Jan 13th, 2014


Retro Studios is one of Nintendo’s most valued assets, so many people were upset when the new game they are working on was announced to be a Donkey Kong title. However, with Tropical Freeze probably under the wraps since it’s shipping soon, it looks like the team at Retro Studios is looking to expand. Currently there’s a job listing for four new positions, including Senior Tools Engineer, Tools Engineer, Retro IT Manager, and Retro F-T Concept Arist.

Sounds interesting and could possibly mean that Retro is beefing up for its next project for Nintendo. Remember, Retro Studios is based in Austin, Texas, so if you feel like you qualify for any of these positions, you can check them out here. Overall, we’re looking forward to seeing what’s coming from the studio next.

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  • Jon

    I would LOVE for work for these guys…. too bad I don’t know anything about programming, suck at art and video game designing… lol

  • RockieOllie

    fffffffuuuuuu– i’m in New Jersey… would love to join.

    • Mithiragi

      I’m in NJ too! REPRESENT.

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        Same here.

        • Mithiragi

          Yerrrrrr lol.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Apparently we are known for our poor driving. Lol.

          • Mithiragi

            I see that sometimes on the turnpike but NY drivers are much worse.

  • mojack411

    I go to school in San Antonio! That’s like a hop and a skip away! Is on Principle of Programming class enough qualifications? Jesting aside, I hope these guys find their men.

    • Joe Jack

      Hatsune Miku! I command you to work for them! Show Them How it’s done 😀

    • Nostalgic_Chaos

      These things aren’t just about qualifications. If you’ve had experience before or have a strong port folio then that is all you would need.

  • Justin Carlson

    Bring on Metroid!

  • uPadWatcher

    Retro Studios is, without a trace of doubt, Nintendo’s new “Rare” (16 and 64-bit era). Best of luck to the future employers to work with Retro Studios and Nintendo.

    • Stephen

      Retro has been Nintendo’s new Rare since the first Metroid Prime!
      I love them.

      Gogo, Metroid Prime 4! Or Star Fox…

      • Magnus Eriksson

        2.5D Metroid instead of FPS maybe?

        • Stephen

          No no no no no no no nononononono

          I would love a 2.5D Metroid, but we need a Metroid Prime on the Wii U with its gamepad. The darned thing is built exactly for that kind of game!

          • Magnus Eriksson

            3d fps view on pad from Samus helmet, 2d on tv 😉

          • ETMew2348

            star fox/ f zero anyone……no?

  • leafsfan73

    I would like the next Metroid to be done more in the style of Uncharted. Ditch the FPS. I think third person is better suited for the exploration and for Samus’s many power ups/abilities.

    • Joe Jack

      I would like to see an option that you can switch from FPS to Third Person. But Uncharted’s art style is so realistic :c…

      • ScrewAttack

        Realistic would look fantastic on Samus’ universe. It’d be like Halo, but good!

      • MujuraNoKamen

        Realistic is great for Metroid, the Prime games look/looked realistic and even the 1st one for GC still stands up today. As long as they combine high levels of detail with the series’ excellent art-direction then prepare for one of the best looking games the generation will see.
        Yeah I’ve also thought about a Metroid game where you can change perspective in the same way as Skyrim, The HUD/visor can be kept constant in either perspective but it would be great to play in whatever style you prefer and I think 3rd person would be better suited if they bought back the Melee moves form Other M.

      • Leo

        I would rather have a 2D Metroid in line with Super Metroid with astonishing modern graphics… in my opinion the series was at its peak with Super Metroid and i’m not really a fan of the FPS Metroid Prime. Can you imagine what they could do nowadays in a 2D Metroid game? It would blow everything out of way!

        This would be my dream: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyrIU_90epw#t=63

        • DragonSilths

          I respect your opinion, but disagree, For me I hated the side scrolling Metroid it wasn’t till Prime where I said NOW THIS is what Metroid is all about. And the Prime games were FPA not FPS.

          • Joe Jack

            Oh, My Bad :p

        • Joe Jack

          You know what? why not that option from paper mario? 2D to 3D?

