Feb 6th, 2013

Yesterday the Wii U got great news that Sniper Elite v2, a mature WW2 sniping simulation game was headed to Wii U. That news is being dampened by the fact that Eurogamer has confirmed this morning that a previous Wii U exclusive, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge, will be available on Xbox 360 and PS3 as well.

The port was first reported on by Japanese magazine Famitsu, stating that it will add another 255 missions, more costumes for all the characters, and all Wii U downloadable content will be available on other platforms as well. Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge was a major third party exclusive available at Wii U launch, so it’s bittersweet to see this being ported to other consoles.

The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions will be available on April 4th in Japan, with no word of release for Europe and North America.

[via Eurogamer]

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  • how, fucking, sad…

  • The_fuzz_buzz

    Don’t be a poutin’! We have a LOT more AWESOME exclusives for this puppy!!! 

    • Nintedward

      Ninja Gaiden 3 Razors edge was never really an ”exclusive” . It’s a enhanced/Remade port. An excellent one don’t get me wrong.  

      ILego City , Rayman legends , Wonderfull 101 , Bayonetta 2 , Monster Hunter Ultimate , And Nintendo’s in house games are the REAL exclusives.

      • The_fuzz_buzz

        LOL, those where the exact games I had in mind when I was typing that xD

      • Johny

        the new monolith project X …. nuff said :DDD cant wait… xenoblade was AMAZING

        and i wonder what is the Capcoms “announced unannaunced big project”

  • The_fuzz_buzz

    Dude, no need for the language…

    • Mauricio Cordero

      yeah i bought my wii u and there is a really a lack of games, no ”good” games til summer, atleast. Played nsmbu and it was ok, Played nintendoland and that was also ok but got boring fast. Zombiu was my best wii u experience and the best console experience in years thanks to the gamepad integration. But after that there is very little incentive to play or the ports and then again i did buy blops2, me3, asscreed3, ninja gaiden, fifa13. Most third party games there performed much worse than the ps360 versions(i own ps360). The game that made me buy wii u was Zombiu and the hope of smash bros, zelda(new zelda not a re-re-re-release) and mario kart but none of those will be seen on the market for 1/2 to a full year and that is total crap.

      • Silent

        Try playing the Wii U with friends. Oh wait, you dont have those.

      • AKT4

        What did you expect really? It’s a new console’s launch. Every single console has had the same problem. If you bough both PS3 and 360 in their launch, they had a lot of issues early, with games and other things.

        Just give it time. Also there’s apparently a Nintendo Direct coming in a few weeks about 3rd party games.

  • Johny

    kinda gay…alot of people probably wont get this version since they already have the lesser version.. but still.. gay

  • Nintedward

    I would like to know some official information. I thought Nintendo published this game yada yada yada. Is it only being launched in Japan , because Tecmo published it there?

    Anyway , the bottom line is , I already have this game and it has off screen play. They will once again get an inferior Version. LMAO!!!!!
    You know I like to level up my Ninpo with that touch screen 🙂

    Anyway , people getting so mad about this , there will be a very good explanation for it , I’m sure. Just be happy it’s at least a timed exclusive on Wiiu.

    If anything , PS3 and 360 owners deserve the Awesome Razors Edge version to cover up that hollow , pathetic , bloodless version that they got last year.

    • AKT4

      At least Tecmo of Europe confirmed it in twitter today to come in 5th of April:
      I would thus expect them to release in America too.

      But however, I agree with you, it’s not a big deal really.

  • Nintendofreak

    doesnt really make a difference since well its already a remake so deir kind of getting the port of the remade port of the wiiu…..n plus who cares ninja gaiden has become like cod all d games are d same shit over n over again

  • Ben English

    Mediocre remix of a terrible game gets ported to other consoles? This is not news that alters my mood much.

  • Zombie_Andrew

    Wait what’s the point in porting this? I’m not too bothered, it’s the second most least interesting game after Bayonetta 2

  • I didn’t think it was an exclusive also. It was a better port from the other systems, with a lot fixes and fan requested features and additions. I imagine the other platforms would just get a patch to match the version that we already have.

