Dec 19th, 2013


Nintendo of America president and COO Reggie Fils-Aime recently spoke with Seattle NBC affiliate King-5, about a number of topics including the company’s Wii U marketing strategy for the holiday season if there’s any chance it would release games on smartphones.

Fils-Aime cited Nintendo’s core audience as a key piece of the Wii U’s recent success.

“The marketing has tremendously ramped up,” Fils-Aime said. “And really where it comes down to is being crystal clear in who’s your target. For us, this holiday with the Wii U, the target is parents and their kids. So if you’re watching primetime family entertainment, you’re seeing our marketing. If you’re a parent watching morning or daytime media, you’re seeing our content.”

The Nintendo exec also said the company is spending more on advertising activity for 3DS and that extra marketing expenses are higher for the Wii U compared to last year. 

When asked about producing games for smartphones and tablets, Fils-Aime reaffirmed that Nintendo games are meant to be played on in-house hardware. However, he did go on to reveal that Nintendo had been experimenting with mobile platforms, but clarified that it was mostly for marketing.

Fils-Aime didn’t specify how Nintendo would utilize the mobile market to drive gamers back to Nintendo hardware, although a fairly obvious example would be how Miiverse is accessible through non-Nintendo devices. This allows players to keep up with the latest activity on Nintendo’s social network, while keeping specific features exclusive to the Wii U and 3DS. 

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  • Sdudyoy

    Although I hate mobile games, I do think it would be cool to buy some of there soundtracks on a mobile phone, I don’t think classic Nintendo games would work on a Smart phone.

    • Wren Justin Umlauf

      I don’t want games, but I do like the idea of soundtracks. Nintendo has so much great music, but it’s not exactly available

      • readypembroke

        A Wind Waker HD soundtrack would be a MUST BUY for me!!!!!!!!!!

          • readypembroke

            I like the song that plays when you are in the boat in the day time sailing.

          • Wind Waker has an Awesome Soundtrack. Probably one of my favorites in fact. I wish I could find it for a reasonable price

            Ebay has a few but they are expensive

          • TheAquacharger

            That’s not really expensive. That’s typical price for Japanese CDs. I bought some Grasshopper soundtracks from the studio themselves and in the FAQ for the price they listed the top 10 selling CDs in Japan at that time and their retail value. Things in Japan cost a lot more. Hell games on average are 80+ USD.

          • Sdudyoy

            I could only imagine going boating with that song playing, I would probably never come back.

      • I have a few CDs from Nintendo that has that could be considered soundtracks. I have one from my copy of Skyward sword that has lots of Zelda Music on it. The 25th Anniversary

        I also have one I got with a Mario Game with Mario Music.

        There are others out there but they are expensive due to their rarity and popularity

        • Aaron

          It’s so pretty. I would frame it.

        • Mozellergodt

          How much ? : >

  • juancamiloarq

    Not much to say, but a lot share, my friends.

    • NintendoNoob

      It’s shocking how true that is, I mean look at us. We didn’t trash the Ps3 and Xbox 360 when they came out even though they did very poorly, and look at what happened to them. Microsoft and Sony got their shit together and ramped up games and marketing to make their consoles sell 50+ Million strong

      • Wayne Beck

        Too be fair, I did actually trash the 360 when it came out. Still do. Love Playstation. Wish the PS3 didn’t hurt them so bad. But Microsoft is a terrible company who has had no positive impact on the Industry. I really do hope their New CEO follows the rumors, cuts their losses and sells off or ends the Xbox brand.

        • NintendoNoob

          I hate Xbox too but I don’t want to be the fanboy who is blinded by rage to not see the benefits of an Xbox. There aren’t many but if every Nintendo fan acted like me we would be the most mature of the 5 console companies

          • Relick

            Ouya is not a console, it is a glorified phone without the phoning.

          • Jeffery02

            You may disagree, but I do have to say that the OUYA IS a console. It is nowhere near on par with the big 3, but it is AT LEAST worth acknowledgement. What the OUYA stands for is commendable in my eyes. There is quite a bit that the OUYA can do that even my Note II can’t. Just because it runs Android doesn’t mean that it’s limited to mobile quality games. It has potential, if not success.

          • NintendoNoob

            See? We’re so blinded by fanboyism that we don’t see the benefits of OUYA and just randomly hate it for no reason

          • Relick

            I have good reasons for disliking the Ouya. Sorry to disappoint you with the fact that I do, in fact, have a reasoning behind my opinions.

          • ufg

            I don’t see the logic in this. I presume you say it is a phone without the phoning because it has an ARM processor running android. Well XBONE is basically running a modified Windows RT on an x86 processor, would that not make it a glorified PC without the PCing? Aren’t all consoles basically glorified PCs without the PCing? Yet people still buy them, and enjoy them. Perhaps the current PC vs Console debate is going to become another mindless Phone vs Microconsole debate.

          • Relick

            Yes! Consoles are just glorified PCs.

            However the difference between a console and a PC is that the console is closed platform, but has a higher install base along with consistent hardware. This makes it great for devs who want to reach a large market with as little effort as possible. In addition, they are created by companies who have been in the industry for a long time, have a lot of money and a huge fanbase meaning the exclusives for them are exceptional and numerous, not to mention the amazing multi-platform games. It doesn’t make consoles perfect, they are always leagues behind PCs in terms of power, as I said they are closed platform which is a huge barrier to many devs and the DRM fiasco with the XBone is an obvious example of what happens when people misplace their trust. Overall though, consoles work for a reason.

