Apr 26th, 2013


With the release date of May 21st, Capcom have announced that a Resident Evil: Revelations demo will be available on the Wii U eShop “soon”. There’s no precise date, but many fans have been inquiring as to whether there will be a preview for the game, despite it being an HD remake of a current 3DS game. According to a post on the NeoGAF forums, the demo will see the following action take place:

“Acting on orders from the BSAA director, the demo will see players infiltrating the cruise ship ‘Queen Zenobia’ as Jill Valentine and attempt to rescue missing fellow BSAA members Chris Redfield and Jessica Sherawat whose last known location pinpointed them onboard.”

In addition to the announcement of a demo to be available, Capcom have also announced that it plans on releasing at least four DLC packs for Resident Evil: Revelations. The company has also detailed the pre-order bonuses for the game, including a new weapon for each playable character and an entirely new playable character for Raid mode.

[via Capcom]

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  • Nintedward

    Probably get this next month unless Deus EX comes out in which case i will get that first and this later.
    Just got Injustice today , it’s amazing so far.

    • Veries Seals

      Welcome to the club buddy, it is fantastic. So much complaining about the DLC, which they can update and add anytime. I love it. I also plan to buy Deus Ex. Missed the game but wanted to play it when it was released for PC. Also the new splinter cell looks great too.

    • val berger

      As far as I know, Deus Ex won’t come out before summer. I have something like August in mind but I recently read something like Winter 2013 which I can’t really believe. I’m sticking with August.

      • Zuxs13

        I read it was to be released May 7th. But none of the retailers have that date yet. I would guess August. It wont sell if it comes out in the fall against Zelda/Mario Kart.

    • bizzy gie

      I got it too. Care to give me you N.N. I.D. so I can beat you in a few rounds when the patch comes? If you’re scared, I completely understand.

  • val berger

    Still wondering, why such HD Remakes can’t be done in 1080p. I’m sure this will also be done in 720p which makes no sense as the game’s performance would surely allow more. Good that there’ll be a demo, I’m still not that sure if I’m gonna buying that.

    • AAAkabob

      Because they need to port it to last gen consoles as cheaply as possible and making a 1080p version for Wii U would be too costly

      • Elem187

        Yes, and this is the precisely the reason why trolls say the Wii U is on par with last gen, because developers for the most part aren’t putting extra visual bells and whistles into their ports (minus NFS:MW and Deus Ex).

        There is no financial benefit for doing so.

        • Nintedward

          Exactly. Developers simply aren’t trying at all , they feel they can make money without putting the extra graphical effort in. We still have no clue what a maxed out wiiu game will look like. Xbox 360 ports certainly are not an indicator , regardles of how great some of them may look , i think the Wiiu can do twice as good as say AC3.

        • Magnus Eriksson

          It IS on par with or SLIGHTLY better than the CURRENT gen which is a part of. Its a leap from the Wii, but not from PS3 and XBox360. TokiTori2 is an example of an 1080 game the WiiU can handle, mor advanced graphics than that and it will lag. Nintendo will probably not make a next gen console because of the late arrive this current.

          • AAAkabob

            Really? You think and Indie Devoloper has figured out exactly how to max out the Wii U in less than half a year. Good one, keep spewing your ignorance everywhere. It’s interesting how many lies haters can come up w/ based on rumors and more lies

          • Nintedward

            He said Toki tori 2 is the Wiiu maxed out , HAHAHA I nearly pissed my self laughing , what an idiot.

          • D2ThaLo305

            Ignorance is bliss!

          • Nintedward

            This a trully dreadfull comment. I can say with certainty you have no clue what you are talking about. ”Nintendo will probably not make a next gen console because of the late arrive this current” Yes , yes they will. Even IF the wiiu is a failure or doesn’t sell too well they will make another console , and probably another after that.

            And you don’t have a clue how powerfull the Wiiu is or what it will look like when it is maxed out. From what we know it will look significantly better than PS3 or 360 when MAXED out . PS4 is stupidly powerfull for a console. Wiiu is just nicely ahead of current gen.

          • Nintendofreak

            the new ps is not that powerful just has too much fucking ram a gb or 2 gb is more than enough considering that it will be limited by its gpu which seems to be a radeon 7000s when the wiiu is a 5280, i believe that the 7 gbs of ram is just a selling point…

          • Ace J

            how dumb can you be?

