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In a recent interview with GameTrailers, Reggie Fils-Aime teased an announcement from Nintendo at Spike’s VGX awards on December 7 this year, but that wasn’t all Nintendo of America’s president had to say about the company. Reggie admitted that the Wii U drought in 2013 was a mistake the company made, but he says it’s a mistake they won’t make again with the 2014 schedule.

“The way we’re going to be different is, we’re gonna certainly have a steadier pace of games – both for Wii U and for 3DS.”

“The marketing activity is going to be constant throughout the entire year. You tease me a little bit that ‘boy the first half [of 2013] was a little quiet,’ and y’know what, you look back and it was. We’re not going to be making that same mistake in 2014.”

This is what most Nintendo fans want to hear when it comes to the Wii U, as Nintendo’s marketing for the system has been decidedly weak until now.

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  • david jarman

    Bring it on Nintendo!!!

  • RARE

    I hope the announcement has to do with the new Zelda or Smash Bros. Now that XB1 and PS4 have launched, Nintendo could reclaim the spotlight.

    • Ducked

      It is possible they could reveal The Legend of Zelda: The Last Whopper Jr.

    • Mr Valtor

      It’s definitely either a trailer for LoZ U or a new fighter for SSB4WiiU. They have to do something that the hardcore people, who are the main audience of the VGX, will like. So no soft and fluffy.

      • So we can’t show jiggly puff’s adventures puffballs unite rainbow edition?

        aw man i guess we will have to show you something else then…

        • Mr Valtor

          You could, but about 90% of VGX viewers would stop the stream as soon as they see the pink ball on their sreens.

          • Oh well i guess we will show the Legend of Zelda my little pony crossover for Wii U then…

          • Mr Valtor

            Yaaaas the bronies (or whatever they are called) will flood the stream, Great viral marketing ideas Reggie LOL

          • Thank you here is the box art πŸ˜€


          • Mr Valtor

            That’s nice and all, but you have to get back to work now mister Fils-Aime. And remember don’t f*ck the VGX reveal up.

          • Dont worry, i will not screw it up πŸ˜‰

            Yes i should get back to work now.

  • Leo Bonilla

    Great news, hopefully they mean business this time around.

  • Yousif Alromaithi

    Nintendo will show the world who is the Big N.

  • Guest

    That’s true! Major hit games like Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze, Bayonnetta 2, Yarn Yoshi,Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, Monolith Soft’s X(new RPG) and more of the unannounced games that Iwata talked about and have yet to be revelead are coming next year. Let’s not forget that Retro Studios are already working on a game(not DK) along with Miyamoto’s new I.P 2014 will be the year of the Wii U. Guys leave luck to Heaven, 2014 will be a Monstrous Turnabout(Phoenix Wright reference)

    It will be the other console’s turn to have a drought.

    • The Clockwork Being

      Sorry guys tried to delete my comment but still it does this.

  • YiyeUniverseMB

    They need Metroid with multiplayer. Big multiplayer titles sell systems. XBOX 360: Halo (3, Reach and 4) and from the look of it, the game that’s kicking off next-gen is Destiny. A Metroid game with an online component would work very well> Longish campaign (like Prime) in first-person perspective with standard multiplayer modes-online AND local.

    • majora :D

      Idea: asymmetric multiplayer, you can either control a Chozo armor with the gamepad (basically you’re controlling Samus), a Galactic Federation marine with the Pro Controller (controls similar to traditional FPS) or a Space Pirate with a Wiimote (boosted agility and melee attacks, but shooting is hard as hell)

  • Christopher Acuna

    Mario Kart , DK: Trop Freeze and SSBU is all I need πŸ™‚

    Bayonetta 2 will be a bonus πŸ™‚

  • Jeffrey Debris

    I hope 2014 will be the year they do the same for Wii U as they did for the 3DS. I’m already looking forward to Smash Bros, Mario Kart and Bayonetta 2 and I really hope the new RPG from the makers of Xenoblade will be out by then. Either way it’s gonna rock πŸ™‚

  • Ducked

    I think Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta 2, and Donkey Kong Country Returns Tropical Freeze can give the Wii U a big start to open the year. Then Smash Bros, Yarn Yoshi, and two other unannounced games for the Fall.

    Hopefully the Wii U can finally gets some support from 2K Sports and EA for Sports games. And other 3rd parties like Square Enix and Bethesda.

  • John Andalora

    You know, this would be a great time to show people what games will be coming to reassure them that there won’t be a second drought. Get people interested in the games you have while teasing them with the games of the future. That would be a great idea for getting people to buy your console at Christmas.

