Feb 5th, 2014

retro city rampage

I truly hate reporting bad news about the Wii U —I swear a little part of me dies every time I have to do it. Vblank Entertainment, developers of Retro City Rampage, recently responded to a Twitter question regarding whether or not the title would see a release on the Wii U. From the tweet below you can see that the game will be staying on the platform that it originally released on last February.

retro city rampage twitter

To be fair this announcement shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise considering the incremental costs of porting a game to a new platform are very real, and that the game can technically be played on the new platform already. In this sense I suppose the announcement isn’t really “bad” news.

While I personally appreciate the ability to hop into Wii mode and purchase all the games I know will never see Wii U eShop release, I can’t help but wonder if this isn’t just a half-hearted solution for nagging fans like me. Furthermore, how many Wii U owners know about, let alone access Wii mode to download Wii shop games?

Here’s an idea, why don’t you tell us what you think? Will you be booting up Wii mode to get the game?


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  • Gameonfool

    Nothing to see here, next article please.

  • Scott Duperree

    I know about it, and have considered it for games like Crono Trigger. Haven’t used it though and would prefer not to unless the games I am looking for never make it to Wii U down the line.

  • Dark-Link73

    The guy could’ve at least sound more candid about it instead of making it sound as if working for Wii U was a waste of his time: “…Wii U native porting is not something I’m going to spend time on…” (pfft! Whatever dude!)

    • Richard Branches

      yeah, it sounds like the wii u doesn’t worth it.

    • Spookoyo

      He mentioned a sentence before that it was already available on the system so fans who would like to play it on the Wii U can purchase it there.

      Seeing how it’s coming on the 3DS (Which has even better off-screen-play then the WII U) and probably has quadruple the user base of the Wii U, it makes sense that he’d spend his time doing something wiser.

  • Richard Branches

    I wish I could buy and download my favorite wiiware games ported or remastered to Wii U just like the virtual console games…

  • Magnus Eriksson

    Lol, Wii U is so unsupported that we report on games not coming instead of games coming. Its hillarious and sad at the same time.

    • matthew garcia

      Wow as much as I dont wanna agree with that my laughter makes me agree with it lol

  • Michael Hughes

    If Xenoblade were available in the Wii Shop? You bet.

    • matthew garcia

      To bad wii u doesnt give us much harddrive space for such downloads. I know u can use an external hardrive but I feel that should not have been necessary in the first place. I mean my cell phone has more space then my wii u

      • blindtiger

        if a larger hd were included it would be more expensive than an external and drive up the cost of the wii u for something not everyone needs/wants

        • matthew garcia

          Well if nintendo expects to do things with eshop they should of had a bigger hd. It should be no less then a 100gigs

          • SP-937-215

            You could just use an SD card. Oh wait, no you can’t because Nintendo works in mysterious ways.

          • blindtiger

            not trying to be rude but… did you read any of my post? a first party hard drive would be more expensive and not everyone will use it or eshop

  • Stuart Thomas

    What was the point in this article.

  • steveb944

    I hate having to settle for Wii. I have Majora’s Mask on my hardware Wii and couldn’t port to my Wii U since I wanted my old save data on the old system for my siblings. So now I’m stuck hoping for a Wii U HD release or Wii U eshop release so I don’t have to use the clunky Wii system.

    • DrNope

      Rumor has it Majora’s Mask is headed for the 3DS. I hope so.

      • steveb944

        Fingers crossed

  • Jon

    lol what? Well, another game for me not to buy on any platform then.

  • Guest

    Who cares? That game sucked and the guy who made it was a d-bag.

  • Not too surprising. He was basically doing the WiiWare release as a goodwill effort floated to fans because it was going to be the original platform for the game. I don’t think he planned on making anything substantial off of it after it launched everywhere else first.

  • Donaald

    Why would he release the game on Wii U if you can get it on Wii mode?

  • audi lover

    Not bothered

  • RyuNoHadouken

    this is what happens when you make a Wii U news site

    • SP-937-215

      I heard that this game is also not coming out on Dreamcast. It could be a rumour, but it’s worth reporting, you know?

  • SP-937-215

    This is why “Wii Mode” should be ditched. Move all the Wii Shop Channel content over to a new tab on the eShop and make the downloaded games accessible from the Wii U menu. Nintenduuuuuh.

    • Rick Valenta

      Would it be that hard to do that firmware update? I think that’s what everyone’s been waiting or since day one.

      • Evan Laundrie

        I like my WiiMode just the way it is thank you very much; when I learned how Nintendo was going to handle backwards compatibility on the Wii U I jumped for joy. Sandboxing the Wii protects the Wii U from the security issues that plagued the Wii while essentially providing two systems in one. Win-win.

