Mar 26th, 2013



The delay of Rayman Legends has soured the opinion of Ubisoft in many gamer’s eyes, despite Ubisoft being the only third-party developer that has truly embraced the Wii U. Speaking in an interview with, Xavier Poix says selling a new way to play can take time but Ubisoft is behind Nintendo in its efforts:

“Selling a new way of playing can take some time, and we know the power of the brands from Nintendo and we know from the fans that the majority of what will be the system sellers are not yet available. And on our side, Rayman will be one of them for sure. We really expect Rayman to be a huge system seller on the console.”

It’s interesting to note that Ubisoft has displayed great faith in the console and will continue to do so, as upcoming major releases like Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed 4 will be available on the Wii U right alongside the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. Now if we could only get EA to embrace Nintendo as Ubisoft has, third-party support would finally come around.


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  • It WAS going to be a console seller if they had released it when they originally intended to…

    • Justin Carlson

      ^^ THIS!!! ^^

    • Easter_egg27

      I don´t think so.
      Nobody would buy a wii u to just play rayman, yes because in february/begining of march there was almost no games launching.
      And I think they are saying this because what will sell consoles is Zelda and rayman launches at the same time, so they will say that is because of Rayman

      • AAAkabob

        I’ve seen plenty of people say exactly that,; the reason they bought the Wii U was for Rayman. So…yea

        • RyuNoHadouken

          if anyone buys a Wii U for Rayman, then they suck at life

      • Except many people were going to buy a Wii U because of Rayman Legends…

        • Easter_egg27

          What I´m trying to say is that when it is september nobody will buy wii u just to play rayman but zelda and other games, and they will take advantage of that.

      • Fred

        I disagree. If legends was out now I’m pretty sure it would be my favorite game.

        • tomtank91

          But he’s saying in September, I agree that it won’t be a system seller because a system seller is whats exclusive

          • Fred

            However, the Wii U version will be the best one. It’ll be the only one with Assymetric gaming (my favorite feature of the Wii U) It’ll be the only 5 player one. And hopefully it’ll be enough to get all those people that bought Rayman Origins on the Wii to make the jump to Wii U!!! I’m very excited for this game my daughter and I had a lot of fun playing the demo together. I’m hoping the challenge mode comes out soon (Heck the FREE challenge mode may be a system seller)

    • Metal_Man_v2

      Exactly, a multiplat game that is on current gen consoles too is NOT a system seller for the new Wii U. Ubisoft went in their own best interest so they could make more money, perfectly understandable, except that they can’t just be honest about it.

      • Laud

        Didn’t think they were so stubborn =

        • Metal_Man_v2

          Yeah, I don’t know why they are so adamant on covering it up, when they could just be honest about it. I think fans would have been more understanding it they just said they want their game to sell well. It’s better than losing the respect of fans by blatantly lying to them.

      • gobrowniesgo

        kinda, but MS has a clause that states if they want to bring a multi plat. to the 360, it has to be released at the same time as other consoles..

        • red

          Nintendo had a clause before 1993 that if a game was licenced on a Nintendo console It couldn’t come out on another console for 2 years

          • HSN1

            Before 1993 it wasn’t very normal to make games multiplatform

        • Metal_Man_v2

          Exactly, that’s why it got delayed, so they could port it. It’s also why it can’t be released first for Wii U owners to enjoy.

        • C.S. Bailey

          Let’s just look at history and say that hasn’t worked out well for other parties enough to never make that deal again!

        • Arthur Jarret

          Ninja gaiden razor’s edge.

          • gobrowniesgo

            That was an exclusive..Then they changed thier minds. thats why it’s coming at the same time as ps3’s version..

          • Arthur Jarret

            Like Rayman Legends. That was an exclusive, then they changed their minds. That is why it should come at the same time as ps3’s version, but later than wii U’s version.

          • gobrowniesgo

            I kinda get what you are saying. But it doesn’t really apply here. NGRE was already out when they decided to bring it to the others. Rayman was never released so now that they made it for other systems,they have to abide by MS rules…

          • Arthur Jarret

            So… if they had announced their decision to make it multiplat 2 weeks later, right after the wii U release – it would have still gotten it on the original release date?