    • DragonSilths

      December Nintendo Direct will probably tease whats coming till March.

      • John Andalora

        I hope so.
        I would like to know what’s around the bend so I can plan accordingly.

        • DragonSilths

          As would I. The only Wii U games I know for sure I am getting for Q1 of 2014 are MK8 and Watch Dogs so far.

        • Rinslowe

          Once you’re around the bend, you can pretty much throw “planning” out the window…lol.

          Look… at… those… pretty… lighths…

  • The Clockwork Being

    That’s true! Major hit games like Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Bayonnetta 2, Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, Monolith Soft’s X(new RPG) and more of the unannounced games that Iwata talked about and have yet to be revealed are coming next year. Let’s not forget that Retro Studios are already working on a game(not DK) along with Miyamoto’s new I.P 2014 will be the year of the Wii U. Guys leave luck to Heaven, 2014 will be a Monstrous Turnabout(Phoenix Wright reference)

    It will be the other console’s turn to have a drought.

    • Mr Valtor

      Do you have a source on Retro already starting on their next game? In the last interview that I read, they said that the were too small to handle two games at a time and DKCR:TF isn’t golden yet.

      • The Clockwork Being

        I read between the lines. During an interview with Miyamoto about Dk Tropical Freeze, Miyamoto said the game was looking good and he was surprised on how well Retro could work on 2 games at the same time.

        • Mr Valtor

          Do you have a link to that interview?

          • The Clockwork Being

            Don’t have the link but if I find it i’ll post it here.

          • sharlo galmo

            Retro is for 100% working on a new title. I expalin you why i know that, they hired peeps from Naughty dog and many more company, so they can help with a game. I don’tt believe it is for Donkey kong, they also hires peeps for the online for the game, Donkey don’t have online co-op or other stuff, so there you have it.

            Here is the link when Miyamoto say that Retro can work at two games at the same time.

      • DragonSilths

        Retro said they had bunch of ideas for a Metroid game. So while I don’t think they have started yet, since they got to choose between doing Metroid or Donkey Kong and they went with DK, Starting January they should be starting on Metroid.

    • You took the words right out of my mouth!

      the list will be even bigger after desember 7.

      I am 100% sure that consumers will have no problem finding new games to play next year.

      We are also working on getting even more 3rd party games on the system.

      Thanks for your patience.

      Reggie πŸ™‚

      • Adam

        Did you just thank yourself for your own patience?

      • The Clockwork Being

        Agreed Reggie. My body is ready right now!

        • Thats great, just make sure to keep it ready for december 7. and you will love it.

          • DragonSilths

            Destiny? That would be nice to see.

          • You will have to ask bungie..

          • DragonSilths

            We already know most of the Bungie team are fans of Nintendo. And we all saw that “My body is ready” text in the vidoc (YOUR MOTTO) (fake…Reggie…lol) Also the Chain Chomp. And its actually Activisions choice. If it was Bungies they would put it on everything.

          • I can’t say anything, but you have som great points πŸ˜‰

            Perhaps, but i can’t speculate.


          • gamesplayswill

            “You will love it.” Only Reggie tells you what you SHOULD love.

          • Bortly

            He has that authority.

          • Yup you must, if you don’t i will ban you from Miiverse XD

          • Kameron Grayson

            Please no.

          • kevin nun—-

            Sorry, it’s too much. You misspelled December twice.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            He spelt it wrong more times than that on other news posts. Reggie is losing it.

          • Sorry ate to many mushroom with @mario

          • Rinslowe

            He may just be secretly Icelandic, ever think about that….?

          • My viking parents, came from Iceland on the the king of red lions.

          • Kameron Grayson

            Do you mean it? My body is ready.

      • Guest

        What is happening on December 7th?

        • Mr Valtor

          Read the article.

        • DragonSilths

          Nintendo will show something off at the Spike Video Game Awards.

      • DragonSilths

        I’ll play along with this “Reggie” The only 3rd party game Wii U needs is fucking DESTINY.

      • nin-10-doughfan

        are you really reggie?

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        December Reggie, December!

      • Adecentboy777

        Reggie, Nintendo made so many mistakes! It’s really time to adjust Nintendo’s attitude in different fields.

    • Yousif Alromaithi

      2014 will be super I can’t wait for X. But I wish if Nintendo tell Mr Hironobu Sakaguchi to make a sequel to last story. I hope more JRPG will be made.

      • The Clockwork Being

        Same I also can’t wait for X. Am also excited for SMT X FE. A sequel to the Last Story would be great.

