Sep 3rd, 2013

Rayman Legends Wii U

Weekly sales charts for the UK have revealed that Rayman Legends has debuted in the 14th spot for the chart, making it the highest selling version of the game for this week. Both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 version of the game sit at 18 and 20 respectively. With sales of all three platforms combined, this puts Rayman Legends in the number 6 spot for top game releases in the UK this week.

This is great news for detractors from the Wii U that seem to think if a game is offered in a multi-platform release, the Wii U version will always do worse. As I predicted in a previous GameFans podcast, Rayman Legends has done better on Wii U, where the title was originally an exclusive. Hopefully we’ll see similar numbers here in North America when the title is released later this month.

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  • Marcus Navarro

    Duh…it was built with the Wii U in mind.

    • Rugmouse

      You don’t find it surprising that the game has outsold the PS3 and X360 versions? I would have expected the PS3 and X360 versions to sell much better, just given the install bases for those respective consoles.

      Great news for the Wii U!

      • Emufred

        Well they are busy playing saint row 3…

        • gamesplayswill

          While we are playing Pikmin 3. ;3

          • Arthur Jarret

            And should also be busy playing wonderful 101, which UK sales makes me wonder what is wrong with humanity. But in NL it was a hard-to-find game so I wonder how it did in the best… erm, the mainland part of europe.

          • Elem187

            Lets see what it does in North America… it seems like a game more geared towards Americans.

          • Arthur Jarret

            It’s a little like Bayonetta had a baby with Team America and put him in a power ranger suit – giving him viewtiful okami powers, so you might be right!

          • Elem187

            I’ll take Pikmin 3 over every single dudebro game out there…. soooooo

        • Madmagican


      • Blugrave

        Well it is better, that’s a fact. I am completely surprised that it’s outselling the other 2. Especially in the UK! I hope it does the same here in NA. Now I kinda feel like I should purchase it to support it. But egh, whatever it’s not my style right now.

      • Wayne Beck

        It’s not a First Person Shooter.

        • Elem187

          LMAO, basically… not brown/grey space marine shooter, no buy from the PS3/x360 owners as a collective.

        • Arthur Jarret

          Neither is the last of us, puppeteer, Limbo, The last swan, Journey, Flower, Flow, Pixeljunk games, Yakuza, Valkyria chronicles, LA noire, Catherine, Heavy rain, Fable, Ninja gaiden, Uncharted, Elder scrolls, Prototype, Jak and Daxter, Sly, Ni no kuni, Little big planet, Gran turismo, Forza, Dead rising, Demon/Dark souls or Final fantasy…

          • AAAkabob

            Majority of those don’t sell extremely well. Gran Turismo and Forza are more bro games which goes in the same group of generic shooters.

          • Arthur Jarret

            Actually – all of them sold extremely well, most even received the ‘Essentials’ / ‘Platinum’ and whatever xbox has label.

            Wii U is my favorite current console, I love the pad – but I have an amazing 150+ game collection on my PS3, and I really hate military shooters with a passion!

            The ‘dudebro shooter-console’ argument is as inaccurate as the ‘wii u has no games’ one… or the ‘wii only has casual kiddie titles’ one (I own over 150 non-casual games for that, too)

      • Scout

        I agree with you. And Ubisoft was using the WiiU install base as an excuse. Now just imagine if they released this game on March (was it march) as originally planned, i bet it would of sold even better at that time since most WiiU owners were hyped and for many, this was the game that would make them buy a WiiU.

    • Rukiafan Rukiachan

      This game should have been released for the Wii U months ago.

      • Marcus Navarro

        Take my upvote. Take it and go do whatever. I just…can’t handle the sheer amount of truth in your comment…

  • Emufred

    Let’s hope it stays that way.

  • CEObrainz

    It’s kinda obvious that the Wii U version would be better.

    • jay

      Some biased reviewers already gave it a lower score… Go figure.

  • Aleks

    Sorry, but which console group is the most desperate for a worthwhile game? aaand there you are. Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy about it, and congrats Ubi. I’ve already resigned myself that my WiiU will mostly play AAA Nintendo games (and Bayonetta). Theres no more kidding around, EVERY other game I want to play is just NOT going to be on the WiiU- at least not within at least 1yr of its original release. I guess its just Nintendos wish that i spend $500.00 on another, second system rather than giving it to them. Oh well, I guess competition is good. Might pick up Rayman. (and yes it is because im kinda desperate for a game).

    • JB

      That is an interesting point you bring up. Sure, the game is selling more on the Wii U, the real question remains is if it moved any units or is it the starving install base snapping up the games? I would imagine it’s more the latter than a small mixture of both.

      Now had the game released in February, I think it would have for sure been more of the former. With that said, I still love my Wii U and will pick this game up for it, as I feel it’s the definitive version!

      • Aleks

        Thanks for the thought and not just seeing what may look like criticism and mashing that down-vote icon immediately LOL. Enjoy game. I think hard copy is out today? prolly pick it up myself.

