Feb 8th, 2013

Yesterday we reported that Ubisoft announced the delay of their formerly Wii U exclusive title, Rayman Legends. Many of you were understandably upset by the news, with many of you stating you no longer had an interest in buying the game since the new September release date was too close to the holiday rush that happens in the world of games every year.

 Delays in the gaming world are to be expected, but many Nintendo fans believe the loss of an exclusive is a low blow for the platform. It certainly can be baffling to understand why Ubisoft put so much marketing into Rayman Legends as a Wii U exclusive at last year’s E3, only to see it turn around this year, however one must remember that Rayman Origins was a multi-platform title. One of our readers reached out to Ubisoft to express their outrage at the changes and received this reply:

Thank you for your feedback and interest regarding Rayman Legends. We apologize for the disappointment that you are feeling due to the delayed release date, as this was a title that we have all been looking forward to as well. Customer feedback has always been, and will continue to be welcome and useful in future decision making for the company.

We want to try to ensure that when the game is released, it will be as polished as possible. We want to take the time to make sure that the game delivered will hopefully meet and exceed the expectations of the fans of the franchise as well as players that are new to the Rayman franchise.

Unfortunately release dates for video games are subject to change due to many factors, where the ultimate goal is to release the best game possible. We appreciate your understanding as we move forward and hope that you will still be excited to play Rayman Legends later on this year.

Certain anonymous sources on NeoGAF claiming to be a developer have corroborated the above statement, mentioning that the development team has been working in overdrive in order to get the game ready for the February release date. This anonymous source urges fans to be upset with Ubisoft for the news, but not to take it out on the game. As for the loss of platform exclusivity, this is something that should be expected. Ubisoft refused to rule out Xbox 360 and PS3 support when asked about the title.

Ubisoft gave a statement to Digital Spy stating that the delay of the game isn’t a development issue and that it’s purely related to the company wanting to make sure it’s ready for a multi-platform release.

We usually release all of our platforms simultaneously (aside from PC). We’ve made special exception sometimes in the past but it’s definitely just on a case by case basis and not our standard practice.

In this case, Ubisoft recently decided they wanted to release the game on multiple platforms so the decision was made to launch them all at the same time rather than separately.

I know it’s not an elaborate, ‘convincing’ answer, but it’s the simple truth.

So there you have it, folks. Ubisoft has decided to delay the title for multi-platform release, but keep in mind that the developers who have created the game that you’ve followed for all the months shouldn’t be the ones to be punished for this decision. They’ve been working hard to create something that fans can enjoy. We know you’re understandably upset about the delay, but remember that several exclusives are on the way for the Wii U, including Bayonetta 2 which is being published by Nintendo.

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  • Death47

    Still, that’s bullshit.

  • Ford Crews

    They should release another level or 2, in the demo, make it unlimited plays to keep people interested in it for the next 6 months. 

  • sdmac200600

    this comment section is gonna be great. i can’t wait to see all the “F*** UBISOFT!!!!!!!!” comments

  • D Moness

     I am conflicted about this at the moment. I hate ubisoft for pushing back the wii U release into a slot where there are so many other great games are already being release. Even worse that the wii U version is more or less done. I hate ubisoft for pushing the devs so hard with that previous deadline and then dumping this on them. That is enough for me to not by the game.

    The fact that the devs worked so hard to reach the deadline and some idiots higher up decide on something like this. I want to support the devs and buy the game.

    To make something clear I do not care about it going multi-platform. The more people can play it the merrier. What i am annoyed at is the delay of SEVEN or so months for an almost complete game.

  • Makis Karavokiris

    I don’t get all this “don’t punish the developers”. They were already payed for this, it’s not like they’re working for free. And when this game will be released, it will get great reviews and flop on the market. Which is great, because then the only ones that will be blamed for this failure will be the people in suits that decided to proceed with this disrespectful towards the consumers move.

    • Metal_Man_v2

      It’s not disrespectful to the consumer. This game was wanted by many people on PS3 and Xbox360.   They are giving the consumers what they ask for, and in turn will make more money.  

      Yes, it is sad to see the Wii U lose a good exclusive title, because as everyone knows, exclusives are everything.  But Ubisoft is not Nintendo.  It’s not Ubisoft’s job to make Nintendo money, and lose potential buyers by limiting themselves to one console.  