  • AlienFanatic

    …and they will sell far more copies on those systems than on the Wii-U.  It’s a simple matter of installed base.  Tecmo would have been fools not to make this move.

    Every single day that I think of the Wii-U (not that I think of it often), I regret buying it.  Maybe I’m just too old for console games anymore, but I tired of Nintendo Land and NSMBU within days of buying the system.  Heck, if it weren’t for the inevitable Nintendo exclusives, I’d have taken the loss and traded it in months ago.  

    Nintendo continues to offer a ridiculously poor online experience and it’s been more than a decade since they could attract significant 3rd party support.  (Look back at the Wii games and tell me that there were an abundance of really high qualilty 3rd party titles.)  They were woefully unprepared to release this system, as is evident by the lack of any major announced 1st party titles due in the next six to eight months. (Pikmin 3 is NOT a system-mover!)

    Nintendo has had its chance to generate buzz, but now they have to face Sony’s onslaught that begins on the 20th. The Orbis will inevitably demonstrate significantly greater promise than the Wii-U (I guarantee they will demonstrate interoperability with the Vita, making the Gamepad obsolete), leaving Nintendo to struggle to get people to pay attention.  Folks, this isn’t the Wii again, where Nintendo introduced a whole new way to game, it’s the Virtual Boy II where Nintendo went in the wrong direction and introduced technologies that nobody cared about.

    I used to be a HUGE Nintendo fan, but they have made so many mistakes in the last decade, they’re a shadow of the company I grew up loving.

    • EvanescentHero

      Right, because a Vita, which is awkward to hold, isn’t designed to be used latency-free like the GamePad, would have to send video data over wifi, and costs at least a good two hundred on top of the console itself is going to render the cheaper and better option obsolete. When has an add-on knock-off product that functioned less well than the original, which works well because it was designed that way from the start rather than tossed on as an afterthought, destroyed the original? Nevermind that the Vita is selling so horrendously that some retailers have stopped stocking it and Sony is doing nothing to interest potential buyers. Unless they offer a big price drop or package it with the console, and unless it functions AT LEAST as well as the GamePad, it’s not replacing the Wii U, especially not if it costs significantly more than that. (My guess is it’s going to cost at least $500 for the console and a Vita to use as a controller, and that’s if they’re bundled together. I don’t think that’s gonna sell too well in today’s economy.)

    • Laud

      What is the point of your comment? To show us that you’re losing faith or something? I guess Nintendo is the only one making mistakes because the other companies are 3+ years in annual losses and Nintendo has only had one. 

      Besides, if you only have two games on the system, that’s your problem, not ours or Nintendos.

      There are a ton of Indie games and published games you can buy already.

      • Elem187

        I question whether he really owns a Wii U.. Why would someone purchase a console to only play 2 games?
        I mean were your eyes broken that you couldn’t google all 34 launch titles and make a decision before plopping down money?

        Me? I would never buy a Sony or Microsoft system, their only selling point is according to their ladybois er i mean fanbois is its graphicis, and my PC will even blow the PS4/720 out of the water, so there really is no point in buying those systems.

        THe Wii U is a no-brainer, it lives up to its main selling point of Off-TV Play and assymetrical gameplay…. And when I purchased the system I knew exactly what games I can reasonably expect over the next year, the Nintendo direct 2 weeks ago, pretty much said what I figured it would with the acception of having the HD remake of WW

        • AlienFanatic

          I do indeed own the Wii-U because I got caught up in the pre-launch hype.  I have always enjoyed Nintendo’s games and was very interested, for one, in being able to transfer over my old Virtual Console titles. (Of course, at the time we had no idea that we’d end up playing them in Wii mode, with slow menus and no Gamepad support.)

          I was sold on the idea of it acting as a replacement for my Roku and using the TVii service to consolidate the functions around my TIVO and other services.  Obviously, most of that has been delayed.  I thought the apps themselves would be curated by Nintendo to give a similar feel, since I was tired of the fact that Netflix didn’t work like Hulu+ which didn’t work like Amazon Instant….but that was also untrue.

