Feb 13th, 2017

The NES mini has been a huge success for Nintendo — the console is still sold out at most retailers due to a massive demand that hasn’t let up in months.

And while Nintendo acknowledged the shortages a few months ago, they didn’t do much to address the issue.

In fact, it suggests the complete opposite: according to a Norwegian, Nintendo told them that NES mini manufacturing has stopped, but that they can expect a few more shipments.

Norwegian retailer Spillsjappa said on their Facebook page that Nintendo has ended production of the NES Mini (aka the NES Classic) and added that there will be deliveries in March and April, and “then it’s over”.

A Swedish retailer said the same thing: that their Nordic distributor Bergsala has informed them that production of the NES Mini has ended and that only a few more shipments are expected.

The NES mini was a big success for Nintendo, just in November, it sold almost 200,000 units in North America alone.

The retro mini console includes 30 games and retails for $60. But due to shortages, they go for twice that on eBay these days.

With the console being this popular, it begs the question: why would Nintendo ever end production? Maybe they want to put all their hardware focus on the upcoming Switch, which releases in less than 3 weeks.

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