Oct 14th, 2017

According to a recent report by the Wall Street Journal, Nintendo is actively encouraging developers to make violent and risqué games for its platforms, in order to shed its image as a maker of family friendly and kids games.

The Wall Street Journal writes (sub required):

“Nintendo Co. is encouraging some producers of violent or risqué videogames to provide content for its Switch console in an attempt to shed its image as a maker of devices just for families, software developers say.”

The report goes on to say that more hardcore titles are in the works for the Switch after Nintendo encouraged developers to bring those games to the Switch. One of the games mentioned is the upcoming Doom.

“Developers say more titles for mature audiences are coming after Nintendo encouraged them to publish a wide range of games for the Switch.”

This is absolutely the right move for Nintendo if they want to attract a larger, more mature audience. And games such as Doom and Wolfenstein 2 are a great start.

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