Sep 29th, 2012

Metroid Wii URetro Studios is probably the most famous Nintendo-owned developer in the world, made famous by their work on the Metroid Prime franchise. They haven’t done a proper home console game for 5 years, since Metroid Prime 3 Corruption was released in 2007. Since then they’ve been helping Nintendo on a bunch of projects, most recently with Mario Kart 7. Nevertheless, there have been numerous rumors about Retro working on a Wii U game.

And now it’s been all but confirmed that Retro is working on a Wii U project. And it comes from the very top. Speaking about the Wii U and upcoming games for the new console, Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime said in an interview with GameTrailers:

“Rest assured that Retro is working on a fantastic project. We’ve got big games in development that will be coming, games that will continue to drive the install base of the system”

Reggie also added that Shigeru Miyamoto and his team at EAD “are working on fantastic projects”. What could Retro be working on? Most people expect a new Metroid game, and Nintendo has been quoted saying that it’s “a project everyone wants us to do”. If you’ve been wondering how Metroid would look on the Wii U, check out this awesome Metroid Wii U concept art.


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  • Nintedward

    ”They haven’t done a proper home console game for 5 years, since Metroid Prime 3 Corruption was released in 2007.”

    You forgeting about Donkey kong country returns there kyo ???? :P.

    • Nintedward

      It’s an honest mistake ! Nobody ever thinks Retro developer DKCR , but they did !!! .

      They did such a stellar job of the MK7 tracks btw!! i think Nintendo blue printed them and then handed them to retro to develop .

      • Nintenlord

        Even if retro is working on a mario kart wiiu ill buy it hope is called mario kart allstars that includes caracters from all of nintendo’s ips

        • Nintedward-3dsFC=1289-8932-1209

          Mario kart 8 would be fine for me πŸ™‚ .

          Mario kart lookin all crisp on wiiu !!!!! mmmmhmmm!!!! That would be awesome !!! .
          Mario kart 7 is the business , does anyone have a 3ds friend code ???

          add mine ^^

          • QwertyDoodle

            Hi πŸ˜€ my code is 3652-0781-6550 add if you want πŸ™‚ I’ll enter yours now

          • QwertyDoodle

            My name is “D00DLE” on the 3DS by the way (If that’s required when you’re registering me as a friend!)

          • Nintedward-3dsFC=1289-8932-1209

            @querty doodle will add you When I take my 3ds near my router !

          • frank

            Nintenward you’ve got mine but for the others my code is 5155-3120-0417

            And name doesn’t matter, as it will be corrected when both people connect to the internet with their codes registered, just like how the mii will be added

          • NintendoGator

            @Nintedward……….You can have my F-code as soon as I figure out where to find it………….I’m not very knowledgeable about F-codes……..Out

          • donicx

            well since you asked 4468-1578-7961 πŸ™‚

          • QwertyDoodle

            @Coolkat18 I’ve added you πŸ™‚ Remember to add me too! (FC:3652-0781-6550)

        • thedronehater

          Some STARFOX gaming would be nice!

        • Xblade13

          Mario Kart U-turn πŸ˜€

          In all seriousness though, a Mario Kart game with characters from other Nintendo franchises sounds great! Link and Samus with karts… πŸ™‚

          • MujuraNoKamen

            You may be onto something there πŸ™‚

          • ridley vs. samus

            i think having a few cameos from other franchises like zelda and metroid in a mariokart game would be fantastic, but i would’nt want them to make a huge deal out of it, calling it “mariokart allstars” or anything like that. they should just be unlockable cameos πŸ™‚

        • Nintenlord

          mine is Macarony64 3ds 1246-9697-5107

          • Nintedward-3dsFC=1289-8932-1209

            cheers , will add a little later πŸ™‚ . just need to take my 3ds 3 story’s downstairs to the router :/

          • Coolkat18

            yo… it’ll be totally fine if you guys add my 3ds fc πŸ™‚ : 5155-4112-7929

          • Nintedward-3dsFC=1289-8932-1209

            Will do cool cat!