      • Laud

        I don’t understand why they just don’t release it, it was basically done, why not just release it here first and then work on the other releases and include DLC’s or something for free? 

        Oh right, Ubisoft.

        • Metal_Man_v2

          I agree, I see no reason why Wii U owners should have to wait for a game that is already made.  It would make them money earlier.  Let’s not forget that Bethesda had no problem releasing Skyrim DLC without it being completed for the PS3.  LOL XD

      • Schultz38

        Metal_Man_v2, I could argue every game for every system is wanted by fans of other systems to be on their system. I’ve seen people seriously want Zelda and Pokemon to “switch” over to Sony. Soooo, just cause consumers want it doesn’t make it a good idea.

        If Nintendo decided to put Mario on Sony/Microsoft systems they’d probly make a lot more money than they do now (more consumers) but that doesn’t make it a good idea or smart move for the company. They would lose core Nintendo fans. (the logic applies vice-versa for any exclusive) I believe the same logic applies here. More money doesn’t always make it a good idea.

        • Metal_Man_v2

          Zelda and Pokemon are first party games, that is completely different. Nintendo would not make money allowing their first party titles to be on other consoles. They make money from people being forced to buy their console to play Nintendo games because, as I just said, exclusives are everything. Nintendo wants the Wii U to sell well, so they will keep those games exclusively for their consoles.

           Ubisoft doens’t make consoles now do they? Ubisoft doesn’t owe allegiance to any console, unlike the various teams of Nintendo. If Nintendo wanted to keep Rayman as an exclusive for the Wii U, they should have signed with Ubisoft and paid them, just like every other company.. Your argument is invalid, sorry.

          • Schultz38

            I have no arguement other than your’s is illogical.

            I never said anything about whether Ubisoft should or should not be allowed to change (add) their game to an additional system. I didn’t mention an allegiance or anything about them making consoles (not that you said anything about me saying that…). You my friend are reading a bit too much into what I said.

            Simply put, you think Ubisoft “limiting” themselves to one console would lessen sales. I agree with this. However, I disagree, from a business perspective, that third party publishers should always put their games on multiple systems and not “limit” themselves. There’s a heck of a lot more that goes into good business (ESPESCIALLY in the video game industry) than more sales/potential buyers.

            If I was Ubisoft, I’d think about the already formed fanbase under the Wii U, the fact that the PS3 and the 360’s generation are ending, and the inevitable PS4 and 720 information we’ll get this year. I would allow the game to run it’s course on the Wii U as an exclusive, then if sales were decent enough, I’d push for a port as a day one launch for PS4 or 720.

          • Metal_Man_v2

            LOLwut? Your first paragraph literally made no sense to me, and I read it twice. ” You my friend are reading a bit too much into what I said.” +”not that you said anything about me saying that” makes no sense.

            Anyways, I’m not sure what you’re trying to say.  We seem to agree that limiting yourself to only one console would not be the best thing for Ubisoft to do, so let’s just leave it at that.

            Your idea about porting to ps4 and xbox720 (or whatever nonsense they will be called) would be a fine idea if these consoles weren’t atleast a year away from being buyable.

      • Makis Karavokiris

        the word disrespect is not aimed towards the “exclusive” status, but more towards the fact that they delay a ready-to-sell game for 7 months, leaving thousands of pre-orders meaningless, 2 weeks before release dat. And the reason behind this is a simple contract they signed for porting. If a 7month delay for non polishing reasons is not disrespectful, then I dont know what’s disrespectful in general

        • Metal_Man_v2

          Fair enough, though you didn’t exactly specify.  I assumed that you were raging over the fact that it is no longer an exclusive like many other people.

          • Makis Karavokiris

            nah, I really don’t care about such things. I am not a hardcore fanboy, I just wanted to play this freakin game in two weeks! And this comes from someone who isn’t even a huge rayman fan

      •  What are you some Ubisoft evangelist? Anyone who defends Ubisoft’s stupid actions is a fucking idiot.

  • Releasing in September and going against GTA V, that’s smart.  

    • Ultranist

      Is not like the same people who play GTA games are interested in a 2D platformer.

      • AAAkabob

        I am…and I’m sure I’m not alone

      •  What does that mean? I’m interested in both O.o

      •  Hey, I first played Rayman on the old Sega Saturn (mistake buy – like Wii U) and I liked it.  If it is deeper in game play, I may check it out.  If it come on one of the other two’s new systems, I will surly buy.

