Aug 15th, 2014


Earlier this week at Gamescom, it was announced that Dreamfall Chapters would be a PlayStation 4 exclusive for consoles, meaning the versions of the game that were being considered for Wii U and other consoles will be left behind for now. This was startling news for some, who were excited that the team at Red Thread Games had received a Wii U devkit and were looking into potentially bringing the game to the Wii U.

One fan recently took to Twitter to ask the team about their decision, and whether or not they’ll be considering bringing something to Wii U in the future. Red Thread Games responded by saying that they would love to bring a game to Wii U, but that game won’t be Dreamfall Chapters.

According to the team, they’d love to work on a Wii U game with a title that’s a little more fitting for the platform and they have some ideas. Perhaps we’ll see something from the team in the future, but if you were expecting Dreamfall Chapters on the Wii U, your hopes are dashed for now.

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  • Des

    That’s what they call paying lip service.

  • Kobe

    What? This game fits the Wii U as much as any other console. The only games that don’t fit on the Wii U are crappy games like The Letter.

    • 00EpicGamer00

      “The only games that don’t fit on the Wii U are crappy games like The Letter.”

      In other words, shovel ware. Which is something that NO console should have.

    • PS4WiiURocks

      The letter is crap and can’t agree more

  • Scott Duperree

    Wonderful, something that “fits the console better”. In other words, something that tries to compete with Mario and barely sells anything.

    • Rinslowe

      Ouch. But yeah, it looked like Dreamfall Chapters may have been as good a game as any to test the waters…

  • AM Real

    I.E “Shovelware”

  • and I want to fly using my arms only.

    its great they want to do stuff but not brining the game they are developing to the platform they want to make games for just seems really silly to throw this stuff out the next day i dont see why dreamfall would be a bad fit for the wii u.

    • D.M.T

      3rd parties and their bad excuses.

      • leo

        there absurdly sad

    • Rinslowe

      “and I want to fly using my arms only.”

      I’d settle for free lifetime flights first class. Could be a bit more comfortable and warmer on those long trips…

    • RyuNoHadouken

      visuals are on par with ps360 anyway…i hate playing new, ugly games

    • MonadoKnight

      “And I want fly using my arms only ”

      It’s all in the wrist motion my friend

  • Epicstuf

    They better make a game like Conker, but THAT is unlikely.

  • D.M.T

    Oh really? Well actions speak louder than words. Do something and i’ll believe you. It’s sad how I can’t even trust indie developers these days

  • Christian Schoff

    First time I’ve heard of the game. What was it about?

  • ActivesiN

    lol that’s cute

  • Ducked

    Now that’s a special kind of stupid for you.

  • Rinslowe

    You’ve got the means, the want and some idea’s. Now it’s time to put in a little action…
    Just a suggestion .

  • Jon Turner

    Well if they REALLY wanna make something, do it.

  • PS4WiiURocks

    They are a rude company and will not get any games from them

    • MujuraNoKamen

      Rude how? They looked into a Wii U version but Sony has picked it up for exclusivity in a similar fashion to Nintendo & Bayonetta 2 – no Ninty fans will complain about that though.

      • CydeFxt

        Well there is a slight difference between those games.

      • D.M.T

        Uhmm the difference is that Sony didn’t want to fund Bayonetta 2. Microsoft didn’t want to either which is why Bayo 2 is exclusive to Wii U. Dreamfall Chapters was supposed to come to the Wii U but Sony paid them to make it a PS4 exclusive. In other words, Sony took this game away from Nintendo fans.

        • Nickos Foivos

          Good saying my friend!

        • matt

          Your right typical Sony behaviour,Sony prob thought Dreamfall looked nextgen and thought they could make their ps4 look more justifiable as the graphics king which it isn’t….SORRY.

        • MujuraNoKamen

          Be fair. It was considered for Wii U but never confirmed. The game is still coming to PC so those who supported the kickstarter campaign get what they wanted but Sony are paying them to secure console exclusivity.

      • Cutcopy

        it is a bit different between a game Nintendo is actually funding versus a game that received public fan funding and was promised a version.

        Since Sony bought the exclusivity then Red Thread should consider either refunding donations or actually use some of that heft wad of cash to make a Wii U game. I think it should also be noted that they removed any mention of a Wii U version on the kickstarter page.

        • MujuraNoKamen

          PC versions were funded and they are still going ahead so they do get the promised versions. Wii U version (and other consoles too) were never confirmed/promised/funded so everyone gets what they paid for on Kickstarter. Sony are just securing console exclusivity.