        • Yousif Alromaithi

          Fire Emblem is awesome it is expected to come which came on the gamecube and the WIi so I knew it would come. But looking at Last Story man I hope Mistwalker makes more games for Wii U.

    • great deku tree

      yeah really looking forward to playing the AAA games coming out next year. hopefully Zelda u will be one of them.

    • jjbredesen

      Agreed the only think i can say is:

      • great deku tree

        yes! have you played a link between worlds yet? I haven’t unfortunately I don’t have enough money right now πŸ™

        • jjbredesen

          I will get it for xmas, can’t wait!!

          • great deku tree

            I might get it for Christmas if I can’t get it before then with my own money. I can’t wait as well!

          • Tim van Broekhoven

            And do you have Super Mario 3D World?

            I’m too excited for that game!

      • Mario


    • Jack5221

      Don’t forget Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze in February! I think thats going to be the 1st Wii U game of 2014. Then theres that mysterious Yarn Yoshi game they haven’t talked about in almost a year. Im pretty sure that’ll be a 2014 release too.

      • DragonSilths

        Yoshi Land U. Not Yarn Yoshi!!! That name still grinds my gears lol.

        • The Clockwork Being

          How about Yoshi’s Epic Yarn?

          • DragonSilths

            No. No Yarn in the name. And yes I am aware of it being a game of Yoshi made of Yarn. The name Yoshi Land U was what was revealed when the Miiverse was hacked after the Wii U came out. It revealed to us Resident Evil which turned out to be Revelations, it revealed Yoshi Land U which is the Yarn one, and 1 other which I cant remember know…Metal Gear Solid? Was that it?

    • Dj

      It’s the perfect time to advertise…

    • Ryushi

      But Smash Bros wasn’t unannounced…we just don’t have a release date yet.

      • The Clockwork Being

        I said more unannounced. I never said Smash Bros wasn’t…

        • Ryushi

          Let me quote you: “That’s true! Major hit games like Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Bayonnetta 2,
          Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, Monolith Soft’s X(new RPG) and more of
          the unannounced games that Iwata talked about and have yet to be
          revealed are coming next year.”
          You said ‘more of the unannounced’ which to me says, all of the games you listed were unannounced, you didn’t specify. Please correct me if I misread this though, even though it’s more than safe to assume you meant otherwise.
          Not trying to come off rude, guess I’m bit of a “Grammar Nazi.”

          Irregardless, apologies are needed from me in two scenarios [one came true anyway, so sorry about that] : ‘1. Going over the top’ Oh boy do I! So, like I said a moment ago, in brackets, sorry. 2. If I was wrong in my assumptions earlier, which is more than likely – it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve jumped to a conclusion.

          • The Clockwork Being

            No its fine. As I re-read my paragraph I realize that it does sound like I was referring to the other games as unannounced. But I won’t modify it as it would make your comment seem pointless and you will have to delete it .

            But anyways I thank you for the good observation and I will make sure not to make that mistake again in my future writings.

            Good day to you Ryushi!

    • Andrew W Garttmeyer

      They could also slowly release the 3DS games onto the Wii U for the slow periods…like ‘A Link Between Worlds’! :), maybe? Please?

  • Good. now make it happen

    • Thanks, it will happen as long as your body is ready πŸ˜€

      • Hulkamania

        my body is ready brother!

        • Thats great :D, but you look like a purple pikman.

        • Mario

          Let’s a go!

      • My body is only Reggie, is that okay?

        • Yeah…… But only one person can be Reggie πŸ˜›

          • DarkLegacy

            And then your body will be ready

    • jjbredesen

      They will πŸ˜€ just check out @theclockworkbeing:disqus post at the top, and you will see that there is loads of games headed our way for 2014.

      • well, he only mentioned 7 known games, but you’re right. there is pllenty coming. I’M going to have plenty to play, I’m just saying, no drought seems like a big promise

        • jjbredesen

          It is, but they have fixed there advertising so they should be able to fix games aswell.

          I guess we will just have to wait and see.

          • they have fixed the advertising quite nicely. I’m sure they’ll fix it

  • Mr Valtor

    I would certainly hope that there are no droughts for Wii U in 2014. The first half of 2013 was pathetic.

  • Ben Ifits

    I feel another 3DS style comeback coming on! πŸ˜€

    • Mr Valtor

      It will probably make a comeback but certainly not one as strong as the 3Ds’. The 3Ds is sitting at over 30 million units sold right now. Nintendo can only hope that the Wii U sells that much in it’s whole lifespan.

      • QuizmasterBos

        What’s with the gloomy outlook? As Reggie put it in the interview, software pushes hardware. If Nintendo gets the games, the system will be more appealing and more people will buy it. With 3D World’s recent release and Mario Kart 8 and SSBU on the horizon, Nintendo stands a far better chance than they did last year.