        • fireheartis1

          Are you really that stupid to say that the Wii U is a mistake buy even thoug it’s only been out for four months.  Only a fool would say something that ignorant.  Plus the Sega Saturn was an amazing unapreciated machine that deserved better.  It had all the bes arcade ports and some amazing original titles like Panzor Dragoon Saga.  Stop being stupid and realize Nintendo made a great gaming machine you stupid troll.

          •  Now you want to defend the Saturn?  The Saturn was indeed a mistake. At the time, I did not think that 3D was the future based on what I had seen up to that point with graphics not being the cleanest.  The Saturn was a go between of 2D and 3D.  It did 2D very well and 3D ok.  I always thought that the graphics looked gloomy and that cartridge slot never found a use.  It was a mistake for it to be made and it cost me money too!  I do not have fond memories of the Saturn.  maybe they should have used the Japanese logo?

            Of course the Wii U is a mistake!  Nintendo knew it would be outdated as soon as MS and Sony played their hands.  They still brought it out and hoped to get the jump on them hoping that people would love it enough to not care about the other’s technology.  How do we know the Wii U has flopped?  Sales, exclusive abandonment and low software sales.  When a recording artist comes out with an album and it starts off at #59 on the charts and does not rise above #50, it is considered a flop.  It charted (Wii U games did not even chart!) which is good, but it is not a hit.  The ones with the hits get on TV, get into films and other things.  The Wii U has flopped.

          • Just like the 3DS flopped, right?

            Guessing the PS3 and 360 flopped too considering their combined launch sales were outdone by the Wii U.

            Besides it’s not like the upcoming AAA, exclusive software that was just recently announced will drive sales at all. I mean do people actually care about Mario, Zelda, Yoshi, Mario Kart, and Smash Bros. anymore?

            Oh, yeah… they do. Not to mention the other stellar looking 3rd party exclusives like Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2, and “X” just to name a few.

            All the system needs is a better ad campaign and, above all else, killer app games (which it’s getting).

            Labeling the Wii U a flop less than four months in isn’t just jumping the gun, it’s simply not true. It hasn’t acheived Wii levels of success, but it’s doing better than most thought it would. This is a typical post-launch lull. Almost every console to date has suffered from this, and it’s likely the PS4 and “Durango” will as well despite how beefy they are under the hood.

          •  The Wii flopped because it was a novelty item.  The 360/PS3 came before the Wii and are still going strong after the Wii!  Explain that!  The Wii did not sell enough software.  When you look at their titles, most are baby games or tie-ins to TV shows and movies and stuff.

            “AAA” software should not be announced, at least one of them should have come with the launch to try and sell the thing.  It should not have been the expected either, Nintendo should have come up with new IP.  I don’t think that Nintendo will get a chance to release their games before the Wii U is discontinued.

          • Man, whatever credibility you might have had just went right out the window.

            Did you seriously just say the Wii flopped? Really!? I was under the impression that over 99 million units sold was pretty good, stellar even, but you clearly know better. The PS3 and 360 are still selling because they haven’t reached market saturation yet. In fact, they just recently hit their stride now that they’re finally more affordable. In fact, it could be argued that the 360 actually owes much of its recent sales increase to Nintendo. Do you really think they would have made the Kinect if not for Nintendo’s massive success with motion controls?

            Did you ever stop to think that maybe the main reason people stopped buying the Wii is because practically everyone who wants one has one? Sure the poor software support these past 2 years is a factor as well. However, keep in mind that Nintendo doesn’t have anywhere near the same amount of funds and development resources as its two biggest competitors. Simply put, Nintendo’s teams currently aren’t big enough to work on software for two completely different home consoles and two handhelds. The fact that they’ve managed to remain relevant, let alone attaining such a massive success, in this rapidly changing market is kind of incredible.

            Furthermore, you claim nobody bought games for the Wii; This is another outright lie, and one that many people have tricked themselves into believing. Software sales for the system are actually over 863 million. So yeah, apparently somebody’s been buying games for the system… a lot. It’s also worth mentioning that the best-selling software charts this past generation are dominated by Nintendo titles, especially the top ten.