          • Nintenlord(3dsFc1246-9697-5107

            I did it coolkat ad me too

          • frank (3dsFC=5155-3120-0417)

            Add me too guys

          • QwertyDoodle

            Oops! Replied on last post earlier! – To repeat from the previous message… “@Coolkat18 I’ve added you πŸ™‚ Remember to add me too! (FC:3652-0781-6550)”

          • francis

            My phone number is 569 635 9685

        • Gary Moscheles

          i am ALWAYS excited for another mario kart. i remember seeing footage of Wario Gold Mine a few months before MKWii was out, and it blew my mind. couldn’t stand the wait!

  • Grem

    *Sigh* Killer Instinct would be nice, but it isn’t that simple since MS and Rare are part of the issues.

    Still, can’t wait to see what they’re doing

    • D2K

      This is what we know. In July there were strong rumors from reputable websites that Nintendo was in active negotiations with Microsoft to reacquire some of their old franchises. A few weeks ago Microsoft renewed the license to ‘Killer Instinct.’

      This is what “I” think happened. I think Nintendo indeed was trying to reacquire Killer Instinct from Rare, but for some reason the talks fell through between Nintendo and Microsoft. Since they knew that ANY Killer Instinct game on the Wii U would be DEVASTATING, they renewed the license in order to ‘block’ Nintendo from buying it themselves when the license expired.

      Microsoft has a history of eating smaller companies that could be a potential threat to them. So I wouldn’t put it past them to do this.

      In any event, any chance of seeing another Killer Instinct went down the toilet when Microsoft renewed the license.

      • Gabe Hoffman

        It was more likely the Banjo Kazooie games Microsoft was really interested in that series at all I heard

        • Gabe Hoffman

          My mistake Microsoft is NOT really interested in BK

        • AKA-Link77

          Well that means Microsoft are cowards and are scared of Nintendo.
          Hmph . . .so typical of companies. ( Β¬)_( Β¬)

          • D2K

            They should be terrified of Nintendo. Their 7th generation system got mauled by a system with 6th generation power. Even though the 720 will be slightly more powerful, it won’t make a useful difference.

      • Grem

        Well played from MS, too bad that they don’t seem to do anything else than just tease Nintendo with it.

        Such a great fighting game, it’s destiny is on a little paper that MS waves at Nintendo every once in a while.

        Damn it.

        • D2K

          I know how you feel. We will always have our memories. They can’t take that away. It is also possible that Nintendo could go ahead and create a NEW fighting game series with Retro Studios (the NEW Rare) at the helm.

          If I were them I would do just that. I would have it be as close to KI as possible without breaking the 4th-wall of copyright infringement. I’d add in the auto-double combo system (or something similar). I’d have an announcer yell out the combos, and I would still have ultra combos since that apparently cannot be copy-written (Capcom uses it in the SSF4 series.) I’d love to donate some of my character to the effort.

          Who knows, maybe the game Reggie is carrying-on about is indeed a new fighting game.

    • drfeelgood

      Hell yea ki3 would be dope Nintendo really messed up notrenewing rare licence that game would have been siiiiick what the Hell was Nintendo thinking oh well

    • ei8bitNinty

      Too bad that Rare has a lot of great titles in Nintendo after the BUY out of MS… Rare became unpopular of their product. You can’t blame Nintendo but the guys from RARE themselves and Microsoft.

  • RedRocBoy

    Imagine a Metriod gaming using the Crytek Engine. Would be so freakin’ awesome.

    • Wildman

      That would be wild!

    • Alex

      *Drooooling! Shut up and take my money, and maybe my house if you want that too, said to Nintendo

    • Nintenlord

      Im imaging it right now samus in a lush jungle full of new metroids whit the ability to have camo stalking poor samus, oh oh here we go again(faints on floor again)

    • D2K

      It probably ‘will’ wind up using CryEngine 3. It’s already confirmed to be used for several Wii U games in development.

      • ei8bitNinty

        That would be great. It will suit well to the game of Metroid. The vast Jungle scene… would be awesome. ^_^

        • D2K

          It also would be great for Kokiri Forest or Faron Woods in Zelda.

  • Nyan Guy

    sounds cool!

  • Connor kennway

    Didn’t they do donkey kong country returns?