            The difference between an Ouya and a (android) phone is that it is stationary, has a tiny consumer base and offers little alternative experience to a phone (1 game I think it was that was good that is soon to be non-exclusive anyway). The company that makes it was not able to venture into the market through experience or knowing the market well (opposite of Nintendo that failed many times until striking something that worked), but instead through crowdfunding which is a nice idea in theory although it lacks the ruthlessness of the capitalist market meaning that when it comes to actually selling the product, very few products even break out of their niche bubble (which is what makes crowdfunding worse, because it is both investment and purchase at the same time meaning the company is not accountable to loss and ultimately the consumer loses out).

            The Ouya may have been hyped and funded millions, but it is a product nobody wants, led by a company with no market experience or actual fucking common sense to realise that there happened to already be a much more powerful, much more versatile open platform with a global install base known as the PC. Had they noticed this as they typed up their kickstarter page, they might have noticed the stupidity of their endeavour. Their only selling point is the low price, although are you going to tell me that households buying an Ouya aren’t going to have a PC?

            Sorry for rant, tl;dr: Ouya fails at recognising the fact its competition is the PC which already has an impenetrable monopoly.

          • Kirbyomega

            what’s the fifth?

          • NintendoNoob

            Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, Ouya, and Nvidia/AMD/Steam

          • Kirbyomega

            Ah, thanks.

        • Graham Gillman


          • Josiah Parsons

            …will get sold to Nintendo!

          • DragonSilths

            Not going to lie that would suck. Nintendo would remove Halo’s online and make it rated T. Though 343i has ruined Halo and it will never recover. If anyone was to work on Halo it would be Bungie, nobody else.

          • Relick

            Are you sure? Why would you purchase an IP and then remove the very thing that keeps people playing it for hours?

            Also they have been very keen to put in proper online into games like smash bros and mario kart so it’s not like online is entirely off limits for Nintendo.

          • crocodileman94

            Remember Nuts & Bolts?

          • Relick

            That wasn’t Nintendo, although I do agree it was stupid.

          • Jeffery02

            Yeah, Nintendo has slowly been getting better with the online experience and the mature audience. I admit that Halo won’t have the same quality online experience as it did with Microsoft, but Nintendo IS getting there.

          • DragonSilths

            Nintendo doesn’t put online in their games much. To deny that is to be a fool. Its like if you gave Microsoft Zelda, they would make it rated m and turn it into a skyrim blood fest. Nintendo’s mindset is local not online. Plus Mario Kart and Smash Bros have no ranking system or DLC, that’s why people play Halo’s online.

          • T-X

            If anything Sony would swoop in and nab the Halo rights. But in all seriousness both Sony and M$ need to suck it up and make a collab console and stop tearing HD gamers apart with exclusives this and exclusives that.

          • DragonSilths

            Microsoft should leave the console market. They want to stay in gaming just be PC. Halo and such would become PC exclusives. Sony and Nintendo can each do their own thing. All is well.

          • Shigeru Miyamoto

            and Nintendo will say… “no thanks… we invented years ago… it’s called METROID and it’s everything halo isn’t and wishes it was.”
            or not… i don’t know … i don’t like halo but there sure millions that do.

          • DragonSilths

            Microsoft would just stick with PC and Halo would become a PC exclusive…

        • alex toschi

          To be fair Sony isn’t really that much better. At the end of the day each company is all about the almighty dollar. Nintendo has just been very communicative and open with it’s die hard fan base because they can’t afford to piss us off.

          • DragonSilths

            Yet Nintendo has been doing way more things over the past 2 years to piss us off then they used to. Mainly with the Wii U.

          • alex toschi

            Really? I’m perfectly happy with my Wii U and 3DS. Guess it’s different from person to person, all I can really say is I’d like more RPGs on the Wii U. and a Metroid. I know that’ll come in time, sometimes it’s good to wait for what you want the most out of a system.

          • DragonSilths

            I’m not talking in the games area. I’m talking Nintendo’s business moves and as a company. 3 years for Retro to do DK as a secret game? failing to advertise Wii U, overestimating being HD, so forth so long. They have made so many stupid decisions that could have been easily avoided. Admins on the Miiverse is another issue.

        • Jeffery02

          When the ENTIRE XBOX LINE has produced nothing but a total deficit, it’s clear that something is wrong. Microsoft had seen no annual profit from it until half-way into the 360 lifespan. The original Xbox was never profitable. The Xbox line is good for only one thing IMO, to be real competition for Sony’s PlayStation. Neither Sony nor Nintendo are competition for each other, so I guess someone needs to release direct competition to one of them.

          Don’t get me wrong though, people love the 360, it’s online play, and controller, and I do have to admit that they did some things right. The main place they fail at though are quality exclusives. When a game has that Nintendo seal on it, you expect a great game. Not so much with Microsoft.

          I feel that these are objective reasons for a subjective view, anyone disagree? Please be civil.

        • Dáibhí wotshissurname

          Yeah after the horrible Xbone reveal, I think they are at odds with their own target markets.