            Personally, I don’t think microsoft enforces this particular bit of small print and there’s still more to it than we know…

          • gobrowniesgo

            lf it was already released, we would have it. but the ps3 would have to wait till they released it on 360..

    • Alienfish

      That’s the first thing I was thinking when I read that headline. Will be? No. Would have been.

    • All I can say is 150% agreed. Will still be a system seller I think though but not as well as when they released it as sceduled, and there is also Zelda WWHD around the same time.

      • Fred

        I’m wondering if the combo of Zelda WW plus Legends plus maybe Mario and/or Mario Kart will sell tons of systems

        • Easter_egg27

          If I was considering to buy one I would buy without think twice.

      • Ben Kapferer

        I don’t see how an enhanced port of Wind Waker counts as a “system seller”. Personally, I’m not very interested in the game, because I already have the game for GCN.

        • I’m only saying this because a lot of people feel it will be a system seller, I’m with you though, I have it on gc as well besides that, WW for me is one of the worst Zelda games ever, but that’s personal, liked the story but the rest of the game especially the CS graphics, I hated it, only Majora’s mask comes in lower then WW for me.

    • ludist210

      I was just about to post the same thing. It will be a good game in September. It would have been a system seller in February.

    • MujuraNoKamen

      Yes, now it’s going to be competing with Wind Waker HD, Bayonetta 2, Mario Kart, 3D Mario, AC4, “X”, Yoshi etc – and that’s only on Wii U, it’s also got to contend with GTA5, XBox 720, PS4. I suppose it could still be called “a system seller” but it’s not going to get the same love it would have had on Wii U in February :'(


      I was waiting for this bundle

    • LopsidedPasta

      You took the words right out of my mouth. It’s like Ubisoft had prepared this statement a long time ago, when Rayman Legends was an exclusive,and decided to say it now anyway.

    • tronic307

      Woulda, coulda, shoulda been a system seller.

    • disqus_ZwAKKg4G01

      Thats wwhy I brought the wii u

    • thedeciderU

      almost just typed the same thing as you haha. yeah, and now, who knows if it will sell systems. the february release date was a good time to release before other nintendo published titles and PS4 launch (and GTA, watch dogs, who knows what other third party games).

  • Nintedward

    Might sell 100K+ on Wiiu this year most likely. but if they would of kept it exclusive I believe it would of eclipsed ZombiU’s 400K+ sold (including bundle sales)

    I can’t stay angry at Ubi anymore….. but it was still a stupid decision. I loved ZombiU , AC3 and look forward to Watchdogs , AC4 , Rayman legends and possibly splinter cell and Rainbow 6 if confirmed.

  • not if you dont release it, it isn’t

  • Link Slayer

    By the time it comes out Wind Waker will be whats selling systems! I really wish I was playing Rayman now! It would of been a system seller. It would have sold just as many copies total if it would have came on time. because now its compeating with games lik WW and GTA multiplat. I think they should of stayed on the original plan and made it multiplatform later. I don’t see how it will be a system seller for wii u now since people will be able to buy it for the system they have. I tthink it will sell better on Wii U than other systems because the compatition on the other systems and Wii U wont have the same stellar games like gta. but really who knows? I’m still getting the game because it looks super fun and because the way ubisoft has been supporting Nintendo. Now if the other big games are bad ports that would stink.

    • Link Slayer

      I have mixed feelings and I don’t have a PHD in business so I really don’t know there reasioning.

  • It would of been way fairer for WiiU to get it at least as the first since most other multiplatform games on WiiU were “just” ports of older games the other consoles and PC already had

  • Lets hope the delays in the game are worth it as this is on my list of possible games to get. Waiting to here what happens at E3 because as of now I have most of the games I want for the system except Pikmin 3 so I hope that comes soon too

  • tomtank91

    So they release the game that will be multi platform for one and in september. What the article should have said it could have been a system seller. System seller is something that is exclusive to a console.

    • Metal_Man_v2

      The ariticle says “Rayman Legends is a system seller, SAYS UBISOFT”. The author isn’t saying it’s a system seller. The article is correct.