    • Nintenlord

      Yes they did and it was awesome

  • Miranda

    This is great news, I have been wondering if and what Retro Studios has been working on, I don’t know what they have been working on but it’s good to have a confirmation that they are working on a Wii U project…and a good guess would be Star Fox. Also this doesn’t seem to be accurate: “They haven’t done a proper home console game for 5 years, since Metroid Prime 3 Corruption was released in 2007” although Retro Studios released Donkey Kong Country Returns for the Wii in 2010.

    • Nintenlord

      Are you sugesting that donkey kong was not a proper console game(shakes fist)

      • Miranda

        I think you misunderstood my post. I am suggesting that DKCR was and is a proper console game but the article above is suggesting that it wasn’t as it says that the last proper home console game they released was Metroid Prime 3 in 2007. That is incorrect because the last proper console game they released was Donkey Kong Country Returns in 2010 πŸ™‚

      • Nintenlord

        Sry miranda though you were saying that retro did not do a proper game

        • Miranda

          It’s all good πŸ™‚

        • Robin

          No, she just quoted (” “) it, and claimed that DK is a proper game!

  • Lamsaturn

    Most are expecting Metroid, but I predict they’ll do something different and do StarFox. What I really wish Nintendo would let them do is just let them do what they want and make a new IP, but based on the comment of “something everyone wants us to do”, it’s likely a well established franchise.

    • Nintedward

      F-zero ???? (please god)

    • JumpMan

      but don’t forget, starfox was released on 3DS last year so it more likely would be Metroid. maybe just wishful thinking πŸ˜€

      • CheckItNow12

        That was a remake, it wasn’t really a “true” Star Fox game.

      • Miranda

        Star Fox was released on the 3DS but it wasn’t a new game in the franchise it was just a re-release, they basically just revamped the graphics for the 3DS like they did with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D.

        • Nintedward

          They aint ports though , they are like totaly different versions of those games.

          Good lord I compared Starfox 64 compared to the 3ds version and the 3ds version looks about 4 times as good and its 3D .

          With all the effort they put into making those games they could of made new games . Ocarina 3d is all real time and not pre rendered ! .

          • Miranda

            That is incorrect. They are ports and at the same time they are not ports. They remade the game frame by frame with a new graphics engine to greatly increase the graphical quality of the game like they did with OOT3D but they aren’t new games, they didn’t have to come up with a new story/gameplay/art style or even create a game from scratch so in essence it is a port with enhanced graphics and audio as well as 3D.

          • Nintedward-3dsFC=1289-8932-1209

            I think we can settle on ‘remake’ . Tales of the abyss , splinter cell , rayman 3d they are 3ds ‘ports’ . πŸ™‚

          • SideScreamer

            You are an idiot. They’re ports.

          • Nintedward-3dsFC=1289-8932-1209

            @sidescreamer . No they have been totaly remade in 3d . they are not just simple PORTS they are REMAKES. with new graphics and features.

          • frank (3dsFC=5155-3120-0417)

            The motion controls weren’t availabe then, yet are in the game. Also, the master quest has been mirrored, and I don’t think the sheika stone was there. Technically these aren’t ports, as they’ve got too many differences. And yes, I’m saying half the wii u games aren’t really ports, more like improvements, like a half sequel.

    • Derp

      I have heard that they are doing a Star Fox and Metroid Crossover. But that is just a rumor that had started a month ago.

    • RedRocBoy

      Star Fox would be dope.

    • Captain Potato

      When we first heard of Retro Studios, they turned a beloved 2D game called Metroid into a 3D experience like no other! It almost seemed as if the game was meant to be in 3D! Based on this fact, I think Nintendo is having Retro bring another of it’s older 2D franchises to 3D…and I’m hoping it’s the sequel to Earthbound! Only time will tell, but regardless…it will be AWESOME!

