May 2nd, 2013

Rayman Legends is slated to come out September 3rd and as such, Ubisoft has really been ramping up the promotion. This time we have a video f a Rayman Legends speedrun with a bit of rhythm-based gameplay going on. Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger provides the backdrop as the player tears through the level, avoiding all manner of challenges. These speedruns are reminiscent of the original Rayman Origins, where one mistake spelled the end of your run.

The game seems to be shaping up very well, with plenty of content and challenges for players. Remember developer Michael Ancel said he planned to make the best of the delay by providing the best Rayman experience ever.

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  • Laud


    Nintendo should release Wind Waker on August 29th.

    • Laud

      Actually you know what?

      I take that back.

      I respect Ubisoft for supporting the Wii U the way they have. I guess that whole delayed until September thing left a bitter taste in my mouth.

      • Flamingoathere

        You can edit your comments.

        • Laud

          Yeah but that’s cheating.

          • Flamingoathere

            No, it’s called smart. It looks better, doesn’t clutter up the page, and doesn’t make you look like a spammer.

          • Laud

            I’m pretty sure everyone here knows I don’t spam.

            I only edit when I’ve made a mistake or something I said was incorrect or inaccurate. I posted again to show others that I take it back and that I’ll accept any dislikes given to the original post.

            If you don’t like it you’re free to dislike.


          • im really excited about the amount of software ubisoft is dishing out for the wiiu im buying 4 games from them this fall for the wiiu !!

          • Laud

            Yeah, I’m gonna try to support Ubi as much as I can this year.

          • i love their games overall but it seems like they really do care about what we think unlike e.a they have grat fan support.

          • Nintedward

            Let’s see … i’m buying Rayman , AC4 , Splinter cell and Watchdogs.. so , yeh . That’s everything 🙂

            Depending on critical reception on each game actually.

          • Levi Johansen

            Me too, I’m gonna buy everything Ubisoft releases this year!

          • Flamingoathere

            If you didn’t care about dislikes on the original post then why didn’t you just edit it to begin with? Looks more like you’re just hungry for likes, which is spamming.

          • Laud

            You’re getting childish so I’ll just end this here.

            If I really wanted likes posting twice would not have been my way of going about it. People here don’t just upvote for no reason.

            If you’re going to try and continue this I won’t respond so let’s leave it at that.

          • Flamingoathere

            I’m getting childish? You’re the one who thinks editing your comment is cheating. Saying something like that makes you look like the child, and that you’re playing some sort of game trying to get likes.

  • August 30th is the EU release date. The NA release date for Rayman Legends is September 3rd.

    • Strange that it’s coming out in the EU before NA. Usually it’s the other way around. Thanks for pointing that out. 🙂

      • Alex

        Because this game is from France.

        • pff

          Then tell us why Crisis and Spec Ops released later in Europe than in the US although their devs are from Germany ^^

          • Then you tell me why Xenoblade Chronicles, Last Story and Pandora’s tower also came MONTHS before in Europe then in NA (devs where Japanese but still) I really think it’s a personal choice from the developers, they release their games where they think they’ll be received best.

            That’s the reason for Xenoblade, Pandora’s and Last Story from what I heard. As Europe at the time seemed to be more into JRPG’s then NA according to the words in an interview with the devs from these games.

            I don’t think there really is a logical explanation for the releases dates and the differences between regions. 🙂

          • Nintendofreak

            here is just fps, fps/rpg, fps/adventure, fps/strategy , fps this n that while in china is all about badass rpg and fucking huge robots killng each other

          • Tim van Broekhoven

            China? I thought it was illegal to have video games in china…

          • sdmac200600

            Not anymore. They just started to allow video games at the beginning of this year I believe.

          • Nintedward

            You would think Europe would be the most difficult region to release games in as each game released needs like 5 different languages , sometimes more.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Everyone knows english in Europe.

          • Alex Damman

            for xenoblade at least, it was because they weren’t planning to bring the game to NA at all at first.

          • LunarNinja

            It doesn’t matter really…
            NA was the first to get Wii U and Nintendo’s in Japan
            According to the lodgic used..

      • Arthur Jarret

        Disaster: Day of Crisis, Another code for wii ONLY released in europe.
        Then again, europeans missed out on Excitebots, Mario Super Sluggers (yeah, we missed a mario game!) and many others.

        Donkey Konga / Jungle Beat games on gamecube also released in europe first. Actually – as this has happened more and more often during the gamecube and wii years, I am starting to think EU now has earlier releases than the US (in general)

    • Dominic Coradazzi

      I’m fucking jealous.

  • Flamingoathere

    Mixed feelings about Rayman now. It still looks intersting, but after waiting so long for good games, I think I’ll just hold out for Wind Waker HD.

  • Fred

    This game keeps getting better. I’m stoked. Too bad September is a ways off yet.

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    • how could you thumbs down a chance to win a free game !

      • people class it as spam maybe?

        • yeah i guess so im just trying to get more gamers involed i mean no harm.

        • Flamingoathere

          Because it is spam. It’s not relevant to the article in any way. It’s just some person/group trying to get youtube subscriptions and facebook likes. They’ve also posted nearly the same comment on other articles which can be seen via their history.

          • true, I haven’t seen this post anywhere else, but I haven’t been looking at the comments recently.

  • Magnus Eriksson

    Very good game. So sad that UbiSoft gave up on Nintendo.

    • sdmac200600

      How exactly?

