Sep 7th, 2012

The Wii U just keeps getting more and more praise from Ubisoft. The latest comes from Ubisoft’s Michel Ancel, who has been with the company for many years and is the creator of Beyond Good & Evil and the upcoming Rayman Legends. He shared his thoughts on the Wii U in a recent interview, and he’s got a lot of praise for the new console. However, Ancel also had some words of caution for Nintendo.

He said that the Wii U has “enormous amounts of memory”, which is very suitable for 2D games like Rayman Legends. This is because Rayman Legends apparently uses a lot of memory for textures, drawings etc. Which makes sense, because the game looks absolutely gorgeous (just take a look at the recent screenshots). Ancel also believes the Wii U is meant for core gamers, since it brings them new features with the GamePad while still offering great visuals.

Ancel also had some reservations for the Wii U. He said that Nintendo has a tough job explaining the Wii U, because of its unique nature and new technology. And while the console is powerful, he doesn’t believe it’s a “traditional” next gen console. He also confirmed that Rayman Legends will run at 60 frames per second at 1080p, just like the trailers and screenshots suggested.

Rayman Legends Wii U

You can check out the full interview here (in French). Thanks to NeoGAF for the translation.

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  • Galaxy

    Don’t forget to make an article on Straight Right working on ME3 and bringing one of their ip’s and one multi-platform title to Wii U

  • Carlos Hugo

    While this may be seen as a good thing, from a broader perspective, this is not good because it can generate the idea that the Wii U got stuck in 2D platforms and not work for anything made in 3D.

    • AcesHigh

      One look at Batman, ZombiU, Assassin’s Creed III or pretty much any other game with 3D models will stifle those sentiments. I don’t think it will be an issue. There’s really only 3 2D games in the entire launch window that I can think of (forgive me if I miss any); Mario, Rayman and Scribblenauts. The rest are all 3D and, so far, seem to look as good if not better than their competitors.

      • Macarony64

        Mario is 3d on a 2d plane same has trine 2. But saying that is gread for 2d means that the games will use less compression which is big news

  • nintedward

    ”he still doesn’t believe it’s a true next gen console”

    correction , Ancel stated – ”its not a traditional next gen console” .

    this means nintendo once again has ditched the massive graphics leap in favour of innovation. that is all .

    there really is no debate . the wiiu IS next gen. even if the wiiu was less powerfull in every way to a ps3 it is still Next gen. it would just be horribly underpowered.

    1080p 60fps on TV WHILST streaming to the gamepad in 480p at the sametime clean blows the ps3 and 360 out of the water.

    the wiiu is a next gen console , with great innovation and will probably be the weakest of the pack.

    • nintedward

      *weakest of the next gen pack* .

      (loved this article) but i am tiring of hearing people throwing the term ‘generation’ around like it means ‘graphics’.

      some on answer me this . if the

      wiiu = 3.0ghz , 1.5gbRAM
      720 = 4.0ghz , 2.5gb RAM
      ps4 = 5.0ghz ,3.5gb RAM .

      does that mean they are all in different generations ??????????

      • opticine

        The PS4 and 720 won’t be as powerful as people think. Sony is still recovering from the poor Playstation 3 sales because it was way too expensive, and you can still get another console cheaper. Microsoft is focusing on Kinect and motion controls since it sold a lot, and also suffers from bad 360 sales. Which one of these scream, “IMMA MAKE A $400 DOLLAR POWERHOUSE!” to you?

        • [GHOST]

          The real problem is that even when the 720 and PS4 comes out, it’s not like the 360 and PS3 are just going to magically disappear. If neither the 720 or PS4 have enough worthwhile games either, most people will go ahead and buy a Wii-U, PS3, or 360; which will have a much larger library of good games by then.

          On an Off-Topic note: Has anyone noticed the VITA’s name translated to English is “Life” (irony), and the “4” in PS4 symbolically means “Death” in Japan. :/

        • WaveRacer

          Just because Sony had a loss doesn’t;t mean they won;t dish out a powerful system. You need to stop being in the mindset of the next consoles from Microsoft and Sony won’t be “as powerful as you think”. Microsoft only had 1 loss but the 360 is making up for that buy selling more and more units in the US.

          Have you seen the specs of the rumored dev kits for PS4 and 720? That shit is mind blowing. Don’t let your inner fanboy cloud your judgement.