        Please, wait until the bigger newer titles are released before making assumptions.

        • Mr Valtor

          LOL I can only make assumptions. Just like you are making the assumption that it will sell at 3DS rates. It’s also called having an oppinion.

          • QuizmasterBos

            I’m not assuming the Wii U will sell just as well as 3DS. I find a positive outlook more satisfying than a negative one and I think the Wii U definitely has the potential to become the best selling system of this generation.

            It’s just gotta be utilized first.

          • Mr Valtor

            LOL no it doesn’t. The Xbone is already outselling it in the UK. I’d be surprised if it sold more than 25 million units in it’s whole Lifespan.

          • Denvy

            While 25 million is indeed a low and disappointing number, I don’t think it automatically means complete failure of a system. People gave the Cube a hard time for the same numbers but there were some really incredible games out for that and lots of memories made.

          • QuizmasterBos

            Let’s wait until after the systems all had some time to settle in, only then are we sure what systems will do well and what won’t.

  • Lee

    They said they wouldn’t make the same mistake after they messed up on the 3Ds originally, this is just another excuse in my opinion. I wish Nintendo would listen to their fans more often, they’ve messed up on the “Wii U”.

    • Mr Valtor

      Well they kinda did. The launch lineup was actually pretty decent. The drought after the launch was what really messed things up for them. But it seems like they are getting back on track.

    • Gregg

      ??? The 3DS was the most epic turn around in electronics history…. It went from DOOM, to the fastest selling console of all time, and now, widely considered to have TOO MANY awesome games, coming out to often. Expect the same on WiiU, actually, it’s already starting

      • Lee

        Ok first off it wasn’t the “biggest” turn-around in electronics history, maybe gaming history but definitely not electronics history. Second, I know the 3Ds is doing well now, I’ve had the 3Ds and the XL, but they clearly said they wouldn’t make the same mistake again as they did with the 3Ds. They not only did the same mistake again, they did nothing about it for more than 8-9 months and even then it wasn’t dramatic enough.

        I’ve been a big Nintendo fan for a long time, but I’m kind-of at the point where I feel like I’m wasting my money when I purchase something from Nintendo.

        Half of the problem could have easily been avoided if they would have chose another bloody name, simple as that lol.

        • Gregg

          Name a similar turn around….

          Games of COD, Mario 3D world, etc’s scope, take far more than 8 months… As for wasting your money, I’m baffled. I’ve paid pennies per hour on my 3DS , and nickels at MOST for my WiiU, and the thing is just getting stared. I got hundreds of hours out of WiiU, same for DSi, Gamecube, N64…. All for an entry cost thats about the same as a family night to Dinner & a Movie

          • Lee

            I don’t understand the first part of your sentence but regardless I’m putting it down to personal preference. I’ve had my Wii U for around 4 months now and I still don’t think there’s any decent games on it worth spending money on.

          • Gregg

            Sorry to here that. I’ve enjoyed several. πŸ™‚

          • Lee

            Each to their own I suppose, really looking forward to Nintendo’s first party titles. Just ordered a PS4 so that will do till some of the other games come out for the Wii U.

  • Simon Stevens

    I hope it’s gonna be a case of doing and not saying next year, DO bring out amazing games, DO NOT delay them, DO beat Geoff Keighley at Smash Brothers, DO NOT FAIL!.

    • Mr Valtor

      DO tick all of them boxes πŸ˜€

      • Simon Stevens

        DO shout at Geoff when you can’t get a word in edgeways πŸ˜€

    • Gregg

      no no no, DO Delay them, until they are READY and AWESOME. That’s why Nintendo has the support and reputation they have…. Quality software

      • great deku tree

        well rather than giving a launch date that’s going to be tough to make they should announce the launch to be a little later than how long they expect it to take (obviously they wouldn’t tell us that though). that way if there are delays for any reason they can still fix them and release the game on time. if they finish before that date then then they can triple check for any bugs.
        it’d definitely work better in terms of the psychology of the fans since it would seem like Nintendo is always being punctual and on time with their games whilst delivering the great quality games that they are known for πŸ™‚

      • Simon Stevens

        This…. this is an exception, Nintendo games are ALWAYS bug free and perfect, gotta love that Nintendo standard. πŸ™‚

        • Denvy

          Well, there was that PokΓ©mon X/Y bug. So not always. Close enough though.

