Apr 30th, 2013


In a recent interview with ONM, Hiro Yamada hinted that an announcement concerning Retro’s secret Wii U project isn’t too far away. Yamada, creator of Metroid Prime and current supervisor over Donkey Kong Country Returns for the 3DS, gave this little teaser about the upcoming title that Reggie has called “fantastic”:

“I wonder what kind of game it is? I hope to introduce it to you in the not so distant future.”

Could this be one of the “big” games announced for Wii U during this year’s E3? Or more specifically, a Nintendo Direct, seeing as Nintendo won’t be holding a conventional E3 showing? Personally, I’m good with what ever method Nintendo decides to use in sharing what Wii U goodies are headed our way. I believe there will definitely be some other surprises announced this year and would love to hear some predictions from you guys:

1. What kind of game do you think Retro is cooking up?

2. Will their be another Nintendo franchise remake (ex. like Wind Waker HD) making its way to Wii U? If so, which one?

Let us know in the comments below!

[via ONM]

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  • Nintedward

    In order of want

    • Jack5221

      I really want Metorid, but then again I would be happy with Starfox or F-Zero. I still play the gamecube versions of those games because they’re just too damn awesome!

    • MetroidZero

      F-Zero is WAY overdue. Last one was F-Zero GX, and holy nuggets, that one was flip-table-meme hard when playing on Very Hard in Story Mode.

      • Nintedward

        F-zero GX is one of my all time fav games. In my top and is the best racing game ever as far as i’m concerned πŸ™‚ .

        My local arcade has an F-zero AX machine in there , and i’m the only person who still goes in there and pops my gamecube memory card in lol. Sometimes I go in there and Just nerd out and play AX on my own

        @Jack5221 – Yeah same. I still fire my gamecube regularly to play a variety of games. I recently played Luigi’s mansion before the release of LM2 for 3DS πŸ™‚

      • I think another company is working on F-Zero.

        • incoherent1

          Who do you think is working on F-Zero? Just curious πŸ™‚

          • david jarman

            Shin’en tweeted about it. So it’s a possibility they are working on it.

          • Yeah, that’s the one.

      • LonDonE247

        i would prefer the team at sega who made gx to make a new f-zero for wii-u, plus i dont think it would take retro nearly 3 years to make a racer, do u?

    • jcnba28

      In order of want

      1. Metroid

      2. Metroid

      3. Metroid

      • Sdudyoy


      • Guhtere

        Metroid Prime still holds up til today. Imagine how good it would look like now!

        • Chiwawaboi

          the awesome part is that I havent even played metroid prime. a remake on wii u with offscreen play would be GREAT!
          wait, no, screw that. I want the whole trilogy!!

          • AkaLink77

            they actually ported the trilogy for wii. ;D

          • [000]

            But he was talking about Wii U.

          • AkaLink77

            i know… i just thought i was convenient to let him know that the Prime trilogy was ported to the wii….

          • Chiwawaboi

            if you were wondering, I already knew that. Im really just craving some wii u offscreen play metroid though.

          • LonDonE247

            wait for super metroid later this month to be released as the anniversary collection, an buy it on wii-u from the e-shop for 30cents, or 30p if your from uk like me, i have been gagging to play through it again, an even though i own it on multiple consoles, i have waited, for later this month when its released on the wii-u virtual console an then i will be playing super metroid on my game pad in the toilet an in bed, EPIC!!!!!!!!!

          • Fred

            Yes, but you can’t find it for a decent price(less than $100)

          • Kirzan

            I see Metroid Prime Trilogy, collector’s, sealed, for ~150$ on ebay. That’s still less than what the non-collector versions came out for separately.

          • Ibi Salmon

            You sure about that? When I bought the collector’s edition, it was only $10 more than a new Wii game.

          • Kirzan

            I know the trilogy came out for the price of a standard game… But we are not then anymore, and this game is slowly becoming a relic of the past. The keyword was “separately”. If you were to buy the 3 of them at release, you would have paid around 150$. Even if the trilogy alone is worth, what? 60$? People probably price the trilogy on ebay around that logic because finding a version in-store is only getting harder by the day. They look up prices for all three, separately, and make it cheaper for the trilogy.

