Mar 4th, 2013



Retro City Rampage released last week on WiiWare, despite developer Brian Provinciano stating he stands to lose money on the release.

“Between the office rent, hardware, insurance, game ratings and other costs, had I not done the WiiWare version, I could’ve saved around $20,000 – not even including my salary in porting it. And as it stands, virtually no games hit the threshold these days, so it’s only being released as fan service. A $20,000 gift to the fans.”

The game is only available on WiiWare due to development constraints as Provinciano is a one person studio. The costs for developing are so high because of Nintendo’s strict requirements for indie games, including maintaining office space and only paying out if a threshold of copies sold is met. Provinciano has stated that the WiiWare version is not about recouping his money, but about fulfilling a promise to fans that the game would be available on a Nintendo console.

Of course the woes Provinciano speaks of have been lifted for the Wii U, as Nintendo no longer requires dedicated office space for developers and some of the terms of payment have been reworked to make them more friendly to indie developers. Nevertheless, if you’re interested in trying out Retro City Rampage, you’ll have to boot into Wii mode on your Wii U in order to check it out.

[via Joystiq]

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  • Johny

    wow… someone give this guy a medal… and a cookie

    • MasterPpv

      And some money…

  • mabhlink

    So…. its only on the Wii mode of the WiiU, or is it available on the wiiU eshop?

    • AAAkabob

      wii mode

  • SirDjss

    Awww come on nintendo , give us a link to the past on virtual consol not this crap :/

    • link to the past is on virtual console. i redownloaded on my wii last week lol

  • val berger

    Wake me up when they’ll release Super Metroid. Can’t wait for that 🙂

    • BellsGhost

      See? Nintendrones cry how they don’t get games, then they get one, from a gerneous indie developer no less who lost money porting it to the ungrateful Nintendrones, and you idiots want your stupid rehashes. Idiots. I hate Nintendrones.

      • again if you hate nintendo soo much, then why the hell are you here? you must be the biggest idiot in the world that you would wake up everyday, turn your computer on(or whatever the hell you use to surf the net) and go to on a “daily” basis and comment on a site daily that you hate sooo much. so tell me, where is your damn common sense at? go to a xbox or playstation site and rant there. that makes sense. hell you can even go to a pc gaming site and rant there about how much you hate nintendo. but you must secretly love nintendo, why else would you be here? lol

      • val berger

        please don’t respond to my postings. i’m really not interested in what you describe as your opinion as you are just here to piss off fanboys. go out and get some fresh air or try to find out some basics about human communication. you are acting like a child that’s pushed to join some adults and that’s all about showing everyone how it is against everything. as a matter of fact though, you aren’t pushed to be around here, so please leave or try to communicate like normal people, not like a baby on ecstasy.

        • YoloMcSwagerson

          Super Metriod will be on wiiu VC on May 15th

          • val berger

            Thanks man, I know that. Just felt the need to express how I just can’t freakin wait ;D

          • I beat it in less than 3 hours a couple of years ago and got the Samus in the Bikini pic at the end 😉 😀

          • val berger

            The thing is, I just never really played it. Don’t ask me, how I could’ve owned a SNES without playing Super Metroid, maybe I’m a freakin supernatural ;D
            Since then I kinda always waited for a perfect opportunity to finally play it and now, 30c to be able to play it on the Gamepad? I guess this has been sent from the Nintendolymp and I kinda fear strong punishment if I don’t take the chance this time 🙂

      • MasterPpv

        This guy might not be agreeable most of the time, but he’s right in this case. The comment he was replying to wasn’t exactly showing much excitement for a game that is definitely deserving of it.

        To BellsGhost though – just try and tone your cynicism down. I, and many others, are willing to actually talk and discuss things critically rather than fanboy out, but we won’t bother if it seems like you’re just trying to troll. Have a good day =)

      • Donaalld

        BellsGhost, you don’t need to walk this sad, lonely road.

  • Edward Rhoderick

    Link to T hePast is great I’m also grateful for this game as well but don’t go talking smack on LTTP.Also if you hate Nintendo why are you here? Sounds like whatever you like must be awesome since you have nothing better to do then complain about Nintendo.

    • Tim van Broekhoven


  • SirDjss

    ehh what , how wery mature of you to jump on mee that was , grow up 

  • Evan Laundrie

    Everyone should download this game.  Wii Mode is not a chore to boot into, and you should be thankful for the near 100% backwards compatibility it provides.  No excuses, just download!

  • So…when he says a gift, does that man the game is free?

    • [000]

      No. Nintendo will make some money, but he won’t make anything unless it exceeds the requirements for payment, and that won’t happen

      Technically, it’s a free gift on his part, but it costs you money anyway.

  • eh, screw it.

  • [000]

    There are two T’s in the abbreviation of A Link To The Past, so you must be talking about something else.

  • SideScreamer

    I’ll buy it. Just to support the developers.

  • dgallo911

    Ive never even hit the Wii icon on my Wii U lol. Do u have to use a wii remote? Also is it even worth my time as im guessing it has the same over priced crap that was on the original wii shop then im really, really not interested.

    • Haize

      Honestly the game isnt all that great. It’s a cool idea and is fun for a while, but it gets old fast.

      And to answer your question, yes you have to use a Wii remote. When you boot the Wii mode, it runs on the original Wii OS and your Wii U basically turns into a Wii. You can’t use the Gamepad and to go back to the Wii U side, you have to restart the system. Think of it like a Mac using bootcamp to run a Windows OS.

  • SoulSilverZero

    Why did the dev not develop it for the Wii U eShop instead of WiiWare? WiiWare is outdated and he could of gotten the Nintendo port done faster. He he blind to 8th gen consoles? He could of lost less money if he developed it for the eShop.

    EDIT: He could at least developed both a eShop (came out first) and WiiWare. (second)
    I know I’m going to get hate for this so someone explain for me why the dev developed the port for WiiWare… Then it could influence me to buy it.

    • brian murphy

      he did it to save time so he wouldnt have to spend alot of time re coding it to work on the wii u controller off screen kinda the same reason why games are slow getting to the wii u not only do people have to make games but when they port to the wii u they have to do more work for wii u controller its not as simple to do as a standard controller it requires alot of code work and bug testing

      • Haize

        Well…that only applies if the developer decides to use the game pad. They could have just used Wii remotes or not used tge touch screen at all and then it’s just a regular controller.

  • Guest

    Wait, WiiWare hasn’t been shut down?

  • Haize

    If it costs so much to put it on the Wii, why not just release it on the Wii U since it’s so much easier on the developer?

    • DemonRoach

      Because the world is stupid.

  • Tim van Broekhoven


  • Andrew W Garttmeyer

    ahh, shoot, did I miss F-Zero already?

  • DemonRoach

    Put it on the Wii U VC and i’ll buy.