            As for new IPs, it’s been confirmed that Miyamoto and his new teams are already working on some. The thing is, Nintendo has more recognizable IPs than just about anyone in the business. Often they’ll use an existing IP to sell a new game design. It’s still a business, and putting money down on a new, unproven IP can be a gamble when you can just as easily make that same new product with Mario, Kirby, etc. as its star instead to guarantee good sales figures.

            If you don’t like Nintendo, that’s cool. I’m not trying to turn you into their #1 fan. You can dislike/hate them all you want, but you can’t just alter the facts as you see fit. There’s no point in it.

            If you still can’t accept the truth, then I don’t see any reason to continue debating with someone who’s painfully delusional on this subject.

          •  You know, in the music business (the past, since no one sells these days), an artist could have ONE #1 hit – the only hit off of an album and the album could go platinum, but the album could still flop!  How you ask?  That’s because it only generated ONE hit not at least two.  It looked good because you could say that you had a platinum album and a Grammy nomination, but that is all that it will do.

            The Wii sold a lot – but it only had one hit!  After that hit, no one wanted to hear any other song but that hit (Wii Sports).  ONLY the controller coupled with the hype sold the Wii, not any one game accept the pack-in.

            Now let’s take your 863 million software pieces sold and analyze them.  We can safely knock off 116 million of those as Wii Sports since it came with the system and they count that as a sale.  Now we are 747 million.  That sounds staggering, but it is not…

            That roughly adds up to about 6.4 games per system for the Wii.  That means most people did not bother to explore or were no interested in much else the Wii had to offer outside of the pack-in game or the games that made specific, unique use of the controller.  It is also safe to assume that most Wii owners did not even have 6.4 games with their systems and that most only had the pack-in or 2 at best, including the pack-in.

            Like that #1 hit album, it looked impressive, it made a big splash and people had it, but outside of that #1 hit, no one else can name a song from that album!  The Wii is a one-hit wonder.  It sold then people moved on when the realized that the rest of the album was trash!

          • Lol! This isn’t the music business, dude, and Wii Sports wasn’t packed with every single Wii. The numbers mean nothing when you pull them out of your ass. I, on the other hand, am happy to provide evidence to support my claims.


            Or try this list which is a little older but still relevant, and more thoroughly illustrates how deluded you are.


            1 hit wonder you say? Doesn’t look that way to me or any other reasonable person for that matter. In fact, it seems like many Nintendo titles rank highly among the very best selling 7th generation games. Hell, they comprise nearly half the list!

            This is the part where you walk away with whatever dignity you have left. So far I’ve provided facts where you’ve only put forth lies and conjecture. I’ve challenged every remark you’ve made while you dodged all but one of mine with your last reply.

            You’ve been beaten, Donaald. Give up already.

          •  I don’t see any where that you proved me wrong.  If anything, that site you provided means that I gave the Wii too much credit, but the usual batch of the “6.4” games holds true as Wii sellers.


            Was I wrong?  No I was NOT and I did not even have to look at the charts!  Don’t you ever try to challenge the master again – don’t you do it!

    • Nintedward

      I and many others are no longer interested in Rayman legends. It’s lost its magic now and I won’t be purchasing it any where near its launch day. I will buy it second hand months after it launched .

      So will about a LOT of angry Wiiu owners.

      •  So if it were still a Wii U exclusive, it would have been magical huh?

        • Nintedward

          Yes. The game was builft from the ground up for the Nintendo Wiiu and made excellent Use of the Gamepad. Masterfull use some might say. 

          It’s simply not designed for being played with a Normal controller and the game will lose its magic. Imagine how crap Wii sports would be with a normal controller ?  Same with this.

          • Warren Huff

            Didnt you guys catch what the developer and publisher said? First the developer said its not ready so they are not releasing it until later. Then the publisher said its ready but they are not releasing it because dumbass UBIsoft wants the game to release on all platforms at the same time! So even though its going to be ready months before its ready on the other platforms UBI wont even release it early for the WII U it was suppost to be exclusive for!!! So in other words they dont give a shit about the Wii U or its fans they lies to making this title a game I will never buy unless used months after release just to put UBI in there place Bastard as French punks! 

      • I moved my preorder from Rayman Legends to Luigis Mansion 2. Also we all know the reason they delayed it…. Because of Microsofts Policy on Multiplatform games….Google it and once you find out their policy you will see why this makes sense.