          I expected to see some kind of fire in Nintendo’s belly that would lead me to believe that they had a pipeline full of AAA+ titles, but so far there is NOTHING that convinces me that Nintendo knew what it was doing when it designed the system.  More and more I’m convinced that Nintendo piled all of the hot, trending tech (touch screens, NFC, accelerometers, an app store) and threw them into a system without thinking first about what GAMES they could make with it.

          Yes, I’m incredibly frustrated with Nintendo.  At the same time, this has nothing to do with how they compare with MS and/or Sony.  All of these companies have problems.  But I expected Nintendo to know better by now.

          • Sidney Majurie

            LOL. Gamers today. Cry as if they want everything under the sun but never buy what they say they want. If they did, really good software houses wouldn’t be closing left and right. The industry has changed. The era of throw everything at the wall and see what sticks is over. Ask Sony. Nintendo’s approach is measured and deliberate. They can’t compete trying to have the most powerful hardware and lose $200 for every system they sell. They don’t have Sony Electronics or Windows to save them. The Wii U is profitable, and thats a good start.

            The games are coming (It’s been 2 months lol) Would any of you so called gamers even buy these multiplats on your Wii U over your PS3. Assassins Creed 3 says no. Let Sony and Microsoft duke it out for console graphics superiority. Wii U and Nintendo aint about that. I am enjoying the hell out of my Wii U! I bought 14 games for it! Never done that before for any system launch and I started with the Atari 5200. Not a day gies by that my Wii U isn’t turned on. Haven’t touched my 360 in months.

            Go to Miiverse. You’ll find millions of gamers who are enjoying their Wii U’s as well…

          • Sean Jacobs

            See this… 11 downloaded games plus 3 physical games happy gamer here! Im witness to hundreds upon hundreds of adults on miiverse that is just as satisfied.
            Granted, there are some hiccups that they are working on but nothing that no other console release hasnt expierenced. Check it, 2 months a rack of games some slight hiccups and folks is trippin. Exclusives is the main reason why i buy consoles multiplats are a bonus if they are good imo.
            My ps3 is a glorified dvd player since i got my wii u and i have 73 games for that. I have some advice for old fuss pots… calm your nerves and enjoy the eshop btw fist of the north star releases thursday in the usa if that matters at all. The vid is on the eshop now check it out.

          • Elem187

            You are acting like this is your first Nintendo launch.

            I was prepared there would be a new Mario Kart, a new 3D Mario, a new smash, a new zelda.. I was also prepared they wouldn’t be out for awhile.

            I don’t kno what “hype” you are talking about. Its a Nintendo system, they offer Nintendo games. Nintendo did launch with an impressive 35(around that number) titles, if you didn’t see a large list of games you wanted to play, I’m still scratching my head on why you bought the system. I mean the release schedule has been pretty steady, only 2 games have been moved back (Rayman and Pikmin)

            I don’t own a PS360, nor have I ever been tempted to purchase one. I don’t consider it worth the money just to buy a system just because of  a visual improvement.. So any of the 360/PS3 games on the Wii U is more or less a bonus to keep me busy until the games I purchased the console for, arrive.

            Perhaps get a gamefly account and rent some Wii games if you haven’t played alot of them. Galaxy games are great, Xenoblade, Last Story, Metroid other-m/Prime 3, NSMBW, Super Paper Mario. There is a ton of games that were actually really good, minus the fact the visuals weren’t in HD.

          • Nintendo isn’t your problem, but your impatience is. Nintendo has stated that all of their exclusive games are going to be brought to the Wii U, but a Nintendo quality game takes time. Play the games they already have out while you wait.

          • David

            First of all wii u online makes more sense and has a cleaner interface the xbox dashboard. Wii u’s browser is far better then both Sony and playstation. The fact that you mention those two games I don’t want to believe you truly own one. If you’re too old then why didn’t you purchase something more mature like COD or Zombiu. By the way I Owe and Xbox and I have to see that blackops looks a little better on the wiiu and I think a lot of sites and developed are bought by Xbox or Sony. Why are there Xbox ads on. Nintendo website. You never see nintendo adds on theirs. The Super Bowl was amazing on tvii.