          • [GHOST]

            Word of advice: It’s probably not the best idea to go around calling people “fanboys”, as it has become a derogatory term in order to “belittle” others. Also while it made be great to expect the best of the rumors about the PS4 and 720, it’s probably a good idea to keep your expections low, and have your mind blown when you find out they were true. Similar to the recent HD Zelda rumor, It’s nice to hear great news like that, but what if it was just… a rumor? :/

          • Collected

            And its a long way out, with no official confirmation from Sony or Microsoft, you only have to look at how the rumored Wii U’s specs from last year sounded compared to the rumored specs that are being summed up for the system now.

            We need to all calm down and let Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony put what they want into their next console, not build up hype that they will be the pinnacle of gaming technology, when they won’t.

      • Shankovich

        5GHz are you mad? Lmao defining a Gen with hardware has way more factors. Clock rates, capacity of memory, gpu shader count, bus speed, men clock rate, bridge speeds, caches, CPU threads per core, various supported features of the CUSTOM gpu and CPU (so even of we get the ans for what model they are, they’ll have unique features the engineers put in them), edram count aaaannnnnddd every mech/elec engineer’s favourite limit, thermal limits.

        • nintedward

          well exactly. it doesnt matter how different the wiiu , 720 and ps4 are from one another , they are all in the same Generation .

          people need to stop saying the word Generation to try and define the graphics of a console.

          the DS and PSP are in the same GEN as one another right ????

      • Opheodrys

        He didn’t exactly say it wasn’t next gen. More specifically he said it isn’t traditional. Which I suppose could be true. Perhaps that means not as advanced, or he could have meant that it’s unique. In a good way.

      • Stavros

        Processor clock speed and amount of memory have nothing to do with graphics.

        • nintedward

          i know! . i am just saying graphics DO NOT define a generation .

          its all about directXblah blah , and cache this cache that.

          • WaveRacer

            Actually they kinda do.

            Look at SNES and N64. Are you really going to sit there and say graphics don;t define a generation?

            Look at GameCube and PS3. Graphics do define a generation in a way. If they didn’t we would still be getting SNES graphics for some games.

        • Shankovich

          Yes they do. Processor speeds matter for post processing, detection, and several other effects. The CPU also needs to keep up with the GPU since it sends it the instructions. Memory matters too; less memory means the CPU has to spend more time decompressing textures and other things that could have been stored on the RAM instead.

      • deSSy2724

        Do you realize that 4-5+ GHz is technically impossible without a decent cooling system (like water and liquid nitrogen cooling)? Do you realize how much money that means? and not to mention multi-GPUs (nVidia SLI or AMD CF), hardware is today more expensive anyway… so, are we expecting a 1000 $ PS4 launch price? what about the “real price”? again “sold at a loss”? I highly doubt that Sony will did that mistake again….

        Sure, it will (probably) be the most powerful next gen console but that much?!?!?!? (i mean 4-5 GHz + etc) hmm, i highly doubt. The future is more cores, better, more efficient and less complicated architecture etc…

        NOT more clock speeds because that means more power consumption + more money for coolings etc. and you cant be 100% sure that CPU running at 5 GHz will perform better than a 4 GHz CPU.

        Here is an example… Compare my Intel i5 2500K 3.3 GHz (stock) 4-cores to AMD FX8150 3.6 GHz (stock) 8-cores (yyou red it right, 8-cores) but i5 2500K is still better for games:

        Scroll down and search for games…. you will clearly see what i5 2500K can do with less cores and less clock speed in games. Thats because 99% games still cant really use more than 4 cores and AMD Sandy Bridge (Intel) architecture is better than Bulldozers (AMD)…

      • AwayToHit

        PS4 clocked at 5 ghz??? Not a chance in hell. For the ram though, i guess about 4 GB, maybe 6 GB.

      • TheBoldman67

        I agree but no way the PS4 could have 5.0 ghz, that would be $1,000 right there (not to mention the added cost of the GPU) 4.0 ghz is more realistic, but it still probably won’t happen. maybe like 3.7 for the 720 and 3.4 for the PS4, plus a super high end GPU for each. But still, Nintendo has it in the bag this time around.

    • Macarony64

      The pad resolution is 720p

      • nintedward

        really ??? thats awesome ^^. i hear reports where people are saying the clarity is unbelievable .

        i thought it was 480p

        • PiionU

          Hey FANBOYS, WIITARDS!
          It is like I said your pure Piece of shit Pii U is not even able to do 3D graphics. It is not even strong enough for 1st party games like star fucks or dumb blonde aran. once again Drugtendo is the weakest of all like every gen before. The same like the ps1 was much stronger than the N shitty four and the ps2 and xbox were much stronger than the Gaycube!