        • companyoflosers

          ha! ps3 didnt hurt them so bad? the ps3 had the worst sales out of the three companies last gen. it didnt help that the console was so darn expensive at release and months after as well. it had better hardware but nobody was developing for it at first because of the difficult architecture. id say developers STILL never grasped the full potential of the cell processor and probably wont with this new gen out. games for ps3 and 360 look early identical despite ps3 clearly being more powerful and 360 even had better lifetime sales. just more evidence contrary to the notion that powerful hardware means success. ps3 had some good exclusives but overall id say 360 had more and of those, more of them became iconic for gaming. saying microsoft has no positive impact is simply untrue. you are free to have your preference in platform but dont speak like your opinion is fact when the numbers say otherwise. Sony and Microsoft are both doing exactly what they are out to do which is make money. the better looking company will always be the one that spends more paying their PR guys, not the one that is actually the better company.

          • Wayne Beck

            “Wish the PS3 didn’t hurt them so bad.”

            Meaning, The PS3 hurt Sony. It hurt them really bad. Despite the fact that it has actually surpassed the 360 in Sales, they made no money off the console. The reason being, they were chasing the myth of Xbox’s success.

            Both consoles were complete failures from a business perspective. The PS3 put Sony on the Ropes and now the fate of their entire company rest on the shoulders of the PS4. The 360 was so unprofitable, the people who own Microsoft do not want them to waste money on Xbox anymore. Even the third party developers everyone insists Nintendo needs could barely make ends meet with those consoles and now we are stuck with annual sequels or ideas they believe they can turn in to annual sequels.

            I love Sony as much as I love Nintendo, but they need to stop chasing the Xbox Myth and go back to their own ideas or they are going to crash and burn.

          • companyoflosers

            to be clear, the consoles are never supposed to make money by themselves, its the games that play on the platform that are profited off of. its a perfect example of the saying “you have to spend money to make money”. Sony DID take it a bit far however apparently due to their “we cannot afford to fail this generation” statement that they made before release. Microsoft and Nintendo still somehow have money to burn through. xbox overall makes microsoft a killing in profit and nintendo has all the piles of wii and 3ds money they are rolling around in. the developers are not the people complaining about money here, they get millions just to develop one game, its the investors who are not happy because they have unrealistic return expectations. they make money but like it always is, its never enough. Nintendo if anything DOES need to branch out to the more mature audience. im not saying they themselves need to make shooters and gory games, thats not my definition of mature. id like to see them acquire a bigger variety of studios this generation so they have a bigger selection with more variety while still putting out the titles we have all come to expect. Ive never been a fan of Sony so idk what their deal is or why its so important to them to stay in this race but i cant imagine the mess of fans left behind with nowhere to go if Sony were to leave the hardware market. the biggest keys to success this gen is easy hardware to develop on, good first and third party titles with lots of variety and to make sure those titles are finished masterpieces and not rushed trash. im looking at you colonial marines!

          • Wayne Beck

            Nintendo definitely needs to work on the Variety of content they provide. It looks like they are diving head first in to the Action Game genre with Bayonetta, W101 and now Hyrule Warriors. Hopefully this is a sign of their willingness to push out of their comfort zone. There are still a few half announced games that have yet to be detailed and with any luck they will be the games that really take the Wii Us content in different directions.

        • Jonathan George Anaya

          So many things wrong with Sony Fanbot logic. MS made consoles with Hard drives when others were nickel and diming you with memory cards. Forget about that? And Xbox Live was Introduced on the original Xbox. So, they made Online Gaming Mainstream YEARS before their competition. Achievements? MS’ idea. Party chat? 360 did it 7 years before Sony’s PS4 finally caught up. Now MS is focusing on Cloud tech because *gasp* Next Gen consoles are Mid Range PCs. Yep, PCs slaughter these expensive new boxes. MS wants to be able to upgrade hardware over time using patches and the internet! That’s the future, Friend.
          Stop using your Phony logic

          • Wayne Beck

            Fanbot? That would imply that I only care about one company. In reality, I only hate one company, Microsoft.

            They were not the first company to put a hard drive in console.
            They were not the first company to do online play. The only thing they normalized was making you pay to play half the game you already bought.
            You could argue they created the best controller, but that it quite literally personal preference. I don’t like the Xbox or 360 Controller, too bulky.
            Achievements are not something to be proud of, they have only negatively impacted game development.
            Cloud Tech is not only unproven, but it will be likely obsolete before Microsoft does anything with it and it will only serve to increase the portion of the game you already bought not being able to be played without paying a fee.

            Microsoft has achieved nothing but making Video Games more expensive and more divisive.

          • Andreas Sunde

            HDD’s: limiting game saves to one machine (and even cloud saves take a lot more work than just popping a memory card in).
            Xbox Live: paying to play online, something which should be free (like it is on PC, and was for years before the Xbox).
            DLC: I shouldn’t have to write anything about this.
            Achievements: completely pointless, only for bragging rights.
            Party chat: I’ve heard so much about this, but stil don’t see the point. I can just use Skype on my PC, my tablet, or my phone. If I had a Vita, I could use that. For free.
            Xloud Tech: won’t work until the network knfrastructure of the world is fast enough, and that’s not gonnna happen in a long time.
            Halo: popularized online multiplayer, which has become a disease. Tacked on MP to get that CoD-money, completely fucking over the Single Player.

        • Nathan Verbois

          Xbox Live and Xbox Live Arcade had a HUGE impact on the industry…and so did Halo. There’s nothing wrong with the Xbox division. I wish it would get sold off or allowed to do their own thing as all of the hardworking, passionate and excellent people in that division deserve to let their creative juices really flow without the massive corporate oversight.

