Mar 10th, 2014

Over the past few years since the success of the first iPhone, we’ve seen pundits and critics alike calling for Nintendo to go mobile. It’s a call that the Kyoto-based company has mostly resisted, even for critical things like a Miiverse app. Despite this, that hasn’t stopped Redbull from mocking up several game concepts featuring several of Nintendo’s properties. These mockups are an interesting look at what could happen if Nintendo gave in and joined the dark side.

Angry Kong

Redbull’s first mockup is Angry Kong, a Donkey Kong Classic mockup that features the gameplay mechanics of Angry Birds. Players throw barrels at the rebar and platform contraption, trying to ruin Mario and Pauline’s day. We’ll pass on this one, Redbull.


Super Luigi Jump

This one takes the mechanics from games like Super Doodle Jump and gives the graphics a fresh makeover, SNES style. Of course the game stars Luigi, who is the most prolific jumper in the Mushroom Kingdom. Despite all this, jumping games are just as hollow and empty as those giant chocolate rabbits you get for Easter. No thanks.


The Others

We don’t want to write about all the ill-conceived games Redbull has thought up and shamelessly ripped off in order to finally show the world what Nintendo games on a mobile device could be like, but lets just say some of them are pretty terrible. You wouldn’t want to play The Legend of Zelda: Water Temple Run, would you? Check out the rest of the gallery below and see the explanation for all the games at Redbull’s website.

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  • Robert Butters

    Yuck, I think I just threw-up a little in the back of my mouth

  • Wren Justin Umlauf

    If, and its a big IF, Nintendo actually ever made games for mobile devices they would never stoop to the level of being knockoffs of other successful games. Nintendo has much more respect than that. To be honest tho, I might actually play temple run if it had a Zelda theme.

    • Sdudyoy

      Temple run was fun, for a couple of minutes, that’s the biggest problem of Smartphone games, they don’t keep my attention for long, even with good controls, I just don’t see the point of playing low quality games when I could play my 3DS or Wii U, sure they’re cheap, but cheap doesn’t always mean good.

      • Wren Justin Umlauf

        Exactly. I find mobile games only fun or worth playing when Im sitting around waiting for something. But never exactly what I get exited to play in my free time

  • Mario

    What a bunch of jerks!

    • Patrick Star

      Oh hey Mario

      • Mario

        Hey Patrick.

        • Maxwell Baumgarten

          Only on the internet.

          • Mario

            Hey Only on the internet.

  • Pretty funny mashups, honestly. Good fits all around.

  • Um.. I am assuming Redbull got permission from Nintendo to do this right?

    EDIT: My bad these are not real games yet. I misunderstood for a minute there. I blame daylight savings time change.

    • AkaLink77

      lol i was tripping out on Monday cuz it usually gets dark around seven but the sun was still a bit out! then i figured out that there was a DLS.

  • jjbredesen
    • lonewolf88


      • jjbredesen

        Nah, i am serious, this is an abomination to mankind!

    • That’s really messed up

      • jjbredesen

        Lol, i was just trying to show that i hate mobile games 😛 Never made a bomb in my life, and never will do 😉

        • Magnus Eriksson

          Why? I think mobile gaming is an interesting phenomenon. It will take over the market eventually.

          • Tim van Broekhoven

            But at the moment almost all the mobile games are shit. They are boring and have bad controlls…

          • Magnus Eriksson


          • Nathan C.

            Are you sure about that? Casual gaming hadn’t really taken off for long with the Wii, so I doubt smartphone gaming will have any better luck.

            Don’t you see a trend? Wii Sports was a fad. Angry Birds was a fad. And Flappy Bird was a fad. I much as I like those games, casual gaming just doesn’t have staying power.

      • Capt. Smoker

        Not to mention dated in meme terms

        • steve

          omg becky that meme is so ten minutes ago!

        • jjbredesen

          I know, but i needed to use those memes because everyone knows them, and they make sense in this situation, don’t always need to be original.

  • HungryMetroid


  • McBlink

    I would pay for Donkey Kong Rocket-Barrel, or mine cart endless runner w/leaderboards in a heartbeat, w/music of course.

    • Sycamore

      Donkey Konga Touch. Tap along to some classic Nintendo tracks.

  • RyuNoHadouken

    Flappy Mario would probably be a blast to play!!!!

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Fappy Mario


        Oh GOD MY Childhood…!!

  • Patrick Star


  • 00EpicGamer00

    Umm…concerning the screenshot of “Flappy Mario.” I think it’d be impossible to even play. Assuming, just like in Flappy Bird, you can’t touch anything.

  • The Clockwork Being

    ”Water Temple Run”

    Lol what. This would make anyone destroy their phone due to the rage quit.

  • Capt. Smoker

    I would probably actually play those lol

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    Nicely done Redbull. You did what Nintendo was afraid to do.

    • TheRealTruthTeller


  • Tim van Broekhoven

    I actually wanna play that Super Luigi Jump :/

  • SolarGalaxa

    Nintendo should do this. Create these games and advertise the represented games. For example, advertise Mario Kart in the Mario games.

  • bizzy gie

    WARNING: Off Topic

    I kind of hate how people pretend iPhone and iOS are the only smartphone and OS in existence.

    Especially when Android is used by many more people and most Android phones coming out are far superior to the iPhone.

    My favorite LPer does it Twitter a lot and it’s really annoying.

    • Rick van der Linde

      Is Android used by many more people? How could that possibly be? Maybe because there are ~300 different devices with Android in a price range from 50 till 500 dollar? No, that can’t possibly be it.

      • Maxwell Baumgarten

        Why are you getting all sarcastic? In fact, he only said that android was used by more people in a fraction of a sentence. And the amount of devices you are referring to only make up the smallest fraction of the android user base, and 90% or so of all android phones used are HTC, Samsung, Nexus, and maybe a little bit of LG. And no, that isnt necessarily the reason. If you are going to attack someone, at least have a valid argument.

        • Rick van der Linde

          I’m referring to all Android devices. Nexus isn’t a brand. LG produces the Nexus 4 so it’s not a little bit of LG. HTC and Samsung already have loads of devices, 2 brands doesn’t mean 2 phones. And yes, that is the reason. If you are going to try to be smarter, at least know something about the subject.

  • Sdudyoy

    Although I don’t care for Mobile games, this is a pretty funny joke, I don’t know why everyone wants Nintendo to go Mobile though.

  • Dáibhí wotshissurname

    How is this even related to Red Bull? The energy drink, y’know?

  • AkaLink77

    cant they get sued??

    • Razo_E

      These are such blatant jokes, I think it’d be considered a parody, thus protected by the first amendment.

  • Phaz0n

    I think we can all appreciate that RedBull doesn’t make videogames.