Apr 27th, 2012

A new trailer for Rayman Legends has been leaked and it shows off some of the Wii U features in action, specifically, the NFC chip and how the new controller can utilize NFC technology. The trailer shows players setting a small NFC-enabled figurine on the Wii U controller, which lights up and “morphs” the character into the game. Oh, and the trailer finally confirms that Ubisoft will be bringing Rayman Legends for the Wii U. What do you think of the new Rayman game?

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  • swic11

    I think this is awesome, I’m sure Nintendo is really pissed right now about the leaked video, But I am excited to see other Developers going out of their way to use the new controller as uniquely as possible. I am not a Rayman fan, but I can imagine what other developers are doing!

  • Indoctrination

    Ubisoft has blocked this video for copyright grounds WTF why put it up on youtube then?

  • someSHET

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_efOu9-Y7g go here to watch it… HOLY SHIT THERE IS GOIN TO BE ASSASINS CREED 3, AT THE END IT SHOWS AN ASSASINS CREED FIGURINE

  • Soastockton


  • Norm the Conqueror

    Ubisoft said that this in no way definetally represents how the final version of te game will utilize the RFC chip. Sorry, folks, but Rayman might not be able to team up with Ezio, or at least not THIS time around.

  • amatboy4010

    Poopy, i think im poopy, whats everyone talking about, ooooh rayman. Shiny controler.

  • Solo1

    I believe this was not leaked but let out. Its a way to create a buzz and gather information on future potential customers. On that that note the animation and graphics look insane! Looking forward to E3. I havent been this excited in a long time about a video game system. Losing my mind thinking about Prime in HD!

  • Lewis

    At 00:55 did anyone else realize that there were 6 Rayman? So that means they were either ghosts of previous runs, or, what I think is more plausible as it was displaying multi-player, that basically confirms 2 Wii U controllers can be used on the system along with the 4 Wii remotes. What do you guys think?

    • swic11

      I think its more likely that they were playing with other people online, and they show up as “ghosts” that way you dont get confused as to which one you are. I honestly think that if they cant use more than way tablet controller, this console may suck. I for one wont every want to let someone else use it or “take turns”

  • bribee

    Woot I’m a Huge rayman fan I have played rayman ever since rayman arena I have rayman origins and with the similarities I cant wait to get this it wont be out on my birthday but ill say Christmas ethier way ill be getting it even if it takes six months

  • GirlGamer

    Not on my hit list but still some good footage. Maybe this might be my 9 year old Brothers hit list but certainly not mine. Good luck Rayman fans!!!★☆★