      • tomtank91

        Well obviously Ubisoft said it that’s why the name of the article should be different or was that to complex for you to comprehend

  • WAS a system seller…

  • tomtank91

    AC3 was as disapointing as revelations was, so sorry Ubisoft but i’m not gonna buy AC4 until you prove that the game is gonna be unique to the series and not the same as ac3.

    • Easter_egg27

      Why was Revelations disapointing?
      I found it the second better AC, the first is 2 (of course), the third 3, the fourth Brotherhood and 1 the worst.

      • tomtank91

        Because it built up for 3 games and the ending like ac3 is shit. The only decent thing about revelations is Altair

        • Easter_egg27

          I think AC3 ending was more or less, Connor´s ending was awful but the Desmond one was cool.
          In Revelations the end is not that good but it isn´t bad, bad is the story of Brotherhood.

  • Ian Rahn

    No way anyone bought a wii u for this game.

    • Fred

      Actually lots of people bought a Wii U and pre-ordered this game as their main reason for getting the Wii U. Truth is, if it had come out last month it would have been my favorite game to date.

    • John Andalora

      I did. Considering it was the Demo for all Wii U areas at GameStop, it was the biggest advertised game for the Wii U.

  • Mac3TheAc3

    how can something not exclusive be a system seller….

    its like saying call of duty made the PS3 sell.

    • gobrowniesgo

      but it you know all them “Hardcore gamers”…lol

    • GermGerm

      Well maybe between utilizing the gamepad and the extra online demo challenges they promised us it will draw some people over? But I agree it will be no where near as many, if any at all…. but maybe that is what they’re trying to get at?

  • sam

    It would have been a system seller as a time exclusive now it is just another port. Zelda will be the seller now

    • sdmac200600

      How is it just another port if it was designed specifically for the wii u…..

    • tomtank91

      It’s a port from the WiiU to the other consoles

  • Easter_egg27

    The guys that are saying that to be a system-seller it needs to be exclusive are so idiotic…
    Do you think that the probability of rayman sell PS3 or XBOX 360 that already have sold lots and lots of millions of consoles or the wii u that is at the begining of it´s life cycle?

    • You do realize Halo 3 increased 360 sales by 50% in the US when it launched?

      Most system sellers are exclusives. A killer game is nearly always a best seller, but a best selling game is not always a system seller. GTA IV sold well, but it was not a system seller, despite the hype and excellent reviews it received.

      • Easter_egg27

        I said that need.
        And now you said most.
        So you are giving me reason.
        You are giving me examples that are very different from this.
        Xbox and PS3 are in the end of their life cycles, wii u is in the begining.
        So Rayman will sell wii us not PS3 or Xbox 360.
        And why buy the wii u version instead of PS3 and Xbox?
        Because it will have exclusive features.
        But you´re right, it would sell more wii us if it was an exclusive than now.
        But Ubisoft wants money instead of selling wii us.

        • Arguing semantics. The point is exclusives are system sellers, not multi-platform titles.

          • Easter_egg27

            Exclusives are sometimes system sellers.

            System sellers normally are Exclusives but they can be multi platform games.

          • Metal_Man_v2

            In thoery, you can have multiplat game be a massive system seller, when it comes out on multiple new consoles. Like if the PS4, Xbox720 and Wii U were released at the same time, and Rayman had a large fanbase, it would encourage consumers to buy the new consoles.

            However, that is very hypothetical, and rare. In the scenario we have, a game that would have forced the fanbase to buy a Wii U console to play it, can now be bought on old consoles that people already have. Why should a consumer buy a Wii U to play Rayman if they already have a ps3 or xbox360?0The Wii U version may have gamepad integration, but it this worth buying a new console to the average consumer? This is the issue.

          • Easter_egg27

            Thats what I´m trying to say, multiplatform can be a system seller.

    • Fred

      Please reword this I don’t know what you’re trying to say

  • Adrian

    I for one was never interested in this game. Does it even have a good story or good characters?

    • Fred

      Did you never play Rayman Origins and the Legends demo? This will be an incredible game! I’m still playing Origins

      • Adrian

        I played the demo that was in gamestop for this. It was like playing donkey kong or something. Nothing amazing for me.

