May 15th, 2013


For those of you interested in Rayman Legends when it comes in September, retailer GameStop is now offering select costume bonuses for the game according to which console you purchase the game on. The rewards are as follows:

  • Wii U: Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation’s Aveline de Grandpré for Barbara
  • Xbox 360: Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher costume for Rayman
  • PS3: Assassin’s Creed 4’s Edward Kenway for Rayman

It’s interesting to note that the Wii U’s character costume comes from a PS Vita exclusive game, instead of a main title like the other two. Seems like a poor choice to me, when Aidan Pierce from Watch Dogs could have certainly been given to Wii U owners. What do you think? Will you be pre-ordering to take advantage of this offer?

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  • Nintyfan

    An actual Rayman figurine collectable would have been nice. Notice how PS3 and XBOX 360 versions get costumes from games that aren’t even out yet?

    • djvalbnc

      How would he stand without leggs 😉

      • Nintyfan

        Haha! I see what you did there!

  • TrueWiiMaster

    That’s really stupid. I mean seriously, giving the Wii U the costume based on a character from a spin off of Assassin’s Creed that was a Sony exclusive? Trash. They should swap the PS3 and Wii U costumes, or replace the Wii U costume with one that actually makes sense.

    • D.M.T

      Not only was the game delayed, but we get the inferior pre-order bonus.

      Wow Ubisoft. I will not pre-order the game. I will just buy the damn game when it’s in stores already. Stupid Ubisoft

      • Robknoxious1

        Guys. Did you not notice it’s a Game Stop bonus? Blame them not Ubisoft. Also it’s just one costume out of many in the game and they don’t affect the character’s abilities. We shouldn’t be so easily offended.

        Would you rather they pull and EA and not give us multiplats and – to literally add insult to injury – have their devs start talking trash about the capabilities of Wii U? How about developer 4A games (formally of THQ, now with Deep Silver) and their game Metro: Last Light? Remember how it was in Wii U’s 2011 E3 sizzle reel? Then late last year, after saying how “scalable” their engine was, they said they abandoned a Wii U version because of it’s “horrible, slow CPU”.

        I appreciate Ubisoft and just hope they keep supporting Wii U like they have been.

        • D.M.T

          I’m aware of everything devs have said about Wii U you didn’t have to type all that.

          I should blame Game Stop you’re right

          • Robknoxious1

            Sorry bro I was on a roll lol. It’s all good.

          • kevin

            You have issues and can’t think. If it was gamestop doing this then u r saying gamestop can create dlc content and software to do this. Ubisoft put this together and gamestop is promoting it, it might be exclusive for gamestop but ubisoft had to put it together for them.

          • Robknoxious1

            Okay so lets say Ubisoft is solely responsible do you think one costume choice is worth the outrage shown in many of these responses? You just got though saying (below) “Maybe im weird but I see buying customes as dlc is a waste of money, and stupid. If a game to u is better because what a charcter is wearing.”

            How is that out of line with what I was saying? (Besides who’s responsible I mean) Yet you say “You have issues and can’t think”. Uh… okay. I won’t reciprocate by pointing out your various spelling errors (especially since spellcheck saves my butt sometimes).

        • TrueWiiMaster

          Supporting Ubisoft’s games doesn’t mean accepting all their decisions as good. Unless Liberation comes exclusively to the Wii U, this costume choice is bizarre, and honestly, somewhat insulting.

          • Robknoxious1

            Bizarre maybe. Insulting or somewhat insulting seems a stretch.

            I like your idea of using Wii U exclusives though. Why not a ZombiU Rayman and/or Globox costume? Or would they be afraid of scaring the youngsters?

          • TrueWiiMaster

            Insulting in that the finished game already got delayed so it could go from being an exclusive to being a multiplat, and then they give Wii U owners the least of the pre-order costumes (the only one not based on a main character of a main series game), and to top it off, the character’s a Sony exclusive!

            That would be pretty cool. I don’t think it would matter that it’s a ZombiU costume, since both the other costumes are from M games too. As long as they didn’t make it a Rabbid.

      • Wayne Beck

        Um.. Ubisoft would have had to License and create the Costume for GameStop, but shouldn’t you all be saying something more like:

        “This costumes hint’s toward a Wii U release of that Game that used to be a Sony Exclusive!”

        Seriously, whats wrong with you people. Stop looking for all the negatives and start a good rumor.

        • D.M.T

          How do you expect me to be positive when all I read is negative things about Wii U? I don’t like to spread rumors,if they are going to release that game for Wii U than they should announce it already.

          • Robknoxious1

            I agree that the negativity regarding Wii U is disheartening to be sure. If I had a way to filter out the “non-news” (as I like to call it) and just see/read the “news” I would.

            How am I defining news and non-news as far as Wii U is concerned? Examples:

            News: Company X says they are bringing game X to the Wii U.