        • 00EpicGamer00

          Umm….not trying to be the negative person over here, but some (very few, but there are some) Nintendo games do have glitches. Such as the game-breaking glitches in Skyward Sword and Metroid: Other M. I’ve also heard of glitches in Mario Kart as well. Not game-breaking ones, just….little ones, like jumping through a wall, or something.

    • Don’t worry we will!

  • A SNES Day Off

    I like Reggie, but he’s not the one who should be highlighting the Wii U’s slow start. Iwata himself said that Nintendo would learn from their mistakes with the 3DS, but quite clearly they haven’t. They just continue to be so out of touch.

    • Gregg

      They did AMAZING on Turning around the 3DS. Quality software takes TIME. Even if 12647861784678 developers, today, said, YES! We’ll support WiiU, starting NOW, we wouldn’t see the results of that, for some time…. Patience. =)

      • Jelle Knibbe

        To tie in with that: in 2010, building began on a huge-arse new building for Ninty’s dev teams, but the first game from that building won’t be released before 2016.

  • Jack5221

    PLEASE make a Wonderful 101 sequel!! PLEASE!!!!!! I just finished the game and it was an amazing experience! The boss battles, storyline, voice acting and of course the gameplay was 10/10. I loved the game! Now to beat it on Hard.

  • Dan Heimbach

    Reggie slow down!!! I just picked up Super Mario 3D World and I’m still working on Zelda WW HD and trying to perfect my serve on Wii Sports Club Tennis!!! My wife still whoops me there but I’m getting better haha. Seriously excited for what’s to come.

    • Thank you πŸ™‚

      • Jack5221

        Will Wii Sports Club ever be available in CD format rather than digital download? I ask because I have an 8gb Wii U without external storage.

        • A SNES Day Off

          This isn’t the real Reggie, you know…

          • TMorg

            True that! I feel that if it was the “real Reggie”, he’d be able to spell December!

          • Tim van Broekhoven

            xD so true… And he’d also be able to spell Pikmin right lol.

        • Dan Heimbach

          I thought I read once boxing, golf and baseball are released then shortly after that a disc will be avaliable.

          • Mr Valtor

            Nope hasn’t been confirmed yet, but Iwata said that they are looking into a physical release.

        • It will be in the future πŸ™‚

  • Magnus Eriksson

    Sounds good. But its not what I want to hear. I want to see it instead. Ive heard this before, both before tha launch, in march and after E3. None of the times did it prove to be true. I hope it is this time. I want to see what kind of magic Nintendo can do with the pad. And im getting impatient.

    • great deku tree

      it looks like Nintendo might be doing a 3ds comeback. I for one am definitely looking forward to all of the AAA games next year (the sole reason why I bought the wii u) but yeah I know a lot of people who are waiting for the games next year so if they do pull off the games next year I can see them doing really well

      • Simon Stevens

        Persona Q was JUST announced for the 3DS πŸ™‚ we have quite a year ahead of us

    • The Clockwork Being

      I get what you mean. Hopefully we get a Wii U Nintendo Direct that talks about new games and some already announced.

    • devmiles

      i agree..i hate this bullcrap as a customer. my focus on nintendo is long gone because i know they lost many developers and their own output is very limited, postponed and minimal.. this has been going on for years. as a hardcore gamer i want more, i want to be taken serious, do things online. nintendo made me outgrown itself because their focus is kiddy shit, pokemon, 2ds and what not. what’s up with konami, capcom etc? all former nintendo classic developers have waved nintendo goodbye in a sense plus what they promise is not fulfilled after all.. everything gets postponed or dropped.
      just make what the customers want, stop that VC crapshit… we can play that 10.000 times better on an emulator. i don’t take sorry’s no more. my main fun is with sony now. i’ll buy whenever nintendo is ready but i couldn’t care less

  • verymetal

    The announcement from Nintendo at Spike better be about the Wii U. Also, if it is Wii U related then please give the people some quality news. Not something like: A new rainbow level in SSB, or Koopa as a playable character in Mario Kart, etc. The announcement really needs to show everyone that Nintendo takes the Wii U seriously as a console that can compete with Sony and Microsoft.

    • Christian Schoff

      Except that that they stopped trying to compete years ago. They know the console war is foolish and immature. True gamers know that too.

      • verymetal

        I disagree with the whole “We are not competing” argument. Look, it is quite simple: If Company A releases a video game console and Company B releases a video game console then they are both competing for market share. Competition is a good thing because it makes better products for consumers. The console war is really just people saying that their particular console is better and they list the reasons why. Nothing wrong with that. Well, Nintendo needs to start having compelling reasons why the Wii U is the best place to play games. After one whole year on the market, they finally admit they made mistakes at launch. It is just hard to believe Nintendo because of all the hype surrounding the Wii U before it came out and all of the broken promises about it. Super Mario 3D world is a step in the right direction, but it should not have taken a whole year to be released.