        • Rich Garriques

          im sorry but im going to seem like a fan boy and complete hater but. i think the game industry got worse because microsoft came into it. cause i knew since day one microsoft should of stayed making pc games and leave the gaming industry to the big boys sony , nintendo and sega r.i.p.. i mean lets name the positives microsoft has done for the industry can any of you think of any that involves innovating games and has nothing to do with social media and interface?. nope didnt think so lets explain the cons. to much fps games that influenced a community of brain dead gamers that just buy the latest call of duty game every year along with their xbox 360 console this is why you see more call of duty sales for xbox 360 all the time simple because its the preferred console for fps games did i just say fps? yes i did earlier see what i mean?. boring repetitive halo that is a franchise that is now dieing yes i said it dieing. halo has been good since the first one.but all i see it as is a illuminati game if you don’t believe me just look into how master chief was created then come back to me on that.

      • DragonSilths

        Hey now, lets get 1 thing straight. The Xbox 360, you have to subtract 2/3 of its total life time sales due to people buying multiple systems from RROD and such.

      • greengecko007

        That’s generalizing. There are plenty of Sony and Microsoft fans that have no problem with Nintendo or their products, and there are plenty of Nintendo fanboys (many on even this website) that regularly attack Sony and Microsoft.

        But I’m glad you don’t engage in fanboyism. Stay classy.

      • Rich Garriques

        you mean sony got their shit together its 360 thats garbage right now. when was their last exclusive? that joke of a game gears of war judgement? thats a rehash of gears 3

    • Mario

      A never-ending cycle for this company’s consoles.

      • Rinslowe

        I’m afraid so…
        Doomed to be successful.

    • Jeffery02

      Fail or success, being a gamer is all about having fun. If you can enjoy a console that everyone else dooms, then who’s the REAL loser?

      Nintendo has it’s faults as well as room for improvement, but the things that Nintendo does well exceed anything that anyone else can do. Sure I get games JUST for the Mario and Zelda titles, but that’s because I have never played one that disappointed me. When I jump into a Nintendo game based solely on faith and that game delivers, then my faith slowly grows.

      I get Nintendo products because they are Nintendo, this is true. The fact that it IS a Nintendo product though is NOT what keeps me coming back. If there’s a bad Nintendo game, then I’ll admit it (Fling Smash was disappointing). Most Nintendo games, however, are made with the kind of quality that you just don’t see anywhere else. Nintendo rarely makes a “cookie-cutter” set of games, and they get a certain amount of respect from me for that.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Lol at those haters! Nintendo is failing even though I love them…

      • juancamiloarq

        I know what you mean. Ever since I bought my Wii U it has been a whole dissapontment in a matter of games but for the last couple of months. Issues like this take a lot of time to be pached up, and Nintendo has clearly been doing something about it. Dunno if it’s going to be enough, but sales have been moving on the desired direction on this Holliday season. I hope every thing comes to be as we all have expected from the beginning.

  • Wren Justin Umlauf

    I just hope we get more marketing for the “high skilled gamer”, as Nintendo likes to call it, next year. And I wonder how many times Reggie will be asked about smart phones before he starts smacking head together.

    • TaintedXGamer

      a gif with a guy (put reggie’s face on it) Smacking 2 haters (insert ps/xbox fan hating faces on em) would make my day! 😛

    • Cube

      People who play Kill Zone,Halo or COD on X1 or PS4 aren’t much skilled gamers.

      • yes, like me in Mass Efect 3 (wii u) i get hit… i can’t die, i only need to hide some seconds and i get healed

        • ElCharlo

          cover is for pussys and asaris

          • ah ok! so go to the war…

          • ElCharlo

            I do, every night with my Krogan to save the galaxy

      • Wren Justin Umlauf

        Im sorry but I’ll have to disagree with you there. As a fan of many different types of games, I know that it takes skill to play those games as well. It’s just a different type of skill involved. Fast reaction times, understanding your surroundings, and the skill of teamwork.

        • Rich Garriques

          no it doesn’t all it does is increase your alertness , you need absolutely no tactics whatsoever in those games. you think its more intelligent because other people are working with you doing the same thing but its not. all these games train you to do is be a soldier on the field. did you know call of duty is sponsored by the us military?

          • Wren Justin Umlauf

            Are you saying US soldiers aren’t skilled? Because I’m pretty sure there is a huge amount of skill involved with what they do. And no… Halo, and/or Call of Duty does not teach you how to be a soldier on the field. Even though I do pretty well in both of those games, I know I would die very fast on a real battlefield.

      • Rich Garriques

        this is true i found that about 80% of gamers that play fps games that are military geared or a sports game like nba 2k are not good at any other game period. im not lying this is indeed 100% true.

    • Leo

      I don’t think they will change the market strategy for the “high skilled gamer”. They know that this area is completely saturated with the two other consoles, they are better secured with the kids and the parents that those other consoles seems to ignore.

      • MujuraNoKamen

        They should change their strategy to appeal to skilled users. They might be secure with families due to great games like Mario 3D World and Nintendoland but skilled users are still open to Nintendo – look at the success of WW HD, MH3U and Xenoblade – it’s just that Nintendo doesn’t do a lot to outwardly appeal to them. Nintendo should try and appeal equally to both demographics, that way they’ll steal the spotlight from PS4 and XBO. it’s not fair on hardcore gamers to be ignored by half the market, and if Nintendo only appeals to casuals then the next Zelda, Metroid, B2, X will flop.