      • mojojojo888


    • MujuraNoKamen

      “Something everyone wants us to do” suggests a game that fans have been asking for for a long time now, which to me SCREAMS Starfox… Or maybe F-Zero. I personally hope for a new Metroid (even more than Starfox) As great as a new Starfox would be, I think Metroid will do more favors for Wii U than an on-the-rails shooter, of course there’s the chance they’ll try a new style for Starfox but that doesn’t always work out so well – for example take Starfox Adventures, or Metroid: other M, I really liked both games, but the majority of people tend to criticize them for being the black sheep of their respective franchises.
      “What I really wish Nintendo would let them do is just let them do what they want and make a new IP, but based on the comment of β€œsomething everyone wants us to do”, it’s likely a well established franchise.”
      – I reckon it’ll be a new game from a well established franchise too, but, there is the chance it’s a new IP since there have been a lot of complaints in recent years about no new IPs, only adding to existing franchises. But, it seems like a small chance, since Miyamoto is apparently hoping to do a new franchise – if he isn’t already-2 new IPs at once while neglecting the demand for new Starfox/Metroid/F-Zero etc seems very unlikely.

  • NoPUNintendo

    Sweet. I actually just re-bought Metriod Prime 3, and am in love with the series

    • Dan7el(WiiU day one purchase)

      Your name is so awesome! it made me laugh

      • NoPUNintendo

        Lol, thanks.

  • NesToWiiU

    Forget Pikmin,if I don’t get my Zelda and Metroid we gonna have problems.

    • Nintenlord

      We want them ALL

  • Ness

    β€œa project everyone wants us to do”. Earthbound 2 anyone?

    • Wildman

      Remember that Metroid Dread rumor?

    • Madmagican

      you mean Mother 3? that’s on the GBA, but I guess another game to add to that francise wouldn’t be bad. Starfox, Metroid, or Earthbound are all incredible franchises

    • CubeClubKiddy

      Earthbound 2 FTW! i wish i could give multiple thumbs up for that comment!

  • Jetty

    About time. I enjoy the third party enthusiasm, but let the big dogs eat. Metroid Prime and Mario Kart are coming home!!!!

  • The Detonator

    when i read the title all i saw was”retro is working on” i was like NO WAY! we finally get to know what it is. now i am like”wait wha! you said the same exact thing last year

  • Shankovich

    Star fox, called it months ago on the boards, still holding my bet :p. being A huge metroid fan though, I hope it’s a metroid game too πŸ˜€

  • D2K

    Whatever it is, I expect it to be spectacular. They are keeping it hush-hush for a reason.

  • CheckItNow12

    My money is on Star Fox Wii U.

    • jon

      i played star fox adv on game cube, it was absolutely awesome but i still want new Metriod prime game corruption was too epic and the Metriod fan-base is probably bigger than the star fox fan-base would make sense logically if a new mp game was being developed. would happy with Star fox though.

  • just nin10do

    They always make the best i hope they making awesome game for wii U

  • Cugno the Swiss

    I didn’t like the prime series mostly because I don’t like first person shooters in general, but the atmosphere is great. I hope it’s in third person, but that’s just me.
    Anyway, I’m actually hoping that Nintendo is letting Retro create their own franchise, because the last time they made that, Rareware created Banjo Kazooie and Conker, two games with unmatched humor. I’d really like to see Retro’s own IP.
    Miyamoto working on a new series is great, it’ll be good for sure, and considering that there will be a Zelda and a 3D Mario, that makes for a lot of games I will be getting.

    • Nko Sekirei

      dont be an @$$ dude metroid prime series was awsome and epic nothing could match against the prime series cause it had epic soundtrack,epic boss fights and huge enviroments to explore and scan everything to get more info on ur enemies and items

  • CountShaqula


    A little off subject.

    You know I am quite surprised how many people “Doom and Gloom” Nintendo. If anything this generation should show the weight Nintendo carries.

    The Wii had SD graphics, little to no online support, a bad virtual shop, and slim third party support. Yet they sold the most hardware, and sofrware this gen.

    I think if anything this proves that while its competition needed HD graphics, 3rd party, an online shop, and network to just sell a little over half that the Wii did, and survive. Nintendo didnt.

    Nintendo’s Wii U will now have HD graphics, A robust online network, an eshop, and 3rd party support. Whats left?

    Some people may say Nintendo’s playing catch up with the Wii U, and I always think. Really? This generation they well outsold the competition without any of those key things. Which I believe proves Nintendo can stand on its own.

    Now with all these extra things that the Wii U has. How is it not a sure fire success? If anything I dont see how the Wii U couldnt be more successful than the Wii.