      • PS4WiiURocks

        They refuse to refund the Nintendo fans who gave money..That’s why i feel the way i do

        • MujuraNoKamen

          I might be wrong but I’m fairly sure the Wii U version was never confirmed, they were considering doing it though before Sony got it. On the kickstarter page it doesn’t mention any consoles and the PC version is still going ahead for the kickstarter backers but SOny get the console exclusivity so no one’s being cheated actually.

      • Nickos Foivos

        They are simply shit.

        • MujuraNoKamen

          When they spoke about supporting Wii U no one said that -_-

      • matt

        Bayonetta2 looks Nextgen this looks just alright and point and click Sony keep it I’ll be playing better games like Fast racing neo you get me….

      • MujuraNoKamen

        Wow not one accurate response to this, and people wonder why devs are running from Wii U -_-

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Damn this game sounded cool. But fair play to Sony scooping up as an exclusive (much like Nintendo did for Bayonetta 2).
    I worry though that when they say a game that fits Wii U better, the mean yet another goofy platformer. One reason this was so promising is because it was well different.

    • A – Kuma

      Bayonetta 2’s case is different

    • matt

      No Nintendo saved Bayonetta2,Sony just took the game away from lots of gamers by getting it exclusive big difference,it’s like Nintendo or Microsoft taking say Project CARS exclusive ?? it just makes the gaming world a worse place…..

      • MujuraNoKamen

        yeah there is a difference in the two cases. Still, console versions may not have happened so Sony might well have saved it (sort of lol) oh well if they’re funding it then they get exclusivity, it’s only fair.

  • CydeFxt

    Personally, i’ve never heard of Dreamfall Chapters so I wasn’t sure what to think. But to read that they want to make “something that fits the platform better” feels a bit blah. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  • leo

    yea and deceive us again? I don’t think so .

  • leo

    Im not supporting them … to me there nothing more than a slimy, lying, dodgy, 3rd party making excuses.

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    Well that’s a kick to the balls. If they still have plans for another project on Wii U, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

  • steveb944

    Way to destroy my hopes and dreams. They probably want to release some 8-bit game, fail, and say they tried.

    • matt

      The truth is indie games are selling on WiiU the best Sony didn’t want that to happen ie getting it exclusive…..

  • leo bel


    • Brandon

      Yeah thats going to happen

  • darkcreap

    Now they are on damage control. They have upset a lot of people, I guess.

  • kevin nun—-

    Give your ideas to someone else, most WiiU owners wont support you anymore.

  • Nickos Foivos

    How much must Sony have paid for exclusivity?

  • DJKeens

    A better fit? I’m not sure how any game is not a good “fit” on the console. The Longest Journey was originally a point and click adventure game. Dreamfall was the same only controlled in third person. Being the Wii U has a huge touch screen I’d say it’s the best fit for these types of games. So what exactly is a good “fit” again?

  • matt

    Unless it’s a game that has a big focus on graphics don’t bother we don’t want some cheap looking game as we have plenty of Indie games to focus on like Paper monsters,Fast racing neo,Cubemen2,Road redemtion,Arcade racer,plus many more,paper monsters is 1080p native with all nextgen bells and whistles,all I’m saying is bring a game equally ambitious as Dreamfall or stay with ps4 because WiiU has more ambitious games already and coming out so go big or do1 dude……

  • fireheartis1

    You know this company should refund Wii U owners that have supported this project, Or they should take the Wii U money and create an amazing game. Either way if they don’t do one of the two I’m sure their going to get sued.

    • MujuraNoKamen

      I don’t think a Wii U version was ever confirmed they were just looking into it so it’s all good.
      Plus I hear that the PC version that was on kickstarter is still happening it’s just PS4 is the only console to get it 🙂

  • MujuraNoKamen

    urgh get it right people:
    A WII U VERSION WAS NEVER PROMISED OR FUNDED IN ANY CAPACITY. Only PC version was in development and that is still going ahead to please the kickstarter backers. So everyone gets what they paid for. Sony have paid to have it as a console exclusive as the fate of the considered console versions was uncertain so there. NO ONE IS BEING CHEATED, EVERYONE GETS WHAT WAS PROMISED AND SONY ARE BACKING A NEW PORT THAT MIGHT NOT HAVE HAPPENED WITHOUT THEM.

    (sorry for the caps but it quite a few people don’t know what’s actually going on here and are spouting shit in the comments)

    Not everything is an Anti-Nintendo conspiracy and not every dev outside of Nintendo EAD is an ass hole. These guys are still making the version they promised and a new one with the backing of Sony.
    So think about that before you talk about how they cheated Wii U owners (you ought to be grateful they even considered a Wii U version and are thinking about making a new Wii U game)
    This is why we can’t have nice things!!!!!!!

  • Tsijiari

    from what i have read seems that the exclusivity has a time limit

  • Chase U

    what is Dreamfall Chapters?