    • Squid

      To let you all know, the “high skilled gamer” is actually the Hardcore gamer. Which is pretty much none of the CoD, Killzone, and other “hardcore games”. If you beat Megaman (any of them) without using the other weapons then I will consider you a hardcore gamer.

      • nonononono… we know that… but most of the people think that the ones that he say are the skilled gamers.

        • Squid

          Oh I’m aware. I just had to let that out for all the trolls out there.

        • DragonSilths

          A Hardcore gamer used to be someone who had a passion for gaming and played many different genres of games, FPS, FPA, Platformers, Puzzle, everything basically.
          Nowadays the term Hardcore gamer has been mutated into a FPS fanboy. or in simple terms, “Nintendo Haters”

      • Jeffery02

        Hardcore literally means dedicated or unfailing loyalty. I always felt that a hardcore gamer was one that enjoys all, if not most, genres of games. If you can list the genres you enjoy on one hand, then I don’t think that you are a hardcore gamer.

        Most people are hardcore only to a specific genre, but they are far from being a hardcore gamer. A lot of people have put their own definition to the word “hardcore”, and they couldn’t be more wrong. If you are a hardcore FPS gamer, fighting gamer, or sports gamer, then I’m sorry but you’re NOT a hardcore gamer.

        • Squid

          That’s a better discription than mine. Thanks.

  • Coffee

    Nintendo: ruining their image and giving into their stereotypes just because

    • Why is marketing for kids damaging? I loved Nintendo as a kid just as I do as a adult. Grab ’em when they’re young.

      • Mendoza Manuel

        That would be at least 3 years of hard time

      • Alexander Kleinwechter

        Best reply ever made by humans!

      • MujuraNoKamen

        Grabbing them while they’re young is a great idea but what if when the kids grow up they want to play more grown up games that they can’t get on Nintendo platforms. I’m not suggesting that Nintendo turn away from E-Rated games but they shouldn’t neglect adult gamers either.

    • I see it as Nintendo staying true to who they are meaning not giving into the making games they do not want to make and realizing that family values and human interaction in the more personal sense is important to them. They are one company that makes certain types of products. I never see anyone calling out Disney because they do not make any rated M games and keep their software and the vast majority of their media content family oriented. That is who they are and why should they change just because someone thinks their competitors make different content.

      • DOLBYdigital

        Well said Bob!! I never thought of the analogy with Disney before but it works 🙂

        • I think people get confused because Microsoft and Sony also make consoles and make different types of games they feel Nintendo should too. Does anyone go to Rockstar games and tell them they need to make a Kart Racer or Platformer type game?? No!

          Also I think some gamers are a bit sore because you can only get Nintendo games on a Nintendo and the market is flooded with choices from other game publishers to fill the need for games in different genres

      • Coffee

        I was talking about the recent ads not the games

        And nintendo is funding bayonetta 2 so…… technically counts as them having an m rated game

        • They have other M rated games too I believe. However I do agree their marketing team could use a little refresh. For many years Nintendo relied on the gamers and word of mouth to sell their games so their commercials have always been minimal in my opinion. I think that needs to change a little and they need to advertise all of what they are about instead of only focusing on one or two games at a time.

          As much as I hate to say it Sony has a very good Marketing team that shows off their game library and what the system is about in a modern action filled commercial.

          • Coffee

            Sony has THE best ads on TV period

            Kevin Butler

            Perfect day

            Greatness awaits

            Dude get your own

            Marcus psp (controversial, but I enjoyed them)

            Sony makes entertaining ads, not just ads. Nintendo did have a good 3ds campaign it was early 2012 or late 2011 but they had these 3 or 4 guys in a 3ds ad campaign that spawned multiple funny commercials, I loved those ads, I wonder what happened….

      • DragonSilths

        “Not giving into the making games they do not want to make” STARFOX, F-ZERO!!!

        • I am sure those are coming eventually but I really meant that I have heard that Nintendo should make and cannot compete with the likes of games like CoD, GTA, and others because of silly reasons like their graphical art style.

          • DragonSilths

            Compete with COD? Other then sales numbers COD isn’t anything to brag about. It fails on everything but sales numbers. 0/10 on fun factor, 0/10 on innovation, 0/10 on gameplay 0, 0, 0!!!! As for GTA…generic junk.

      • DragonSilths

        And Disney was pretty sketchy way back in the days…

    • Squid

      Lol, same can be said to the other systems, though they aren’t advertised they usually end up being bought by little kids who want to seem grown up.

      • DragonSilths

        There is supposed to be a MLP thing on that lol.

      • Jeffery02

        Pokemon is the PERFECT game for all ages. It is simple for those that just want to play Pokemon, but it is also challenging to get the most out of it. After completely more than half of the current Pokedex, I can confirm that catching all 718 Pokemon isn’t tedious work. It’s actually not repetitive, full of difficult planning, and a lot of work. CoD could be played by near brain-dead zombies through nothing more than muscle memory and minimal information processing.

        • Squid

          Of course. There are gamers who either play it competitively or normally, I’m competetive but I really like that game.