    •  That should not be a problem at all.  According to people on this site. GTA is no threat to any game, sells but so many titles and does nothing for the gaming industry.  Rayman is safe!

      • Tobias Naustdal

         everyone plays gta, so if your on a small budget youll be getting just gta.

      • MujuraNoKamen

         Can we ban this prick now? it’s getting ridiculous!

        •  How about we ban you?  This may be a site about Wii U, but not all of us are paid to write goody goody BS in favor the system.  I have no financial stake in this.  I tell the truth – you take it or leave it!  Those who want to shut it down have something to hide.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            You mean you have your own opinion. Truth from you is easily questionable. You have a big ego. People can tell you’re just trolling dude. Lol.

          •  You are the one with the ego because you descended into name calling, lying and calling people bigots.  That’s low and shameful.  If I was a troll with unimportant comments, why do you keep responding?  Don’t feed the trolls.  You have to respond because it’s your job to leave it in your favor.  You can’t do that with lies those my man.

  • Adam Smith

    We should start a petition for Ubisoft to release this game! This is the most disappointed that I have been with a developer for as long as I can remember. I was really looking forward to this game, but my nephews were also and when they heard that this game was delayed they were upset. Their excuse of wanting to release it on all platforms does not fly with me because if they wanted to do that they should have decided that before. I feel like they made a commitment to me as a consumer and then went back on it for nothing that I had anything to do with. I will not buy this game on any platform if it doesn’t release for the Wii U in the next few months.

  • MujuraNoKamen

    I’m not bothered by the fact that it’s now a multi-plat the thing that bothers me is that the Wii U version was ready to be released soon and now they’re delaying it 6 months just for the sake of having a multi-platform release. Ubisoft aren’t doing themselves any favours with this, many people wanted RL day 1 for Wii U but now are going to pick another game instead – not out of rage at the delay but because now RL is going up against heavyweights such as GTA 5 and there’s a strong chance new consoles will be released around the same time so that’s going to steal all the attention away from Rayman legends. Smart move Ubisoft… Smart move.

  • Th3PANO

    fu Ubisoft. just fu. 

  • Mauricio Cordero

    http://www.change.org Rayman legends. there is a petition, share it to all who think this is a real sucky move i dont think this is only a nintendo thing. Moves like the one of ubisoft can affect all gamers.

  • Mickey Mouse

    Oh well at least LEGO City Undercover is still 1 Wii U exclusive I have left to look forward to, or is it?

    • Yep, it is ^^ 

      The other version on 3DS is just a prequel 


    •  Surprising reaction, unless everything makes you want to slather yourself in bacon.  Then it makes a lot of sense.

    • Gearchin


  • reeroy

    I was so psyched for this game, but by the time it’s released, Wii U will finally have some wind in its sails, and I won’t have time for Rayman. February is a seriously dry month for game releases(let alone for the WiiU now), which Ubisoft could have EASILY capitalized on. You’re really bad at this thing called business, Ubi.

    • Srpg2ishere

      I see what you did there with that “wind in it’s sails” thing. Hehe.. 😉

      • reeroy

        Haha I’m a master of unintentional puns. 😀

    • Enigma

      If you think that they won’t make much more money off a multi-platform release than an exclusive release, especially an exclusive for the lowly Wii U and it’s low number of units sold, then you are the one who is bad at business here.

      • Tobias Naustdal

        why the hell should the ps3 xbox users care if we got rayman erlyer?

      • fireheartis1

        What the heck are you talking about the Wii U sold over 3 million units in it’s first month.  That’s pretty dang good for a launch bro.

      • reeroy

        Right, because the majority of PS360 owners will choose Rayman over GTA V come September? You don’t need a business degree to understand that IDIOTIC move. Wii U early adopters however are STARVING for something new and fun. So what sense was it to delay this version?? Do the math, hot shot . ;p

  • That the game is going multiplatform doesn’t matter to me either, what does matter to me is that the suits at Ubisoft delay a finished game for 7 months. Not for myself, I don’t even have a WiiU anyway. But for all the people who looked forward to this game, why delay it a lot? While they could have released it next month for WiiU after that get it ready for a port to PS360. ACIII and DSII where later ported to WiiU why can’t it be done the other way around for a change?

    According an article in Metro.co.uk the developers are really pissed with the suits at Ubisoft, as the WiiU version according to them is finished, and the finished version has to lay on the shelve for at least 7 months..