            I had to pay 100$ for Xenoblade NA… And it came out only 2 years ago. Buying old and rare games isn’t about its price. It’s about doing proper research. Watch LPs, tons of gameplay videos, even guides. THAT’s the upside to buying a game for way more than it could be. The content available to make a proper decision is all there. 100$ for Xenoblade was totally, totally worth it. And I’m thinking 150$ for 3 awesome Metroid games is just as fair for a slowly disappearing game. Specially considering everyone who bought each game at release, paid exactly the same price total!

          • Ibi Salmon

            Oh. Your comment made it seem like the regular Metroid Prime Trilogy release was more than $150. You were talking about when the three games were released separately. Sorry for the confusion.

          • Fred

            Wait are you proving my point, that you can’t get it for less than $100 or are you telling me to go get it?

          • LonDonE247

            u havent played metroid prime? jesus man have u been living under a rock? metroid prime is only the greatest fps game ever created! its so good, that it actually created its own new genre, the First Person Adventure!! please no gamer should begrudge themselves the most immersive experience i have ever had in a video game in over 30yrs of gaming, i swear it, u will be blown away, an even to this day the art an silky smooth 60fps game play will be like a religious experience! an i would advise u to get metroid prime trilogy on wii, because playing prime 1 an 2 using the wiimote is AWESOME! an actually made me fall in love with pointer control’s using the wiimote in a fps, its so good it is the closest you can get to pixel precision aiming without a mouse an keyboard, please play through it NOW!!!!

          • Fred

            I’ve also never played the metriod prime games. I tried to buy the trilogy recently, but man it’s expensive. Even used.

          • Chiwawaboi

            Im getting it asap! but hows metroid: other M? it looked pretty good to me, but it got a few crappy reviews. I even watched some gameplay vids and I think it looks interesting.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            No, not that good. Ok, but not comparable at all. I would go for the trilogy.You are up for a treat my man πŸ˜‰

          • Chiwawaboi


          • Magnus Eriksson

            Wonder if Im going to pick it up again tomorrow. Its a great game…

        • Watch_Dog

          Something like this, but most likely even better.

        • LordTerminal

          We don’t need another damn Metroid Prime. 3 was enough. Stop making Retro Studios do nothing but Metroid games!

          • jay

            THANK YOU. Their original IPs are mind blowing. We need to give them space to do their own thing. Imagine?

      • Laud

        I still think Metroid Prime has one of the best art styles ever.

        The only other series that beats Metroid Prime when it comes to Art Style for me are the Silent Hill games. (1 – 3 only.)

        • Silent hill would be pretty awesome

          • WhackaBump

            I wish, but that’s Konami. XD

        • AkaLink77

          who knows? mabey it will be the crossover rumor with Fox and Samus!

          • DragonSilths

            That was proven false like a year ago…after E3 last year.

      • I love Metroid, but I would put F-Zero in the 3rd spot; a new F-Zero would be pretty damn fun, especially with 30-player online.

      • Ben Kapferer

        Come on, can’t they give Retro a break?

      • Levi Johansen

        I want another starfox, we allready have metroid all over the place

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        Metroid to me they should be done with. It’s about time they create a new IP.

        • jcnba28

          I agree a new IP would be nice but I’m just a huge Metroid Prime fan. The last prime game was 6 years ago so I would still love another one.

    • Hamzilla22

      In the order of want
      1) Starfox
      2) F-Zero
      3) Starfox

      • dylanbob121


    • mikel334u2

      Yea, a new F-Zero game in HD like GX would look great, but this time, they should make it just a little easier to handle.