    • DragonSilths

      Most Nintendo fans were kids when we played the NES…Growing up playing Nintendo makes you for the most part a kinder person. Basically if your not Canadian the only way to grow up being as nice as us Canadians is to grow up with Nintendo.

      • A thing they’ve practically built themselves on? We were all kids when we bought our first Nintendo consoles.

        • DragonSilths

          Well lets be honest here, our parents bought us our 1st Nintendo system. Unless you were a child slave making a penny a day…

          • You get the idea anyway, so it’s a bit unnecessary to point that out. I was 6 when my mom bought me a GameCube, now I’m 18 about to get a Wii U.

    • Deadpool U

      So Nintendo is ruining their image by marketing to kids to show that video games today aren’t all about blood gore violence?

  • The Clockwork Being

    Funny how Nintendo keeps saying this. Yet when they buy stocks from a Smartphone company, analysts claim that Nintendo is moving to smartphones and the stocks value for Nintendo goes up so much.

  • Justagamer

    Nintendo does not need to make games for Phones..Phone gaming is crap..Nuff said

    • val berger

      no it isn’t crap. Sure, Nintendo needs their dedicated system to spread their creativity, so the only thing they could do is creating their own Android-Phones with physical buttons, but Sony tried that out and didn’t really succeed.
      Stil there are many games for mobile devices proving, that quality gaming can be achieved there and if you think it’s crap then it would be one more reason for Nintendo to go there. If it would already be so great, then why trying to get Nintendo over there?
      But yeah, in the end I agree that Nintendo should stick to WiiU and 3DS until they throw out successors. Gaming on the Phone can be quite fun, but it’s a completely different market. Just check out SEGA. They are creating stuff for mobile devices and they have just become one of thousands. Nintendo doesn’t want to go down that path, because they just need this dedicated special status.

      • Justagamer

        Nah i disagree ..but if you like phone gaming..more power to you but i still think it’s crap but that’s just me..Phone gaming is for people who are taking a dump and can have something to do while waiting

        • val berger

          you’re actually right with that audience, but as there are about 10times more users of mobiledevices than there are of anything 3DS-like, there are also quite bigger gaps to fill. So there are quite some very good games made for those devices that truly show what could be possible when developers aren’t just trying to fish for money by creating some farmville-ish freemium crap. If you take a look at games like Sword & Sworcery EP or Badland, then there are 2 examples of what I’m talking about. I’m not the biggest fan of most mobile device games, but then again it’s just a platform and of course there can be good software produced for it. It’s just wrong to ignore this like it’s wrong to ignore Nintendogames just because they are happy & colourful. creativity can come in many shapes and on many platforms.

          • Justagamer

            Like i said nintendo were not made for phones…Now if nintendo did a type of phone that played the older stuff and it had controls but i don’t see that happening

          • val berger

            although I don’t see that either, Nintendo actually did already work on something like that I think about 10 years ago but then abandoned that concept. It was that time when things like the Nokia NGage came up which somehow proved Nintendo right, but then again who knows. Maybe their concept would have been the one concept to rue them all and actually it’s not like this wouldn’t still be possible. But yeah, dedicated handheld devices & home consoles are also more how I like things . Just sayin, just because this whole mobile-device-market doesn’t seem to be that appealing, that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t still be with Nintendo producing things for it.

    • Thiago Gaspar

      People bitch about Nintendo not making Phone games because Nintendo’s hardware suck ass, I mean just compare the lcd screen of the 3ds against a modern smartphone.

  • Antar Rodríguez

    im not really against nintendo in the phone market, as long as they keep doing games and home consoles im cool with it, beside it would be nice having a link to the past or a pokemon game in your smart phone with full features

  • Ben Kapferer

    Well, what if Nintendo made their own phone?

    • DragonSilths

      The NPhone, yes we have all talked about that before.

      • Ben Kapferer

        So have I.

  • Shadao

    I’ve seen a whole section dedicated to Nintendo Consoles at Toys R’Us last week. It was clean, organized, and had two Wii U demo stands with Zelda Wind Waker and Super Mario 3D World playing. The store employee there was friendly and helpful, clearly explaining the prices and deals available at Toys R’Us, and is even well-informed of the differences and benefits of the Wii U compare to the Wii. Heck, Call of Duty is prominent in that section, as if telling consumers that yes, it does have COD. Quite a lovely experience for me. I want to go back there and buy some games.

  • val berger

    Reggie isn’t really in my circle of trust anymore. Maybe he’s right, maybe not, who knows. I bet not even he knows. He’s just blabbering his marketing 101 and hopes some shareholders might eat it.

    • Pikachief

      He doesn’t know. He’s just the mouth of Nintendo for the region of America. He doesn’t have much power in the company.

      • val berger

        well yes & no. he’s representing the company towards millions of gamers, not just in america, I’m here in Europe also watching his appearances, so he may not be the one to pull the triggers, but the one that shapes a certain impression. Not sure if people in his position just have to be those boring marketingguys that could never really answer a question without trying to sell you all of their products at once, at least in the western markets. For Europe, I wish we had at least someone like him. True, I’m getting sick of his fanblending-talk, but here marketing literally doesn’t exist for Nintendo.

