Aug 18th, 2014


With the completion of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze earlier this year, fans may be wondering what Retro Studios is working on. We’ve long had rumors that the team is working on something for Nintendo, but neither Retro Studios or the big N themselves have been willing to talk about it. While the news of what’s cooking in Austin is still a secret, what can’t be kept a secret is that the studio has begun hiring for several new positions including a Tools Engineer.

Some of the other positions open include FX artist, Senior Tools Engineer, AI Engineer and Gameplay Engineer. It’s obvious the team is ramping up production on whatever their latest title is, so we’re excited to see what it is. If you’re qualified and would like to apply for any of these positions, you can do so here.

What would you like to see Retro Studios’ next project be when it is revealed?

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  • matthew garcia

    I hope they have a janitor position open up

  • ActivesiN

    Metroid most likely

    • matthew garcia

      If it’s not I lost hope

    • MujuraNoKamen

      probably, Nintendo did ask them to do Metroid after DKC returns but retro wanted to do Tropical Freeze because they had more ideas for DK. Now all that’s out the way I do hope they move onto a project a little larger than DK.

  • Jason

    An original IP.

    • PrincessKairi

      Shhh!! You’ll scare away all the nintendo fans with that kind of language!

      • Ducked

        Just wondering around Wii U Daily when you’re supposed to be training for keyblade mastery?

    • Retro doesn’t do that.

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        Not when Nintendo is calling the shots. Then, yes, that’s correct. Otherwise, I’m sure they would.

  • Coffee

    I’ll be the janitor

    • matthew garcia

      Me first

  • C4

    Not Donkey Kong again.

  • Ducked

    I want a 2D Metroid

    • matthew garcia

      That would be cool. I hope they would actually take advantage of the 3d on the 3ds so maybe you can only see certain things when the 3d is on. I know it wouldn’t be compatible with the 2ds that way but oh well

      • Ducked

        Maybe… I was thinking for the Wii U. Even though Wii U already has enough 2D games.

        • matthew garcia

          Well the Wii u would be cool also. I just don’t know if they would do that for a console unless they don’t have much time to develop the game. I would love see a 2d metroid game on Wii u

          • Ducked

            Well, 2D games do seem to be a trend on Wii U. Either way a 2D Metroid would make me happy.

          • matthew garcia

            Yeah me to. I’m from the old school

    • Never was a fan of the 2D Metroid games, wasn’t till Prime where I said yes….this is Metroid.

      • Ducked

        3D Metroid does seem more popular

        • To be fair, I don’t “hate” the 2D ones, I just don’t enjoy them. The 3D ones are better for me.

    • Badouken

      2D Metroid on 3DS … 3D Metroid on Wii U … hell id be fine with a 3D Metroid on 3DS and a 2D Metroid on Wii U … or both on both… just give me any Metroid!!!!

  • bistricky

    Metroid U … Metroid U …… RAVEN BLADE …… Metroid U … Metroid U …

    • bistricky

      On the “Retro Studios Banner” (above, on this article) ….
      We see Donkey and Diddy Kong on the left ….. and Samus Aran on the right
      But the character ‘ghost’ in the center …. who is that?
      Is that Link or could it be Raven Blade?
      And If it’s Link …. why is he on Retro’s banner?

      • brian

        It’s clearly Link, but I do not know why.

      • Shota

        link from brawl

      • MujuraNoKamen

        Yeah it’s Link. this is a fan made banner for Retro Studios and Link is on it because a while ago there were rumours of retro working on a new Zelda. Miyamoto has since shot them down but hey more Metroid Prime for us then.

        • bistricky

          I see. A fan-made banner ….. that explains everything. Thank you for the reply and explaining the reason for it.

          • MujuraNoKamen

            you’re most welcome ๐Ÿ˜€

    • RyuNoHadouken

      Metroid U, confirmed!!!

    • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog


      • bistricky

        Not sure why the insult …. based on your reply, I thought I had a typo but I can’t see it …. to be fair, please point it out because I don’t see it.

        • ScrewAttack

          He’s probably being a troll, just flag him.

      • bistricky

        …. and if it’s the picture …. it’s the new Metroid: Samus Wallpaper. I am totally confused by your comment. Nobody is perfect, but I do try to be as accurate as possible …. so, what gives?

    • They should brotally do that!

  • Fred

    i hope the Diddy Kong Racing 2 rumor is true

  • Milky Bacons

    I hope it’s metroid. I needz mai metroid.

