Jul 19th, 2015


NPD recently revealed their sales data for the month of June in North America, but as usual, no hard numbers were released. The report only revealed a list of the best selling consoles and games, with the PlayStation 4 topping the charts in both groups.

Nintendo themselves didn’t reveal any June sales numbers either. They only released a brief statement saying that Wii U sales were 20% higher compared to to June of last year.

But according to a NeoGAF member (thread link), who has a decent track record when it comes to leaking NPD data, the Wii U sold about 70,000 units last month in the US.

While 70,000 might not be a lot compared to what the PS4 is selling, the Wii U is doing better compared to the month of May, where it reportedly sold just 43,000 units.

The increase in sales is likely due to Splatoon, which has been a big hit on the Wii U, selling over a million copies in less than a month.

Worldwide Wii U sales are at 10 million units, as of April 2015.

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