          • o0o

            jk i know you’re trolling. your comment is HILARIOUS!

          • Kyron

            The most clever troll known to man

          • Macarony64

            Arent you the same that was crying cause rayman was wii u exclusive?

          • deSSy2724

            hhahahah i laughed so hard… you are obiviously trolling or just really stupid blind fanboy.

            PS1 stronger than N64 and PS2 stronger than GameCube? lol you are just a BLIND FANBOY. The only reason why PS1 and PS2 were more sold etc is BECAUSE OF FU***ng PS1 CDs (CD was less expensive than N64 cardridge and you can put more data on it… 700 MB) AND PS2 DVDs (DVD 4.7 GB – 8.5 GB vs miniDVD 1.8 GB on GameCube), only because of that and not because of power… N64 is stronger than PS1 and GC is stronger than PS2. Not to mention that Sony was a copy-cat (rumble and analog stick).

            Thats the real truth (fact) and you cant call me a fanboy…. i own/owned most Nintendo and Sony consoles only because of GAMES (exeption was GC, never owned it πŸ™ ).

          • PooOnWii

            Thats a lie! The Gaycube was the strongest!

          • Benjamin

            PiionU must be a pretty salty that the Wii sold as many consoles as Sony and MS combined. He also must be a closet homesexual

          • PooOnWii

            And dont say it cannot do 3d graphics! if it cant do 3d then why it has 3d games on it!? see…u fail, unless piitendo invented some way to tranfer 3dness from other place to you tv at home with some online cable i dont know but no…this wouldnt even possible, and even if the ps4 could do it, im sure the piiu can too, so dont call samus a dumb blonde too because shes a girl and girls should treated right like my 7yrs old sister that kikcs my behind in smash bros! she loves craptendo games cause they is fun and new and not like firts person shooter who are all lilke unlike each one!

            My bodie is randy

          • Nintendo Power

            @PiionU what the hell is wrong with you.This is a website where mature nintendo fans can enjoy so get out of here and go play your ShitBox 360.

          • Smitty

            Ps2 was the weakest console of that gen lad…

          • nintedward

            mmmmmmmmmmmmmm , the n64 was twice as powerfull as the ps1 and the gamecube was about 40% more powerfull than the ps2. so don’t go there you troll cake.

            if you want graphics , go and play your daddy’s pc .

          • Shankovich

            You know Samus’ last name? Try to troll properly dumb ass lol

          • TheBoldman67

            Just watch, Nintendo will blow your ass out of the water. Get out of here you nerd.

      • TheBoldman67

        No, they specifically said 480p.

  • Shankovich

    If it costs 250$, I’ll agree with him. Sorry, but 250$ while not selling a a loss means the hardware (CPU GPU) are not going to cut it against the 720 or PS4. Try building a gaming PC for less than 250$, it won’t work.However…if the 720 does have the HD 6670, I think the Wii U will be the PS2 of next Gen, as the 720 will become the game cube and the PS4 the Xbox in terms of relative power.

    • Gabe Hoffman

      PS2 was weakest but it was the best selling system of its gen.

    • relo999

      well if it 250 it’ll be fine, depending on the specs of the “720” and “ps4” because at this point in time the only thing we can even make an educated guess about is if they are in development. Not to mention it’ll be far more important that the WiiU has some good killer apps (because thats what defines a good console, not the specs), and its also important that its easy to develop for because if its easy to make something for it the faster a developer wants to make a game for it.

      Also I don’t get people who compare the cost of mass producing a console to making a gaming PC at home. (because you get a massive discount if you buy in BULK)

      Also fun fact: in most generations it’s the console with the lowest specs who sells the best.

      • Shankovich

        I’m on my phone, lazy to articulate the bulk thing but yes they do that. But don’t forget they have to pay a lot to make the custom parts. At best you can add around 100$ of extra value to the PC, so we’ll say it’s around a 400$ PC. Still won’t go to far is all I’m saying. I do have one theory: weak CPU, kick ass GPU, so games can use openCL for CPU processes on the gpu (which is why battlefield 3 uses a i3 dual core as much as an i7), which would be fantastically smart

      • Metroidvania

        Very true.

        Its also a cost factor. The average consumer will buy the most affordable hardware. This has never been such a true statement. Especially in this economy.

        If the Nextbox, PS4 are over 400. They probably wont sell very well. The market isnt going to handle another 500-600 $ console. So with that price range. That leaves them very little money to beef up the specs compared to the Wii U. So this in turn means the difference between the Nextbox, PS4, and Wii U will be marginal.