    • Super Buu

      In order of want
      1. Star Fox
      2. F-Zero
      3. Metroid

    • incoherent1

      Maybe we got a hint in the fact that the first VC game (via the 30 cent promotion) was the original F-Zero…

      Could be a sign that the next major title they’ll announce is a new F-Zero, although maybe it’s just wishful thinking on my part. πŸ™‚

      • DragonSilths

        Its a hint that Nintendo still knows about F-Zero. Miyamoto said he wants to see F-Zero on Wii U so its a safe bet eventually we will get an F-Zero game. If Miyamoto wants something, he gets it lol.

        • Nintedward

          It’s what I want the most out of anything. Offer me anything on Wiiu now and I would take a new F-zero straight up πŸ™‚

          • DragonSilths

            You feel the same as me. Just its Starfox for me.

          • incoherent1

            Nice! Starfox would be awesome too πŸ™‚

    • DragonSilths

      1: Starfox
      2: Retro Studios gets closed down and never is seen from again.

    • You guys don’t want a game of me?

      • Laud

        Go away Waluigi.

        • Squid

          LOL. He can be the star of Wrecking Crew.

      • Levi Johansen

        I do! A remake of all of your games in HD would be awesome!

    • Silent

      You are joking right?

      • Nintedward

        @Zero cool and Silent. No , I want F-zero the most mainly because I absolutely adore the franchises and GX is one of my best games ever and mostly because the franchise hasn’t seen a release since the Gamecube so it’s the one I want to see most.

    • Fred

      I just don’t get everyone’s desire for another F-zero game. However I’m good with Metroid or Starfox

    • ReckoningReckoner

      I want a new Nintendo IP.

  • Guest

    PLEASE be a new Metroid for the Wii U! πŸ™‚ I’ve played and beaten all 3. They’re all amazing! Only thing thats missing is online FPS multiplayer.

    • NkoSekirei

      yea metroid all the way and needs to stay in retros hand then team ninjas but for now im crossing my fingers for metroid prime 4

      • Chiwawaboi

        if the next metroid would be online and headset compatible would be awesome. customizing your own weapons and forming your online team would be nice too.

      • Adrian

        Are you an Ashikabi?

      • Lusunup

        metriod prime 4 I hope because the ending in prime 3 was sad πŸ™ it was also puzzling like if they hinted there was going to be a fourth when it showed dark samus was still alive. :O

    • mikel334u2

      Like Hunters! (except more modes, better control, etc.)

    • DragonSilths

      While Retro is the best at making Metroid I say make Metroid AFTER Starfox. But a Metroid Prime 4 would be different…you know the lead level designer from the Metroid Prime games works at 343i and made Halo 4…

  • jcnba28

    Guys imagine a Metroid Prime game in HD! *drools

    • jay

      They should just Re-Release the Trilogy in HD.

      And release a new IP alongside of it. This would satisfy both sides of the fence.

  • JB

    As much as I want a F-Zero, Metroid or Star Fox, I’m sorta hoping they surprise us with an awesome new IP! Of course I’d be extremely happy for any one of those three mentioned (especially F-Zero and Star Fox since it’s been longer since we had an installment from those series)

    • Squid

      As that would be cool, I remember somewhere that I heard Retro is specifically used for reviving franchises.

      • DragonSilths

        Nintendo pretty much put a bunch of elite devs together to make Retro Studios to make games that Nintendo cant focus on doing cause they are making so much other stuff lol.

        • jay

          Everything Retro touches is gold.

    • incoherent1

      That would be very cool. Either way, I’m hoping that The Wonderful 101 isn’t the only new IP that Nintendo has in the works (not that I’m hatin’ on W101…)!

      • DragonSilths

        Miyamotos new IP…

      • JB

        I didn’t think that you were hatin’ on it at all.. I’d actually feel good if it was a new IP that Nintendo actually own the rights to. Nintendo is just publishing the 101. I think Platinum owns it. Now if it’s a new IP coming from Retro, since Nintendo owns Retro the IP will be wholly owned by them.

        • incoherent1

          Didn’t know of any of this — thanks for the info, and well put!

    • jay

      Me too. I’m sick of this “MetroidMetroidMetroid”.

      AS fas as I know they WILL announce a new IP this year.

  • Adrian

    Retro studios…never heard of em?