      • Elem187

        I’m one of those starving Wii U owners and I’m not too keen on the title… Wonderful 101 and Pikmin 3 are far more enticing.

      • jay

        I wonder how much it would have sold back in its original release date?

  • Clel

    I see a lot of people saying that they’re not getting the game because it came too late, but I will definitely be snatching it the moment I can. It looks amazing!

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Origins was a great game. And this looks even better.

    • Arthur Jarret

      It’s a brilliant game, but I 100 %’d it in two days. Wonderful 101 was actually equally awesome, but lasted me a lot longer and I still have to find all heroes!

      I really can’t stand a game I enjoyed so much not selling well and getting such unfair slack about non-existant control issues, so I’m recommending it to every random person on the train, bus and internet I see.

  • therealruben1

    Hope it stays this way for the us

  • Is this good? Sure, #6 on the charts looks promising, but that’s for all platforms combined. I have no doubts that this game would sell the best on Wii U either way, but something tells me sales are relatively low to begin with. When you take the individual console platfroms at #14, #18, #20, with all of them combined to get #6 overall? That seems rather low to me…

    Perhaps someone from the UK can enlighten me on this, but I’m genuinely curious if this is really as good as the story makes it out to be.

    • Ian Woodall

      Im from the UK and considering the other games in the PS360 chart to achieve #6 overall is pretty big, the sales on saints row here were huge not too mention the last of us is still going strong. Although in the charts I looked at Rayman is at #7 on PS3 #7 on 360 and #1 on WII U. This is still Brilliant news though, I didn’t buy it got Wonderful 101 instead but its a possible future purchase

      • insomniac

        How do you like W101?

        Still waiting for release here in the U.S.

        • Ian Woodall

          Its brilliant, one of the best games on the Wii U. I just recently rebought the Gamecube and N64 because there were so many great and original games that they just don’t make anymore, I think the Wii U could be a repeat of the great gaming days with originality and games that have replayability(not sure if that’s a words)

          • Arthur Jarret

            You made a great choice getting W101. Rayman is just as much crazy, over-the-top fun, actually – but W101 lasts a lot longer! It’ll be quite a while until I have mastered 101% and found all heroes, treasures and missions – while I’ve done everything to do in rayman except challenges in two days of playing.

          • insomniac

            glad to hear its a good game.

            i agree with what you said about the wii u and other older consoles. they have always been top notch handheld wise. but (and dont get me wrong, cuz i loved the wii) i feel they lost touch in the midst of motion controls. the wii u on the other hand, is an awesome console that im glad i bought day one. love it.

    • greengecko007

      It is pretty low. Pikmin 3, a Wii U exclusive got a #2 spot on the week it released, losing out only to Minecraft.

  • Deadpool U

    This is awesome but I feel like this is troll bait.

  • BIG Franky

    i actually think that TODAY (as opposed to later this month) is the official Release date for Rayman Legends, correct? I have on my calendar to go and pick it up today….I hope I’m right!! haha… as that is what I have my lunch break blocked out for!

    • Yep it is. But charts won’t be for another few weeks. 🙂

      • BIG Franky

        well, FWIW…. i picked up my pre-ordered copy today on my lunch break! 🙂
        (sucks that I can’t play it until Christmas though…as its a gift for the kids…. but I can’t wait!)

  • Magnus Eriksson

    I think this game is way better, funnier, more beautiful than New Super Mario-series. So Ill pick it up although Im shit tired of platformers on Wii U.

    • Stoenk

      are there any other platformers besides Mario and DLC out?

      • Clel

        Cloudberry Kingdom

        • Stoenk

          So this fellow is tired rather quickly?

        • Magnus Eriksson

          and Great Giana Sisters, Super Luigi U, Switch Force, Trine2, The Cave, Toki Tori 2, Bit trip, The Smurfs, Ducktales R, Mutant Mudds…

          • Clel

            Why’d you reply to me?

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Ah, it just happened that way.

          • Arthur Jarret

            The cave and toki tori two are (side-scrolling) puzzle games, not platform games…

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Yeah, ok. Semi-platformers maybe.

  • Assassinated23

    I think a big part of it is the exclusive challenge mode WiiU owners got for the delay. It changed my mind about holding off on this game, and likely did so for many more.

  • SuperSonicBrawler

    Well what did they expect to happen? If you throw food into a pack of wild animals, which ones do you think are gonna go after it first? The starving ones, or the fat ones that have more food than they know what to do with?

    • Link

      ….What the?

      • Entropyguy

        I kind of see his point. The Wii U games library isn’t nearly as big as the PS360’s is.

        • Link

          I guess… But the way that was worded was just wrong!

  • Ross Brocklesby

    Good news! Ppl say its obvious that the wiiu version would sell better, I disagree. More Xbox and playstations exist than wiiu, even though it was built with wiiu in mind origins sold really well on previous consoles. Tbh I was expecting crap sales of the wii u version. I’m glad I was wrong. I ditched my ps3 and Xbox to support Nintendo. I’m not regretting it.

