Feb 19th, 2013

Tsukasa Takenaka has revealed that the Wii U port for the 3DS game Resident Evil: Revelations has been driven by the fans. Speaking to Joystiq at a recent Capcom event, Takenaka revealed that the game is being ported to appeal to two kinds of people: those who wanted it on a big screen and those who don’t own a 3DS.

Takenaka also spoke about development of the 3DS version, discussing why the game was never designed with consoles in mind during the first release period:

“When we worked on the 3DS version, we were completely targeting the 3DS. We didn’t start in HD, scale down, and now we’re scaling up – we worked to the exact 3DS specs. Development was also going on Mercenaries so the team wouldn’t have had the capacity to be working on anything above the resolution of the 3DS screen, just to have the assets. At the time there was no plan for consoles – the console version was only decided after the 3DS launch and after we received fan and critic feedback on the game.”

[via Joystiq]

  • Graphics from that screenshot look amazing for a port from a handheld 🙂 

    • The screenshot in this post is not yet an upscaled port HD screenshot, it’s a screenshot from the 3DS version (one of the best looking games on a handheld, got the game myself on 3DS) expect the final game on consoles to be even sharper and more detailed in HD.

  • Andrew Gonzalez

    They know how to work with 3DS specs, this is one of the best looking titles on the handheld.  It looks like I will have to purchase it again.

    • Nintedward

      It’s THE best looking 3DS game , followed closely by Kingdom hearts DDD , Kid icarus , Mario 3D land , Mario Kart 7 and a few others 🙂

      • DragonSilths

        Fire Emblem Awakening is in the #1 contenters spot to.

  • Johny

    they obviously did a brilliant job with the 3ds version.. it was just SOO good.. it played good.. and the GRAPHICS WERE BREATHTAKING… not kidding… (also im positive the screenshot is from the 3ds version) + the just soo good 3d that was made perfectly.  GREAT job really with the 3ds version 🙂

    •  Graphics?  Videgames are not about the graphics, they are about the gameplay.  So forget what you saw!

  • audie bowler

    i find it funny as hell that ps3 X360 cannot even run this game with out gimping they fail even to run a 3ds game

    NO SECOND TOUCHSCREEN LOL wiiu runs it perfectly

    sony and ms are going to market next gen ONE SCREENED

    nintendo is dual screened handheld and home console NEXT GEN lol no second screen thats just OBSOLETE abd to even try and say it isnt is FANBOYING… ps4 and x720 are dumbed down consoles

    why would you want dumbed down gaming wiiu is way way ahead

    dualshock 4 LOL

    • uh wtf are you rambling about?

  • Tobias Naustdal

    the only reason that we liked revelation was because it was a survival horror game for once!

    bloody hell! stop making resident evil to something it’s not. (gears of war)

  • Satan199

    Aww, another port and not a real game? How cute. Stupid kiddies.

    • Zombie_Andrew

      Awww a troll trying too hard? How cute

  • Zombie_Andrew

    I’m not getting this game on the console, simpley because this game was DESIGNED to be played hand-held. It’s reasonably short for a home console game, but just the right size for a handheld. 

    I admin the Wii U version will be the best due to it having the second screen – something that the 3DS version had too. However I’ve heard the HD up-scaling on all versions is horrible, and now the environment textures are hideous up close.

  • audi lover

    Cant wait for this on wiiu better than resi 5 and 6 by a long way

  • Michael Jurado

    zombie games the only exception to the generic humans in video games seriously this gen better not have games spammed with characters that look like AC, Halo, Gears of war, God of war … its like jesus give me some damn art you lazy bastards