          • Ty Newton

            No system has a perfect launch line up. 3DS is an amazing system but the launch titles didn’t interest me. After i got OoT 3D i was hooked. You can’t judge a systems games this early.

          • Marcell Wade

            The system has only been out for Two months, it’s way to early to judge anything at this point.

          • C.S. Bailey

             If this list is why you regret buying a Wii U, then I’m sorry this is your first console purchase. I’ve been gaming for years, and this isn’t anything new, especially from Nintendo.

          • lonewolf88

            really you might want to read my reply to ur original comment i also forgot wii u is getting a AAA game from square enix wait a second! could this be! and kingdom hearts 3 for wii u???? omg well you may denie it but the only game thats not annouced is kingdom hearts 3 that is a AAA title since they confirmed its not tomb raider and i dout its final fantasy but if it is i love final fantasy so doesn’t matter to me :p

        • I currently have New Super Mario Bros U for my Wii U…thats it….there hasn’t been anything else that caught my eye….I played the demo for Zombi U and wasn’t really that impressed with the game (was an impressive game to be on a Nintendo console, but not an impressive game over all)…I don’t like Call of Duty, so no BlackOps for me…so far it offers nothing to me that I can’t already get on Xbox360 and that I would like…once more games come out for it, like Wind Waker, Star Fox, Metroid, etc….then it will be worth it for me….but I do admit, I loved the crap out of NSMB U…I am missing a couple exits, but still got 246 star coins, caught all the nabbits, etc…

        • Metal_Man_v2

          Many people, including myself, see that the only decent Wii U exclusive games on disc are NSMBU and Nintendo Land.  Both of which get tired quickly.  

          I happen to agree with this person.  My Wii U sits beside my ps3, neglected, because of the lack of Nintendo first party games at the moment.

      • Metal_Man_v2

        “What is the point of your comment?” 

        To post his opinion? LOL
        What is the point of YOUR comment?

        • Laud

          You call that an opinion? He’s basically saying Nintendo is gonna fail because it doesn’t release games he wants.

          That’s more of an ignorant opinion and to me, ignorant opinions are pointless.

          Basically, everything he considers to be wrong with Nintendo is silly because everyone else loves it.

          Sure there are a lack of first party games but it’s only been a few months since launch, we aren’t even in spring yet. You should check out previous launches, they’re much, much worse.

          • Metal_Man_v2

            His complaints about lack of quality games is legitimate, but will obviously be fixed overtime.

            His dislike of miiverse is also legitimate. miiverse is fun as a social network, but needs work in online gaming integration.

            The new consoles from Sony and Microsoft will be solid competitors with Nintendo’s Wii U.

            I fail to see how his opinion his ignorant…

          • C.S. Bailey

             Because if he’s as old as he says he is, he should be smart enough to make an informed purchase, and know what he’s getting into. No intelligent gamer buys a Nintendo system and expects a new Mario/Zelda/Metriod/Pokemon game in the first two months. That would be like buying the PS4 and expecting a new GOW, GT, and two other exclusives in the same launch period. Never going to happen and you know this.

          • Metal_Man_v2

            Yes, good games will be coming.  That’s a given. However, these games need to utilize Miiverse more as an online gaming network, and not just a social network.  There are things about the Wii U that could and should be better.  If the Wii U wants to retain it’s jump on next gen gaming, it needs to go above and beyond what it currently has.

    • uPadWatcher

      Never compare the Wii U with Sony Orbitz chewing gum, drone.  The sad part is that the PlayStation FOUR won’t have PS3 backwards compatibility and you cannot play used games.  Good luck buying that $699.99 to 999.99 piece of crap.

      • AlienFanatic

        I’m not pimping the PS4, but I’m 100% certain that gamers will easily be able to tell the difference between a PS4 game and a Wii-U title.  Right now, the toughest sell on the Wii-U is convincing gamers (and the parents of gamers) that the Wii-U is a step up from existing consoles.  For $300-$350 most consumers want to see an obvious difference.  However, at this point, the Wii-U is priced $100 higher than the XBOX or the PS3 and, Gamepad notwithstanding, a lot of consumers are wondering what makes it so special.

