few tweaks. tablet as map and scanner , with ability to see through walls like Batman Arkhams detective vision . Hold tablet up to the screen and tap for multiple missile lock ons . Lastly introduce a new weapon to her arsenal . Something like the remote controlled flying bug from Skyward sword that could scope out locations & drop bombs ect . And an ability to draw the flying things route on the tablet , then unleash it when ever you want . Could make for some interesting puzzles πŸ™‚

  • Gameroy8

    only thing i see incorporated on gamepad, is shaking enemies off, using it as a map and item screen, and the scanner, a tilt mechanism for when you’re in morph ball in certain areas to unlock doors or something like that that would incorporate the gyrosphere. um… drawing on the touch screen to use special items or something… idk… what did hunters use? didnt play that one.

  • Ryushi

    Personally I want the game pad to be used mostly for reading those long entry logs in your journal. Oh and for map designing, such as for multiplayer or even simply for create your own challenges for other players to try their hand at.

  • I_I

    Retro destroyed Metroid when they turn it into FPS game how you can sell any new Metroid idea if it’s not prime the prime people which they destroyed this franchise by hating anything else

  • HBVRaiden

    Man, it’s been almost a decade since we’ve gotten a 2D Metroid though. I love the Prime games’ style, but I’d like to see something similar to what Other M was trying, just… not as terrible. The third-person perspective was alright, but the general combat and controls were ass.

  • Adrian Garcia

    As much as I LOVE Metroid Prime. Please no more “Prime”. Please make something that picks up the story after Fusion, or even a game that retcons fusion as a new “4th” in the series. I just want the story to be continued.

  • devmiles

    a new metroid should have been in development already, now they are just discussing… in hard terms this means for the fans there won’t be no metroid till like end of 2014 and that is an optimistic vision. i think nintendo’s E3 was kinda ok but most of the titles are 2014 and surely will be postponed. customers will get so fucking bored… sony will come in with the ps4 and sure they have learned and see what happens if you act like nintendo. games games games, just give the people what they want…and yeah… a new starfox too… yesterday please!

    • MujuraNoKamen


  • thedeciderU

    so if a device is created that connects to the gamepad for shooting, how are you supposed to play the game? i think nintendo needs to focus on validating the gamepad for years and prove to outside gamers that it is a must have. i enjoy it in most games so far, but i’ve only been kind of “wowed” with zombiu and a couple mini games in nintendoland.

  • Kieran McMullen

    could you wear the Wii U on your arm? it might be a bit to heavy, but, if it could be used like that it might be cool, they could give her a small, rectangular holographic interface to serve as the gamepad

  • Anthony Guttaboi Jenkins

    I want a third person open World (worlds) RPG like mass effect . turning in to a ball rollin in And out of cover grabbing foes from behind there cover with the whip. pulling off batman like combos on more Human like aliens. building ew weapons on her ship in in space stations And cities. jungels large open Γ‘reas And up large towers. tossing a foe ten yarda And charging behind his flying body using him as cover before beating down a group of aliens And blasting them in the face. thats What I want!!!

  • Guest

    I agree with those, but they should also retain using the Wii U gamepad in normal configuration and the Pro Controller.

  • Wiiluigi

    Internet has changed a lot of things. I remember nintendo 64 all we did was waited and prayed for a metroid title. We were so happy to get samus on smash bros. Now all people do is bitch and complain. Cry cry cry. Crying because they didn’t get the games they wanted. I would love to see all franchises release but ill be happy with what I get. Petition this petition that people chill out. Be patient be happy with what you get make the most of it. We mastered games now all people want is to run through a game and get to the next. I have a stack of games I still have to play because all these games keep coming out and still trying to figure out how all these games aren’t enough.
    Anyway I can’t wait for this Metroid so much potential. It would be amazing to have a map in your hands. Fix your own arm cannon. Control samus’ ship. So much could be done. But it has to be done correctly. Please nintendo do not rush this. If this game comes out toward the end of wii u’s life I would be fine with that.

  • lonewolf

    Maybe to look forward into a new story, including some space fight-scenarios
    I liked the MP3’s ship, awesome features