          • Yeah, whatever mister, it has already been confirmed WiiU is 150-200% more powerful then PS360 at the low end. So stop being an ignorant prick and act like a normal person instead of trolling something you know nothing of.

            All I do agree on is that imo WiiU is not performing as I personally would have expected, but guess what, it’s barely 6 months out there, and the economical perspective just isn’t good at all for who knows how much longer, they are not saying that the crisis is just as bad or even worse then in the 1980’s for no reason, they say it because it IS as bad or even worse then the Crisis in the 1980’s or have you forgotten that time? (or perhaps you weren’t even born at the time, in that case ask your parents and family) that alone explains why WiiU sells bad and wouldn’t be uber good either even if excellent games where out.

            You know why PS360 outsell WiiU at this time? because new they are sold under €200,- ($240,-) as we speak, atleast that goes for the Netherlands. So do your freaking homework, instead of being an ignorant Prick. (And before you ask I’ll say for the 6th time I DO NOT have a WiiU yet)

          • Nintendofreak

            i do muwahaha im replying to u from it and i have to say the browser is good n the gamepad its a hell lot better than typing with a fucking controller

          • disqus_2w1dV4EU3T

            One word: GPGPU. Last gen systems don’t have these, they depend on the CPU to do a large chunk of the processing. Hence the “weak” CPU in WiiU.

          • Shaun Kessel

            wii u is next gen dumb ass it will be competing with ps4 and xbox 720

          • Nintendofreak

            the ps4 is 2.5 times more pow than ps3 so ur telling me that is a big leap especially when the biggest difference between wiiu n new ps is going to be ram

  • BuckStud

    For anyone who wants to pre-order this game, Newegg has it for $37.99 ($12 off). Here’s the link… http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16878123049

  • uPadWatcher

    I want this game!!!!!!

  • Nintenjoe82

    Did anyone else notice the strange parallels between Wii U and Wii ownership?

    Good launch games but little to no 1st and 3rd party support until summer when a Resident Evil port gets released that everyone ends up buying for the second time.

    Besides RE4, the odd PS2 port or minigame collection, the Wii had nothing that good until Metroid Prime but the sales figures of the hardware masked the fact there was nothing to buy for ages!

    • Nintendofreak

      there was lots to buy just had to dive between all the shovelware n know where to look

  • Ace J

    cant wait for this game to drop. i should go pre order today

  • david jarman


  • hyrulianslayer


  • Chiwawaboi

    woohoo! theres finally gonna be another demo on the eshop! 😀

  • Guillermo Moore

    Would love for capcom to also do cross platform on this game like in MHU3. Think about it, on raid mode, one player can use the Wii remote and nunchuck, another using pro controller, another playing on the game pad, and two on their 3ds

  • Adrian

    I’m interested in this game….only because I loved ZombiU and am curious about other “horror” games. the main thing I would want is high difficulty, and no online multiplayer. I don’t know why, but FPS games (note ZombiU is not FPS, but I’m guessing this game will be) with online multiplayer always tend to dissapoint me. Well except for resistance. 60 players killing each other on a map is pretty fun!

    I guess we will see.

    • RyuNoHadouken

      RE is third person and ZombiU is in first person

      • Adrian

        Ahh I see.

    • Nintendofreak

      zombiu is a survival horror game (like the old school resident evil) while the newest resident evils are fps/horror games n yeah no true survival game has co op nor , online multiplayer, nor any of that shit some didnt even give you weapons you just have to run for yourlife ( sh: shattered memories , n amnesia the dark decent n etc)

  • Dave_Val

    DLC… Capcom… ¬_¬

  • This game was awesome! Can’t wait to see it on the big tv screen.

  • I had it for the 3ds & it was freaking awesome can’t wait to see the extra modes they are adding & the extra DLC. Come on everyone we need to definitely support CAPCOM we may get a street fighter if we play our cards right. We definitely need them since we lost EA. Finally good news for Wii U!!…

  • Nintendofreak

    i was sold as soon as they said jill ….<3

  • Michael Jurado

    great job capcom now give us some MegaMan