Apr 10th, 2013


Today Ubisoft announced that the Rayman Legends demo promised to Wii U owners in February will be arriving later this month. In early February Ubisoft announced that Rayman Legends would cease to be a Wii U platform exclusive and would instead be pushed back to September release as a multi-platform release.

This new upcoming demo promised for Wii U owners will include four levels, with one called Murfy’s Dungeon being entirely exclusive to the Wii U. In the new demo you’ll also see the game’s online challenge mode that offers daily and weekly challenges with included leaderboards for each challenge. No specific release date beyond “late April” was given, so hopefully that means before the last day of the month.

[via Ubergizmo]

Thanks, Leo!

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  • david jarman

    Yay!!!!!! 🙂
    Now if someone can tell us when is the big update from nintendo is coming this month!

    • MehAtYourComment

      I don’t know a concrete date, but I’m sure the earliest one would be in the middle of this month. Maybe it’s coming with some other bigger Updates for games like MH3U

      • Elem187

        MH3U Cross-Region Off TV Play patch is scheduled for April 15th(NA) and April 16th(EU)

  • AAAkabob

    Ugh it’s almost like opening up an old wound. I have games to play now, don’t really care for demos

  • Adrian

    If this is the Demo…What was in gamestop for the past 6+ months?

    • There was a game released last year called Rayman Origins. Is that what you’re referring to? It’s rather good, if you haven’t played it.

      • Javy G

        Actually if go to all demo stations including Walmart, Target, Bestbuy etc., its not just a video show any more, except for a few, it’s actual demos. I believe the following that have become playable demos are New Super Mario Bros. U, Sonic All-Star Racing, NBA 2k13, Rayman Legends and can’t remember the rest but yeah they ARE playable now!

      • Fred

        Rather good? it was a ton of fun!

    • MehAtYourComment

      I guess we get another demo as a little gift from the Dev’s since they weren’t happy about the new release date either.

  • D.M.T

    I stopped caring about Rayman Legends a long time ago. I love you Ubisoft but you pissed me off.

    • D.M.T

      Nevermind what I said. I will buy Rayman Legends. I forgive you Ubisoft and thanks for the Wii U support. I will buy Splinter Cell too AND Watch Dogs

  • andrea

    You can keep your damn demo,ubisoft.

    You know what?Actually you can keep the game too,I don’t give a shit anymore.

  • Nintendofreak

    whatever its just a demo doesn’t make a difference to me im not going to buy rayman instead of the wind waker remake

    • Fred

      Buy BOTH. I’m not sacrificing one for the other. I’ll play wind Waker when I’m the only one in the room (or when my wife is watching her shows) and i’ll play Rayman when other members of the family are around

      • Laud

        Not everyone can afford to buy both you know.

        • I can’t afford any for the next few months lol

        • Fred

          And if you can’t are you really going to choose an HD remake of a game you still have sitting in the closet over a brand new game?

  • Fred

    Yes, I’d rather buy the full game, but I’ll take the 4 FREE levels bringing me up to 7 levels total.
    Yes, I’ll compete against my buddies with the leaderboards.
    Yes come September I’ll buy the rest of the game.

  • Ducked

    Really hoping this version will outshine the 360/PS3 version’s like Ubisoft said.

    • Sidney Majurie

      Every developer that has claimed the Wii U version would be the best has failed. Call of Duty… nope. Aliens… BIG nope. Batman Armored… uh uh. I wish it was true but it seems to just be hype so far. Well there is Need for Speed and hopefully Deus Ex 😀

      • bizzy gie

        This game will more features, better graphics, STRONG gamepad use, exclusives, and two demos. By far, this will be the best version of the game hands down.

        • Sidney Majurie

          I’m buying it regardless but I hope so. Devs need to produce games and stop talking a good game…

      • Ducked

        Actually the Call of Duty version was better besides online. Need for Speed was better then others by far. And arkham had all DLC free.

        • Sidney Majurie

          What I meant about COD was that it doesn’t get the same support (DLC etc) from the devs as it’s counterparts on the HD twins. Batman has framerate issues. But that stuff is the fault of lazy devs, not Wii U hardware…

          • Ducked

            The DLC is only because the Wii U has a small online community right now. Frame rate issues isn’t much of a deal.

      • lonewolf88

        umm free stuff alien colo marines just sucks balls call of duty is awesome with off screen gameplay now my friends can’t screen cheat when play local

      • Arthur Jarret

        And Trine 2, and Puddle, and Tekken Tag 2, and Sonic & Sega All-Stars racing.