    That is the direct link to the article.

    • Fred

      They should help us then. Everyone wants this game out now. maybe if they would tell Ubisoft they won’t work on the ports unless the Wii U version get put out now Ubisoft will rethink their decision

      • Would be good but as the articles also stated the man in ties fear the game won’t sell enough on WiiU alone, so I don’t think even the devs can change anything on the decision…

    • Fred
    •  so where was the excuse of releasing games for multiplats at the same time for assassins creed? smeels like bullsh** to me

      • I never said there was an excuse nor did Ubisoft, I just suggested the same thing “could” have been done with ACIII and DSII, delay them till WiiU version was ready, but that was not done, so what I thought here was why not release WiiU version on March 1st and PS360 in September, it was done on both ACIII and DSII. But I can’t help it, something smells like Sony and M$ being a part of this, we can’t prove it obviously and it’s very much likely they have nothing to do with it at all (the most likely case but yeah the thought spreads fast online)

        The decision is made by the big men @ Ubisoft. I do agree that the dev’s are not the ones to blame, but that’s my thought as well as WiiU Dailies and some other people.

        • Rye Rugovac

          In my personal opinion, Microsoft should stop making consoles altogether. While this is random, they should go back to making computers.
          Anyway, Ubishit is retarded. I would buy ANY video game in the drought of February. No games are released in February, so it’ll be perfect if they release the Wii U version now.
          The game is going to be shit on the PS360 because no gamepad means no Murfy, and being Murfy is really fun. Either way, I’m sure the expensive shit that will be the PS4 is going to be released in September, so there’s going to be no competition in September for Rayman Legends with GTA V coming out etc.
          Ubishit made a big mistake.

        • Gearchin

           sylux, there is an article on the microsft policy, and the reason why this game is delayed for that reason. I believe the article, is an old one from eurogamer, in which they ask about the multiplatform policy for their games.

  • Fred

    Why don’t they just allow the first million Wii U owners to download it in the eshop. or make it an eshop exclusive until September.
    There are a lot of possible solutions that would make everyone happy please Ubisoft make this right and we really won’t have a problem with you taking away the exclusivity just don’t make us wait till September (when it really won’t sell as well)

  • Fred

    Ubisoft could give us Wii U owners a goal. Maybe if we pre-order 1 million copies by the release date then they’ll give it to us, but if not we have to wait until September.

  • Patendo

    my girlfriend preordered it for me for christmas as a surprise, she was upset by the first delay but now is furious that my xmas gift wont come till september!!! I definately think FU ubisoft, she isnt a gamer just a consumer and has been misread by release date promises that have been changed!! It still claims 01 March as date of release today, what an utter joke and makes me really want to boycote the game and ubisoft in the future!! 

  • Fred

    Nintendo should tell Ubisoft to release it now or forget about the Wii U altogether this makes me so mad

    •  Don’t agree. I’m sure some content will certainly be unique to the Wii U version that cannot be replicated on the other consoles. Can be enticing for some. Nintendo washing their hands of the project wouldn’t be the smartest move I don’t think.

    • Metal_Man_v2

      It’s a good thing you aren’t calling the shots at Nintendo.

      •  Nintendo would barely be affected if that happened actually. Ubisoft would take the hit, so stop trying to be a smartass if you can’t even succeed at it.

        • Metal_Man_v2

          I never said Nintendo would be affected. But just because Nintendo can’t have it as an exclusive doesn’t mean they shouldn’t offer it on their console. There is no logic behind that. I’m sorry that you are so butthurt.

          • Gearchin

             tell that to microsft, they have a policy which states, games have to launch simultaneously on their system too, if not they have a right to hold off the release.

          • Metal_Man_v2

            Hmmm, interesting. I’m not into conspiracy theories, but I dug deeper on your comment and Microsoft could very well be behind all of this. It seems to me that they waved around their large user-base in front of Ubisoft and were like, “Dont you want this? Oh, but we’ll make you delay it or we dont want it”

            I know that may sound farfetched, but Microsoft is competing with Nintendo, so it would benefit them and obviously hurt the big N.

  • AlienFanatic

    I have a feeling I’ll be playing too much Wind Waker HD to remember to buy that copy of Rayman that I’d have bought in February.