      • Zuxs13

        By the time it comes out it wont be incredible, there will be all the Biggest games of the year by then. CoD, AC4, GTAV, Luigi expansion, Zelda WW HD, etc etc. so dont waste your money and don’t give Ubisoft the money for delaying it.

        • sithWiiU

          Maybe for you. I don’t like GTA, Mario is boring to me, don’t enjoy CoD, & Zelda is overrated imo. Ill be purchasing Rayman Legends fo sho. Loved Origins.

    • RyuNoHadouken

      no…mindless platformer that you can finish in 6 hours…fun for a day or two, but not what everyone tries to make it out to be

      • Adrian

        Sounds like something I would have loved! When I was 10.

  • Fred

    Have they ever been more specific on the Challenge mode than just April? i know it’s not likely, but I’m hoping for April 1st!!!

  • Zorbo85

    LMFAO yeah sure it is a system seller ubisoft if that was the case then why back in February when the game for wii u was already COMPLETE did you stupidly decide to delay it for 7 months to be released along side ps3 and xbox?
    Biggest bunch of losers ever,they are just saying this rubbish to stop them getting bashed more by angry nintendo fans!!!

  • HotInEER

    How can a game that is being made for every system be a system seller? This is one of the dumbest comments I have ever read and that in itself makes me not want to buy the game.

    They should have honored their word with Nintendo and either made it a Wii U exclusive or given Nintendo a 90 day window before being released on other consoles.

    • Zorbo85

      That is how dumb ubisoft have become to delay till september to go against the grand theft auto?

      • HotInEER

        I agree. They need to release their titles to not go against other big titles.

        • Zorbo85

          The thing that annoys me is that this game was hyped up so much at last years E3,then when the game is complete fr wii u they decide to delay it for 7 months?
          Ubisoft have screwed nintendo over again just like they did with the 3ds launch yet nintendo do or say nothing!!!
          Nintendo needs to get rid of ubisoft and stick to capcom!!!

          • Why would Nintendo forbid Ubisoft. Yeah, they screw up, but who here owns a Wii U, 3DS or Wii and doesn’t own a game by them? This is Nintendo, not EA,they don’t hold grudges for stupid reasons.

            Wisdom tree deserved all the hostility…

    • Levi Johansen

      and no longer an exclusive – it will be as much of a system-seller on the other consoles – well almost, Wii U will have the best version because the game is made for use with the GamePad, but still

  • Zorbo85

    LOL ubisoft said on the delay back in feb……we heard many xbox and sony fans complaining that it was not on their sytem so we thought we would bring to all 3 platforms!!!
    what so when halo was a xbox exlusive and sony fans complained did microsoft say hey we heard sony fans crying that they did not have the game and thought we would release it for them!!PMSFL!!!
    I cannot wait till this game gets released in september and it bombs and then they say i knew we should have released back in feb!!!

  • Link Slayer

    It could be a system seller if they made an exclusive purple Wii U system with Rayman graphics and packaged it at a reduced price, with a pro controller! That might sell a few systems and make up for it! It could be any color but just throwing that out there!

    • Link Slayer

      now that I think about it a Rayman bundle with a reduced price could sell systems!

  • Cerus98

    Nobody wants EA to embrace Nintendo. They’d rather see them die a slow and painful death with their always on DRM, deceptive practices, banning users from even playing offline, micro$ etc etc etc.

    • gobrowniesgo

      you have it backwards,we don’t want Nintendo to back down n allow origin to take over thier service

      • Cerus98

        Not backwards at all. It’s because of origin that EA has been criticized over and over again. Even if they somehow agreed to not use origin on their Nintendo games (which will never happen) you still should not support a company that bans you from playing a game you paid for.

        • gobrowniesgo

          true..but Criterion did an awesome job on NFSMWU..

          • Veries Seals

            You hit the nail on the head! There is no reason why Nintendo and Origin can not exist! Criterion did it so well!

          • gobrowniesgo

            l think EA is trying to get Origin to take over Nintendo’s network. i.e. pricing and online features. l don’t blame Nin. for saying no. but for EA to take thier ball n go home is childish..

          • Veries Seals

            lol, so true, so true!!!