    • Laud

      You have to understand that while they sold the most consoles they also had the least active consoles. More people stopped playing the Wii and got something else. Sales doesn’t necessarily mean they liked the console, it just means they bought it because they wanted it, whether they liked it after that or not shows in the statistics when it comes to active consoles.

      • CountShaqula

        While I see your point. I think your basing this on an over exaggeration from the online gaming community. Which honestly doesnt make up a large percentage of gamers.

        I believe it was said that the Wii system was the #1 piece of hardware used by Netflix viewers. Thats hard to believe that the Wii would be “gathering dust”. Seeing as most people who have Netflix watch it at least once a day.

        While it isnt a gaming application. Its not a major feature either. Just about anything has Netflix support now. So people turning to the Wii for their main sorce of Netflix entertainment. Certainly isnt a bad thing.

        Sales indicates a great deal, and like I said it not only sold the most hardware, but the most software. So obviously people are playing games on their Wii’s. If the software is being bought.

        Sure the systems sales have dropped off, but there are two points to examine here.

        One being the fact that its being replaced, and its at the end of its life cycle. The other being how long it actually lasted. For a console in the HD/Social connection age. To not only last as long as it did, but sell at massive volumes. With only SD graphics, little online support, ect.

        I think that speaks volumes.

        • Draco Breach

          I find it much harder to see his point because I have thoroughly disproven it.

          Based on video game sales, the Wii sold just as many games per console as the 360 or PS3 – about nine.

          I believe I calculated that the Wii sold 8.6 games/console, 360 sold 8.9 games/console, and the PS3 sold 8.5 games/console.

          If you include online shop sales, I believe the numbers revise to Nintendo sold 11.6 games/console, 360 sold 10.8 games/console, and PS3 sold 10.1 games/console. These sales I’m less sure about.

          There are a large number of consoles used for therapy that most certainly are not collecting dust. Nintendo made an incredibly risky move with a new control scheme. It ended up in all sorts of environments. It ended up in homes. It ended up in retirement homes and therapy centers. It ended up in hospitals. Nintendo even sponsored a special project to turn the Wii into a surgeon training device!

          The Wii has a surprisingly active community for a ‘dead’ console. Fans keep pushing Nintendo to localize games. Operation Rainfall even helped find US publishers for Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story. They’re working on Pandora’s Tower.

          The Wii was a game changer.

          Now for something that is purely my humble opinion. The Wii Remote is the best controller ever invented for shooter games – FPS, TPS, et al. I thought I would never like shooters after Xbox reinvented them from the glory days of Golden Eye, Jet Force Gemini, and Perfect Dark.

          The idea that a keyboard/mouse or dual-stick can in anyway compete is ludicrous to me. I’ve tried the various formats. I aim truer with a Wii Remote. I smile with a Wii Remote. I cannot play shooters on any other controller now.

          If the Wii Remote can make an anti-shooter gamer like me pick up shooters, there is something very much worth investing in.

      • WII U 4 LIFE


    • Nintedward

      You should write articles !!!

      • jman4102

        I know right for a second i forgot i was reading a comment but thought i was still reading the article!

        • Nintedward-3dsFC=1289-8932-1209

          He has ”writers tone” We have ”a jackass tone” XD

      • Laud

        I can’t tell whether or not you guys are being sarcastic πŸ˜›

        • Nintedward-3dsFC=1289-8932-1209

          Serious!! the way the guy wrote his comment was great.

    • Miranda

      I totally agree with you but there is one reason why it may not outsell the Wii and that is confusion. To the Nintendo fan boys and the hardcore gamers they will know that the Wii U is an new console but to many casual gamers they may get confused with the Wii U and see it just as a Wii with a touch screen controller that costs 299.99/349.99 and they may think why would I buy that when I can get a Wii for half the price. To them the console looks fairly alike, same colors, similar name and for the most part same design of the two consoles. I believe that is Nintendo’s biggest hurdle: to distinguish the two consoles to the casual gamer so that they will understand that it’s a completly new system and not a re-modeled version of the Wii.