  • MujuraNoKamen

    More advertising is a good start but how good are the ads, if it’s more of the same actors and shit then they still face the problem of people not differentiating Wii and Wii U. If they can get people on board with the surprisingly good 3DW ads then great but what about AC4? Watch Dogs? These are the games people are buying PS4s for so shouldn’t Nintendo get in it while people are buying consoles in droves.
    If people could see that Mario, DK, CoD and Watch Dogs are all on the same affordable system then Wii U would do well and steal the spotlight from the competitors, but it seems like Nintendo don’t care about 3rd parties doing well and don’t value adults and hardcore gamers – by which I don’t mean Halo fanatics as they’re about as hardcore as, well… they’re not hardcore! I’m talking about gamers who play a great variety of games. Nintendo is getting there with WWHD, W101, DK, 3DW but how about mature games? No Eternal Darkness, no Metroid. Hardcore gamers who needs mature titles as much as the next Starfox aren’t getting any love and we have to rely on dwindling 3rd party support. If they build up the install base with Kids and families then that’s OK but how many are going to buy Bayonetta or X when they come out? None. Nintendo are setting themselves for failure so how about they do something for everyone not just kids.

  • D2K

    Nintendo still has a lot of work to do. Have to crawl before you can walk. A lot of damage from admittedly bad business practices. However they are making progress. I think that they could have a Nintendo APP for mobile phone which would alert you to a Nintendo Direct and give you a link to watch/download it on your phone. That’s one extremely cheap and easy way to expose Nintendo Direct to people whom don’t know about it.

    • readypembroke

      Bad business practices???!?!!??! Your dumb, you are thinking of Microsoft you dummy!

    • Andreas Sunde

      What exactly do you mean by “bad business practices”? A clarification would be nice.

  • kutral

    Parents and Kids :/
    I would prefer whole family, im not a parent yet and im not a kid :/

    Im 29 years old and i live with my girlfriend, we love Nintendo games, but we think that the marketing has to focus not only and parents and kids

  • companyoflosers

    “The Nintendo exec also said the company is spending more on advertising activity for 3DS and that extra marketing expenses are higher for the Wii U compared to last year. ” sounds like excuses for future lack of marketing for the wii u. if only theyd give it the same amount of attention as they did the 3ds, theyd have no problem repeating the success seen in the sales of the original wii… except you know, people would actually play the wii u rather than it gathering dust.

  • Will (ishigum)

    It would be really cool if they did release a couple of their 3DS titles for the Android/iPhone to get more casuals interested in their brand (not to mention make a few extra bucks on the side).

    It would be even cooler if they allowed some integration with our Smartphones / iPhones and the Wii U. That way we can use our phones as the secondary/third/fourth screens and they can release an even cheaper Wii U bundle without the controller.

    I know I know but a man can dream right?

    • MujuraNoKamen

      I like the idea of using a phone/tablet as a controller, if it came with a peripheral with all the buttons & sticks then it would work fine – it could also allow for remote play like PS4/PSV.

  • Nintendoro

    Time for Nintendo to go beyond Mario and Zelda. New IPs needed badly

    • Pikachief

      I find it kinda silly whenever people say Nintendo needs new IPs when they have stuff like

      Donkey Kong
      Fire Emblem
      Chibi Robo
      Animal Crossing
      Wii / Mii series
      Pilot Wings
      Steel Diver
      Custom Robo
      Kid Icarus
      Advance Wars
      Star Fox
      Brain Age
      Golden Sun
      Eternal Darkness
      Excite bike / truck
      Ice Climbers

      I’m sure there’s plenty of other non-Mario/Zelda/Metroid titles, but they just don’t sell very well compared to those 3 franchises.

      Maybe if people actually bought their newer IPs, they’d make them, and maybe if their more mature games sold better they’d make more of those too, but they don’t.

      • val berger

        Because Nintendos franchisesystem just doesn’t work like those of other companies. Especially because Nintendo is one single company where others like Sony has some 2nd/3rd parties. While Nintendo tries to have one game for one genre/gameconcept, Sony has like 10 IPs for one genre and 0 for others. And I wouldn’t say one strategy is better than the other, both have their strenghts and weaknesses. On the PS3 you really have great choice, as long as you are into Actionadventures or similar stuff. At Nintendo’s, there may not be as much Action Adventures, but if there’s coming one, then it’s something like a Zelda or a Metroid game, which makes it worth waiting for it.
        So it’s kinda naturally, that the mainstream masses just want to see something fresh coming up from Nintendo, not always the same stories and concepts we know for ages now. It’s a time were especially Indies are spreading fresh ideas and concepts like maniacs across every steam/PSN/eshop and whatever else, so fresh concepts have quite shorter lifespans today, it’s more naturally that a game with a certain quality, especially if its from Nintendo, would have some good gameplay ideas, but that’s not enough anymore. People want some fresh emotions, storytelling, some new environments. When I watched the announcement of Dr. Luigi, it was like the weirdest example of what I’m talking here, as I really don’t think, Nintendo should put resources in something like that and really should concentrate on surprising us with something more appealing, interesting, not already 1000times seen.
        Additionally, I think Super Mario 3D World seems to underline my statement, as It somehow seems as if Nintendo kinda brutally collected so dammmmmn many ideas and concepts and put those into this one game. Back in the days, the half amount of those concepts found in this game would have been enough and Nintendo somehow noticed, that today they needed to create more, more and more. So, yeah, great that in this case it really turned out to work as this game just rocks, especially because of that and it somehow proves to me, that Nintendo really still has the chance to move forward still being able to surprise us, if not with new IPs, then at least with a ton of creativity. But they should really invest everything possible into pushing this creativity as far as possible.