          • Hillay

            I have to agree that getting a wii u for the stability of the console definately a plus. And everyone will see that wii u will get third party support and the games will be up to snuff.

    • Veries Seals

      Lol, I dont want EA to die! But I do want them to quick dicking us around and release games for US at the same time with all of the same features at the other consoles. There is no longer the excuse that the Nintendo console is not capable because it is more capable. So no more excuses EA. I have seen how EA has managed to include origin with Need for Speed Most wanted U, Mass Effect 3 Special Edition and Madden 13 with out origin taking over. Why could this not be done for all games from EA. It should be a choice by the user? I own all 3 of those IP’s and have personally seen that It was done very well on those three IP’s.

  • John Andalora

    Correction: Rayman Legends could’ve been a system seller.
    Nintendo already is having a problem advertising that any of the numerous cross platforms for the Wii U are different enough to sell the console. How exactly do they expect to sell this game as any different if they could get it for the Xbox or Playstation?

  • ECM

    Yeah, too bad me and a billion other people have ALL THREE PLATFORMS. And since a lot of us LOVE* achievements, we’ll get it on one of those.

    WTG UBI!

    *I don’t, but this is just more ridiculous spin/damage control from Ubi–it also sets up an out on U if it doesn’t sell tons.

  • darkstar18

    i know everyone is upset about this game and all but really im thanking Ubisoft for supporting the wii u like they said they would (unlike EA -_-) they have been announcing lots of good games for the wii u and i know more are on the way Rainbow 6 Patriots??? lol but still thanks Ubisoft for supporting the console like you said you would

  • Barters

    After playing the demo, not sure how well the gameplay will be for some levels not being on the WiiU. Like the fly levels… will that work without a touchscreen? Was brilliant playing it on the gamepad.

    So maybe the unique gameplay advantages of the gamepad will be really highlighted when its released on all consoles. That’s the only way I can see this as a system seller.

  • Thomas Fitzgibbon

    The nerve…HOW can it be a ‘system seller’ if you have decided to release the SAME game on current gen consoles, eh Ubisoft?

    • I think they probably meant it as it will be the most unique version making it more attractive to gamers than the other version’s, not sure though.

  • Quicksilver88

    I really wish this was out now…..loved Rayman Orgins and sure legends will Rock it could have been out on Wii-U 6 months sooner and helping to sell systems which would only help to sell more copies of AC4 and Watch Dogs later this year…..

  • Only a few are true gamers

    Too late Ubi…Too late

  • Nostalgia=Nintendo

    well, its not ubi’s fault. its microsoft. they want multiplatform games on their console released at the same time as the other consoles, which is a pretty dick move in my opinion.

    • Veries Seals

      We can still rest it on Ubisoft. Why? Because over all it was their decision to go that route of putting it on the X-Box 360 or multi-plats in total. They could have done a limited exclusive. 8 month release then took it to PS3. Then made a contract with Microsoft last after the other releases were made. I love Ubisoft but that was a bad move and they could have kept Wii U sales high for at least from February until now. They really would have been an automatic system seller if they bundled it in a Wii U unit bundle pack. That would have moved even more units. Thats the only way I can see it move units now. Maybe they have a 32 GB Rayman Legends bundle pack planned but they could also have a 32 GB Zelda Bundle pack that would move even more units. Will I still get it. Yes of course because it is a nice game and my son and I like Rayman. But if I am on a limited budget at that time and can only make a choice between Rayman and Zelda Rayman loses. Many people may have that choice to make at that time as well. Honestly another comparison could be how Square Enix dissed Wii U owners with their new version of Tomb Raider and released it only for PS3, XBOX 360 and PC and gave the finger to Wii U owners on one of the world most popular franchises, which would move tons of units as well. But guess what, now they are crying saying that their sales are low. They have a whole other group to sale games too and they said no to us that own a Wii U. Yeah, yeah they are bringing us Deus EX. They reworked the engine for that, why could they not do like Criterion and rework the engine for the Wii U and make a stellar super high quality hit like Need For Speed Most Wanted U? Wii U could have rocked Tomb Raider as well. A lot of developers are holding out on us.

      • gobrowniesgo

        And it’s those Devs.that will suffer in the end.