  • Nintenjoe82

    Reggie: For 2014 we won’t let Wii U go through the same sales drought.
    January – Wii sports club boxing
    February – Wii sports club baseball
    March – Wii sports club golf…..

    • Christian Schoff

      Be quiet.

  • Super Mattio

    Can we please have a new F Zero game for Wii U and then Wave race please

  • CEObrainz

    I don’t feel this so called drought, but that’s mainly because I can’t afford to buy every new release that interests me. I get that there are not enough 1st party titles out yet but are there not some good 3rd party games you can currently buy. Next year I fear I’ll need to get another job to pay for all the games I’ll hope to buy.

  • Jon

    The 3DS was fine…. It was the Wii U that experienced the massive drought of games and marketing. Just fix that and you’ll be totally fine.

    • Christian Schoff

      The 3DS was the same at the beginning.

      • Jon

        yes I know but he is talking about next year. The 3DS doesn’t need more focus to keep a good steady stream of games coming because it already has that.

  • Anyone believe that…?….. anyone…? With the new systems out now, there’s a pretty good chance that Wii u software is going to hit a brick wall soon…

  • Super Mattio

    Please just consider making a new F Zero and after that a new Wave Race! I’m sure I’m not alone here when I say that these were gaming gold racers!

  • Justagamer

    I won’t say it’s weak for me ..Lots of games i still need to get

  • Jake

    2014 is the year for the gamer. Holidays this year are basically a mass appeal but mainly to the casuals. Why? Cause casuals won’t get ps4/xb1. It is an amazing steady regardless of what trolls say. 2014 will have x, DK, super smash bros, and possibly zelda and fire emblem. And wii u will have mario kart and yoshi that appeals to everyone. Really, Nintendo delays and release games for a reason and they have a plan. They don’t randomly do stuff

  • Malcolm Thomas

    If Stonefaced Sakurai is true to his word, He’d release Smash Bros. next year without any fear of delays. Assuming he had leaned his lesson from last time.

  • Hanlin Yee

    I believe that the Wii U should not rely solely on third party games, the problem is that it severely lack first party games. and I also feel that the wii u did not make an impression when it was first revealed, only showing the features instead. it can succeed developers need to work extra hard and add more variety.

    The 3DS was success, that was definitely the greatest E3 presentation ever. not only did it show the graphics but it also showed a massive amount of games as well, as some remakes.

  • linxz

    this guy’s full of it

  • Captinn2

    PLEASE bring Mother 3 and Mother 1 to Amrerica!!! OR ELSE IM GETTING A JOB AT NINTENDO AND BRINGING IT AMERICA!!!

  • Agent721

    Mariokart is what I want most!

    • Rinslowe

      Kart is looking crazy good! It genuinely looks to me like a fully interactive Pixar movie or something like that. And butter smooth. 1080p or 720p native, both ok in my opinion. Just release it already!

  • devmiles

    Reggie admitted that the Wii U drought in 2013 was a mistake the company made, but he says it’s a mistake they won’t make again with the 2014 schedule. That sounds so fucking corporate… piss off! Just listen to your customers, you know what they want..assemble the teams and GO!

    • Rinslowe

      That’s a pretty pessimistic way too look at it, lol. Especially considering Reggie is talking from a point of strength this time around….

      You can see he wouldn’t want to make a statement unless the cogs in the machine were already in motion.
      Advertisements are beginning to circulate, kiosks are being set up around North America, bundles are being promoted and oh yeah, Super Mario 3D World just got released with the best form of advertising a game can get these day’s; Universal appraise from every gaming website on the planet… (The lowest score being 8/ 10 while the average is 9.8…)
      Not bad is it?

      • devmiles

        i know it was meant positive but nintendo makes the same mistakes over and takes them too long to get to speed and i can already foresee that most of the titles will be delayed again or more postponed. the wii-u has some major shortcomings in my opinion and i’m not only talking software but overal policy, online, achievement system.. it’s all way too kiddy based. this friday i’ll be buying the new mario ofcourse and that one will keep me quiet for some time but not the way i look at nintendo over the course of years, shit has been pretty dramatic for the hardcore gamers, no doubt those went to sony…why in gods name for once just do what your customers want and take it serious. i mean i was fucking pissed with the 2ds thing..come on, there is a wii-u that needs delivery..what were they thinking. reggie may be reggie but this dude needs a kick in the ass asap

        • Rinslowe

          Wii U too kiddy? Nah, I like it just the way it is. And I game on PC most other days…
          Hardcore… lol to that.