    • ludist210

      Pretty much this.  Even if Rayman Legends isn’t trying to go up against GTAV, it’s going right up against Nintendo’s lineup, which isn’t good for its potential sales.

  • savisn

    The thing I hate more than the delay itself is the PR speak lies.   It’s economic – period.  If they simply said we regret that we have to move the date but we feel the only way the game will be successful is to release on multiple platforms and only a simultaneous release will work because (fill in the blank….I don’t think there is a good reason but maybe there is) – then I’d respect it.

    Treat me like a fool and an idiot and I’ll take my money elsewhere.

  • Edward Rhoderick

    All the good games come out September – December Rayman is one of those games would do much better doing a dry spell like now. Whatever though now I won’t be buying it all as there will be bigger games to get when it releases.Don’t get me wrong Rayman series are really good games just  not going to do so well against bigger releases.

  • Sydney Ultrasyd

    Ubisoft, Iwata-san gonna beat the shit out of you  !

  • Adam Porter

    i won’t be buying it, dev support or not, i think we should use this game to make an example, we shouldn’t have to wait over half a year for a game that is already ready.

    • Unfortunately this kind of attitude can only have a counter effect on the console itself. If Wii U users decide to boycott, Ubisoft still stands to make plenty of $$ off of an already large install base via other platforms. Seeing poor sales on the Wii U will only make them want to steer clear. Completely understand the frustration though!

      •  That’s true.

      • Really? You think Ubisoft would go “Hey, these low sales are the Wii U’s fault. Totally not our fault for not releasing a finished game for Nintendo fans so we can release it on the PS3 and 360. Not our fault at all.” 

      • Adam Porter

        you know what i’m past caring, i couldn’t give two $h!7s about what it’ll do to the wiiU, i’m not buying it to appease a publisher, if they don’t want to sell me the game now then it’s there loss.

  • DemonRoach

    Yes, on their way (in 1 and a half years).  Nintendo should never have released the Wii U in 2012 if they did not plan on supporting the system until 2014.

  • Savion Tucker

    You know I don’t really blame Ubisoft but that was a really bad and disrespectful decision to make towards the Wii U fans of the game. The could have just waited untill after it came out on the Wii U then announce it for the other platforms and if Xbox 360’s contract wouldn’t allow this then they don’t get the game for being assholes. That simple…

    • Fred

      I agree, I agree, I agree, but how can we entice Ubisoft to change their mind?

  • Bonez Grenz

    really? so thats their reasoning, look I have no doubt that the developers worked damn hard, but I don’t believe an ounce of that crap, sorry to say it, but I will not buy this game from ubisoft, this is nothing short of gaming treason.  I hate to take it so seriously but it is very dis-heartening when this happens.

  • Savion Tucker

    Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor’s Edge is coming to the PS3 and Xbox 360 now also so Nintendo has lost 2 exclusives already. It’s like they aren’t allowed to have a difinitive version of a 3rd party game at all. I’m not saying it’s gonna happen but if Nintendo published Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor’s Edge and lost it then the same thing could happen to Bayonetta 2. I’m like 95% sure this won’t happen but is still just a slim possibility that it could happen.

    • Gearchin

       the NG3 was never exclusive to begin with, it was released on other consoles first. This is just a sigma version, so yes it could go multiplatform, when ever the developer wanted it too.

  • Sidney Majurie

    I get what you guys are saying about the developers. But how am I as a consumer to show to a corporation that I will not be shafted and that there will be consequences for treating consumers this way? What’s to stop them from doing it again if they have no consequences for screwing us? They punish us, we punish them. Unfortunately, the grunts will always suffer the most in ALL companies when consumers protest. But how else are we to effectively protest if not with our wallets?

    • Fred

      I agree with that, but my concern is I loved Rayman Origins and I’m assuing I’m going to like Legends even more (based on playing the demo) if Legends tanks wouldn’t Ubisoft completely abandon the Rayman franchise? I mean didn’t Origins also not sell well (despite amazing reviews)

  • Wayne Beck

    With all due respect to the supposed Dev trying to get people not to take this out on the game, he is wrong. The only effective way to ensure this never happens again is to tank Rayman Legends. Suits dont listen to fans or Devs. They don’t care about the company image. They only care about there wallets.

    If you want to prevent Ubisoft from ever doing something like this again, Rayman must be a finacial disaster.

    You don’t have to worry about their jobs. The only one who will get fired is the moron who made this decision.

