Aug 7th, 2013


During the Nintendo Direct today, Satoru Iwata showed off more gameplay footage of Rayman Legends, including a new feature for the game. Players will be able to dress up characters in the game as Mario & Luigi. A Mario costume is available for Rayman, while Globox can dress up as Luigi. These costumes are exclusive to the Wii U version of Rayman Legends, so at least there is some content remaining exclusive on the Wii U.

What did you think of the gameplay shown off? Are you excited for the rhythm levels? The game will be released on September 3rd in North America.

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  • Sonic


    • Gotallofthem

      Yeahhhhhh Booooyyyyyy!

  • Linskarmo

    I’m quite excited for it. I hope it lives up to expectations.

  • Joey Perez

    just another port now.. with a couple extra features.

    • how is it a port when it was originally made FOR the Wii U. it’s getting ported to other systems

      • Guest


        • Clel

          It’s not out on other systems.

      • Joey Perez

        its a port because its getting ported…. that makes it a port..

        • david jarman

          No it’s an original/native that was made specifically for nintendo. Games are only called ports if its on a console it wasn’t originally built for. Even if you say it’s been ported over it is still not a port cause it is the original while the other two companies versions would be the ports. Ported over is a term.

        • NkoSekirei

          (facepalm) it seems trolls get more retarded each day on here

          • Arthur Jarret

            Not just on here… there is an increase of retardation of the internet community in general. This is partly due to movements in taking opinion as fact, blindly trusting anyone who uses enough technical jargon and thinking all wikipedia articles are properly researched and factual.

    • SonicLucario

      no your wrong, they ported this it the 360 and PS3

      • Joey Perez

        so its a port.. you said yourself.. i never said it got ported to wii u ….i said now its another port..

        • SonicLucario

          Your not making yourself clear sir….

    • Gotallofthem

      How is it a port? Are you dumb or something? A port involves it already existing for another system, and then being ported from that system to this New system (WiiU).
      Or wait since you are a MS/Sony Troll, do you already own a copy of this game for your 360/PS3? Must have missed when it came out.

      • Joey Perez

        oh wow defend nintendos honor to the death ? your an idiot for making half @#$ assumptions about people, i don’t even have those systems .. it is a port.. its going from wii u to xbox and ps3.. so yes it is a port … no matter what you say it is a port.. I never said it was being ported to wii u ! i simply said its another port.. just like call of duty is a port on all systems .. just like need for speed is a port for all systems.. its port .. hey umm its a port.

        your a clown who should learn how to comprehend words and phrases before getting your panties all twisted up your you know what.

        so whatever respond how you like it does not matter its still a port and you attack people who hurt your feelings…
        p.s. i am a nintendo fan you would know that if you read my other posts yet id rather you not do that, as you might assume things about me based off an opinion you have thats erroneous and invalid due to the lack of comprehension skills you have.

        • Deadpool U

          It doesn’t help that you said
          ‘its a port because its getting ported’ that’s saying it’s a port to Wii U.

        • NkoSekirei

          ur the bigger idiot on here troll

          • Joey Perez

            resorting to name calling ? hmmm niko ill have a conversation with you when your balls drop.
            just because im sad the game is gonna become a port doesnt mean im an idiot so what if nintendo is the one its ported from.. in the end im upset that wii have to share it because its being ported..
            i feel your an idiot who lacks the intellectual ability to explain why you might feel a certain way about what i said or wrote so you have a brain fart and think of an insult to throw at me cheers to you sir as your not only too retarded to use words as a way of expression but you use low class ones such idiot … you sir are the idiot and your adolescence shines through your name calling

          • Nils Wasser

            If you buy it for the Xbox 360 or the PS3, then you buy “just another port”. If you buy it for the Wii U then you don’t buy a port.

    • Wayne Beck

      Just to clear something up for you, since you seem to be defending this statement with some serious misinformation, a “Port” is a version of a Game Modified to run on an operating system it was not originally designed for. Being Multiplatform does not make something a port.

      Rayman Legends on Wii U is an Original Game built from the ground up. Rayman Legends on Xbox360 is a port. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 on Xbox360 is built from the Ground up. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 for Wii U is a port.

      Sometimes, a game is Multiplatform and isn’t a Port. Take Need For Speed Most Wanted. It was Built from the Ground up on Xbox360 and then Built from the ground up again on Wii U. Since the Developers put in the effort to completely reconstruct the game for the Wii U, it is not a Port.

    • Kevin Sepulveda

      Yeah but thankfully we don’t get the watered down version this time. The Wii U version will be the better version since it was designed with the intentional use of the touch screen πŸ˜€

      • Joey Perez

        yeah i agree .. at least its the best version.. but i hate that wii have to share it. thats ok though i dont think ubisoft is wrong in their decision they are not the ones who need to sell the wii u .. they just have to make enough money to justify creating the game πŸ™‚

  • SonicLucario

    Rayman for Smash Bros

  • I can’t wait for those rhythm levels πŸ˜€

    • yea, i play the demo and the first level i was like: naaa…
      when i play the others… i have to buy this!

  • Jack5221

    How do you get the costumes? I missed the direct so not sure if they mention how to get themm. :-/

    • Baum γ€Œγƒ„γƒͺー」

      They didn’t mention it. I guess it’s like the Splinter Cell and Assassins Creed(?) Skins on the other consoles.

    • Fred

      I don’t think they said, but my guess is you unlock them through playing the game

    • FaTih

      You can watch it everytime

  • Leo

    Well, Nintendo shouldn’t have allowed it given the backstabbing when they lost the exclusivity. Yes, i’m bitter.