      I hope Nintendo is able to achieve this so that the console will outsell the Wii and do very well. I have faith but only time will tell…

  • Miranda

    While I would personally love to see a new Metroid game by Retro Studios on the Wii U I don’t think that’s what their working on at the moment as they already did 3 Metroid games in a row. I would imagine that Nintendo would have them tackling one of their older franchises and bringing it back to life like they did with the Metroid series.

    • Nintenlord

      Or a new ip(faints on floor)

      • Miranda

        Lol. A new IP would be fantastic, I wonder what kind of game they would make if it was a new IP: FPS, RPG, MMO, 3rd person Action-Adventure, etc. πŸ˜€

        • Cugno the Swiss

          I hope an RPG, damn it! American RPG made for the Japanese market, the only idea is enough for another couple of rounds on my desk chair!

        • Nintenlord

          I remember they where working on a mediaval game on gamecube that they could not finish maybe thats the game

    • Xblade13

      Ice Climbers?
      or Actraiser?! (not sure if 3rd party or not)

      I’m putting my bet on Star Fox, Metroid, or F-zero, though.

      • Nintenlord

        Actraiser bellongs to square enix πŸ™

        • Xblade13

          That sucks. πŸ™ It was one of my favorite games for SNES.

          • Nintenlord

            But it still hope

        • NintendoGamer

          Please, don’t even mention that name. This company it’s the biggest troll in the gaming industry.

  • Laud

    I can’t wait to see what they’re working on.

    Irrelevant – Who else pre-ordered Pokemon Black/White 2?


    • Nintedward


    • darkfox


    • frank (3dsFC=5155-3120-0417)

      Haven’t preordered, but got keldeo today from gamestop, and am confident that there won’t be as big of a shortage with these as there is the wii u.

      Anybody else find it weird how fast they’re going through the event pokemon? Keldeo and genesect back to back, meloetta in the anime next week, genesect movie next year, inevitable ruby/saphire remakes, mystery dungeon magnagate, some kind of ranger game. I think they’re going through 5th gen quickly so they can officially transfer off of the ds and put the main games onto the 3ds.

      A while ago there was a leak saying that they were doing a “demake” of black and white for the gameboy, probably through the eshop, with a trailer and all, but nothing else. Who knows what the masterminds are planning…

      • Nintenlord(3dsFc1246-9697-5107

        All pokemon games should be released on the eshop,loved the pokemon card game on gameboy color

  • Coolkat18

    … that samus aran artwork is awesome!

    • Cugno the Swiss

      I’d bangybang her even with the suit on.

  • WiiUnited

    Whatever Nintendos making its going to be epic like all of their games but I really think they should bring back F-Zero, I would buy it for sure πŸ™‚

  • Chris

    If they do make a new metroid game and used the same samus in that image you have there… *fap fap fap fap fap*

    Sorry I mean a lot of people would buy it. >.>

    • Madmagican

      Nasty…. but I see your point there

    • Nintedward

      Zero suit samus *passes out*

  • SteampunkJedi

    Personally, I would love a new Star Fox game. I’ve never played Metroid, but I’m sure that would be awesome as well.
    Only 50 days till launch! πŸ˜€ I am so stoked for the Wii U.

  • Asiancake

    Metroid is boss

  • jamez62982

    How could you forget DKCR, one of the best wii games? Wii U daily shame on you!!!

  • Asiancake

    Metroid is amazing

  • Dan7el(WiiU day one purchase)

    I want a hand drawn 2d game…Metroid 5. The sequal after fusion with gorgeous environments. Please… I don’t care if it’s on the 3ds or on the wii u. I just know that a hand drawn 2d metroid would be so stinkin sweet!

    • darkfox

      Well there are no more Metroids after fusion that the issue, it can be solved by clones like in Other M I guess, but if its Reto it will prob be a FPS ’cause thats what the majority want prime 3 was left at a cliffhanger of sorts if you got 100%

  • Volcano


    • darkfox

      I hope its Metroid I gott 100% in prime 3 and saw the spaceship follow Samus’ they cant leave that and not continue the series right?

      • Nko Sekirei

        and besides dark samus isnt dead she ll always comes back for revenge but lets hope mother brain makes a return too

        • Jbaeza

          All want in a new metroid is Meta Kraid. I heard he was cut from the first prime, I hope he returns! Oh! And a huuuuge world, one that rivals… Other huge games πŸ™‚

        • Shane

          Haha… “Dark Samus isn’t dead she will always come back for revenge but…” I’m sorry that was just too casually funny to ignore.