    • abe

      there is a crap-ton of licencing issues preventing it

    • Michael DeVore

      Would be nice, but not possible. Each game would require a rewrite. Wii Mode is essentially booting into the Wii OS on the Wii U. It would be like trying to run 16 bit windows apps on 64 bit windows. It’s not happening without booting into the older OS. Not even “XP Mode” will let that little combination work so live with the duel OS option, or convince all the devs to rewrite their games for the newer OS.

      • SP-937-215

        If it’s so impossible then how did Nintendo manage it on the 3DS? You don’t have to boot into “DS Mode” to download and play DSiWare games on a 3DS. One easy fix would be to add custom Wii shortcuts on the Wii U menu and make every shortcut boot the Wii OS and load the game automatically, rather than loading the Wii home menu as a pointless intermediate step. I could understand Wii Mode if the old channels still worked, like Everybody Votes, Weather, News, Netflix, etc. But the games are the only channels that work now anyway, so why even mess with the Wii Menu?

        • CharlesAnderson

          That would be slow and terrible.

          • SP-937-215

            We’ll have to agree to disagree. Nintendo has all of the documentation they need to easily implement OS tweaks like this. Hobbyist hackers have no documentation and they’ve been able to perform more challenging tricks than this with the Wii OS. I understand that you’re sticking up for Nintendo, but these little issues pile up and turn people off to Nintendo products. Another few examples: tethering the Wii Classic Controller to the Wii Remote, requiring Gamecube Memory cards and controllers for Wii backward compatibility, friend codes, a 5GB day one update for Wii U, low internal memory for Wii U and Wii, a bulky battery powered rumble unit for Nintendo 64 controllers, no DVD playback on any of their consoles (unless you soft mod the right model of Wii), $40 Wiimotes and $20 nunchuks, irritating Wii Shop Channel with a loud and annoying download screen, and plenty more (Wii Mini anyone?). You’re right that these little things would cost money to fix, but they would go a long way toward improving the user experience. The Wii broke all kinds of sales records, but the user experience was terrible when compared to the competition, and now nobody wants anything to do with Wii U. Microsoft replaced “The Duke” with the “Xbox Controller S” and spent billions to fix the RROD debacle. Sony took losses on PS3 for most of its life and cancelled the “Boomerang” Dualshock 3 because everyone hated it. Nintendo doesn’t seem to know how to handle things like this. Still, the Wii U is my favorite system since the Dreamcast, in spite of its flaws.

        • Michael DeVore

          How did MS manage to get 16bit Windows on Windows to work in 32bit Windows, but no amount of wishing from the [Censored Government Group Still using 16bit code] will get it to work in 64bit Windows?

          Your assumptions are based on the naive belief that rewriting the Wii OS to a slimmed down shell that can just huck into old games is practical and not time a time exhaustive process. They have to use the Wii Menu because they have to turn off the WiiU OS and boot into the Wii OS and anything short of a complete rewrite of the Old Wii OS isn’t going to let your naive fantasy work.

  • Skelterz

    lol no surprise here move along.

  • Rick Valenta

    The main thing this article makes me realize is how annoying it is to flip into Wii Mode. I play games a lot more when they are right there, smack dab on my Wii U menu. The small memory available in Wii mode means you have to pull games off the SD Card sometimes if you have a lot, which I think many of us do. How about a firmware update allowing for more Wii mode memory? Or better yet just eliminate Wii mode and integrate the software onto the new menu, even without any additional features. I’d love to play Lilt Line on my Wii U, even without restore points or any of the new Wii U VC features… it would be better that swapping screens.

    • readypembroke

      Starting a game off of the SD card isn’t slow.

  • blindtiger

    no more wii mode! integrate wiiware into wii u menu and include gamepad/procont support please!

  • Evan Laundrie

    This article was pointless; it’s been common knowledge since the WiiWare release that it’s not coming to Wii U natively. I doubt anyone doesn’t know how to load Wiimode, and if they find it too ‘bothersome’ to load that’s a whiny baby complainer personal problem with no solution anyway.

    • SP-937-215

      Actually, I know some people with Wii U’s who didn’t know about the Wii Shop Channel tucked away in there. This is why I think Nintendo just needs to merge the Wii Shop Channel with the eShop. The older games could use the older operating system or whatever, but the shop needs to all be in one place.

      • Evan Laundrie

        It’s not ‘tucked away;’ there is a Wii button prominently placed on the first page of the Wii U Gamepad. If that isn’t clear or obvious enough then you must be pretty stupid.

        • SP-937-215

          You’re on to me.