            Non-News: Company Y (that historically has not developed for Nintendo consoles anyway) has tweeted that game Y will not be coming to Wii U. They wanted to but it didn’t make sense for insulting reasons that they will toss out today and then clarify tomorrow how those comments were “misunderstood” or “taken out of context”.

    • Ducked

      I think a Luigi costume would be cool for the Wii U version since its the year of Luigi Nintendo wouldn’t mind.

    • Wayne Beck

      Um.. Ubisoft would have had to License and create the Costume for GameStop, but shouldn’t you all be saying something more like:

      “This costumes hint’s toward a Wii U release of that Game that used to be a Sony Exclusive!”

      Seriously, whats wrong with you people. Stop looking for all the negatives and start a good rumor.

      • TrueWiiMaster

        If this is a hint that only the Wii U will be getting an upgraded console version of Liberation, or a sequel to Liberation, then that’s okay, and actually kinda cool, but if not, this costume is still awkward, inappropriate, and out of place.

    • The costume looks okay to me.

    • They should add my costume

    • NintendoNoob

      How about a Link or Mario costume?

    • TrueWiiMaster

      It also appears to be the only costume not for Rayman himself (assuming only the characters Gamestop shows wearing the costumes can wear the costumes).

  • Tom Greene

    Ohhh Ubisoft…you are going to see the wrath of the angry Wii U gamers you screwed in February…

  • D.M.T

    So…the Wii U gets costume from a PS Vita exclusive game? REALLY?

    Do you people see what Ubisoft did there?

    Both the Wii U and Vita are selling poorly, so Ubisoft gives the Wii U costumes from the Vita exclusive. Don’t tell me it’s just a coincidence because it’s not.

    • Garrett M. Cowan

      This is gamestop doing not Ubi

      • TrueWiiMaster

        Not at all. Ubisoft makes the costumes, not Gamestop. Likewise, Ubisoft puts the costumes into the games, not Gamestop.

    • Clel

      It’s a coincidence!


  • Petri

    Pre-order? Unfortunately, that ship sailed already.

  • Rage Train

    So in order to get all of the skins I would have to pay 180 dollars……WTF!!!!

    • Robknoxious1

      Um, there’s lots of costumes in the game already. Do we really need to “catch ’em all”? They don’t effect gameplay.

      • Rage Train

        Yeess I MUST HAVE THEM ALL!!!!!!!

        • Robknoxious1

          All-righty then. Fair enough. =]

  • Nintenjoe82

    Dear WiiUDaily,

    I am getting bored of there not being much Wii U news, can you please make some interesting stuff up for us to get excited over! xxx

    • Clel

      It’s because there IS no news. How do you expect a news site to get updated with actual news if there was no news?

      • Zombie Boy

        I suggest going over to the Nintendo Enthusiast site. Lots of (genuine) news there, such as the new Wii U VC games coming this week, which this site hasn’t even mentioned! I guess they’re more interested in reporting the ‘doom and gloom’ articles that will get more hits rather than genuine news articles.

        • Fred

          They did mention that Super Mario 2 is coming

          • Zombie Boy

            Yes, but they didn’t say when (or announce dates of anything else, for that matter). It is out tomorrow (16/5/13), alongside Super Ghouls And Ghosts and Super Metroid. Surely this stuff is more important to us Wii U owners than stuff like ‘the Wii U version is inferior because blah blah blah…’? This is supposed to be a Wii U news site but all they seem to do is upload negative rumours with the occasional ‘this game MAY get released’ bit of info. Most trolls are allowed to post without fear of being deleted (another sign that they are only interested in hits because trolls generate more posts) and a lot of the articles are posted seemingly with the intention of firing-up Wii U owners – this article is a good example (read how it is worded – it tells us that we are getting something for FREE and then urges us to moan about it).

          • Fred

            True, and I know you’re right about them not know the Super Mario Bros release date (it said probably June) if you go look I put a comment on there with the release date so that anyone that read the comments would know it’s this week.

  • Michael Jurado

    I’m totally cool with getting the inferior pre order bonus because, we have the superior game 😛

  • Fred

    I won’t be pre-ordering, but only because I don’t want the disc I’ll be downloading at midnight the day it’s in the eShop.

    If only they had a feature where you could “pre-order” the digital copy and your Wii U would download it automatically as soon as it’s availiable!!! That would be awesome! Wake up on release morning and instead of having to run to GameStop your could play the first few levels before you eat breakfast and head to work.

    • pfff

      That would be an amazing idea for the summer update.

      Maybe they already included this (or something similar) since it’s possible to let the WiiU download updates and stuff on its own while in standby mode ^^

      • Fred

        I wonder if it would happen if a bunch of us emailed Nintendo

    • Fred

      I’m with Leo here. We’ll download it from the eShop, that way my kids won’t get the disc all scratched up or lost or whatever. Plus half of my games are downloaded and half are discs and because of the convenience factor alone we end up playing the downloaded ones more often.