    • Fred

      I agree with that, but my concern is I loved Rayman Origins and I’m assuing I’m going to like Legends even more (based on playing the demo) if Legends tanks wouldn’t Ubisoft completely abandon the Rayman franchise? I mean didn’t Origins also not sell well (despite amazing reviews)

  • Petri

    I wont boycott the game (or ubisoft), but it will not be at highest priority when it launches, as we are sure to have a bunch of interesting games September.

    If it would have launched this month, I might have got it, since no immediate titles launching too close to it.
    Now I’m thinking of getting either AC 3 or NG:RE.

  • Im passing on getting the game. I  say boycott them

  • cole bailes

    All this riot for a delay there making the game BETTER! So don’t be complaining be happy were getting one of THE BEST Wii U titles besides if the micro$oft & sony fan boys start saying that they are also getting rayman legends just tell them that we got more levels and another charter.

    • Fred

      They never said they were going to make the Wii U one any better. The only thing they said is they said they are working on another Wii U demo. Why would I want another demo when the game is done? It’s done and sitting on the shelf. If they actually make the Wii U one better I might calm down a little, but their dev team has already said it’s done so I want them to just release it

      • cole bailes

        ok so i frigged that out via news on this website but do you REALLY want ps3 or 360 owners to be wait a long time?

  • mchelski

    I believe most of you, like myself, buy nintendo hardware for their first party games, well, I would buy rayman for lack of games to purchase on feb, but, since it will be late, and I believe some of nintendo software will be available by then, so, I doubt most of people who would buy rayman now will in the future. Well, I see that way, the right time is all in business, and sometimes, people made mistake.
    I don’t feel any anger towards ubisoft as some here have showed, but, I do agree it won’t sell as near as good as it would now, I, for example, had state why I won’t be buying it anymore

  • Sdudyoy

    They should release on the Wii u first than in six months it could come to X360 and ps3. 

  • YoG99

    This news won’t change my mind, I won’t buy it despite the fact I wanted the game in the beginning.

  • mwilfong2011

    hmmmmm….I wonder if UbiSoft will now extend the playable demo to 60 uses instead of 30???  Im more disappointed that Aliens Colonial Marines for wii U was delayed….oh well after the boring and overhyped disaster that was Assassins Creed III (on all platforms for that matter), hopefully Ubi uses this time wisely   

  • MadCrain

    I’m just not buying it, excuse me, But if I’m promised something, I’m not buying another thing, call me retarded or hard-headed, But I just won’t. I’ll just get GTA V, the better Multi-plat 😉

  • Reece Skelley

    The fact that a direct sequel to Rayman Origins is actually seeing the light of day despite low sales pleases me a lot, and now a direct sequel that will be on the console that I own makes me giddy. A shame that other people seem to believe that it should be boycotted or not even exist just because it comes out later in the year for more platforms. “Waah, my game doesn’t come out so now I’ll only buy it at used price!” That’s fine, you can enjoy your game months after everyone else to make up for nearly enjoying months before everyone else. Your money won’t matter anymore anyways.

  • puregamine

    If only games were like music, where someone could leak it, which forces the label to rush release the album. 

  • I don’t blame the devs, because I think the Microsoft’s simultaneous release policy may explain what happened here. Oh well.

  • Coval83
    • Coval83


  • Rob Ezelius

    That sucks! Im cancelling my preorder tomorrow and am no longer buying it. I wont be buying anymore ubisoft games either as ive been really disappointed with them recently.

  • Petri

    Lets just pretend, that Ubisoft asked to port their game to ps360, in fear of poor sales.
    Now Microsoft doesn’t give a flying duck about as small franchise as Rayman, so they decide to make an example out of it, and draw out their retarted policy.

    Now, if we pretend this is true, now the choice ubisoft has to make, is sell it now on Wii U when there’s nothing else to buy, and have it not release on xbox (could still for ps3), or to go against giants in September on all 3 platforms.

    Now, lets remember how “hardcore” “gamers” tend to come here (and everywhere) to remind us that Wii U is a “kiddy” console.
    Would think that a “kiddy” game would sell better on a “kiddy” console, than on microsofts uber hardcore console?

  • bizzy gie

    Whem they advertise this game in August-September, they need to put the Wii U case IN FRONT of the PS3 and Xbox 360″s.