Apr 19th, 2013


The full release of the virtual console is only about a week away, but the newest discounted title from Nintendo’s test run of the virtual console is available right now. Kirby’s Adventure is an NES game that helped propel Kirby to stardom as one of the most beloved Nintendo characters of all time.

The release was made available on April 17th, but the Nintendo Direct that occurred may have made you forget that the game is now available for just 30 cents. In my opinion this is the best offering of all the 30 cent games being offered, so definitely pick this one up. You’ll thank me later.

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  • Denvy

    Better than Super Metroid? Pshhh…

  • This was an OK game but I still think the best offering will be Super Metroid.

    • Agreed, most definitely!
      Found myself playing through my Metroid Prime Trilogy while I wait! 🙂

    • val berger

      Indeed. It’s the only game of that anniversary edition I’m looking forward to buy. Can’t wait to play that on the gamepad.

  • djf

    Out in a week? The promotion isn’t even over yet though, trust me I remember when Metroid is coming for 30 cents.

  • Anthony K Aurelia

    Who cares what was the best offering…they were all 30 cents! I got em all, lol.

  • djf

    In the reel yesterday I7 saw games: super Mario world, fzero, super Metroid, donkey kong, super Mario bros, balloon fight, kirbys adventure, ice climbers, punch out, Kirby dream course, Yoshi, Mega man 1-6(hard to tell which one), Kirby’s dreamland 3, excite bike, wrecking crew, Kirby super star, AND Yoshi’s cookie. So ZERO-C00L there are not just 8 games coming out.

  • Jeffrey Debris

    Kirby sucks! Literally! 😛

    I’ve downloaded the game, it’s a nice trip down memory lane. The music is great and the gameplay is still solid after all these years. I love it!

    • JumpMan

      ahaha, i read the first part of the post, downvoted it (sorry!), and then read the rest and realized it was a pun! haha, comment = upvoted!

  • Dominicruz

    Just bought the game and still like it ,just want more games at this price after the promotion

    • thedeciderU

      they should keep up the promotion to some degree. if there are about 3 million wii u owners now, i bet they’ve made near a million dollars off these promotions so far, if not more. If everyone bought only one vc promotion release at 30 cents, that’s $300,000…


    Super Metroid is the one I waiting on.

  • nO!

    is that difficult having 60hz ROM version on a pal system nowdays?

  • ChiwawaBoi

    alot of people on miiverse say that next week, a new vc is gonna be coming along with the update. is this true??

    • Ace J


      • ChiwawaBoi

        looking forward to it. it just bothers me a little that I dont knoe exactly when the updates coming.

  • thedeciderU

    This is an awesome game that reminds me of how awesome the 90s and NES was. Looking forward to Super Metroid. What a steal!

  • Byllant

    I got this game for Wii, considering the transfering options form Wii to Wii U, should I download this on the Wii U or wait for the otion to transfer Wii VC games to the Wii U Menu? I mean to play the VC game with the Off-screen mode, and not having to access the Wii Mode in order to play them.

    • Hello I think the best you can do is to buy it again from .30 cents if you want to have the tv-off play and other features of the Wii U Virtiual Console games. You can transfer the game from Wii to Wii U but you have to pay 1 dollar if you want to have the features I mentioned before.

  • Flamingoathere

    Why not release the remake, Kirby’s Nightmare in Dreamland on the virtual console? It has better graphics and you can play as Meta Knight.

  • discuss

    Kirdby +1

    • discuss

      Ok I bought and played it. I’ve noticed quite a lot of lag while playing it. I really wonder why the Wii U can’t handle a NES game …

  • LopsidedPasta

    This is the first 30 cent game I’ve gotten. Get it. I’m looking forward to Metroid, DK, and maybe Yoshi in the coming months.

  • DemonRoach

    Pixels are so bad, he doesn’t even look round on my 1080p tv.

  • 50Hz in Europe again, nice going guys.

  • Best VC game they put out so far.