Aug 30th, 2014

Over the past month or so, there have been countless people dumping ice water on their heads to raise awareness for ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. People will dump ice water on themselves, and then nominate some others to do the same thing. Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime was nominated by Microsoft’s Phil Spencer, who challenged him last week.

Now Reggie has completed the challenge, and included all of Nintendo of America’s employees, urging them to donate to the ALS organization, and gave them a chance to dump water on all of the Nintendo of America executives. Including himself, of course.

The ice bucket challenges have raised a lot of awareness for ALS, and they’ve no doubt raised a lot of money for the organization.

But a recent inquiry into the finaces of the ALS foundation revealed that 50% of all money they raised last year went to the salaries of the people who work for the organization, with the CEO raking in $340,000, and most of its directors making well over $100,000.

Think about that when you’re dumping a bucket of ice on your head.

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  • Reggieice. Also first! :p

    • Vorpal Blade

      Ha! I see what you did there.

  • Bowsah

    Umm….wasn’t there already an article about this? John? Do you not keep up with your own site?

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Not about the recent inquiry that he mentioned near the end of the article of where the donations go. I don’t believe that was brought up in the last article. If he is correct about those unheard details, then it is news worth mentioning, even if it comes from John. ;P

      • Bowsah

        Ha ha, true. But in that regard, Ashley could have just added that little detail in with an “update” to the previous article. That seems like a more logical thing to do. But I guess John wants to do it the “hard way” and waste not only time, but money as well. Think about it…all the “revenue” were giving this site is used to do stuff like this…I think John might be trying to rub in the fact that with all the revenue we’re giving him, he can do whatever he wants. :/

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          “I think John might be trying to rub in the fact that with all the revenue we’re giving him, he can do whatever he wants. :/”

          Course he can. That’s really the bottom line there. Only thing we can do, is not click or comment on his articles, but I doubt many will go along with that. It’s just easier to hate on him. Kinda sad, considering, he doesn’t care as those hate comments are bringing in the money. Lol.

          • Bowsah

            To be fair, probably the people who clicked on this article wanted to see if there was something different about it or just a copy paste article. As for why would those people comment on an article they don’t like……your guess is as good as mine.

            I don’t hate on John, by the by. I know that statement meant in a generally way, but I’m just letting you know. I actually like it whenever he writes an article. I honestly find it humorous whenever he takes a jab at Nintendo for whatever reason. Some people take it a bit too personal, in my opinion.

      • iamserious

        That specific part did not need its own article on WiiUDaily. Sure it’s good to know but this is still a double posted article. Makes this site seem a bit silly.

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          A bit silly seems to be the norm around this site for the most part, not generally bad of course. It could have been updated, but none of us are perfect, so I’m not going to make a big fuss about it. At least, there was news posted today to keep to the daily standard, which the site is known for.

      • Thomas Vienna

        That part was included in the video, though.

        EDIT: nevermind, it wasn’t. Does anyone know how to delete comments?

      • BrBa

        LOL funny troll comment, me gusta ;D.
        Edit: nvm, you’re right, that IS important.

  • Marlon Frijters

    His body was….rrr…. WET!

  • Sasuke Uchiha

    Reggie’s body was ready.

    • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

      Do You Mean His Body Was Reggie

  • Bob Singh
  • Timothy Mercier

    When did this become a political site?

    • Thomas Vienna

      Really? 1. It’s Reggie getting ice water dumped on his head, that’s the whole point of watching the article. 2. ALS awareness is not even politics, really, it’s medical.

      • Timothy Mercier

        Read the last paragraph and last sentence, this is absolutely a political piece. The writer just couldn’t help themself. I want gaming news, I don’t look at regular news for a reason. There is corruption everywhere you look.

        • Thomas Vienna

          Yeah, I didn’t actually, until now. I just assumed the article had the same content.

  • I’ve already heard of that inquiry, I still enjoy watching people dump ice water on themselves though.

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Same. It’s nothing new that we never heard about pertaining to donations, but it was never brought up on WiiuDaily, so it does count as news. Despite that, I think the ice bucket challenge, is a good cause.

  • FutureFox

    This topic was already covered. Wii U Daily really need to learn the art of comparing notes. The stuff at the end has little to no bearing on Wii U news whatsoever. Bait article to make a political point which has no business here.

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Thats kinda the point. To bait you into commenting, as we all do. So, it’s old news one way or another in that regard.

  • Lusunup

    I don’t get “news” anymore… thanks for recycling articles wiiudaily.

    • Dialated

      m.ign. com posted all the new nintendo stuff before wiiu daily did. it’s kinda silly I’ll be on there then I’ll come here and check lol

      • Thomas Vienna

        Heck, I always come to this website second for cross-referencing.

  • Ducked

    This has already been covered, yes. But this has never happened before, so no big deal.

  • NintendoFan4Life

    Can they at least tell us where to donate? These people just make videos of theseselves getting wet and don’t mention anything else about ALS…

    • Thomas Vienna

      I think it is implied that you just find somewhere that donates to the cause.

  • PS4WiiURocks

    Reggie…You rock!

  • BrBa

    “But a recent inquiry into the finaces of the ALS foundation revealed that 50% of all money they raised last year went to the salaries of the people who work for the organization, with the CEO raking in $340,000, and most of its directors making well over $100,000”

    WTF ? You mean about half of $100 Millions are going to these greedy, dumb fuck mother fucker 1% ??? But more importantly, YOU MEAN MY $10 IS GOING TO WASTE FOR NOTHING !!!!! THAT’S TWO FUCKING CEASAR PIZZAS RIGHT THERE!

  • reneb86

    The political point in this article doesnt belong here. This is a site for videogames that cater to all walks of life. The author is implying that 50% of all ALS donations will go to a select few. Considering that the ALS donations probably surpassed the 100 mil mark by now, this would be a very bad thing. But of course this is not the case. The directors have a fixed salary plus a bonus part. They do not get 50% of all revenue. I am not sure why the author choose to imply this. Maybe he is against donations generally and feels that all expenditure should generate their own revenue in a free market (which isn’t my own but is still a very valid point of view). Or maybe he is trying to justify not donating himself (which is where most of these ‘corrupt charity’ arguments are coming from). Either way. Yeah its true that donators are paying a portion of the salary of some execs. But its also true that ALS is an infliction that requires attention and every donation helps. People shouldnt try to influence each other on these matters. Feel grateful that you get to choose who you will and who you won’t fund. And be careful about implying skewed facts to score political points.

  • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

    His Body Was Ready and His Body Was Reggie

  • Deluxejoe

    But he didn’t challenge anyone at the end.

  • Spencer

    Now this is a company that still knows how to have fun. I <3 Nintendo

  • MewtwoWillBeBack


  • bistricky

    ….. AND in other important news ….

    ‘Bayonetta 2’ release date for North America announced: October 24th
    ‘NES Remix Pack’ release date for North America announced: December 5th for $29.99

    • BrBa