Aug 18th, 2012

Ubisoft has released a pack of new, gorgeous screenshots of Rayman Legends. We don’t know if these screenshots are directly from the game or whether they’ve been touched up a bit by Ubisoft’s Photoshop artists. Nevertheless, they look absolutely stunning. The details, the colors — everything really — is just top notch. To make it even better, they’re in 1080p, which could be a hint that the final game will support 1080p full HD resolution. Last week it was confirmed that the independent Wii U title Toki Tori 2 will support 1080p.

Nintendo revealed at E3 that its first party launch titles, including New Super Mario Bros. U, will only support 720p, but at 60 frames per second. Ubisoft recently revealed that Rayman Legends will be a Wii U exclusive title. You can find the screenshots below, which are in glorious 1080p and can easily double as your new desktop wallpapers.

Be sure to check out the Rayman Legends box art in high-res as well. Thanks to Sammy for the tip!

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  • LegendOfMe

    Please! I want this game so bad. Can’t wait anymore

    • Nintedward

      snap , i want about 8 games at launch. this is rivaling pikmin 3 right now , for the most anticipated launch experience. if its in 1080p then it is going to blow my cok clean off .

      • Nintedward

        i can still see some pixels with my microscope!!!!

  • Kamon

    O_O Good mother of God….

  • Pachter Jr

    Oh goodie, I can’t wait to drop this one in my kiddy basket.

    • mo

      Lol think i’ll swap the pockets full of sweets for wii u *wink wink*

      • u mad bro

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  • venomjamaica

    I am definitely gonna get this game. I am sooo excited even tho i already knew it was 1080p this gonna look so great on my brand spanking new wii u and 50 inch sony bravia… oh i can’;t wait

    Get N or get OUT!!!!

    • mo

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      • venomjamaica

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        • Shadriczo

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          • venomjamaica

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      • Shock

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    • Maverick-Hunter

      Get N or get out! Lmao I haven’t heard that since the N64 days good job sir your post was my favorite 🙂

    • ODB

      “Get N or get out” says the guy with a Sony television.

      • Shock

        Personally I prefer Samsung tvs. They have better quality.

      • deSSy2724

        Sony TVs today? nah!

  • u mad bro

    Golly Jee its perty 😀

  • JJ

    damn…just damn

  • SuperShyGuy

    You know I think colorful games take better advantage of HD than your average gritty games.

    I’ll say it. This looks more stunning than New Super Mario Bros. U.

    • goginho

      You know.. you may be right. This looks like a work of videogaming art at its finest, but it’s Mario’s simplicity that makes him #1

    • NoPUNintendo

      You make a huge point. Particles seem to just spring to life easily.

  • Captain Falcon is b0ss

    Looks beautiful!

  • Nintendonoob

    this will mean 3 stuff… 1 the Wii U will have great graphics. 2 the Wii U has alot of support from 3rd partys. 3 the Wii U will kick the ps3 and xbox 360’s ass!

    • LolWatTurtles

      What do you mean it will kick the PS3’s and Xbox360’s ass? It’s not even in competition with them. The competition is Wii U, PS4, and Nextbox. Of course this beats PS3 and Xbox360 easily but please think about you comment before writing it.

      • LolWatTurtles

        Your* Comment.

      • Maverick-Hunter

        Well it will kick the ps3/360’s ass because any game that comes out on those consoles will not be bought since they rather have the wii u version 😛 while the ps4/nextbox is up againts a console that virtually has a 2 year head start in sales so suck it.

        • LolWatTurtles

          I already said the Wii U can easily beat the PS3 and 360. You obviously didn’t even read my comment. Yeah, it has a 2 year head start which is good. (Actually more like 1 year since the Nextbox will most likely be out in 2013, where as the PS4 might come last.) So you can suck a dick. Nintendonoob wrote that the Wii U will beat the PS3 and Xbox360, when even though it obviously will, it’s not even gonna be competing against them.

  • Super Sonic128

    Orgins was awesome!

  • King of Red Lions


  • Dazz

    well good game

  • mo

    Scruw u sammie!

    • Sammie

      Lol, what for?

    • mr. shplooblah.


  • Sammie

    Thanks for the credit! Anyway, those screenshots are gorgeous.

  • Egamingway

    My guess is that I will enjoy this more than New Super Maio Bros. U. I have both New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Rayman Origins and I was shocked that I enjoyed Rayman more. Mario was great, don’t get me wrong, I was just more into Rayman.

  • Smitty

    It shouldnt be anything less than 1080p, is that not what the ps3 version runs at?, its more or less the same engine…

    • mr. shplooblah.

      actually, PS3 CAN run 1080p but barely any of the games support it. it makes me want to punch a bunny.

      • Smitty

        yes, but i was using the rayman game on ps3 as the example not its capability to run other titles at 1080p. If it can be done on ps3 i see no reason for it to not be done on the wii u…

  • Lugo

    So I suppose that viking chick is going to be a new character? Awesome. This is definitely one of my day 1 buys for the Wii U.

  • CSM0

    These guys totally read my mind about turning these images into wallpapers.

  • mr. shplooblah.

    i love the music in this game so frickin’ much!!!! <3<3<3

  • Bravyoura

    Great, rayman there are literally a dozens of publishers I would love to get behind Nintendo but ubisoft isnt one of them their right down there with THQ and EA.

  • Firebro

    For friends wise i would rather have this than new super mario bros U cuz of online and its co op friendly. Unlike Mario where you can grief the shit out of your teammateds XD

  • TheRealChappy

    There seems to be a problem trying to view the pictures. They are not sized correctly (half the picture is cut off) when you click the link while viewed in FireFox

  • Omotayostorm

    I really want this game with it s 1080 graphics I’ll probably have to black mail my dad though poor old man I’m getting as soon as it comes out

  • gPadWatcher

    Ubisoft’s #1 mascot presented in 1080p and running at 60 fps in digital 5.1 and it’s a Nintendo Wii U exclusive? Oh HELL yeah!!!!! I’m buying the system and this game!!!!!!!

    • TopCat

      No, 60fps for 720p content.

      • gPadWatcher

        Read the headline, you ignant ass! Rayman Legends is one of the many third party publishers/developers presenting Wii titles in true 1080p.

        • TopCat

          Firstly, learn to spell. Secondly, no source has said that the game will combine 1080p with 60fps.

  • Nintyfan

    Trine 2 still looks like it got a win from me, but man these too games look sick!

  • elbrody

    I’m already imaging playing this game in my 47 inch Samsung1080p 3D tv its gonna look gorgeous playing it in 3D…nintendo 4 life.

  • kingtendo

    iv seen the gamplay already on youtube,it was so frickin pretty.the color’s are stunning.

  • Indirect

    I totally expected 1080p for this game. Rayman Origins ran at true 1080p on the PS3 and 360, so why not this one?

  • to me these “Rayman” games just aren’t that good to warrant a $60 purchase…played one on the original wii and it was nothing special…perhaps for a 3 or 4 year old but not me…the game just sucks in my opinion and its very good at it…I wont be buying this one…forget it.