    • DragonSilths

      Uncharted aka Unchanged hell no. Uncharted sucks, its a rip off, from the old Tomb Raider games just with a guy instead of Lara.

  • Jack5221

    I’d rather them get Metroid Prime 4 out before working on a new IP or project. I’ve played nearly all the Metroid games and love them all. A duel Metroid game released for Wii U and 3DS at the same time would be lovely.

  • Laud

    I would love to work for these guys but I’m still in school and working on my own projects. =

  • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

    Too Bad i can’t join

    • Joe Jack

      Yes Sonic, Too bad you’re in the hands of SEGA…

      • ETMew2348

        time for Sega to bow down to Nintendo XD

        • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

          you mean that Sega become Second-Party for Nintendo

      • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

        Hahaha yeah but look out whit your Lucario Image

        • Joe Jack

          :p. yup.

  • Ony

    tiz a dream of mine 🙁

    • JB

      Yeah, I dream of Jennifer Lawrence too…

      • ETMew2348

        lol who thumbs down must be gay XD

      • Rich Garriques

        she is average at best , i dont know why people obsess over her so much.

        • JB

          …and what’s wrong with average? She has a girl-next-door cuteness about her. I like that. Also, I don’t know if you’ve seen any of her interviews, but her quirky, down-to-earth personality and sense of humor is what really sets her over the top for me (that’s probably what I like most about her)

          • Wildman

            Hit the nail on the head. It would be great to meet her.

        • Andrew W Garttmeyer

          Watch her do an interview with Conan O’Brien. I thought the same thing, but she is quite taking, for being a pretty famous actress, she was hilarious and attractive.

  • Starfoxguy

    Awesome!! More staff members means more games!!!!!

    • DragonSilths

      No it doesn’t. 4 people doesn’t mean more games.

      • Starfoxguy

        I never said a number.

        • DragonSilths

          Facepalm…the story is RETRO IS HIRING 4 PEOPLE!!!

  • Louie

    A Metroid or an Eternal Darkness game would be great… Any game from Retro studios will be great, they remind me of Rareware before the Microsoft buyout.

  • Big-B

    Even though I hope it’s a new Metroid game, I really want it to be a new IP or a franchise they haven’t worked on yet.

  • CEObrainz

    Would love to work for Retro, however I don’t currently have the skills and know how to contribute something. At best I can do is create a small app using Unity.

  • RyuNoHadouken

    I live in Dallas, but sadly, I am not qualified for any of those positions.

  • MujuraNoKamen

    This is a good sign, Retro is tackling a new project and the studio is growing so they can handle bigger projects and work faster. I wonder if they’ve had a side-project during the development of DK and now they’re really going at it to get it out ASAP – We really need that Metroid game and it’s a strong possibility that’s what they’re working on. But I’d be happy if someone else was doing Metroid and if retro were doing a Starfox or Eternal Darkness or a new IP then I’d be one happy gamer.

    EDIT: Monolith Soft are also hiring new staff, maybe they’re putting the finishing touches on X *fingers crossed* or they’re focusing on a new project (maybe it’s that 3DS game they teased a while back)

  • Flawless Victory

    My body is ready.

  • Frankie

    Those positions have been available for a couple months.

  • Leo

    Good for Retro! We can expect that the concept artist job will be VERY disputed by professionals! Now i wish to not have skipped the art classes at school 20 years ago lol… =(

  • RichM

    I think most of us have the same hope…we want Metroid. And when I say I want Metroid…I want hardcore metroid. Retro wowed us with Prime, if it is Metroid, there’s going to be a high bar and a ton of build up…which may lead to a let down. I can see it now…Metroid=Retro + Nintendo +Wii U + Oculus Rift. Now wouldn’t THAT be something. I say stick with the FPS style…might get some hardcore gamers that way. And Prime was no kiddie game anyways.

    • DragonSilths

      Oculus Rift…no…just no.

      • RichM

        It’s obviously not going to happen, I just thouht it would be fun to have something of an actual visor. I really hope that they make some serious use of the gamepad other than a map. That seems to be the default option if you can’t think of anything.

  • no

    Please, please, PLEASE Pilotwings Wii U!