    • ezquimacore

      They are what Rare use to be.

      • helloonmyyello

        A good game studio?

      • Adrian

        Ohhhhh! Tight!

      • Squid

        I still hope Nintendo gets back Rare. Or at least the rights to the games and characters.

    • DragonSilths

      !!!GASP!!! They made Metroid Prime 1, 2, 3, Donkey Kong Country Returns, and helped with Mario Kart 7.

  • Mr. Nick

    I’m predicting Star Fox. And they will announce HD remake of Super Mario Sunshine.

    • Matt N.

      an hd remake of sms will be welcome, but if there is an sms 2 i will buy 2 copies.


      I think a HD remake of Mario 64 would be a better fit.

      • DragonSilths

        Super Mario 128!!! lol

    • The Clockwork Being

      Lets not make HD remakes of everything now. Lets put SMS on the Virtual console and let them make new games. I dont want HD remakes of everything. It would be Nintendo still standing in the past and not moving forward.(I feel like a hypocrte saying this as im going to buy Wind Waker HD but still my excuse is I havent played the original WW)

    • DragonSilths

      Are you saying Retro would do the remake? Retro doesnt do remakes…that would be a waste. But I didnt like Super Mario Sunshine the 1st time so I would pass on a remake.

      • Mr. Nick

        No, just saying Nintendo would announce they are remaking Sunshine which would be separate from what Retro is doing. My thinking is if they keep up with HD rereleases of games, then they will do it from GC library and I predict Super Mario Sunshine will be announced.

  • TheNintendoSystemKid

    In order of want (probably never gonna happen though πŸ™


    • Chiwawaboi

      hate to say but… aint happenin’ bro.

    • David Gonzalez

      Too bad freaking Microsoft bought Rare and got them making stupid Kinect games. But hey we can always dream right?…..

      • Squid

        Nintendo is having a partnership announcement at E3 I heard. Who knows?

      • Ben Kapferer

        I heard that Rare likely co-developed Kinect Sports 2 with another studio so they could pass that franchise off and work on other titles. So there’s still hope for good games from Rare (even if they are Xbox-only)!

      • DragonSilths

        Rare is dead. Not 1 single developer is left from the original team lol. They all left Microsoft and are all over the map.

    • Gabe Hoffman

      Oh yes, Conker and Retro would be perfect

  • sharlo galmo

    Metroid x starfox, if they make this happen, it will be the best game ever. I mean two nice ip’s togehter,come on peeps that will be amazing!!!!!!!!

  • Chiwawaboi

    hope its a new 3D metroid. although a sidescroller would be nice too.

  • Kirzan

    Star Fox desperately needs a good, standard, third person flight game with TONS of levels, secrets, and bonus stages. No cross-over BS, no land BS, just straight you, a fighter, barrel rolls, and cool ass bosses!

    • Nintedward

      Maybe some sort of wide open hub area would be cool πŸ™‚

      • Kirzan

        I really just want a good ol’ Star Fox game. There is no reason not to!

        1: It’s been WAY TOO LONG since a good Star Fox game.
        2: While some might see it as a dead genre (arcade flight games are either Ace Combat or indie PC games, really), I think it would be the perfect opportunity to stand out and come back in style.
        3: If you hear the words: “Barrel Roll”, what do you think of aside from the maneuver? Yeah, exactly.

        Star Fox is a first party I’d get back into in a jiff. I could also live with a totally awesome Metroid game. Platformer? FPS? Don’t care, as long as it’s a REALLY LONG maze.

        • Nintedward

          Starfox could easily thrive with online multiplayer. It’s not just a boring dogfighter like Ace combat , it has the Nintendo charm which would inevitably lead to millions of people barrel rolling against each other online.

    • DragonSilths

      Hey know, Some on foot missions like Assault, On rail missions like Starfox 64, and such. Bring back the Mission Complete, Mission Accomplished alternate routes.

      • Kirzan

        As long as the core of what made Starfox what it is remains the focus of the game. I don’t mind land stuff that much… But Starfox is all about the on-rail flight.