        The Wii was obvious.  It introduced an entirely new way to play games.  The Wii-U’s Gamepad, on the other hand, looks awkward and clunky and the games look no better than the titles people have been playing on other systems for the past seven years.   YES it will probably get a bit better, but when you’re running on four year old tech (the AMD GPU, mostly), it will be impossible for Nintendo to produce games that look anything like what the next PS and XBOX will.

        Is that fair?  Isn’t it about the games?  Yes, of course, but the problem is that Nintendo has yet to demonstrate any games that prove that the Gamepad is the next step in gaming.  Maybe they have some concepts in Kyoto that will really knock our socks off, but right now there is NOTHING that convinces consumers that the Wii-U is anything more than a current-generation system with a Gamepad.

        • Sidney Majurie

          And you knew for months before launch what would be available for the first 3-4 months and after 2 months you’re on here crying like it’s over. LOL. Virtual Boy? Did it sell 3 million systems in a month and a half. What an epic fail. What Nintendo said/showed and what you saw/heard was obviously not the same. Gamers today have a serious case of ADD. Always looking for the next game or hardware to the point they can’t enjoy what is available. Letting the media and bias fanboys dictate what they should want or can enjoy. Remember the SNES launch, how about N64? Hell the PS3 or 360? 3DS launch? Gamers today would rather be analysts and speculators than having fun playing games. Maybe thats why all these developers houses are closing…

        •  Well then don’t play it..plain and simple..No one is making you own one go buy the 600.00 overpriced console that took them 7 or maybe 8 years

          • RonaldRayguns

            Your an idiot Josh Randell

          •  Whatever troll…i think it’s past your bedtime

          •  Your also in denial…Have a nice day sony boy

        • For in case you’ve forgotten, the X-BOX 360 and PS3 came out like 6-7 years ago. If you want to compare the prices, wait for 6~7 years until the WiiU prices drop or compare the current WiiU price with the original prices of those two consoles.
          It doesn’t make any sense to compare a console whose prices have dropped a couple of times and a new console that came out a month or two ago.

          And if you haven’t noticed, it does take quite a while for new games to start flooding the stores after a new console has come out, you know.

    • I agree partially with you, N had a chance to buzz and they blew it mostly because of the crap advertising for it, and doing so secretly on the hardware (as nintendo always seems to be doing) N was over confident and they where sure everyone knew what WiiU was so their advertising campaign tactic failed, their secrecy isn’t helping either.

      Last two months since release they should have done it right, and they didn’t. Shit happens, not the first time and won’t be the last either, other consoles make similair mistakes.

      Giving up on Nintendo because of this mistake is not an option, and they have to take the wrath of the onslaught called orbis on February 20th? Dunno what everyone is expecting from the new PS and XB, but they all expect FAR to much from both consoles, like some others claimed ps4 will run a 8core as does XB, lol no they won’t. The media blows it up 10-fold they make statements like that and the fanboys/girls believe it. We’ll see what both PS and XB will do soon, but again it won’t be mind blowing (I go with tri-cores, max quad-cores for both and 4 GB ram with CPU running at 1.6ghz and powerful GPU like wiiu). Yes, they’ll be better probably but the difference will be minimal.

      • AlienFanatic

        I actually think they will be running multi-core systems, possibly as many as eight, but this is AMD we’re talking about here.  Their Bulldozer and Piledriver chips have eight-core variants, but the chips themselves are dirt cheap.  Why?  Because they’re under-powered and more power-hungry when compared to the Intel chips they hope to compete with.

