Jul 31st, 2012

The biggest video game retailer in the world, GameStop, is “eager to get started on the launch” of Nintendo’s new Wii U console. In a recent interview, GameStop CEO Paul Raines says that they’re “very excited about the Wii U”, and that they believe it will be a significant part of the holiday period. He also mentioned that he got a chance to play Pikmin 3 at E3, and played the game for a whole hour.

“I went upstairs [at E3] and played Pikmin for like an hour with the tablet and the controller, and it’s pretty cool. I mean, the rendering, the graphics are fantastic.”

GameStop Wii URaines added that while 2012 so far hasn’t been great for game sales, he believes the Wii U will help improve game sales and revenue for the industry as a whole. He says that GameStop is “doing a lot” to plan for the Wii U launch, and it looks like they have something special in store for the launch (no pun intended). A few days ago, it was rumored that GameStop would start taking Wii U pre-orders in September, but this hasn’t been confirmed yet.

A lot of things will also come down to the price of the Wii U. Nintendo has been saying they’re taking the pricing issue seriously, while some analysts and industry insiders are frustrated over Nintendo’s information blackout.

Via GameSpot

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  • Gamer

    About time major retailors began to recognize. Sony is bleeding money, microsoft is kinect ville, Nintendo is the only video game company; only one that cares, so game stop better stop have angry employee and make the whole store Nintendo Land :).

    • Wii Uoops!

      Even if Gamestop IS incredibly cheap, rips you off, basically steals you games and usually doesn’t recommend Nintendo… I’m HAPPY for ’em!

      • Britton

        Well said. Their trade-in policy blows. “Yeah I’ll give you a quarter for this brand new game and then turnaround and sell it for $30. Why not?” Buttholes. Then they sell their crappy biased magazine so you can get a “power card” and save 10 cents when buying 3 used games. I like GameStop from time to time… only to buy used games. I’ll never get GameInformer ever again though.

        • SanPharaoh

          This article is the seasoning on my plans to make a specific Sony fanboy/ GameStop employee eat them words from last month.

    • joe

      Yes, and the fact that Game Stop is bleeding red ink all over the place may make them realize Nintendo is going to be their money maker…so they will start being less biased.

      • Lord Carlisle

        Hey SanPharaoh, what did he/she say?

    • 007 1/2

      And Super mario Bros and mario kart when it comes out

    • BananaPwnz

      That would be AWESOME!

  • pikapower0000

    Good Gamestop has a chance to come back to the world of nintendo

  • Ledreppe

    I don’t normally buy my games from high street stores, but hopefully the Wii U will get people buying new games which will help the industry as a whole. I’ll be getting my Wii U online, maybe play.com or Amazon here in the UK. That GameStop looks well designed, wouldn’t mind having a poke around it, but I live in the UK 🙁

  • gPadWatcher

    If they have a Wii U display and a demo of selected games (before and after the launch), I’m sure the line will be very long. Pikmin 3, New SMB U, Nintendo Land, etc. … our bodies and wallet will be ready.

  • OmahGod

    I still don’t know if I want to pre order or buy first day the Wii U.

    I might not have enough money as soon as the pre orders start and I will have the money to buy by the release date but every game stop in sacramento is gonna be packed.

    Can someone help me out?

    • trainerblk

      well from experience if it a nintendo home console & the fact nintendo going let people play it before its release i advice all of us too preorder & be there early in the morning on release because the wii was a nightmare i wasn’t able to get my hands on one till spring because i couldn’t find one even after launch sold out & when my friend said go to nintendo world they said comeback next week & this was in 08 so since we all follow the wii u it be best to preorder just incase just stack up on it slowly if u have too

      • OmahGod

        Thanks trainerblk! The same thing happened to me but I just gave up and bought a PS3. But I’ve always been a nintendo fan so I’m gonna sell the PS3 and get the wii u

        • Herox95

          Actually, I’d reccomend you keep the PS3 as it does have some good games that you may miss out in case you do.

    • Lord Carlisle

      Well, if the Wii U flies off the shelves, you might not be able to buy it the first day. I would pre-order, personally.

    • Broku6

      Try Bestbuy walmart target. Bestbuy is going start pre ordering as soon as the release is announced.

  • Captain Falcon

    Good to hear!



  • trainerblk

    il be pre ordering my wii u at the same gamestop & employees that made fun of nintendo & zelda last year so when i pick it up & they ask do i wan preorder a game with it il say hmmmmmm it depends will it be better then ps360 oh wait il answer yes haha give them the finger & leave

  • Gamer

    Pre-ordering is the best way to go. It saves money for other things, plus you are not paying $300 plus up front. Usually I pay five dollars on the last day lol.