  • Nintyfan

    E3 2012 just past and now I’m already hyped up for E3 2013! Lets see what you got their Retro!

    As much as Retro is Nintendos favorite dev, I want Banjo Kazooie sadly it wont happen anytime soon.

    • Nintenlord

      Maybe ill never happen:(

  • Grem

    Interesting comment I picked up from Retro while I was searching some info about them, it’s about their Wii U title, I believe it’s bit old news since there was still talk about “Project Cafe” in there but still.

    “a project everyone wants us to do”

    New Donkey Kong? Metroid? What could it be?

    • Grem

      *Facepalm* Note to myself: read the whole thing, even the last two sentences. Never mind my comment

  • Josh

    A new Metroid game? That would be nice but I honestly think they are working on a new Star Fox game, which is even more awesome.

  • fabio


  • James

    Metroid Prime 4!! Please!!

  • JJJ

    I hope Its Dk Country or Mario Kart U

    • I need the Wii U!!!

      Donkey Kong 64 returns!!!!!!!! Love that game!!!!

  • darkfox

    Metroid Please!
    I think Nintendo should hire the old factor 5 for a new Star Fox (Star Wars Rouge Squadron was the best space shooter series of all time) I see Retro as doing a platform or FPS not a space shooter but we will have to see. What ever it is its ginna be Epic I hope they are working on more than one project all thire games are gold and WILL sell the system further.

  • Dan

    Its Definitely Metroid Series!!!! A show stopper next E3

  • Nko Sekirei

    i know wat it is its METROID PRIME 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IN HD

  • Golden Fox

    Man I wish I have a time machine to see what there going to show it at E3 2013 already…


    PLEASE make the new Metroid a 3rd person adventure sand box game and NOT a FPS.

  • Coolkat18

    i do like the prime series but off topic… i really don’t know why “OTHER M” has such a bad rep? it was pretti cool yo yo…

  • L1MON


  • frank (3dsFC=5155-3120-0417)

    I’m more interested in what miyamoto is doing. Does that mean semi-confirmation of zelda wii u, or is he working with retro, or what?

    • Xblade13

      Supposedly he’s working on a new IP. Hopefully it’s not another Wii Music. A new game could be interesting.

      • MujuraNoKamen

        He said he wants to try an FPS game, maybe that’s what he’s working on, whatever it is I’d like to see it.
        @ frank, it’s already been confirmed that they ARE working on Zelda Wii U, just no details are known yet – unless those leaked details/rumors are true, the ones shown on here a few weeks ago.

        • frank (3dsFC=5155-3120-0417)

          I meant confirmed by nintendo, not a reliable source

  • TheUNation

    If Retro Studios were planning to develop a brand new Metroid game… and it’s powered by either CryEngine 3, Unreal Engine 4 (it’s scalable on the U), or their own graphics engine (Powered by RETRO Technology), this could go through the roof for the Big N.

  • Shane

    I really hope it’s a Metroid, Starfox, Earthbound over-all series game including all stories w/ the next chapter, or F-Zero. If it was any of those games I would be playing for years again. My brother took the Wii so all I have if Xbox and PS right now :(.

    Starfox: Origins=Fox McClouds father’s story
    F-Zero: Galactic(Universal) Grand Prix=All 30 original characters(including new racers) w/ online play of 30 people
    Earthbound Story: All EB in one, with a new chapter starry Ninten, to make sure that the Gyagai(spelling), stop their terrorism on Earth… BOUND. haha.
    Metroid: Samus’ Love= Samus finally finds a worthy man to be her partner… and so there’s Co-op. haha. Seriously.

    I just remember wanting Samus to have a melee attack since Prime, and then I heard rumors she would have a blade in the 3rd one and I wanted it to be true SO BAD.