        I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they were each running one of their previous-gen eight core chips with an embedded GPU.  Still far, far below the level of a solid gaming PC with an I5, but certainly enough for a gaming system.  And AMD is desperate to broker deals, since Intel is currently eating their lunch.  (Notice how none of the systems are rumored to use either Intel or Nvida chips…)

      • Johny

        yeah… nintendo really blew it with the HORRIBLE commercials and presentation… i mean.. we guys on the internet and nintendo fans obviously know  all about it as soon it gets known, but the majority of audience doesnt.. and nintendo made a bad job advertising their product :/… too bad…commercials only showed some 10 year olds play with mario and nintendoland… well that didnt help… even the german commercials were better.

        and with the whole power thing and the new ps and xb … i totally agree with ya… its not NEARLY gonna be such big gap as nintendo haters say it will be .. (as big gap as the wii in comparison with ps3 and 360)
        but yeah… wii u has some AMAZING games one really doesnt want to miss in its near future… that includes of course their IP’s … Zelda, WW remake, new 3d mario game, metroid, yoshi etc… then theres awesome exclusives such as Bayonetta 2, Monster hunter and the new monolith project along with Capcoms “big “announced unannounced project” and much more…

    • bizzy gie

      The GTF off this website!

      • AlienFanatic

        So rather than debate, you’d just rather tell me to get lost?  Aren’t you supposed to be in class right now?

        • Laud

          What debate is there to be made when all you do is say, “OH MAN STUFF IS SO BAD, IM NOT LIKING THIS.” While everyone is loving their consoles? 

          Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean Nintendo is doomed or something, everyone else likes the console and hey, if you don’t like it you can sell it or return it or whatever. No one’s gonna miss you.

    • DemonRoach

      Me too.  Plus I invested in Nintendo before Wii U release.  Nintendo management has been a complete failure.   

    • SethLaw

      A True Gamer will own more then one consoles/handhelds or PC. I own all 3 consoles PS3/360/WiiU, and I play them all faithfully not for graphical prowess but for !!Games!! and exclusives. Idk if nintendo doesn’t have uncarted or halo, i brought it for zelda’s and mario’s, and for being innovative. it’s people like you who plagued this Gamer World.

      • Stop perpetuating this stupid, idealistic, naive notion that “real gamers” own every console and handheld, and also play on PC, too.  The vast majority of people can’t afford that, especially in an age where 95% of a console’s good games are multiplatform (e.g. the 360 and PS3), and they are not any less of a “real gamer” because of that.

        • Mark Wang

          A true gamer is one that appreciates only one thing, the games. Not matter how bad the graphics be or how outdated the game looks, the gameplay is all that matters. Once people can appreciate the game rather than the hardware, then they can call themselves a gamer.

        • C.S. Bailey

          “The vast majority of people can’t afford that” but they can somehow find a way to buy every new iteration of iphone/ipod/ipad………

    • Go away troll and this is for you …FACEPALM! and hate to tell you but sony will fail with the lame ps4 and go bankrupt..I can see that…I guarantee it

      • BellsGhost

        Nope. Sony is a lot better than rehash king Nintendo. Nintendo sucks stupid Nintendrone.

    • AKT4

      What did you expect really? That it would be perfect in launch? Every console has had the problem with game drought in launch, plus a lot of other problems.

      Pikmin 3 is a huge thing for a lot of people by the way.

      What poor online experience are you talking about? Miiverse is fantastic at least. 

      There’s a 3rd party Nintendo Direct coming in a few weeks anyway.

      And Orbis plus Vita?  Vita has sold 3 million. Nobody has it. Orbis might work with it, but it certainly is nothing to talk about lol. I wish Vita will succeed, but it’s a point you can bring to the table really.

      No offense mate, but you seem pretty much set on that Nintendo will fail completely. Just wait for it. PS4 and Nextbox won’t be perfect, they will have a lot of problems also. History has shown that.