        Actually, MOST of the multiplatform titles are best on Wii U by now. Due to bad launch ports this is dragged down to just above the 50% mark, but still… most multiplat games are best on Wii U. Yay.

      • Elem187

        COD is the best version. Have you played local multiplayer yet? Sick having one person on the TV and the other on the pad…. . I despise split screen gaming.

        Batman Arkham City while running in subHD resolutions on PS360 (while dropping frames mind you), on the Wii U it runs in full 720p, also dropping frames. Use of the pad is a nice touch over my ps3 copy.. NFS smokes the other console versions, not even close, and Deus Ex is going to run in full 720p, with anti-aliasing (ps360 version runs in sub-hd resolutions with shotty frames per second and no AA)

        The Wii U has 32mb of edram, if not utilized loses quite a bit of performance. Most early ports didn’t take advantage of it, but now we are starting to see devs use it (Deus Ex/NFS:MW)

        Anyone who thinks the Wii U is only marginally faster than ps360 are cray cray…. 95% of the games for ps360 were sub-hd resolutions and between 20-30fps…. so far every game on Wii U is being run in full 720p 30fps, with the exception of MH3U running in full in 1080p and 45fps, then again not a very demanding game 😉

        • Sidney Majurie

          Dude you’re preaching to the choir 🙂 Just szying that many developers talk and don’t produce. COD on Wii U aint getting the DLC and updates like the other consoles and that’s just BS…

    • bizzy gie

      It will guaranteed. This game is nothing without the gamepad.

  • Robknoxious1

    I’m definitely getting this game, almost certainly not day one though – not unless some super deal comes up for it. Otherwise I’ll wait, maybe ask for it as a gift.

  • Nintenjoe82

    This isn’t bad news per se but why the fuck can’t Nintendo give us a Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101 or even Wii Fit U demo? It doesn’t bode well for us getting a MK or SSB demo before release which would be a great thank you to early adopters..

  • if only my wiiu wasnt dead :/

    • Fred


  • Cerus98

    ZzzZZZzzzZZzzZ……sorry Ubi, I stopped caring about Legends when you stopped caring about fans.

    • Only a few are true gamers

      Agreed I =m not getting the game now atleast till it’s a used copy bevause im not giving ubi my money on that game

  • How are the other consoles going to control murphy? Or will he just be Wii U exclusive?

    • Martin Kearney

      Wii U exclusive. It’s Ubisofts’ way of saying “This is how this version will be different from the ports.”

      • that’s a bit of a bonus

  • Zuxs13

    I have a feeling this will be about all most WiiU owners will get of Rayman. Most are not going to pick up the full release with, splinter cell, Wind waker, batman and many others coming out around the same time. (would have been huge back in January)

    • Martin Kearney

      THANK GOD they announced Wind Waker HD, Batman Arkham Origins, Splinter Cell, Yoshi Wii U, and DLC for NSMBU. We lost Aliens Colonial Marines (Not missing much, but could have been improved drastically with time), Pikmin 3 won’t come until Q2 of 2013 (Spring), Activision and EA won’t release DLC to their 2 BIGGEST franchises (Mass effect 3, Call of Duty Black Ops 2. Even if they aren’t that important to most of you people, they still aren’t supporting the Wii U overall), and now this game is delayed until the other versions come out. That’s a REALLY huge setback.

      • Chris Raybell

        Don’t know what to say about mass effect; haven’t played it. But Black Ops 2? Please don’t release DLC anytime soon; the lag is horrible and the player base is so low- we’d be lucky to play any other game modes besides core team deathmatch. Find something better to gripe about and give the console some time that’s only been out for 4 months. It’s new hardware, and I never expect ports to be flawless; especially a game from previous gen consoles; and yes Wii U is next gen. I’m sure when the PS4 and Xbox comes out; people will again complain about lack of software, and game delays. It always happens, just be patient FFS.

        • Martin Kearney

          That much I know, but Activision and EA overall aren’t giving the Wii U support Ubisoft is giving.