      • Ben Kapferer

        Maybe Microsoft blackmailed Ubisoft into releasing Rayman Legends for Xbox 360?

  • Dominic Coradazzi

    It’d be a system seller if it was still an exclusive and came out on time
    but Ubisoft already ruined that so it’ll do well just not as well as it would have

  • Christopher Westcott

    I love Nintendo. I loved my Wii U. But it’s a flop. I’m usually one breath away from selling the machine… I’m ready to jump on the Playstation 4/Vita train…

  • Ubisoft is stupid. “we could sell wii U units easily with this exclusive title. Lets not make it exclusive and delay it hardcore.”

  • Chiwawa

    im actually not even mad about the delay anymore. im waiting patiently while I roam Lego City.

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  • I’m sure that Rayman Legends would be a system seller, that is, if it weren’t multiplatform. Hard to get people to buy a Wii U when they could play it for cheaper on their PS360. Not to mention the fact that it will have to compete with other system sellers like Wind Waker HD and Mario Kart and 3D Mario.

  • Squid

    Morons. It’s never a good idea to give a system to shine then a week before, tell everyone it’s for every console!

  • Jizz Beard thePirate

    I would agree to a certain extent… until u guys decided to release the damn game in September when GTA V is gonna come out… They will be lucky if they even sell games let alone systems

  • Guhtere

    A multi-platform game is a system seller? That would be like saying COD is a system seller.

  • C.S. Bailey

    “Ubisoft France’s Xavier Poix says that Rayman Legends will be a system seller for the Wii U.”
    If they really believed this, they would have released the game and claimed they were the ones that kept the Wii U afloat two years from now. Why couldn’t they go the way of THQ…..

    • Michael Jurado

      it was so pointless to push the game back so much -_- by that time there will be millions of wii u’s in peoples homes and rayman will sell the best on wii u blowing the ps3 and 360 sales out of the water leaving ubisoft like ugh okay lets never do that again 😛

  • Revolution5268

    Thats BS and Ubisoft knows it

  • Michael Jurado

    i love my wii u since i never got a ps3 nor a 360 i have tons of games to play 😀 i maybe a little late but at least i’m faithful 😀

  • CyanideInsanity

    I doubt this will be the case now. Why would someone buy a wii u for this game, if they can buy the game for a console they already own?

    Unless someone was definitely getting a wii u at some point, people will be more likely to flock to their owned console’s version, instead of paying for a new console.

  • Sydney Ultrasyd

    Wtf is wrong with them ? Initial conditions were system seller

  • Teves153

    Let’s see ………… NO NO NO how can it be a system seller if its multiplatform they better shut up they make me even angry

  • Colin Parks

    Not now its delayed.. And no bf4 what is going on.

  • Pikachief

    This is going to be a system seller. Obviously because everyone will have the option to buy it on a console they already have now. Obviously.

  • Hillay

    I love that pretty much every site bashes the wii u. If you are a gamer you should purchase a wii u if have the extra money. Reason being is that it is very healthy for the vide game industry to have competition. Even if it is not your first console choice. Rayman may not be a system seller but it is of quality. Quality is what this industry needs more of. Of course Ubisoft is not going to come out and say they wanted more money and put the game multiplat. They are close to nintendo right now and that is what nintendo needs, more close friends in the third party. I have nba 2k13 for wii u and 2k games stopped online support for the game, so I contacted 2k games for the reason. They said that their relationship with nintendo is finished and to contact nintendo if i wanted to update my nba rosters through nintendo servers. I laughed because we all know nintendo has nothing to do with the servers for online support for nba 2k13 and they would not help with 2k games online servers. It is a shame because 2k puts out a nice product. I hope this does not become redundant with other 3rd parties and nintendo. That is something for us nintendo gamers to be very very worried about!!!

  • NintendoYOU

    i’m boycotting it

  • Kylexile

    I’ve played the demo for this and still don’t understand how its going to work right on 360 and PS3

  • Bill Ginzburg Bronson

    More like Kiss my Ass

  • Kevin Sepulveda

    How is it a system seller if its Multiplatform now? You ruined any chance this game had of being a system seller. This game might of been a huge victory for the Wii U and your company Ubisoft. -might of been- -might of- -might-