  • Rinslowe

    Sounds good Reggie! Sounds real good…
    2014 does in fact have an absolute killer line up for Wii U!

    • devmiles

      if not postponed, cancelled, developers issues etc… let’s see first then believe

      • Rinslowe

        The first line of games had a decent excuse for being delayed… And I’ll take Miyamoto’s word over any other dude, yourself included.
        On that note, there is absolutely no reason to believe Nintendo’s first party games and exclusives ( incl. Bayo 2), will be delayed.
        Obviously, judging by Pikmin 3’s, WWHD’s and Super Mario 3D Worlds polish. Nintendo now seem to have a pretty good handle on HD development. In fact, looking at the performance of each of those titles and considering the specs for Kart (720p 60fps), Smash (1080p 60fps) and Bayo 2 (720p 60fps). I’d say Nintendo and close partners are doing a lot more than other well known studios in HD development already in comparison, lol.

  • Next is gonna be explosive!
    Nintendo learns from mistake, i like it especially how they admit it.
    And I’m excited to buy a wii U next year! So much to look forward next year!

  • Zuxs13

    ill believe it when i see it.

  • Pikachief

    can they get Bayonetta 2, X, Smash Bros, Mario Kart, AND Zelda U out next year? What about Yarn Yoshi? If all of those games can come out in 2014, 2014 would be a good year to own a Wii U.

    • Rinslowe

      Bayo 2, Smash and Kart are confirmed for 2014 as well as DK TF.
      X is uncertain… Yarn Yoshi also….

      Zelda U is almost certainly “not” coming in 2014. But we should get some tasty screens and at least a couple of demo’s after E3 2014.
      To be fair, if X is released next year then there is really no need to put out Zelda so soon (as much as we all want it, lol). X will be epic in it’s own right. Better to save Zelda for 2015, be a little strategic about those top tier titles. That’ll make it year 3…

  • DingoWalley

    Reggie, I have faith in you and your company (Which is actually Owned by Iwata) to keep this promise. Don’t let me and everyone else here down! Nintendomination 2014!

    • Iwata run Nintendo, as president and CEO. He doesn’t own Nintendo. Many people (called stockholders) technically somewhat own Nintendo. Nintendo is an incorporated company.

      Though, before Iwata became President, the original CEOs, a line of people from the Yamauchi family who started Nintendo, did technically own Nintendo, being its biggest stockholders during their time.

  • nexxus6

    Reggie, you nailed it months ago when you said that the launch line-ups for the Xbone and PS4 were “meh”. I have no reason to doubt you on this either.

  • I am Error.

    It’s still a little boggling trying to understand their motives behind an entire first year of lacking 1st party mega-titles… but hey, the recovery is simply amazing.

  • Random12multi


  • James Enk

    as long as they understand their mistakes and have the will to fix the in the future Nintendo will be alright

  • I’ll be in the background, heard enough words but no prove yet, 2014, bayonetta, X, mariokart, smash brothers, shin megami, that’s 5 games but a year has 12 months, so still 8 or 9 months without games, I hope we get some other interesting stuff, granted, monoliths X and Bayonetta2 will keep us occupied for atleast 3-4 months, makes the wait bearable, although I do hope these titles won’t be launched in November or December next year, but earlier, March, April or so.

    I’m not worried on 3ds, in the year I have one I haven’t been dry on games at all, in fact there are more games available then that I can buy. Yesterday got my golden 3ds Zelda bundle (it’s awesome, and it is probably clear, but in case it wasn’t I live in Europe, and we got Zelda last Friday πŸ™‚ ) I’m worried about WiiU, not 3DS. In a week or two we’ll get extra announcements according to Reggie, and that has to convince me to get that WiiU these holidays… I really wish Nintendo made more effort on WiiU from the beginning, instead of keep focus on 3DS, It can have a short break, so focus on WiiU instead.

  • companyoflosers

    i dont think 3ds has that problem, so why is it mentioned here? i hope nintendo isnt confusing itself by thinking that its 3ds releases has anything to do with ending the wii u drought.

  • Adecentboy777

    Wii U Launch and the first year was a disaster! I think ti will be better a bit with time, BUT Nintendo will never regain the old glory and have all the 3rd party support with this strategy like back with SNES! They made a LOT of MISTAKES a LOT!

    • Quicksilver88

      The first year had problems, especially until the 3rd qtr but too many good games have comeout now to call it a disaster. As for 3rd parties you said it and that is Nintendo has never had great support since Snes…yet N64, GC, and Wii all got some gems and WiiU will too. If you want multiplatform games Nintendo has not been the destination so get another system.