      • Magnus Eriksson
        • sdmac200600

          That’s more like constructive criticism If Ubisoft really gave up on Nintendo, no Ubisoft games will be available for the Wii U after Rayman Legends. I makes sense for them to pull it being an exclusive because they will make more money. Big 3rd party devs aren’t doing so hot right now and ubisoft one of those that aren’t doing so hot. They need as much money as they can.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            They gave up with Rayman. Because they know it wont make money on the WiiU.

            This is very unlikely to change in the future. Ubi clearly sees which direction WiiU is heading, as do most of the people but some fanboys here and there. Do you see where its going?

            That said, Rayman looks very nice. I Have played the Challenges everyday and I will clearly buy the game when its out. But probably not to my Nintendo WiiU.

            Ill probably buy a PS3 instead as its alot better than my WiiU. This because in the end its the games, not the hardware, that makes a console good. And PS3 have hundreds and hundreds of great games while WiiU have none…

          • sdmac200600

            Yes I do know where the Wii U is going. Right now, it declining but people forget that when it comes to Nintendo consoles, their software is what move units. So expect an increase in sales for the Wii U when Wind Waker HD, New 3D Mario, and new 3D Zelda comes out.

            Of course the PS3 has hundreds of games because its been out for 6 years and the Wii U has only been out for half a year. And what does the amount of games on a system have to do with your purchase of another. If anything, if your Wii U library is lacking (which it should be), you should pick up Legends for the Wii U. It’s tailor made for the Wii U. Not PS3 or 360 so you will have a better time on the Wii U.

            At the end of the day, it’s your money and you can choose the way you want to spend it, but, basing a game purchase off of how many games a 6 year old console has compared to a 1/2 year old system is ridiculous.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            No, im basing it on the fact that Nintendo doesnt have a shit and probably wont have. This year, two new games maybe three at the best.

          • sdmac200600

            “Ill probably buy a PS3 instead as its alot better than my WiiU…PS3 have hundreds and hundreds of great games while WiiU have none…”-Magnus Eriksson

            You are basing your game purchase off the number of games each system has.

    • Louis

      Ubisoft is the best 3rd party supporter of Nintendo! No other company has as many games available or coming out for the Wii U

      • Magnus Eriksson

        So, which “great games” are available? And what was the reception of these great games? On metacritics for example? Rabbids land got how much?

        • Louis

          I never said they were great games… But that is a matter of opinion. I just stated they support the Wii U and continue to launch multiplatform titles on the WiiU.

    • Nintedward

      You just made that up. Ubisoft has Rayman , Watchdogs , AC4 , Splinter cell and Beyond good and evil 2 and Rainbow 6 patriots are rumoured also. They’l probably throw some shovelware like Just dance the Wiiu’s way also…

      • Magnus Eriksson

        Soooo… where exactly is those games? They dont exist yet… But Im confident you have right about the shoveware. Nintendo is going to be the shovelware console of this generation (ending together with PS3 and XBox360).

  • Squid


  • Tom Hoskins

    I really would like to get this, but with GTA V coming out 3 weeks later I won’t be able to justify the expense!
    If it was released in February, i would have bought it by now!

  • Chiwawaboi

    september 3rd?! a day after my b-day! my body is ready!!!

  • Only a few are true gamers

    Not bad but im still getting the a used copy of the game..Just can’t get over them screw us to begin with sorry ubi awesome game but i can’t give you money on this game due to you screwing nintendo and us fans to please sony and microsoft…sorry

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Yeah, stupid stupid Ubisoft leaving the sinking ship… Stupid stupid… You understand that there is people working there? Needing money to feed their families. Supporting Nintendo only will throw the company down the drain, and all the workers into misery.

      • Only a few are true gamers


  • Michael Jurado

    Personally I can’t stay mad at ubisoft especially with all the love they’ve given to the wii u 🙂 honestly i understand why they would push it back until sep. 1 better quality 2 more money since its on 3 systems so too me this is still a must have on my wii u. I can’t wait for its release

    • Johny

      my thoughts exactly
      seriously… after all the support they’re showing the wii u will SO MANY highly anticipated games…

    • deadmansam

      Ubisoft doesn’t give a shit if anyone still hates them or likes them again. – They are a company, not an old friend.

  • MetroidZero

    What that trailer reminded me of:

    1. Trine 2
    2. “Eye of the Tiger” Theme.

  • Highrevz

    megaman and pacman are out now for the VC

    • Jason Setley

      and donkey kong jr.

  • Nintyfan

    I’m loving the music levels! I guess its a good thing Rayman Legends is delayed because we wouldn’t be getting this great stuff!

  • Potemkin

    Now that’s a game worth buying!

    I’ll get it on PS3 when it comes out and if I ever buy a WiiU I will get it there as well 😀

  • so why will it not download from the store?

  • Joey Perez

    I want mega man x to come back .. by far the best series…

    • I was thinking it would be awesome to see if there was a megaman game or sonic the hedgehog game with the same art style as rayman orgins.

      • Joey Perez

        you know i would say its a cool art style but i downloaded the rayman trials app and i doubt ill buy the game… but the artstyle would be very aesthetically pleasing

  • thedeciderU

    in the wake of several other titles coming out later this year, my interest in this game is lacking more every day. would have been an amazing february release.

  • Well after the MASSIVE delay they should be ramping up promotion! I cannot bloody wait for this game – Rayman Origins was the game of the year in 2011 as far as I’m concerned. Overlooked, of course, as it doesn’t have guns and body parts flying everywhere.