    • majora :D

      I don’t mean to be rude, but I’m surprised you don’t have downvotes yet

  • DragonSilths

    Companies hire every once in awhile it doesn’t mean much. They could just need a new programmer to fix an issue they have, or they could just want the extra pair of hands to help speed up a project.

  • Fierce-Deity Link

    i’m going to be honest… i don’t get why people consider retro the new rare.. i may get hate for this, but rare has too many titles under its belt and branched out more.. it went from battletoads on the nes to dk country on the snes.. to fps games like perfect dark and goldeneye.. to fighting games like killer instinct.. 3d platformers like the banjo games, etc. and then u have cbfd… retro has the prime series and dk country… while they are stellar franchises i don’t think it’s enough for them to be considered the new rare

    • Forbsz

      Couldn’t of said it better myself.

      • Fierce-Deity Link

        i’m surprised people agreed … seems like the general consensus has been retro = rare xD

    • Rich Garriques

      the rare today (Microsoft) , isn’t the same rare back in the day with Nintendo.

      • Fierce-Deity Link

        i am aware of that… tbh, i am still pretty damn salty about microsoft not funding the sequel to conker’s bad fur day… > . >

  • LordiMcKill

    It has to be Metroid, there’s no other Nintendo franchise that they have recent experience with that isn’t out a few months after DK (Mario Kart if your wondering) and considering Zelda Wii U is probably already in full development over in Rising Sun land its almost certainly going to be that. Unless Nintendo decide to revive one of its franchises that would have done suburb on the Wii then im looking at either Star Fox or F-Zero.

  • ETeach

    I applied for concept artist with them recently. Of course, I also applied everywhere else under the sun, so we’ll see…

    • majora :D

      Good luck buddy! I bet you’ll be drawing Metroids in no time!

  • majora :D

    I might get hate for this, but I hope it is not Metroid or another license. Retro has a lot of creativity, I’d love to see an original IP by them

  • ETMew2348

    okay the only things they would need to make this game even more fun would be this halo like graphics+cod style multiplayer+a bundle= 24 i mean AWESOME

    • Zuxs13

      Then just play CoD! Don’t screw Hogan already great game with all that crap.

  • Rinslowe

    Metroid has to happen.
    I’d love to see Metroid with the same scope as Halo and done by Retro. It has all the right material for an eipc storytelling experience and Wii U has enough grunt to bring it to life.
    What Retro achieved with the previous hardware technically, was very impressive. Fingers crossed, now that they have the bread and butter out of the way, something different has them working hard….

    • oontz

      “I’d love to see Metroid with the same scope as Halo and done by Retro.”

      T H I S !

  • starwars360

    Guess either new Metroid game / Metroid Prime 4 or a new IP game. 🙂

  • Rabbi Bongstien

    Metroid HAS to be made on Wii U. Make it epic and hardcore. However, If they don’t make a Star Fox game for Wii U, they might as well declare that franchise dead. But I think it would be cool if they manage to pull something out of their ass like Ice Climbers and have everyone going “Oh no why?” and then its an amazing game. Whatever they do, I’m sure my Wii U will be waiting in anticipation.

  • Gabrielsen

    I’m hoping for Metroid, F-Zero or Star Fox. Personally I think that Miyamoto derserve another Star Fox game, and Nintendo owns him after Super Mario and Zelda.

  • A. Cole Busby

    Please be F-Zero. Retro could make an amazing new entry in that series!

  • Andrew

    Big DK fan here. Basically bought the Wii u for Zelda and DK. Not much of a Metroid fan, more of a Mega Man fan.

    Retro should dip into the Zelda franchise…heck maybe a game that only centers around the princess herself, not to mature…but a dark vibe to it….ala Tomb raider premise.

    I know there has been 2 zelda games for each gen, but I would welcome more if it was somehow a different hero but the same universe. (blast me away)

  • Emily Horton

    Not skilled enough yet. A few more years of college, and I totally will be! 😀

  • Quicksilver88

    I am actually quite qualfied for the IT manager position with 20 years IT experience including a stint as a co-owner of a company I managed and designed the cloud serving model for…..now i I could just get my wife into moving to Texas.