    • OmahGod

      Pre order it is then. Thanks!

      • Gamer

        Only way to go my friend :).

    • Herox95

      I always pay $20 every time I go to pre-order a console.

  • Gamer

    Game Stop are sensing a Wii like drive, not only is it a Wii like atmosphere but one that is more NES, SNES in nature. Super Mario brothers are releasing with the system. Look at what new super Mario brothers 2 for the 3DS is doing for Nintendo in Japan. 400 000 plus sold in 2 days. In 2 days wow! 190 000 3DS XLs sold, need I say more? Game stop realize that Nintendo is a gaming company, and since they are named game stop the truly have to support the only real gaming company. The makers of OUYA will be the second real gaming company taking Sega’s place.

    • trainerblk

      yes only the foolish can’t comprehand this, the 720 & ps4 will be powerful but not by a landslide like wii ps360 with wii it be more like how ps2 xbox & GC was but being as nintendo is coming out first the wii u will be the cheapest one out the next gen so in my eyes like ps2 won the war in its era so will wii u cheaper mean more buyers plus family will jump on this quicker the ps4 720 because kids can play teens moms retro gamers as myself & grandparents plus the library of 25 years of classics built in for the old school were going back to the golden age of nintendo snes days back!

      • Shamus

        Yeah. These games are instilled into our lives. I cant look at a zelda game and think ‘oh i wont be playing that’ it jus doesnt happen.

    • SuperShyGuy

      Whats funny about the is the “big fail” that was predicted for the 3DS XL didn’t happen and it sold like 10X more in 2 day than the Vita in an entire week.

      • mojojojo888

        Not that I really care (though it never hurts to hold numbers over sony fanboys’ heads when they whine about how nintendo sucks, sony is ‘hardcore’), but I think the sales figures for the 3ds xl for 2 days was equal to the vita for the past 3 months…

    • BOSSMX

      Actually, i think New Super Mario Bros U is going to be available some time after launch.

  • SuperShyGuy

    Maybe they should add some hype for the Wii U to their co publication Game Informer and print positive news. Well when/if Nintendo gets around to releasing news that is.

    Rumor has it there will be some third party news around the time of the Tokyo Games Show

  • Adam Fox

    If my area had another game store besides GameStop, I would go reserve a Wii-U right now! Pay little by little….$30 here…$20 there…..$15 here…etc…(I think GS requires you to pay 10% of the item or something? not sure…but, if the Wii U launched a $250, paying for it would be easy by doing little chunks here and there)

    • Ahmed

      hey david, so you are saying that you can take vdoies on the nintendo 3ds nov. 4 if you update the 3ds. also are you saying that the 3ds people are having a press conference and might make more updates?

  • fedster

    now this is news

  • Alienfish

    Of course a video game specialty store is excited about a new sales opportunity. Then there’s the fact that WiiU is the only next gen console that is confirmed to have resellable games. Sometimes common sense gets into the news.

  • MR.nintendo

    im gonna buy the wii u the first launching day but i wanna buy it at nintendo world store

    • Herox95

      Nintendo World Store? Where the heck is that?
      (I’m wondering if they have a store in Adelaide?).

  • OceanJ

    Well I’m as excited as GameStop…but this one’s sort of a no-brainer. GameStop’s stock price and business has seen dramatic declines recently. They quite simply need a new console – from anyone, in order to survive. So, this will be mutually beneficial for both companies. GameStop has extra incentive to sell Wii U’s and Wii U games.

  • rafael

    oh man…so anxious for this, even tough i dont plan on buying it anytime soon…i just wanna see it out there, so i can dream of the next zelda 🙂

  • The Beeshnu

    We don’t have gamestop
    Dammit *slams desk*

    • nadine

      ya we dont have game stop here .but we do got eb games 🙂

  • RonaldCoLtd

    Wii U! Release into stores already!

    • NiNtEnDoLoVeR

      I would like to, but the price isn’t announced and I think not all the game finish Developing… (sorry for my english)

      • Herox95

        Reasonabley it should be around less than $300. So don’t worry.

  • Isaac_Triplex

    My body is ready.. bring it on!!

  • TheMaddMan

    If they’re so excited, why don’t they give it some good publicity in their magazine!