        Another factor is development costs. Bethesda’s recent statement really puts this into perspective. As they have stated that they think the 360/PS3 have plenty of life left in the hardware. So if the PS4, and Nextbox are powerhouses. They’ll never get utilized, and will probably be abandoned due to development costs. Meaning they loose the 3rd party support. While on the other hand the Wii U has large memory, and will be easy, and affordable to develop for.

        I think next gen will be all about whos 1st party titles you like best. I figure the 3rd party suport will be panned to all 3. Unless the PS4/Nextbox are overly powerful. Then theyll be abandoned due to development costs.

        Hey most developers cant even afford to develop games pushing the hardware to the max of this generation consoles.

        Check and Mate.

    • Dark Pit

      So your saying the price of a new system determins whether or not its next generation? So many people focus on the specs it gets annoying. Don’t worry it’s Nintendo we’re talking about.

      • Shankovich

        No I’m saying price determines specs, if you read my comment fully or not lol

  • Metroidvania

    I wonder how many people will take the not a “traditional” next gen console out of context.

    Yet again this means. Still a next gen console. It just doesnt follow the traditional formula for a next generation of hardware. Which is basically add more power, repackage the same controller, and send it to retail.

    The leap between the Wii U, PS4, and Nextbox will be minimal. I cant wait to be proven right on this. So this argument will be laid to rest.

    Everyones beat this “next gen console” dead horse so much. Id be surprised if theres a grease spot left.

    • nintedward

      i know apparently the n64 and ps1 are in different generations and the DS and psp are in different generations.

      if i had 2 kids , one had giantism and was a Dwarf (no offence) they are still in the same generation .

      • nintedward

        (got trigger happy with too many comment’s , damn that spam finger . they are all relevant tho :P)

      • clint eastwood

        yes correct DS was by far more next gen than psp once dualscreen and touch was released psp became obsolete THATS A FACT BY THE WAY GEN IS NOT PIXEL COUNTING DS was next gen psp was trying to be a gameboy plus media DS took handheld gaming NEXT GEN

        if you think power alone is a GENERATION you need to go back to the 1980s you out dated and WRONG

    • Icanseeu

      How do you know this? Have you somehow seen the specs for all 3 consoles?

      • Metroidvania

        Knowing the specs of any of these consoles are irrelevant when you actually understand the business climate based off of this generation in amalgamation with the current average user base, development costs, and the current economy. Its fairly easy to figure out.

        This is taking no rumors in to consideration, but otherwise understanding. What the majority average user can afford, the majority average developer can afford, and the business climate of each of these three companies.

        With rumors, and a hint of realism applied. We can figure out a couple things. First lets look into reality.

        Sony cant afford to create another console sold at a loss. With the trouble the Vita is in (no I dont hate the device, but I think the potential in it isnt being utilized) especially with the quite meh sales, and the problem of the hack thats coming to it that will basically loose it all of its 3rd party support. Id say at this point if they were to come out with a powerhouse. That would have to be sold at a loss to attract the average consumer. They would go bankrupt. So we can check Sony off our list.

        Microsoft on the other hand has little to no incentive to create a powerhouse. As with Kinect they’ve proven they’re more interested in appealing to the mass market. Having to be sold at a competitive price, and taking into consideration that the next Xbox will use Kinect 2.0 as its main appeal. This leaves little money left over to “beef up” the specs.

        Then there is the development factor. See one of my posts above that explains that in relation to development costs, and Bethesda.

        Thats basically it.

        • Icanseeu

          The problem is your basing this on your opinion! You state that Sony can’t afford to make the PS4 at a loss, why cant they? The Playstion division is making a profit.

          • Metroidvania

            Im sorry but are you sickly misinformed? Or just a blind fanboy?

            Its not an opinion. Its factual. First the economy plays a factor in this. Then I thought it was common knowledge that Sony was bleeding money left and right in EVERY division. I guess thats where I went wrong though. Expecting common knowledge to be applicable to someone whos ignorant.

            The PS3 is the only thing that has finally after being out for 6+ years turned profitable. Even with the profit made off each. It hasnt made up for the money that its lost Sony, and with the life left it has. It wont.

            Do your research kid. Keep up the trolling though!

