Dec 12th, 2016

The NES Mini is a great console packed with cool games and nostalgia. If you can find one, because it’s been sold out ever since it launched. Nintendo greatly underestimated the demand for the console, and now they’re finally admitting it.

In an interview with CNet, Reggie Fils-Aime spoke about the NES Mini, saying that “The overall level of demand is certainly greater than we anticipated, that’s why we’re suffering through the shortages out there in the marketplace.”

Nintendo underestimated the demand for the console so much that you cannot find an NES mini on eBay for less than $150 — that’s almost three times the MSRP.

And from the looks of it, the shortages will last over the Christmas holidays, meaning if you were hoping to get (or give) one, chances are you’re out of luck.

Via CNet


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