    • Gabe Hoffman

      Just no. Poor online experience and why is that? You sound more like a drony then a Nintendo fan

      • Yeah, I think the Wii U’s online is great.  Miiverse is genius.  The only thing that still irks me is the lack of a cross-game party chat type thing.  I use that on the 360 all the time… ><

    • gnxleoo

      hell, nintendo just needs more units sold and more 3rd party support, therye not getting back ALL the hardcore market back… maybe 40%

    • lonewolf88

      but now sony gets the definitive version of all these games yes im so happy i got this right i knew from the beginning that sony would start getting wii u parts now 😀

      the definitive version of rayman legends 

      the definitive version of resident evil 

      the definitive version of razors edge

      we also get monster hunter as esculsive until 2015 because of nintendos deal with capcom

      we get monster hunter 3g HD

      monster hunter 4g

      lego undercover if sony gets it it will be the definitive version

      bayonetta 2 

      a new zelda

      windwaker HD remake

      probably a new star fox game

      xenoblade chronicles sequel

      mario kart

      new 3D mario game

      the first trailer of super smash bros wii u


      fire emblem 

      a fire emeblem / shin megami cross over 

      yarn yoshi

      new sonic game for wii u 

      miyamotos secret game

      wonderfull 101 

      headstrong games is working on a title for wii u 

      gates of memories is coming to wii u 

      do i see a acid ghost game in nintendos magazine for wii u i believe i do hmm…

      and the list shall go on and on and on and on this year say what you want but you know as well as i do that wii u will have a epic year with all these games and 90% are coming out in feb and march we still don’t know about dec, nov, june, july 4 more months to see what comes out and we already have a huge list and its the beginning of 2013…

  • Laud

    Does it really even matter? We got the game first and we got all the DLC for free.

    We don’t need it anymore LOL.

  • Elem187

    I wasn’t really impressed with NG3:Razor’s Edge… Thankfully I rented it, and returned it after 4 days of playing… It just really got repetitive, with no real compulsion to keep playing.

  • uPadWatcher

    It’s official… Tecmo-Koei is the new Capcom.

  • -_______-  Facepalm

  • DemonRoach

    LOL.  And I’m sure the framerate will improve on the other systems.

    • Have you played it on Wii U? I have and the framerate is great. 

      They’ll probably have to dumb it down for your pathetic consoles and give you guys 30 FPS unlike the Wii U’s 60FPS at 1080p

      • BellsGhost

        Lol. Wii U sucks. PS3/360 is way better than that waste of plastic Wii U.

  • I’ve played more co-op with my friend in the room on wii U then we have with half of 360’s life cycle….and that says a lot for me considering how often we’d play online games.  Wii U imo isn’t strictly for single players…and I love that.  Gaming SHOULD be more then two people much more often.   

    About NG3:RE  if Nintendo helped them make a better game….how the hell can they release that game on other consoles?   Wasn’t it published by Nintendo

    • Stephen Alfredo

      Dude I completely agree even, though competency is lacking these days, it’s  especially lacking with these damn idiots.

  • AKT4

    I don’t know about America, but Tecmo of Europe has announced in twitter that the game is launching in Europe on 5th of April.

    I would imagine it’s coming to America around the same time, but we’ll see.

  • Justin Lee

    I only have NSMB-U and nintendo land but it’s still in plastic wrapper lol. I have no intention in playing nintendo land. I know we will have to wait til fall of this year to get the good games rolling.

    Complaining about not having good games to play is dumb. Nintendo was crystal clear on the launch games all the way through march.

  • Jizz Beard thePirate

    Damn, this was pretty much one of the few great third party ports on that wiiU. Its a let down that its going to the other consoles, the least they could have done is give the wiiU owners the extra missions for free too :/ Still excited for the rest of wiiU’s lineup of games though

  • Stephen Alfredo

    What I don’t get is that why would they release the same damn game for the Xbox and PS3, when they already have it!!!!!  The only differences is the lack of DLC, and a few other mechanisms, but other than that, why?!!!  This makes no sense what soever to make more money, by developing the same damn game twice, while you could simply just add the content to the original XBOX and PS titles.  But, instead it seems to waste more money!!!!  I DON”T GET THIS!!!!!!!!!!

  • It would be funny if the game sucked on PS3 and Xbox XD 

  • TaintedXGamer

    Well this cliches it, We Don’t Have Bragging rights about it being a Exclusive anymore. but anyway it is a smart move i suppose…. I feel sorry for those that already brought NG3 before this “Upgrade” lol

  • I thought of something… doesn’t this mean that PS360 has the same game twice?

  • 3DSFlo

    But Nintendo help make this game. :o:):)