  • Ony

    I would totally like another Dankey Kang or how about a New Mario 3D World !


  • Metroid is already in the works with Retro. They simply need more people on board.

  • gamesplayswill

    plot twizt: is acually sanic adenvture 3 – sallys return

    • A – Kuma

      i would honestly love a Sonic Adventure 3, the sonic adventure games were awesome, and admitedly what kept me into SA2 was chao breeding…i miss my babies ๐Ÿ™

    • Squid

      Sally… Heheh

  • MonadoKnight

    Prime 4 or we riot!!!

  • Sdudyoy

    Hey, I wouldn’t mind it if they worked on something new, there are plenty of things they can work on other than Metroid, and I really don’t don’t want a Donkey kong game again, and I think they know that, I would love a Metroid, but I wouldn’t mind it if it was something new.

  • Mr Ninty

    Donkey kong: ape on a chain

  • Darthmarses

    Star Wars!

    • Brandon


  • Hardcore metroid

  • Rabbi Bongstien

    Everyone, myself included, wants it to be Metroid…BUT I would also be VERY happy with a Kid Icarus game for Wii U or Super Mario Universe. But seriously, how rad would it be if we FINALLY got a new Ice Climbers game?! I know right?!

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Probably Metroid. And dayum if a Metroid Prime is shown at some point I’d be one happy customer.
    Still It’d be great to see retro make an original franchise like Raven Blade. Or work on the new Starfox and holy shit a retro-developed Eternal Darkness!

  • lonewolf88

    please hire more people when I get out of college in like 6 years.

  • majora :D

    Am I the only one who seriously hopes this game ISN’T Metroid? The Metroid Prime trilogy will be very hard to top, they should move on to something original, even inspired by Metroid but a new IP altogether…

    *dodges tomatos*

    …or at the very list, I hope they don’t make Metroid Prime 4. Make a new way to play Metroid.

    • Rinslowe

      Everyone has their own ideas and opinions on the matter and yes to: “a new way to play Metroid”. A new way for the story to be told would be welcome as well…

  • Rinslowe

    What ever Retro is working on. I hope that it is more in line with what the Wii U needs right now. Assuming it is a Wii U specific title they’re working on. “If” it is indeed a new title in the Metroid Prime series, I certainly wouldn’t complain. Except to say that there is a wealth of potential within that franchise to take it even further in regard to modern interactive story telling and cinematic and creative scope.
    Metroid has all the right ingredients of a Nintendo IP of which to bridge the gap between; what makes them unique and what makes certain other popular sci fi type shooters special. It certainly does not need to be restricted to Nintendo’s traditional story telling.
    If anything, considering the right amount of effort went into it, Metroid could be one of those Nintendo titles like Zelda and perhaps even more-so, that would justify a “western” AAA budget as well. Of course, Nintendo is more experienced in such matters than I am. What ever Retro is working on, should be as interesting and compelling as ever…

  • spaniel

    Metroid Dread finally??

  • Mazdokart

    Metroid in the style of the original games and Diddy kong racing

  • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog


  • I hope they’re making a new Metroid game…otherwise we might actually see this. Heh heh.

    • Rinslowe

      Apart from the helmet and shoulder monstrosities, this looks more like a Krogan.

  • allvalve

    Most likely Metroid, but it could be the new Starfox game.
    I’d be happy with either, but I want Starfox more than Metroid.
    And Nintendo, where is the true 3D Mario? It’s getting a bit late in the day now, maybe it will be held back for the Wii U successor?

  • beez1717

    I’d be up for testing the game if needed. And I mean TEST, not play. TEST, as in perhaps having to test every move against every enemy to see if the right damage happens 100% of the time crap. Yah. that can get boring to some but it’s fun for me.

  • Juan Carlos

    Played diddy kong racing 64 a couple weeks ago and it didn’t age that well in my opinion. With how strong the new Mario Kart is, and with Smash Bros coming out.. I have enough multiplayer games. DKCTF was pretty good but can we get a non side-scroller? I guess what I’m trying to say is….Metroid metroid metroid.

  • Justinr

    I love retro studios they really are a weapon of nintendos development arm. Everything they touched so far is gold. I would love to see them do another metroid or even a pilot wings. Given the release schedule this game could be a launch title for the next console. DKC TF was a little over 3 years in development asides from helping with mk 7.

  • Christian Schoff

    Austin? Dang. That’s way too far.

  • Dรกibhรญ wotshissurname

    “Since it’s Retro it has to be Metroid. Science!”