        • DragonSilths

          Just cause the first 2 were doesnt mean thats the way Nintendo locked in the series. We dont know that they wanted that to be a core part of the franchise.

          • Kirzan

            Ummmm, no. You’re just arguing for the sake of arguing. You don’t start a franchise and then decide the first 2 games aren’t what the franchise is about. Even more so when the 2 games are the most successful of the series.

            You are missing basic logic here, friend. Think it through. Nintendo doesn’t change. Sorry, but that’s what it is. Some franchises did, to adapt to the new graphical possibilities (N64), but essentially all first party Nintendo games follow the same template as the first and/or second iteration. Bad forum to argue video game direction.

        • Ugslick

          I think Assault did it right. It just needs to be expanded on and polished up more, and we need online etc.

  • Brandon Betlej

    Lemme get some new donkey kong country! Please?

  • Kyle Crozier

    Personally I think if Retro is working on an existing franchise, it probably is Star Fox. I don’t think we’ll see a new Metroid game for a while. F-zero would be nice as well but I think it will be made by another developer (possibly another team-up with Sega like with GX). I wouldn’t mind also seeing a new IP either. Could be something they were working on in the past like Raven Blade or something new entirely. We’ll just have to see.

    • Gabe Hoffman

      It can’t be Metroid since Retro said they are done with that series

      • DragonSilths

        While I know its not Metroid, Retro has no choice really lol. Nintendo says make us Starfox, then Nintendo leaves them to work their magic lol.

  • Justin Lee

    If it’s not Metroid, I don’t give a rats ears.

  • LinksCafe

    I hope Retro is busy creating the most EPIC Metroid game ever conceived.

  • tronic307

    It’s from Retro; even if it’s not Metroid, it’s sure to break new ground!

  • Ugslick

    I want an all new StarFox following Assaults formula (but very vastly expansively improved), or an all new F-Zero. I loved GX…

    • DragonSilths

      Alot of us want Starfox. I want it more then Smash Bros, Zelda HD, and X lol.

      • Ugslick

        I think thats because with Smash, Zelda, we know they will be awesome games, and we kind of know what to expect, and that any disappointment from them will be trifling. With StarFox its all up in the air, we dont know if its even in development, then there are so many directions they could take, and theres a real possibility it could be, not that… great. So theres just a lot more on the line. I think Star Fox is one of the games I want most as well.

  • Squid

    I’d like to see a new Metroid, or a new Starfox.

  • Gabrielsen

    Can’t deside on a order. Want all of them πŸ™‚

  • d d

    Who made Donkey Kong Country Returns for the Wii?
    That game made the best use of the Wiimote and Nunchuck!

    • Nintedward

      Retro studios . lol

      • d d

        DK rules!

  • YoG99

    I want Super Mario Kart (original SNES one) HD remake. Nothing less than that.

  • nicki

    I want: 1:zelda 2:zelda 3:ZELDA!!!!!!

  • I think it will be the Star Fox, Metroid cross over myself, it would be nice, I know I’m dreaming now but……to have Falcon from F-Zero included in the game to. I think Falcon & Samus would be the ultimate bounty hunter duo, & couple. πŸ˜‰ Also like some of the others a F-Zero GX sequal even though that’s made by Sega, I just finished playing it & the graphics & gameplay are still top notch. Lets not forget a New Wave Race as well. Hmmm……

    • Gabe Hoffman

      That Star Fox Metroid crossover was debunked long ago

  • Triblaze

    I hope it’s a new IP. Retro studios Has earned my confidence enough to make one. They simply breathed new life into metro if, imagine what they would do in their own universe.