        • Which genres does Sony have 0 games in…?

          • val berger

            How many games are there like Pikmin? OK, it’s kinda unfair as on the other hand, there’s nothing like Journey on a Nintendoconsole, I’m just saying that the proportions of focused audiences and gametypes are different with every company. If you are into Jump & Runs, you may go for Nintendo, even if there are some nice J&R available on PS/XB. I personally still think those are just good enough to accomodate request, but not really stand out in a way they do on Nintendo systems. Same can be said in the other directions with franchises that are strong on the PS like Uncharted or God of War.
            Neither Nintendo nor Sony have actually 0 games of something, but I’m talking the stuff that would make me really wanna play it. Sony has a Smash Bros-Rip off and more than just one Mario Kart Rip Off and I don’t care about any of them (and I played all of them) it’s just not the same. Just like Nintendo would try to bring something like Last of Us on the WiiU. It’s not like these things would be impossible to do, but chances it would world aren’t really high.

  • Adam Porter

    eh is reggie actually saying that this console is really just for kids in this article??

    • MujuraNoKamen

      I get that vibe from it too. It really annoys me quite honestly, do Nintendo think it’s been casuals and kids supporting them through the hard times? They haven’t been, it’s been gamers supporting them, gamers who need variety from Nintendo. We’ve got great stuff like WW HD, SM3DW, MH3 etc but it should be so much more. Not too long ago Iwata said they would focus on families this year and deal with “skilled users” next year which makes me feel undervalued as a fan. Appealing to youngsters and casuals is fine but not when it comes at the expense of the hardcore gamers, why not appeal to both this year, do one ad focusing on Party games and Kids games, and another showing AC4, X, Bayonetta 2, MH3, Ghosts. That way you’ll appeal to both ends of spectrum.
      Nintendo acts like having a few mature titles will ruin its image it wont. As long they do games like Mario and Wii Sports then appeal to E-Rated audience. During the PS1, Sony had games like Crash and Spyro for younger gamers, but they also had Resident Evil and GTA for adult and teenagers and the platform did well. Meanwhile Nintendo didn’t do remarkably well in part due to only focusing on one demographic. Take the Kinect too, it was marketed entirely for casuals but 360 still did well because they continued to release a great variety of games like Halo Reach and Red Dead Redemption. The time has come for Nintendo to grow up a bit.

    • boynhisblobs

      What i get from it is that gamers already know about the Wii U and have made their choice, be it to buy it, wait to buy it or never buy it. But the marketing is geared towards parents and kids, the people who think its just an accessory to the Wii. Its just about getting the word out to their target audience that bought a tons of Wii’s last time. The gamers don’t need commercials, we’re on sites like this one.

  • thesilent
    These writers. never stop trying do they.

    • MujuraNoKamen

      I saw that earlier and closed the tab after 2 sentences. How are people stupid enough to buy this crap? It took Sega several failures to go 3rd party so why should Nintendo go after just 1 year of mediocrity when things are set to go up. Let’s not forget they’ve got 3DS raking in the cash and even if that couldn’t cushion the loss, they’ve got billions in the bank, they can survive one flop. Even if Wii U were to fail, they shouldn’t switch to iphone, even if they stopped supporting the console they’ll focus on 3DS not move to mobile, that way people are still forced to go to Nintendo for their games. Moving to mobile wouldn’t replace Wii U, it would just undercut 3DS which is suicide especially given how well 3DS is doing.
      Why am I even dignifying this with a response.

    • Will (ishigum)

      *rolls eyes*
      Wow it never end does it?

  • Tyugi

    All I can say is that I have been a Nintendo gamer since the NES days, when Sega was still around. I’ve always chose to stick it out with Nintendo tho we did have all the consoles you know and love. You knew it was me that purchased the Nintendo! The next console should be named UNES – “Ultra Nintendo Entertainment System” “Famicom”? Should we kill the “U”? As with #juancamiloarq Kudos that is indeed The Nintendo Cycle, which I blame Nintendo for many times they seem to isolate themselves out in the big “Red Ocean” and in the end when all is said and done, Reggie truly is Kicking Ass and Taking Names and Nintendo is making games. .

  • Shigeru Miyamoto

    if the next 3ds has a better resolution and two thumb sticks and has text msg like japan. if only they could improve the web browser and be able to make phone calls then i would give up my phone and only use a 4DS. it would be awesome.

  • Shigeru Miyamoto

    Nintendo should merge the hand held console… everything going digital…. the next nintendo console will be a 4DS that streams to a roku like device on your tv and plays on your tv…. then when you leave the house you can play on the go… daaaamn!!! imagine that.

  • brik27

    Nintendo.. I love you and the wii u. I got it last week and its awesome. But, I feel your going after the wrong market. You should have adds for games like Beyonneta 2, X, or SSB4. Don’t go after casuals again, they already have smartphones and tablets (and the wii) Your just scaring away 3rd parties with these commercials of families playing wii sports.

    • WellWisher

      He said they’re going for families this holiday season. Iwata has already stated that they’ll be chasing gamers next year.

  • PachterStation

    Nintendo doesn’t release a lot of games and most of their games are the same old franchises. Nintendo builds consoles that are good enough for their own games. Can’t say I have any faith with releases in 2014 and onwards. Top brass at Nintendo HQ are just not cutting it. The shareholders should be voting them out.