Aug 4th, 2016

Super Mario U Wii U owners never got a proper 3D Mario game (3D Mario World doesn’t count). Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 were released on the Wii, and many hoped for a third entry on the Wii U. Or at least some flagship Mario game.

But that never happened. And according to a report from MCV, it’ll happen very early for the NX. The report claims that Nintendo plans to release a flagship Mario game on the NX “within six months” of the consoles launch. Which means the Mario game could be released in Fall 2017.

Furthermore, they claim that Nintendo will also release a Pokemon game on the NX within six months of the console’s launch.

Reportedly, Nintendo doesn’t want the sort of slow start that the Wii U got — which is something that Reggie admitted last week when he spke about why the Wii U failed in the marketplace.

MCV’s source also reiterated rumors that the NX is a tablet-styled console with detachable controllers that can be played on the go or plugged into a TV set.

The Nintendo NX will launch in the first half 2017.

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