    • Mochlum

      Well, the new update CAN download things with the system off, so that would be an excellent idea! If Nintendo is trying to promote digital copies so much, then that would be a good idea.

  • Ducked

    Were seriously getting a PS Vita character? Wouldn’t it make more sense to put the vita character for the PS3 version instead. I agree with article, poor choice.

  • Javy G

    It’s for women of Nintendo, no complaints but I like the stylish Splinter Cell costume myself maybe they would make more costumes available in the future

  • david jarman

    I was hoping for an action figure…..darn!
    Console specific? How about giving us a nintendo costume? For example: Mario, Luigi, Samus, Link or even (for the sake of that guy on here) Waluigi!

  • Are we seriously mad at them again over THIS?! It’s just a skin people. They’re not declaring war on Nintendo

  • Ford Crews

    I can’t believe stupid costumes are considered bonus content, and people spend money on them, much less let gamestop/whoever keep their money for weeks/months to get them.

  • Sven Buschhüter

    give him link costume. It would fit perfectly!!!

  • kevin

    Maybe im weird but I see buying customes as dlc is a waste of money, and stupid. If a game to u is better because what a charcter is wearing.

    3 words.

    Get a life!!!!!!

  • Wayne Beck

    Wii U is steal Assassin’s Creed: Liberation from Sony! Wii U is steal Assassin’s Creed: Liberation from Sony! Wii U is steal Assassin’s Creed: Liberation from Sony! Wii U is steal Assassin’s Creed: Liberation from Sony! Wii U is steal Assassin’s Creed: Liberation from Sony! Wii U is steal Assassin’s Creed: Liberation from Sony!

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      I think we got it the first time.

    • Arthur Jarret

      I didn’t catch that, would you mind repeating it?

  • Wayne Beck

    So Tired of all the Negativity..

  • Robknoxious1

    Don’t know if I’ll preorder or not, non of the costumes really put it over the top for me. This is one game I think I’d prefer to purchase digitally so I can play it whenever the feeling hits me.

  • Nintendo4life

    Ubisoft Now this is a stab in the back so again i will wait for a used copy of the game sorry your not getting my money on this game sorry

  • thedeciderU

    will never pre-order with other higher profile games releasing this fall. ubisoft fucked themselves here. and this costume sounds stupid as it’s not even from a game available on a nintendo. strange.

  • Potemkin

    I will buy it for my PS3, but not for 60 bucks. Maybe when it drops to 49.99.

  • Ice Climbers

    It’s just a COSTUME people, get over it. Sure, it doesn’t make sense that the Wii U version would get a preorder bonus based on a PS Vita exclusive, but that is no reason to go postal on them. Besides, the Wii U version of the game is the definitive version anyway due to the game being designed with the GamePad in mind. The touchscreen gameplay and the Challenges App make the Wii U version the best.

    • Arthur Jarret

      Nope, sorry.
      We must rage.

      That would be a great game title:
      ‘We must rage!’

      I’m imagining a comedy-theme RTS. Wish I could program a bit better, I’d go to kickstarter and make it – claiming it will be on Wii U almost guarantees the project will lift off nowadays!

  • Infamizmikep

    When are developers going to stop bending us Wii U fans over and ****** us? I’m tired of all the dang excuses on why we not getting games! Our system is stronger than current systems but we cant get some of the games their getting!

  • Johnny Blueballs

    I’ll be having so much fun with this game after I buy it used.

  • Guest

    Not sure if they are trying to promote certain characters because of upcoming games (which would make the Wii U costume fine if the game is coming to Wii U) or what but I can think of a few better characters for the Wii U than the ones being offered. For the Wii U they could do the costume of the main character from Red Steel 2, Rabbid or maybe even the Prince of Persia etc. The Wii U and PS3 costumes rely on people having played the AC games which isn’t bad but I would think a bigger more well know character for both of them would be better than what is being offered. I only really see the Xbox’s character costume as a worth while pre order bonus.

  • LopsidedPasta

    I always laugh at articles like this. It’s a small jab at the Wii U, but a jab nonetheless. Remember how Valve was ripping the PS3 a new one when it first released? Then suddenly PS3 sales pick up, and they’re like “Oh, no, never mind. We really ARE putting games on the PS3”. It’ll be the same thing with the Wii U. Right now, most 3rd party developers are crapping on it. But when the next 3d Mario game, or Zelda comes out, and the Wii U hits 9 or 10 million sales… That will be a HILARIOUS moment. SO. MUCH. DAMAGE CONTROL.

  • Andreas Sunde


  • Mochlum

    Is it just me or were you guys so tired of complaining about the delay that you are now complaining about a simple COSTUME that a character gets from a pre-order bonus? Be happy you get something AT ALL. Seriously guys, stop finding something to complain about.