          • Metroidvania

            And actually no Sony’s Playstation division is actually a big factor in their 312 million dollar loss. The PS3 as an actual unit has finally just turned profitable, but the division its self is like an infected wound not being tended to. As it festers, and discharges infection. It causes pain, and as the infection grows being part of a larger unit. Starts infecting other areas, and removes their functionality. Eventually destroying the unit.

            Im sure that analogy was over your head, but theres also a difference between making a profit on something small, but being so in debt that the profit is like getting a drop of water while your in hell.

          • deSSy2724
          • deSSy2724

            and @ICanseeu…. do some research



            Trolling again?

  • AcesHigh

    Honestly folks… the only people who give a rats @$$ about the definition of “next gen” and whether this console release qualifies as next-gen are the media and about 20% of the entire market that follow it so closely (like us here and the folks in the MS & Sony blogs).

    The simple fact of the matter is that hard core gamers make up a small % of the entire gaming demographic(s) that manufacturers need to target when they commercialize a product. It’s hard to believe but it’s true. Hard core gamers are the folks that blog about their hobby, get into this kind of minutia and typically argue about who is better, etc. I’d even argue that not all “core” gamers get into this type of symantic analysis.

    The truth is, to 60 – 70% of the market who will be buying this new console, it’s just a “New Nintendo”. And either they have to have it cuz it’s new or it’s better than their old Nintendo or their buddy just got one and they have to have it or their kid is pestering them for it. And what parent doesn’t want to make thier kid happy? Most people who buy the console will not be buying it for themselves. And they won’t be buying it because it is next-gen or it’s not next-gen. So really, WHO CARES if it is “next-gen” or not?! I personally can see why Ancel doesn’t think it’s next generation – but only because our traditional view of “next-gen” has always been about the graphics. This started way back in the 8-Bit to 16-bit evolution. “Next Gen has to go from 8-Bit to 16-Bit. And 16 colors to 256 colors”. But the WiiU is also an evolution in hardware design which then evolves game design in how the software takes advantage of the hardware. So in that sense, it IS next-gen.

    But, again, who cares?!

    I also don’t get why people (especially in the industry) are over-analyzing how “tough” this sell is for Nintendo to their consumers. What is so frikkin’ tough? It has better graphics, it has a control pad that has a screen on it that can play the game when the TV is off – or at the very least it has “more stuff on it” – and simply… it’s a new Nintendo… you’re either gonna buy it or not. End of quandry. I hate to Homer-Simpsonize our purchasing behaviors but, unfortunately, the reason the show is on the air still is because he really represents we as a culture at it’s core. When I read these industry comments, I swear some people just love to hear how “smart” they can sound. Sometimes the simplest answers are the best answers.

    • Metroidvania

      I’d wager that the hardcore base is even less than 20%, and the people who care about what the specs are, are probably less than 5%.

      A lot of people seem to think next gen will be all about the harcore. When in truth next generation is going to be more about the “casual” than even this generation. If anything I see Nintendo working more for the hardcore next generation than Microsoft will. Its yet to be seen what Sony’s plan is, but I think if they want to survive. Especially with their current economic status. They have to cater more to the casual audience as well.

  • cheezr

    unfortunately Ubisoft has a very long history of dumping crapware at the launch of the new console any new console
    Wii U will be no exception

    • NintendoGamer

      Ever played Rayman Origins?

  • nintendofreak

    i dont wanna sound like a xbox or playstation hater since i own a ps3….not a xbox…anyway d kinect i see it just as a thing for dancing even thought it has made some nifty tricks like d voice command thing but if ur on a house full of kids it doesnt really work dat well…..n well d xbox only has halo….while d ps3 has lots of good franchises like twisted metal n god of war…u maybe wondering what dis has to do whit d wii u…..d thing is dat ps3 lost lots of cash with d 500 dollar playstation…..n d move well its kinda shitty….the kinect in d other hand has lots of possibilities but like d move is just a imitation of d wii….and like its succesor smartglass n watever d playstation is called is just an imitation.. is just like buying 1 dollar 42 battery pack instead of buying d expensive 2 buck 2 battery pack is not d same amount but still d original wins…not d imitation….and anyway when d ps4 n xbox 720 comes out dey r going to be like 400 bucks or more so d wiiu is going to wiin anyway,,,cuz it has more loyal fans n casual r not going to buy a 400 dollar console then buy d move2 or kinect2 to play just dance

  • clint eastwood

    wiiiu has no 3.0ghz cpu in it DROP THIS NONSENSE PLEASE its more like 1.6ghz its a powerpc 400 series tri core they run 1.6ghz to 2.0ghz so please drop the BULL…..