      • Adecentboy777

        I already did, but I hoped Nintendo would change something as their promised with the Wii U, but they didn’t. At least the 1 parties are good fun on the system, but that’s it. SO I bought it for some Nintendo exclusives like Zelda, Mario and so on. In near future I will probably get the games which come out on Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360 for Wii U, since it’s the strongest system among these 3.

        • Quicksilver88

          Well and actually for non-exclusive 3rd party the WiiU is not doing horrible for its first year….I mean you have good 3rd party games with Batman AC, NFSMW, COD, Deus EX, Injustice, AC4, Rayman, Splinter Cell, Skylanders….those are all very well done on WiiU and in some cases have the definitive versions. My bigger concern is even the superior versions (to ps360) like BatmanAC, NFSMW, AC4 and Rayman are not selling well so what type of 3rd party will we get going forward….also as much as people rag them….having no EA support is a big deal to a lot of gamers because of Madden and Fifa. If you look at what’s available this holiday WiiU looks pretty diverse other than the fact it has no sports games. Seeing that so many of these companies use ‘engines’ to build their games and have complained about the uniqueness of WiiU, I wish Nintendo would agree to pay to get the engine like Frostbyte built on WiiU or offer to ‘port’ it themselves. They always act like they want 3rd party but then act so indifferent to the companies that provide it….it is frustrating as if they would embrace and support 3rd parties (outside of Japan who they have good relations with) they could have the one system to rule them all because if they got all the 3rd paties with their own and other Japanese exclusives many gamers wouldn’t have a reason to purchase competing systems.

  • Cahone

    Too bad i bought this crummy system in 2012. 2014 is the year of ps4 and xbone.

    • Quicksilver88

      No system ever made has a strong lineup in year one and the ps4/xb1 will be no different….you are going to see allmost all the same games on ps360 and pc as those systems while WiiU will have unique content like MK8, SSB, FExSMT, Bay2, DKCTF and who knows what else…..3rd party is what worries me for WiiU but hey thats what I have every other system for.

  • Now when Nintendo hardware is proven to be rock solid and Nintendo also have fixed most of the firmware problems, it’s time to show the crowd it can also be genuine ultimate in games – while the competition is struggling with their techmonsters and problems related to them, Nintendo will show us some master skills in game world.

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Good to see Nintendo acknowledge their fauts and try to avoid making the same mistakes again. That being said, they said they’d learn from 3DS’s launch then look at what happened with Wii U. I don’t want to sound cynical but its possible, still, I’m optimistic. As long as some good new games are announced and released soon and the already announced games aren’t delayed then Wii U will have a good 2014.

  • Well, we’ll see. I sure hope so. At least someone there actually admitted it’s an issue and is being addressed. Hopefully, they don’t disappoint.

    Anyways, it’s too early for any pessimism about it, but it’s too early for optimism, too.

    • And this is so off-topic, but I had no idea Reggie’s 52 years old. I can
      see a little gray in his hair, but without a higher presence of
      salt-and-pepper hair, I would’ve placed him at more like 46. I guess
      his body really has been ready.

  • Javier Vega

    I am wating.

  • bugart19

    2013 was a difficult year for Nintendo and its fans, putting up with all the negativity but now it looks like Nintendo will be giving Sony and Microsoft some real competition as they push to sell their new consoles. Nintendo was smart to come out 1st as it knew it was going to be viciously compared systems that weren’t out yet, Nintendo must prove it is different from the others in a good way and sufficient for consumers who like to enjoy games.

  • fireheartis1

    My body is ready Reggie, My body is ready!!!!

  • john

    We could dwell forever on what Nintendo did wrong the past year. But what would be the point of that? They admitted their mistakes and hey, Super Mario 3D World reminded me that they’re still full of ideas. It might be hard now, but if they deliver steady releases of awesome titles, no one will care if the first year was slow.

  • Donny Conner II

    Whatever Reggie. My wii u has been collecting dust. Mario 3d comes out but I just got the new xbox. Guess I just give up at this point. Sucks for me.

  • Nintendoro

    Stay positive Reggie. Always stay positive… *he runs away screaming in panic knowing Wii U is doomed*

  • Commander Jim

    The 2014 lineup looks pretty weak to me. Another year without a proper 3D Mario game, no next gen Zelda game, no Metroid, no Starfox, no F-Zero. These are the games I buy Nintendo consoles for. And they are the games that sell systems. Looks like I’ll be waiting until 2015. If the console is still alive by then.