  • david daniel wharton camacho

    metroid? i guess… i preffer ninja studio on metroid though…. i really liked the game mechanics on the other m… if not maybe banjo tooie wich rumor was nintendo was fighting for

  • david daniel wharton camacho

    oh oh oh maybe crash bandicoot! :O

    • Pikachief

      There’s already a new Crash in the works I believe, and its not Retro making it. πŸ˜›

  • Sergio TerΓ‘n Contreras

    I hope new IP

  • Magnus Eriksson

    Metroid would be nice, and perhaps more plausible than yet another DKC? Starfox would be great too…

    But it will probably be CluClu-land in HD…

  • aldo2410

    I grown up with StarFox so I will like that they are making an StarFox game

  • Jordan Fata

    I really hope its Star Fox, but I would be happy with F-Zero. Both franchises have been dormant for too long. A Metroid title will eventually come to the Wii U, so I’d rather this be Star Fox or F-Zero so that way we get either a Star Fox and a Metroid or an F-Zero and a Metroid.

  • Dominic Coradazzi

    Hmm… games wanted from Retro…

    1. Starfox

    2. F-Zero

    3. Super Mario RPG

    4. Some new IP

    although I’d be perfectly fine with a Majora’s Mask remake (though quite unlikely)

    • Pikachief

      Mario RPG is like sacred ground for me. I want a sequel, but I don’t at the same time. If they can keep the fun battle system and humor I guess they can give a whack at it!

      • Kirzan

        I think Nintendo’s keeping RPGs for Monolith Soft anyway. I mean, there’s no reason not to. They know what they’re doing, these Monolith geniuses. The new game looks like an awesome version of Xenoblade, which was already pretty damn awesome!

        You know the saying: Awesome + Awesome = Money thrown at screen.

    • DragonSilths

      Retro doesnt do remakes, that would be a waste of their talent.

  • Potemkin

    Eternal Darkness or a new IP. Metroid, F-Zero and Star Fox can wait.

  • Fotohunter

    I still wonder, why Nintendo doesn’t try to build a new franchise? I love Metroid, Zelda and Mario as much as the next fanboy, but I still wonder how with such a massive creative power they haven’t created a new original franchise to thicken they already amazing family of characters that they have recycled for years?

    I hope Retro is working in something new or Project Hammer.

  • Gabe Hoffman

    I imagined a new Conker or Banjo Kazooie, one can only dream

  • My best guess: a 3D Metroid game that uses the gamepad to switch perspective into a 2D Metroid game, and visa versa. The name? Metroid Dread, of course.

  • Sean


  • Super Buu

    Bombs…. will be dropped….

  • It could be some brand new franchise. There’s been one new IP for every generation of consoles right? SNES had F-Zero, N64 had… (Help me out here), GC had Pikmin, Wii had… Wii.. games? (Wii Sports, Wii Fit, etc.) So the Wii U could easily have a brand new IP.
    Although, I hope it’s Metroid.

    • Pikachief

      N64 had Smash Bros

      • JB

        I was just getting ready to say that! They also had Mario Party. But if you’re talking about fresh IP, then they had Wave Race and 1080Β° Snowboarding

        • JB

          I always forget that Wave Race was an original Game Boy game. So that wouldn’t make it new IP. Lol

        • Pikachief

          And paper mario and Turok. Even though turok kinda died after part 2 lol

  • Pikachief

    In order of want

    1. Star Fox

    2. Zelda

    3. New IP

    4. Metroid

    5. F-Zero

    6. Donkey Kong Country’

    7. Chibi Robo

    8. Act Raiser

    9. Kid Icarus

    10. Super Mario RPG

    11. A new Luigi game

    12. Kirby

    13.Captain Rainbow

    14. Wii Sports

    15. Nintendogs + cats x gerbils / ferrets

    16. Ice Climbers

    17. A 2-D side scrolling platformer with every major Nintendo character. Think Smash bros but platforming instead of fighting.

    Oh wait, was I only supposed to do like 3?

    • Morits Lian

      Another Kid Icarus game won’t come out in a very long time, tho.

  • I really like this writer. Wii U Daily is getting better, huh

  • DragonSilths

    Will be great to finally return to the Lylat System. Lets Roll Out!!!

  • uPadWatcher

    1. Ultra Metroid
    2. StarFox U
    3. Eternal Darkness II
    4. Donkey Kong Country U
    5. Acid Ghost

    All of them powered by the “Samus” engine.