    I want to play all these game online in campaign, and multiplayer. I feel like Nintendo has just been waiting to get their games perfect formulas of gameply so they can deliver the best games. Metroid Online fights would be great with 12 or more players w/ differnt hunters like on Metroid Prime Hunters. That game’s multiplayer was great. My friends and I loved playing that online together…

  • Nintendoro

    Starfox adventure 2 please

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Please be Metroid, PLEASE!
    Or a new Starfox would be amazing, in fact, whatever they’re working on it’ll probably be amazing – It’s Retro Studios we’re talking about here!
    A new Metroid Prime style game is like my number 1 anticipated Wii U game, except for Zelda, and as great as a new F-Zero or Starfox would be, a new Metroid Prime is exactly what they need to grab people’s attention. I’ve read a number of comments from other people saying that since Retro have developed 3 Metroid Primes games in a row, they may take a brake from it and work on something else. Now, that sounds perfectly reasonable but, the last metroid game (Other M, 2010) had nothing to do with Retro, so they have had a break from it and worked on DKCR and Mario Kart 7. And like I said, Metroid is what they need to grab some attention, and as much as I liked other M, Prime is the winning formula, and who better to work on it than Retro?



  • NintendoGamer

    I know Vectorman and Strider are not 1st party franchises, but they would great fits for the 3DS!

  • Smokey cheese

    I remember that before they made metroid prime on the GameCube retro did a teaser for a game called Raven blade. It got canned but the video looked impressive in its day.

  • Enigmatic

    Metroid Prime is by far my favorite or at least almost my favorite game series of all time. I probably logged a good 500+ hours total on the both of the Gamecube entries. At the time, it’s graphics were beautiful, gameplay was superb, and soundtrack was as badass as they come.

    I was sastified by the Wii title, but nowhere near as much as the original two. It had great graphics for the Wii, sure. Overall though, it was nothing compared to the HD titles on other consoles. I often think about how much better that it could have been on the better consoles. I would have been saved from those god awful motion controls.

    • Draco Breach

      Saved from the one thing that makes shooters worth playing? That’s an oxymoron, man.

  • ssb4 FC3007 8585 6950

    Things I Want to see on Wii U
    SUper Smash Bros. 4 (UH HELLO ITS IN MY NAME! XD)
    Starfox Wii U
    Metroid Wii U
    Zelda Wii U
    And a nice Fzero, Kid Icarus, or A SUPER AWESOME POKEMON GAME WHERE YOU USE teh game pad swipe function to catch pokemon, and press buttons in teh correct order to sucessfully catch. Rarer pokemon have more complex button orders. There would be online , where you could trade pokemon with trainers and battle trainers and trade items that are rare (liek Macho Braces, Exp Shares, and berries) pokemon contests. and double and triple battles, and a HUGE OVERWORLD spanning from KAnto all the way to Unova or possibly even bigger. Every pokemon is in the game, but some are very rare. (Chansey, Salamence, Chandelure, etc) Legendarys all have their spots where you can catch them and once you catch one you have a 2% chance of finding another one! Also the graphics wold be largely improved and there would be this new thing called mono type masters. a trainer would train only one type and try to be the best of the type that their training. I would expect to see a lot of Dragon and Steel type but those types have GLARING weaknesses (Ice, Dragon, Ground, Fire) that would make the pretty pointless to use, esp something like Dragonite or GArchomp, which is pretty easy to beat with any scarfed pokemon that knows ice beam. Also there would be weather battles so that only weather teams could battle eachother.

    • Shane

      This would be awesome, but I’ve been wanting this to happens since 3rd gen, because after Johto, they didn’t have all three regions known in the Pokemon world which was expected from me. after it was diplayed in Gold/Silver which had Kanto and Johto. Even as a kid… and don’t get me started on the “you can go to the Orange Islands!” rumor that disapponted me harshly…

  • kyuubikid213

    just give me metroid.

  • KKiONI

    I love how the article assume Other M didn’t exist. Though I think a lot of people want to do that.

    • Fred

      I liked Other M

  • Fred

    Star Fox U! How about finally give me Pikmin 3 (promised during the launch window, but won’t be delivered during the launch window)

  • I don’t even own a Wii U, and I’ve never owned any other Nintendo system other than my Wii, but from how much I love playing Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (I’m just starting my second playthrough now), I might pick up a Wii U JUST to play a new Metroid from Retro.