Feb 28th, 2017

A big portion of accurate leaks in the video game business come from retailers, who are given a heads up by game publishers and then (accidentally or not) leak that information.

And this is a leak that we hope is true: according to Dutch retailer InterToys, there’s a Switch Pikmin game coming.

The title for the supposed Pikmin game is Pikmin World. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because there was a rumor last year that the next Pikmin game would be called Pikmin World.

And we know there is a Pikmin game in development — Miyamoto himself said last July that the next Pikmin game was in development at Nintendo.

Pikmin 3, the last Pikmin game, was released back in 2013 on the Wii U. It’s unlikely that we’ll see Pikmin Switch game released this year, as Nintendo probably would have said something by now.

But maybe next year on the Switch…

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