  • C.S. Bailey

    I’m hoping that it will be a classic Ninty franchise, but wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a new IP.

  • $41809923

    star fox or star wars battlefront or multiplayer metroid but i did hear that people who worked on star wars battlefront is working with retro in a space game i think its star fox battlefront game

  • Linskarmo

    Hey, it doesn’t say soon, it says “not so distant future.” πŸ˜‰ I’m excited for the news when it comes though.

  • david jarman

    1. Metroid 2. Eternal darkness 3. Starfox
    All three please.

  • AsianXPacman

    I have a feeling it’s gonna be Wii U Sports lol.

  • msrio

    check him out his got a theory


  • Guest

    I’ve often thought that the story mode aspect of F Zero GX was a great idea. If they could make a full adventure/story game out of the F Zero license, I would be very happy.

  • edwincarp

    How about F Zero Fox con crazy golf troid?

    Newbs in metroid can be called troids. Oi you ‘troid!

  • Evang3los

    A metroid game in the style of prime. But made after fusion. Continuing the story line. Samus finally meeting up with some chozo. And one of the chozo warriors, is your ally for co op. The biggest foe yet comes to destroy the universe and even the chozo cannot stop it. But since Samus is part metroid, she is now more powerful than ever.EPIC.

    choice 2 star Fox adventures 2

  • I know everyone’s gonna hate me for this, but I DONT WANT AN FZERO GAME! Think about it. After mario kart, there will be THREE racing games on the Wii U. That’s plenty. There’s also Project Cars, so that’s 4. We dont need another. It’ll be white noise. Nintendo needs something to set itself apart.

    • ICHI

      I want an Fzero but think it wont be coming out any time soon. Nintendo have been listening to their fans a lot more and F-Zero has been one of the most requested so I would say its almost certain to appear but they wouldnt put it against mario kart by releasing in the same year. I think retro is either working on Star Fox or Metroid as they said they were working on “what everyone wanted them to be” and those were the main two replies to the tweet.

    • Chiwawaboi

      I hear ya.

    • Silent

      We certainly dont want Donkey Kong.

      • I dont necessarily want one either. I want starfox assault done right

  • Ony

    Metroid metroid metroid meyroidmetroidmetroidmrotfyejdufyefhrdydydt ;_;
    This is the most important announcement of my entire life, if this is not Metroid I’m gonna hang myself ;_;


    1star fox

  • di g

    its be pretty funny if they do a balloon fight game

  • Johny

    Metroid prime… oh GOD please let it be metroid >.>

  • Ony

    Uh, I wonder why there is Link in background of the Retro Studios picture ? :<

    • ICHI

      Actually there was a rumor a while back they were working on a Zelda game. That could be epic, I might cry if its true πŸ™‚

  • Zombie_Andrew

    Please be a Metroid reboot that shows off Wii U’s next-gen visual capability. We already know Nintendo ALWAYS have gameplay nailed, now let’s see some next gen visuals and physics!

  • Luis Gonzalez

    If is a new game I hope is Metroid Prime 4. I’ll be happy with Donkey Kong U also. But if is a remake I hope is Eternal Darkness(I don’t know if Nintendo is the owner of this franchise).

    • Noel Canales

      I hope its Metroid Primetime featuring Deon Sanders.

  • Zombie_Andrew

    If Retro fuzz this up and this is another stereotypical “kiddie” platformer with visuals in Nintendo’s typical visual style that the GPU of the cube could handle I’ll be very disappointed and will not buy the game just to teach Nintendo a lesson. Especially with the hype around this title. It HAS to be Metroid and it HAS to demonstrate Wii U’s next gen capabilities.

    • Silent

      So no donkey kong. I dont know what people like in DK except in SSB. Even in Brawl, His FS is so degrading to his character.

      • Zombie_Andrew

        Nintendo have too many Platformers, can’t they just merge all their platformers into Mario, like have DK and Kirby etc in the Mushroom Kingdom as alternate characters and playstyles? and concentrate on new and different genres they haven’t explored yet, or have neglected recently?

