Jul 30th, 2016

Report: Nintendo NX will use Nvidia's new, unannounced Tegra chip

Last week we heard some rumors about the NX and that it was going to be powered by Nvidia’s mobile Tegra processor — a mobile CPU based on ARM and a GPU from Nvidia.

The Pascal X1 was released last year and is about as powerful as an Xbox One or PS3. Which disappointed many Nintendo fans, as it feels like the NX isn’t going to be powerful enough.

However, a new report now says that while the NX will be powered by the Tegra, it won’t be the current X1 chip, but the upcoming X2, which will be far more powerful.

That’s thanks to the chip using Nvidia’s new “Pascal” graphics architecture. Pascal was introduced just a few months ago on desktop graphics cards with the GTX 1080 and GTX 1070, which are extremely powerful cards. The $350 GTX 1070 is more powerful than last generation’s $1,000 card.

If true, this is definitely good news for Nintendo, as the NX would approach the power of the Xbox One (which we’ve reported in the past), while keeping its mobile shape. If it turns out to be a mobile / home console hybrid as rumored.

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