    • Arthur Jarret

      I think it is also caused by the huge carrot-on-a-stick called challenge app… the awareness and anticipation of this game was much higher on wii u because almost everyone with a wii u downloaded and played the app.

    • kevin nun—-

      Xbox and PS consumers are saving up for GTA V and for next gen consoles, that’s why.

  • Ross Brocklesby

    I worded that wrong, origins sold well on ps3 and Xbox so I expected it to sell more on those consoles than wii u. That’s what I ment hahahaha

  • MysticDude97

    Keep the public waiting, and they’ll want it more. UbiSoft, you genius.

  • Smartass2

    They could have sold more if it came out months ago. I would have got it. Now I’m getting Wind Waker like a lot of others. Sorry Ubisoft. A day late and a dollar short.

    • Arthur Jarret

      Don’t forget wonderful 101, that game is awesome and – though I’m telling this to everyone – you deserve to play it!

      • Elem187

        Roger that, I’m looking forward to Wonderful 101 before Wind Waker… I’ll pick up Wind Waker late September. Sept 15th has W101 written all over it.

    • Scout

      Exactly! and for many, this was “THE game” that would make them buy a WiiU. and this alone proves that install base was not an issue. Sure they got some positive outcome with the multiplatform release, but people would of definitely looked at Ubisoft differently with more respect knowing they are the “first” dev to actually show 3rd party games can sell WiiU’s and that you can make great games. I can go on and on, but you know what I mean.


    I’ll be picking up the Wii U version.

  • John Andalora

    First week, folks. Keep that in mind. There are many more weeks ahead.

  • Andy

    Makes sense there is more competition on the other systems well the pickings for the Wii U are thin.

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Good news. I just hope you guys will be supporting other 3rd party games too, such as Splinter Cell, AC4, B2, Deus Ex, and Watch Dogs. These are the AAA titles we’ve been asking for and if they aren’t supported then forget about meaningful 3rd party support.

    • kaygivs

      yes! especially support splintercell! it deserves it!

    • Jon Turner

      Fear not, I am getting AC4, Batman Arkham City, Deus Ex, and Watch Dogs, and have already purchased Splinter Cell.

  • Johny

    hmm thats kinda surprising, since ps3’s and 360’s install base is just SOOOO much bigger … do ps3 and 360 owners just not give a shit about a game like that ?
    well all said… its a good thing, and a good thing for wii u in Ubisoft’s eyes and their future support for the system

  • Nintyfan

    The Wii U version of Rayman Legends deserves to do well, fantastic game. So Ubisoft, was it really worth putting it on to other formats after all?

    • Elem187

      Well I’m sure it was worth it… even though the Wii U sold the most, it still probably sold like poop, and sold even more like poop on the other formats.
      I’d like to see hard numbers, my guess is it sold way less than 100k in the UK.

      • starwars360

        Well you poop on yourself instead of any gaming!!!

      • Scout

        sure it definitely helped ubisoft out. But this also proves that they were wrong with their initial thought. They used the excuse of the WiiU having a low install base. Just imagine if they actually released as originally planned around March I think…many were excited and hype, and for many, this was the game that was gonna make them buy a WiiU. They could of made “THE game” for the WiiU early in its lifespan. They could of been the “first” devs to show many of the WiiU’s capabilities. Too bad they missed out on that. That impact could of shown other 3rd party devs what the WiiU is capable of with no excuses on the install base and power..Though yes, in the end, the sales prove they were wrong though it is still a positive outcome for Ubi. But just imagine the different kind of respect they would got out of it if released in March.

  • crocodileman94

    Take that, Ubisoft!

    • oontz

      Yeah… Take that money, Ubisoft! LOL

  • 1. Hopefully this wakes up Ubisoft
    2. Wow, in the UK? That’s impressive. UK seems to be slow to accept Wii U.
    3. YAY! 😀

  • Donaald

    Learn your lesson, Ubisoft.

  • “Hopefully we’ll see similar numbers here in North America when the title is released later this month.”

    Ashley, it was released today and I am playing it right now!

    Its’s super fun so far….

  • disqus_jnx8BgXLZd

    Should have AT LEAST been a timed exclusive…

  • 00EpicGamer00

    Just saying, Rayman Legends is AWESOME! Go and get it people. 😀

    • Patrick Francis

      Yes it is, I have never played a previous Rayman game, but this one is very impressive.

  • Larry Howell

    That’s quite nice. I wonder if digital sales are factored in.

  • Panorama Vee

    I’ve just bought this game for my PS3. I wish I had Wii U and I’m getting one next year!

  • edwincarp

    They should have released it earlier and only on the Wii U. That way, stupid gamespot wouldn’t have the ability to compare different versions of the game, saying that the Wii U version is the worst.
    Forget, there should be a website called where people sign their names to support name calling and a degrading consensus towards stupid online critics with 1/10th of a brain.