  • Matthew Vogt

    I am probably going to preorder wii u’s at a few different stores so I can sell them on ebay cause I have lost my respect for nintendo and they lost thier credibility to me I knew i new system would come out that wasn’t the big 2 (sony and microsoft) and Its called the ouya and it can do basically anything the wii u can do and its 100 dollars the next xbox and playstation probably will with the vita and smartglass like I said before the price for this console is going to determine if nintendo is going to be a software company or have another shot at getting it right for once when a succesor to the wii u comes out

    • Britton

      1: You dont know squat about Ouya if you think it can do anything Nintendo can.
      2: Half of your arguement does not make any sense due to lack of punctuation and bad grammar and is therefore tossed aside as crap.
      3: You did not state why Nintendo lost your respect and the negative tone of your comment suggests you are a Microsoft/Sony fanboy. Hence, your opinion is once again tossed aside as crap.

      I normally wouldnt respond to comment like this. But I wanted to discredit you publicly.

    • gPadWatcher

      It makes absoltutely no sense at all, Matt. Why do you lose respect to Nintendo? What have they done to you lately? Although the original Wii was a seller, the third party publishers went to Sony and Microsoft’s current gen consoles with better graphics… because the graphics on the Wii weren’t great and limited.

      The system is changing as well as technology. But there’s one thing that doesn’t change when it comes to Nintendo games and consoles– FUN! Now that the Wii U is coming to store shelves worldwide this Holiday season, they’re combining graphics processing power with the funtastic gameplay that we all enjoy. Hardcore, casual, or passionate, the Wii U is the most sophisticated and video game and entertainment console for the next generation.

      • gPadWatcher

        …the most sophisticated and fun video game and entertainment console… *

  • wellsberg

    They should be supportive if the rumors of Microshaft and Phony preventing used games with their next systems are true on any level.

    • Adam Fox

      Honestly, I hope that the next Xbox and PlayStation does restrict used games long enough for GameStop to be on edge….then go out of business….then both Microsoft and Sony release a firmware update to allow for used games….there’s pawn shops, ebay, local game stores, franchise stores that aren’t game stops, thrift stores and craigslist to get games from….don’t need GameStop and their bull**** over-pricing and nothing-for-the-customer loyalty….I even saw a YouTube video of GameStop offering $24 for a BRAND-NEW copy of MW2 (it was opened, but the game wasn’t even supposed to be out at the time)

  • matthew vogt

    Im sorry I just think the ouya probably will do better. Also I do think that since the wii u is coming out first before the next big 2 consoles come out. Microsoft and Sony are going to make the wii u look like more crap. Now I could be proved wrong but I doubt I will. The reason why I lost respect for nintendo is the fact they whore mario and zelda worse than activision whores call of duty. Mario and zelda are not as good as they use to be and that sucks in my opinion. Also the thing with the wii that made me made is the low quality of the system and the fact the only game that was making me consider getting was goldeneye which was good but 70 dollars for a wii game common I sure as hell not paying that much for a wii game no matter what it is and hey the golden eye on the ps3 and 360 was horsesh!^

    • Lord Carlisle

      The difference between COD and Nintendo is that Nintendo’s games are classic and will last throughout the ages. Like Beethoven, Elvis, and heck, maybe even Michael Jackson.

      COD is a fad like Justin Bieber. Popularity seeps out of both.

      And as for your argument of the other systems making the Wii U look like crap… look at what sales on the Wii were like.

    • Britton

      You know, I feel like my last comment was rude. Sorry. You are entitled to your opinion. Only time will tell. But my money is always on Nintendo.


    I’ll be pre ordering my wii u soon. I learned a lesson 7 years ago when I didn’t pre order the wii. We all know around that time the system sold out like crazy.

  • Colton

    I think I will sell some stuff and then preorder the Wii U. I would pay little by little for it until its payed off. Could you guys give me price ideas to sell my DS Lite, 9 games, a special edition case, and a charger for on eBay? It’s like new. I’m also selling my pokemon cards and my binder. I’ve outgrown it so it would be nice to sell it.

    • Herox95

      Well, you can sell your house, and that way, you won’t need to pay another cent! Right?

  • GirlGamer

    Me too i am really excited bout Wii U too. I love it, and it sounds soo outa this world technology! Video chat and Youtube are two of the main reasons why I like the Wii U soo Damn much.

  • nintendude

    i am pre ordering cause nintendo is awesome and it will sell out in …..3…..2…..1…..

  • Herox95

    I want my Wii U, I want my ZombiU, I my want Assassin’s Creed III, I want my NSMB.U, I want my NintendoLand.