Rayman Legends is a Wii U platform game developed and published by Ubisoft. Rayman Legends Wii U version will include specific Wii U features, such as Wii U controller input for single and multiplayer. Rayman Legends is the sequel to Rayman Origins, which was released in 2011. The sequel is built on an improved engine which will support full HD graphics across all platforms. Rayman Legends will be released on September 3, 2013. A trailer for the game showed several different levels and settings, and several playable characters in addition to Rayman.

Rayman Legends Wii U features and gameplay

Rayman LegendsRayman Legends will features unique to the Wii U console. The player will be able to control game specific objects and features via the tablet controller, which will even work in 4 player multiplayer. The Wii U version will also support NFC technology, where players can import new characters such as Rabbids and Ezio from Assassin’s Creed into the game. Rayman Legends will support local multiplayer with up to 4 players on the same console, with one of the players being the “leader” with the Wii U tablet controller. In addition, online co-op and online multiplayer will also be present in the game.

Rayman Legends Wii U screenshots

Official site: http://rayman.ubi.com/legends/en-gb/home/index.aspx

  • Lard

    I really don’t know what people see in the Rayman series.
    I think it’s pretty crap.

    • Ben

      Play Rayman Origins, its a realy good game with a cool and unique looking artstyle and great music. It may not be allot better than super mario bros but it is really fun and well made.

    • Moo

      You have poor taste in games.

    • LazerK

      Play Rayman 2 and 3.Then we’ll talk

    • Relarded

      You’re crap

    • wiiupoo

      dude, i convinced my older bro that thinks cod is the only good game in the world to play it with me and he liked it.

      • NightºƒCore

        one of those god damned COD fanboys eh?

      • Nintendo is da best

        CoD sucks donkey balls

    • GJ

      Or Rayman Jungle run, thats a great Rayman mobile platform… and before I didn’t like Rayman either, now I love it.

    • shadowdancer

      Granted, I have not owned a single Rayman game since the old Sega Saturn was aroud.
      However, I must say that after playing Rayman Legends at the local Gamestop I was stunned. The graphics were extremely well done, and in my opinion, better than the latest Super Mario U, or Halo 4 for that matter. The concept of one person using the gamepad to assist others on screen was quite with options that would not come up on a regular game. I am impressed and my three young sons 4, 6, 9 and my wife had a blast with Rayman Legands at Gamestop. I just wish it was out today for purchase instead of waiting until March for its release for the Wii-U.

    • I don’t know how you can make that assumption without further support.  I mean, simply put, the game looks beautiful.  The art is so well done and each level us so detailed, it’s hard not to sit idle and gaze at the art that a team of such brilliance was able to put together. 

      But that’d mean nothing if the gameplay wasn’t there, which I can assure you it is.  After playing through the Wii U demo, I’ve found that the animations are smooth and entertainging.  As well, the controls are very fluid and easy to grasp.  The audio is simply amazing, especially during the music level that we know to be “Castle Rock”.

      This hardly qualifies the game to be considered crap. 

  • rockman


    • mac

      lol chill man i actually got interested in rayman recently so this gonna be my first rayman game looks pretty epic cant wait for the release

    • LolWatTurtles

      Calling someone a loser and saying they’re worthless because they had a different opinion on a game you like is retarded. You are a retard.

    • Mr. Blobby

      How the hell am I supposed to “shut my rayman series”? Please elaborate.

  • Vulture

    A sequel to one of my favourite games of 2011? I’m all up for that sh*t!

  • Eb2102

    Ezio in a sidescrolling platformer……..FTW!

    • Herox95

      Wanna bet? Try Assassin’s Creed II Discovery! That’s 2D!

      • Er yeah, why?

        Try Assassin’s Creed Revealations on the Android! That’s 2D!

        • NightºƒCore

          Try Assassin’s Creed mobile.jar!

  • Ben

    …I’ve never played a rayman game before… Is it good? What’s it about? (dont give too much away) I am buying two wii u games at launch… Pikmin three is one of them, but I’m still deciding on the other. This is definitely one of my options, though, and it looks really promising

    • The Beeshnu

      Trust me it’s good

    • andrex1212

      Pikmin 3 isn’t out at launch…

    • RaymanFan

      I own Rayman origins. It is an incredibly fun 2D platformer (sorta like Mario, but a lot more fun) and one of my favorite games on Wii. It is definitely worth getting. As far as the storyline goes, a crazy guy named Bubble Dreamer dreams up the world, but he had a nightmare and you have to save the day by finding these things called electoons.

  • Herox95

    Well, Idk what game to get, but I am DEFINETLY getting ZombiU so I can scare teh shit out of my Mum!

  • Cave Dweller

    Has online co-op actually been confirmed? And when?

  • just NINTENDO

    i Love rayman and glooooooboX they are my favorite characters
    3rd.crash bandicoot

  • GirLsGameToo

    I just can’t wait for this WiiU console. I’m willing to try this one. Looks pretty fun! *[never played a Rayman game in her life]*

    My real “WiiU game” wait is the next Super Smash Bros. series Nintendo announced. I love Brawl! ^-^

    • Er yeah, why?

      I pre-ordered the 3DS version of Super Smash Bros.

  • DURPAdurpa

    Trust me on this one. Rayman origins is going to be one of the best, if not the best 2D platformers of 2012/2013. Can’t wait the get this game and lego city undercover

    • Wiiunicycle

      did you mean rayman legends?

      • Wiiunicycle answer

        I dunno?

    • andrex1212

      Rayman Origins WAS one of the best platformers ever… in 2011… Rayman LEGENDS however WILL be one of the best platformers ever in 2012…

      • Nintendo is da best

        In my opinion nsmbU will be the best but i love rayman swell

    • Sidney Majurie

      Uh oh… About Rayman Legends…

  • 2K RichKid

    Raymen was good on N64 when i was about 8 years old. bomberman and mario was also my top favorite adventure game as well. i would play raymen at game stop just for advertise. but i wouldn’t buy it.

  • newgamer

    rayman origins was great and i am buying the wii u just for this (for now)

  • Lazara the Last

    They should update some of the game sites here ^^

  • There’s some outdated stuff in this post. 

    For one, in an interview with a developer of Rayman Legends, it was disclosed that the supposed NFC components of the game weren’t actually going to be brought into actual gameplay.  That scene in one of the trailers where we see someone place a heart-shaped figurine over their gamepad and instantly bring about a barrage of hearts onscreen isn’t going to happen in the game.  Neither the inclusion of Ezio, nor the Rabbids.

    As well, this page made a few references to the game being available across all platforms when we know it to actually be a Wii U exclusive title.

    Additionally, this page stated that there was up to four player local capabilities when, again, we know there to actually be five if your gaming party consists of four wii remote users and one gamepad user controlling Murphy.

    I’m not trying to nitpick on the article, but I feel that some of these bits of knowledge might seriously affect a gamers choice to pick up the game or not.

  • roslyn andrews

    HI all i love to have Rayman 2 the great escape on wii u 

                         Rayman 2 the great escape