    wiiu is clearly doing 7x 480p and 120 frames over 2 screens 1 screen wireless with no lag thats 3.5 x the out put of x360 running COD @ 1024x600p

    x360 1024x600p near 60 frames 1 tv set thats 2x480p by the way

    wiiu 1080p 60 frames tv set and 480p 60 frames controller screen thats 7 x 480p and 120 frames thats including frame rate double 8 x 480p rendering power

    x360 2x 480p 60 frames 1 screen wiiu 7x 480p and 120 frames and 2 screens thats like 8x the pixel pushing in real time of x360

    basic math comes in handy doesnt it

    • alienlifeufo7

      Actually no, the current processor family the Wii U CPU is speculated to run on, can reach clock speeds of a maximum at 4.5 GHZ, so 3.0ghz is most likely, being in the center of the estimated clock speeds possible.

    • Macarony64

      You are good but you forgot the pad res is in 720p

  • Death

    Damn right!
    Wii U is perfect for ANY games πŸ˜€

  • kamesenin

    In response to your very first comment nintendward the wii U Gamepad runs in HD. Which makes it even better!

    • nintedward

      thank you .

  • Stavros

    Enormous amounts of memory that is very suitable for 2D games ?
    Is that ironic ?
    Because 2D games require only a fragment of the memory that 3D games require.

    • Macarony64

      Actualy is the same has making a cartoon a hand draw cartoon takes many pages and frames to make but a 3d takes less. 2d games in this age takes lots of memory

  • Man

    Well it looks like Wii U is perfect for survival games and platforms!! next 3D and Sports games πŸ˜‰

  • AKA-Link77

    Ive just red “Generation” so many times up there, ↑↑↑
    its lost all meaning.
    ! __ Β‘

    • Lazyboy88

      Tartlets, Tartlets, Tartlets, the word has lost all meaning

    • o0o

      haha XD ikr

  • RonaldRaygun

    Nintendos never going to have the best graphics and almost every system of theres has had a weird ass controller and frankly who gives a shit. There games are the best. Fuck XBOX never going to buy one of those pieces of shit, fuck halo fans…….. Playstation’s cool though.

  • Nintendo Power

    I keep hearing that PS4 and Xbox 720 will have 2160p and 4k…..yea right if it is it’s going to cost big load of $$$$$$$$$$….anyway who wants to play gamecube

    • Macarony64

      Yea lets go play melee to kill time and lets see who survives more time in resident evil 1

  • ei8bitNinty

    I agree more with IWATA, I don’t think PS4/NextBox will have a great leap in terms of Power over the Wii U. The real treat is the developer itself how to push there limits of creativity and build an game engine to utilized and optimized their needs to their game. Nintendo shows it well that creativeness is more unique that the graphics itself. Its like character > looks. ^_^

    With the exception of Game Engine like Cry Engine 3 and Unreal Engine 3. One to Look at fox engine, already announced by Kojima, he state the demo he showed will… not as far as the graphics in the demo will almost look alike designed for the current gen. Another game engine sample is Uncharted Series, look how Naughty Dogs game engine handle it well to there game at the current gen state. Look how they push their creativeness. Most games in console, can never have experienced that kind of game in PC.

    My point is that the developer can build a Game Engine. Refined it. Make it even better. And be more creative. I believed this is not the WAR of Specs but the war of Creativeness. If you want to look forward for NEXT GEN Graphics, PC is the place and the bad thing its really cost a lot.

    It just my opinion guys. Looking for the WII U.

    • rafael

      You mean ‘creativity’, right? I never heard of the word ‘creativeness’ :/

      • Macarony64

        You better find a dictionary or you will get 1 for cristhmas instead of a wii u


    the graphics look a lot like rayman organs

    • Macarony64

      Are you a butcher? Poor rayman πŸ™

  • SteampunkJedi

    Good news. And there’s nothing wrong with not being “traditional”: Nintendo doesn’t make “traditional” consoles. Nintendo innovates.

  • maddogg

    Ok people processors and clock speeds do NOT define a generation.

    The N64 was far more advanced machine than the psone but they still class them as the same gen. In the terms of generations at the time the n64 was twice the machine of the ps one!

    The Wii U will be great because while I like xbox and playstation Nintendo have something they don’t and that’s exclusives that even peoples parents have played! Mario and Zelda have now been doing the rounds for a 1/4 of a century! And they still push things forward! Play Skyward Sword or Mario Galaxy if you doubt this!

  • ,

    I hate Ubisoft, but I respect Ancel.