  • Silent

    PLease Metroid Prime!

  • Elem187

    But Reggie calls everything “fantastic” including Just Dance

    • Silent

      He has to. it is part of his job.

      • Elem187

        I’m not picking on him nor Nintendo, I’m just pointing out that Reggie’s opinion on most matters is pretty worthless… although he did give praise to A Link to the Past recently, but even a blind squirrel finds a tanooki suit once in awhile.

    • Noel Canales


  • Denvy

    I guess this might be picky, but this isn’t really news. Nothing was really revealed. I guess it’s just a slow news day.

  • ThunderGod_Cid

    Money’s on Mother 4/Earthbound U.

    • ICHI

      Except only yesterday the Earthbound director said it was impossible to make another……….

      • ThunderGod_Cid

        Just because HE won’t making a sequel, doesn’t mean nobody else can/will making a sequel.

        Nintendo owns the rights to that franchise, not Shigesato Itoi.
        And IF Nintendo decides to outsource the franchise to another dev team, then there’s nothing HE can do to stop that.

  • ConCity Soldier

    2.New IP

    It’s obviously something that either hasn’t been done before, or it will be the super enhanced sequel. If it’s Metroid I think it’s been done differently and people better watch out! With all the help Retro brought in this will be the greatest Metroid of all-time count it, if it’s not it damn sure will be graphically. I just hope they can build superior gameplay also.

  • Thomas Fitzgibbon

    I personally think it is a StarFox or F-Zero game, it may even be the HD remake of Eternal Darkness.

  • jay

    I think its Retro NEW IP.

    How many freaking Metroids do you want Retro to be tied down to? Do you want Retro to be a “Metroid only” developer?

    This is sad really. I find it sad that people only want Retro to do Metroid. It’s a great game but damn let’s see what else they can do. Raven blade looked freaking amazing and Nintendo/gaming industry is hurting for new IPs.

    They should just Re-Release Metroid Prime Trilogy in HD, and release a new IP alongside of it. This would satisfy both sides of the fence.

    • Silent

      vMetroid Prime with HD gorgeous visuals, great controls,Online mode, shops and great soundtrack and huge amounts of replayability. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY……AH……ahh…METROIDS!

  • Silent

    Metroid Prime with HD gorgeous visuals, great controls,Online mode, shops and great soundtrack and huge amounts of replayability. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY……AH……ahh…METROIDS!

  • Nicolas Dorion

    starfox starfox starfox i just know its starfox it must be

  • Squid

    Just wondering… A year ago didn’t someone cause a rumor of a Banjo Kazooie game? My life would be great if they did.

  • DVE

    I want Metroid Prime 4 in Full HD at 60 fps πŸ™‚ or Star fox!

  • AJ Chioino

    i think a new star fox would be good. with multiplayer 8v8 battles, CTF, etc etc

  • Moshugaani

    ”2. Will their be another Nintendo franchise remake (ex. like Wind Waker HD) making its way to Wii U? If so, which one?”

    Come on! Neither Metroid Prime or Donkey Kong Country Returns are remakes!
    They are at the very least reboots, but I think they should be concerned completely original entries in those franchises.
    Retro Studios’ purpose has seemed (at least in most part) to be to revitalize ”retro” franchises and I hope they will continue doing so with another franchise.
    They could very well stick with Donkey Kong for the time being, though. I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out to be a trilogy as well.
    On the other hand the change of platform gives them a good reason to start with another name. Something fresh for a new generation.
    I had hoped Nintendo would’ve given Yoshi’s Island to them, but it seems not the case.

    Any way, no space shooting for me. I want something adventurous…

    • Moshugaani

      Writing this I realize that the last one in the Prime trilogy was released on a different platform to the other two. So it’s very possible that Donkey Kong Country could return yet again.
      Anyone aware of how much secrecy was there between Prime and Prime 2?

  • enigmaxtreme

    They need to make Metroid Prime: Online. A budget title using maps from all 3 Prime games for Deathmatch awesomness!!!