          • Chris Raybell

            I totally agree; but think for a second now…. Look at all other consoles, even pc; with support for black ops 2 for instance– all fine there. Then look at Nintendo and how they do business. I’m a Nintendo fan boy as much as any other; still being a multi-platform system owner. But how Nintendo handles business has got to change. It’s literally been months that Activision and Nintendo have been “talking it over”. And still no word. There I see Activision trying to do their part and Nintendo not doing what’s necessary to make agreements with Activision to release DLC for wii u and give it proper support. Look back at how they handled third party developers in the past- like Rare. Nintendo had both the funds and fan base to be able to keep those guys yet they let Rare sell out to Microsoft. Hell they way they’ve been handling things is the very reason EA is staying away right now. DID you know… They had a running version of Crysis 3 on wii u but wasn’t released? They didn’t see the profit with such a low user base. Thank Nintendo for that for such launch titles like Nintendoland. Seriously guys?? Wwhhhyyy. Horrible, worst piece of software they’ve done in years. Gimmicky mini games that don’t deserve that $60 price tag. I got it with my deluxe set for free, played for a few hours trying to get into it; yet thought, wow “how childish.” A true Mario title at launch would have helped immensely, not to mention a Zelda, or even Mario Kart. It’s up to the console designers to show where it shines, to draw in third party developers. Not the third party bringing in the third party. Ubisoft is taking risks; but very much welcomed risks that I will continue to purchase. 🙂 Fact is, Ninteod needs to get their stuff together and bring us those amazing titles, the true system sellers. Then others will follow.

  • David Rampa

    fuck this game

  • Steven Penberthy

    It will probably get delayed until there is a demo for every console and the wiiU only level is a in game purchase for all other consoles

  • Murfy’s Dungeon being An entirely exclusives level for the WiiU.. We are truly blessed. Cus you know you can trust their word when it comes to exclusives.

  • jlsniper

    Is the demo gonna have a play limit? Like the other demos. I’m curious.

    • Martin Kearney

      All demos have a play limit to them. The NBA games, EA Soccor, Sonic and Sega ASRT, ZombiU, and every other eshop game.

      • Chris Raybell

        They’re demos; why play them more than even 5 times? To replay what you already did? That’s when you go buy the game demoed for to continue playing or wait for the ones that aren’t released yet. Such as Raan, quit your complaining, the delay was nothing but good for both the game, and the polish for wii u.

  • zerooooo

    No keep your shitty demo. Doesnt really make up for the delay especially when the game was already done…

    • Martin Kearney

      It would be better if Ubisoft released the game on Wii U as planned and then release the ports later on in September. If the game is finished, then release it as planned, not delaying it until all of the other versions are tweaked to let the Wii U have it’s exclusives and then taken out in the ports.

      • Chris Raybell

        Actually, they added 30 new levels; and more bosses. Get your facts straight; this extra time allowed for a larger, more polished game than it would have been if it was released back when it was originally planned for. All you naysayers, can go to hell 🙂 Thanks Ubisoft.

        • that article wasnt posted before he made his comment. get YOUR facts straight before you directly attack someone

          • Chris Raybell

            Actually it was. IGN had the information; and I didn’t directly attack him; you can go to hell too 🙂 lol. People so serious nowadays. When will they get a clue.. lol

  • SYates


  • RyuNoHadouken

    screw this game…im not buying it..ill get the bootleg

    • Ben Kapferer

      Don’t expect any Wii U bootlegs any time soon; it’s been over two years and there has barely been any progress in even cracking the 3DS!

      • RyuNoHadouken

        i know…im just talking shit…lol

  • Louis

    People should stop complaining about Ubisoft!!! They are a company and they need profits and at the moment WiiU isn’t that great in terms of sales… But you should all remember…. Ubisoft is still the best 3rd party supporter of the WiiU… others don’t even bother… We need more companies like Ubisoft!!!

    • Martin Kearney

      If only EA was just like Ubisoft, we would have all of the Mass effect games, Battlefield 4, and just overall better support.

  • Squid

    Hmm, at least I can be glad Murphy isn’t on the other platforms

  • Johny

    after ubisoft showing so much awesome support as currently the best 3rd party developer for wii u… we cant really be mad at them. thanks again Ubisoft !

  • lonewolf88

    idc if you guys hate ubisoft ill still be getting this support the games not the company don’t even think about the company just the game

  • david jarman

    I’m going to buy this game out of respect for the developers who put all the hard efforts into this game to make a deadline. I want them to know their time and effort did not got to waste.

  • Chris Raybell

    I believe they have lacked to talk about 30 new levels and new bosses and better polish due to its games delay; good facts fans I’m sure would like to be aware of. The wait will be worth it 🙂

  • C.S. Bailey

    Good for them I guess.