  • Arthur Jarret

    Wii mode sucks. Due to some bug, many TVs even miss one of the three primary colors (on my full HD beamer, there is no blue) and it’s too slow. That said – retro city rampage is worth the hassle of dusting the wii off and keeping it connected (using component for clear 480p). I have it on PS3 myself.

    That Retro city rampage wasn’t coming to the wii U was known for a long time, though

    • Evan Laundrie

      This sounds like an issue with your TV or your cable; never seen this reported before and my Wiimode is fast and brilliant on my HDTV.

      • Arthur Jarret

        It’s actually a pretty well known issue in newer TVs and HD beamers that no longer natively support 480p over HDMI – it has to do with the way wii U handles downscaling for wii mode.

        I’ve googled it and I find more people have the issue. Blue is green and yellow is pink/red. Doesn’t happen with my 42″, 7 year old LG HDTV, but does happen with my month old full HD Acer beamer. It can’t be a TV-specific or cable issue – or there would be color problems on the wii u mode as well.

        There is a workaround: manually setting wii u’s video output to 480p every time you want to use wii mode (very inconvenient, of course)

        Actually, the reports have increased with the last system update – so that might have something to do with it as well (but I didn’t have the beamer before the last update) – all I know is that I’m glad LostWinds remaining all alone made me think twice about doing the system transfer, as the wii works great on both component and composite cables

        • Evan Laundrie

          My HDTV is only a few years old, not BRAND new, and I didn’t realize beamer meant projector, so forgive my ignorance there as I have no experience with using a projector with Wii U. With the added info it makes total sense and just makes me mad. Stupid analog sunset!

          • Arthur Jarret

            Yeah – a beamer is an entry level projector. Much more affordable than buying a TV at the size it projects at. The projector works… well, just like a TV, really.

            It’s not a big problem, really – as wii games look very blocky on a big screen – but I was surprised to find the colors were all off when I tried a game (tried it as I got my wii and most other consoles in a drawer of a dressoir in my gameroom, hooked up by holes made in the back – it’s hard to switch it between gameroom-TV and living room)

            I’ve read of people with Samsung LED TVs had the same problems – so I don’t think it’s caused by TV vs Beamer tech. I think it has to do with the way wii U communicates resolution when switching to wii mode, as it works fine with the workaround of setting the wii u to 480p first.

            Anyway – back on the subject of wiiware games: make sure to pick up world of goo as well!

          • SP-937-215

            And Cave Story!

          • Arthur Jarret

            Yup – and if you don’t have a 3DS: Rage of the gladiator

  • There are a few indy titles I would like to buy, it’s a good thing Indies get a chance within the market, but let’s be honest with Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft embracing Indies there are more Indy titles available now then games on ps3, ps4, xbox360, Xbox one, Wii and WiiU combined, action reaction consequence…

    Action: tons of indies.
    Reaction: Tons of money to pay to play them all.
    Consequence: Not all Indies get a chance on the market because people can’t afford it nor have enough time to play them all. So maybe it’s a good thing this title won’t come to Wii U.

  • NatT96™

    Well, I guess the Wii version could work.

  • DrNope

    I’m more interested in River City Ransom: Underground coming to the Wii U.

  • Saul Rivera

    Yeah it is a bit annoying to change to Wii mode just to play a game…and I have a ton of wiiware games on there which I passed from my old Wii yet…I just never remember I have them there…it would be so much better to see them on your Wii U menu…but at the same time…I guess we’re just lazy :

  • lonewolf

    If this game was announced for the wii u then it would be bad news for some people, but nobody even said that it would be released on the wii u. DELETE THIS ARTICLE ASAP.

  • Having to go into Wii mode is annoying. Plus would have to use wii motes which I don’t like. 85% of my time on my Wii U is on the gamepad with off tv mode. So no, I wouldn’t consider the wii version a viable substitute.

    However, I don’t know much about this game so can’t say it’s one I would have bought.

  • MachoMadness

    I downloaded it on Wii a few months ago. Off TV play on the gamepad is nice… but it doesn’t make any difference to me. It would be cool to have all my Wii eshop games on Wii U menu, but whatever only a baby would complain about the extra 40 seconds it takes to get into the Wii menu.

  • Zero

    The problem I see with this is, yeah you can go to Wii mode and download it…..and then go down to the game store and buy a flipp’n remote while your at it, so you can actually play it!! Grrrrrr-I bought a Wii U that came with a gamepad-if I wanted a Wii then I would have bought one of those instead-bottom line, if I can’t play any games offered on the Wii U and Wii by attachment with the gamepad the console came with then I am simply not going to play it/download it….