    • Gotallofthem

      I agree with you to a point, but I’m still getting it. I think when Ubi first said it would be an exclusive they thought that the U would be a sold out system like the original Wii. They didn’t expect for Nintendo to only be selling 160k units every 3 months. Can you 100% blame UBI, no not really.

      • crocodileman94

        Besides, this delay gave us both Invasion Mode, 40 remakes from Origins, Kung Foot, and several new bosses.

        • Fred

          can I double thumbs up this? One for making a good point and a second cause I’m excited for that new content

    • Fred

      In terms of the Wii U, Nintendo really isn’t in a position to be pushing their weight around. They need as much help as they can get. I really want the Wii U to do well mostly because I love mine and I want games to keep coming so consequently I’ll be buying this game day 1 probably digitally.

  • Mochlum

    One of the few cool new things of the Direct…

  • Christopher Acuna

    Whatever. I have already decided not to get this game. Not because I don’t like it but because I just don’t have the monies for it lol. And GTA V!!!

    • Gotallofthem

      Get a job is my recommendation.

      • Christopher Acuna

        I have 2 jobs buddy. Priorities.

      • kevin nun—-

        Suggestion or advice would be a much better use of vocabulary.. here’s one advice for you, study, learn, and get your smeducation done so you can get a good job and stop bashing people who do have one. Take care, blessings πŸ™‚

  • John Smith

    In the rayman levels demo i love the rhythm level!

  • Stephen Davis

    This is NOT the breakthrough I was waiting for

  • Brandon Gardner

    I like the way how Ubisoft still tries to continue to support the Wii U and still make this game different from the PS3 and 360 versions….

  • jrob23

    can’t wait to get this game…months after release and a price drop. Ubisoft will wait to get my money as they made me wait. There are plenty of other great games so I can wait.

    • Fred

      Not me, I was upset, but when I saw how much content they added I got over it. I’ll be a day 1 guy. I’m very excited for this game.

      • jrob23

        I am very excited for this and think it looks amazing. I will buy this one day. I just can’t reward their behavior. Not when there will be other games I can play during that time. I’m thinking early 2014 price drop/special.

        • Fred

          I can’t fault you there as I was very frustrated too, but I now see things a little differently and I’d like to keep them bringing more things in the future. I’ll take the semi discount I get from the Deluxe Digital Promotion as good enough

        • ItzameyaToad

          I can understand everyone wanting to not buy it launch day but really they are giving the Wii U much more than the other versions. If you look at it the only thing’s the other versions are getting is the pre-order costumes you get for pre-ordering nothing more(to my knowledge). The Wii U has unique use of the gamepad/unique challenge modes, Pre-order bonus costume and the Mario and Luigi costumes. So yeah in a way I feel the same way about them with the game not being exclusive/releasing months ago but then again they seem to be pushing to make the Wii U version the better version.

          • jrob23

            eh…it was always going to be the best version. The Wii U is stronger with better graphics. It also uses the game pad. So that argument doesn’t hold water. Sure there is extra content and that’s nice. However that could have been saved for a future game or DLC.
            If they had released as an exclusive early this year, it would have helped continue the momentum the Wii U had during the holidays. It would have been one more amazing game the Wii U had which would have satisfied many owners and helped shut up detractors who say there are no games. Because the argument could have been the Wii U has NSMBU, ZombiU, LegoCity, Rayman Legends, Monster Hunter Tri U. And that my friend is not such a bad lineup of exclusives.
            So, no introduction of Mario and Luigi skins, extra bosses, or levels can change the fact that UbiSoft was instrumental in the negative narrative about the Wii U. I can’t forgive them for that.

    • ETeach

      Agreed. I only have so much cash and there’s plenty of other good games out there.

    • Andreas Sunde

      I preoredered it, but I got it at 30% off, with some other Ubi games. Hadn’t bought at full price.

  • Ducked

    I’m pretty sure Mario and Luigi won’t come to the PS3 or Xbox version lol

  • Deadpool U

    Well we’re still getting something but I’m angry over the whole multiplatform I just don’t get we they couldn’t release the finished Wii U version.

    • 00EpicGamer00

      Blame Microsoft for that πŸ˜›

  • andrΓ©

    globox should be mario and rayman luigi..

  • ItzameyaToad

    It’s good to see Ubisoft willing to work with Nintendo and make it up to Nintendo fans. They first gave us the challenge app which is alot of fun and we are the only ones who got it and now they are giving us exclusive costums. Good job Ubisoft!

    • Yen

      I don’t know, still feel a bit cheated. A few costumes and an app that we would’ve gotten if they had released the game like they could have.

      • ItzameyaToad

        Your right it still does suck that we didn’t get it earlyier and it lost its Wii U exclusivity but at least we are getting extras the other versions aren’t. If you look at it the only thing’s the other versions are getting is the pre-order costumes you get for pre-ordering nothing more(to my knowledge). The Wii U has unique use of the gamepad/unique challenge modes, Pre-order bonus costume and the Mario and Luigi costumes. So yeah in a way I feel the same way about them breaking exclusivity with the game but then again they seem to be pushing to make the Wii U version the better version.

  • Joey

    Sweet…cannot wait for this game.

  • blindtiger

    great direct. even though i knew about those titles… i got excited. rayman has definitely been put back on my wishlist.

  • kevin nun—-

    Ok, Ok. I see where this is going. Hype-mode loading.. Hype-mode in progress.. Activated πŸ™‚

  • crocodileman94

    Rayrio and Gluigi!