Aug 16th, 2012 publishUpdated   Aug 22nd, 2012, 6:33 pm

Ubisoft had previously hinted that Rayman Legends would be a Wii U exclusive title, and now the French publisher has confirmed what most of us expected: Rayman Legends is a Wii U exclusive. The game was a hit among fans back at E3 2012, and is currently playable at GamesCom in Germany. The game offers a side-scrolling, 3D platforming adventure featuring Rayman and a supporting cast of Ubisoft’s most popular characters. Back at E3, Ubisoft didn’t make it clear whether Rayman Legends was a timed exclusive on the Wii U, and there were some hints of a 3DS version as well. But it’s now official: Rayman Legends is coming to the Wii U only. Ubisoft also revealed a European release date for the game: December 25. This adds some credibility to the rumor that the Wii U will be delayed in Europe until December, while US and Japan would see a November release date.

For more on the game, check out our Rayman Legends page, and take a peek at the final Rayman Legends box art below:

Rayman Legends Wii U

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  • ODB

    I’m so excited I just peed on a cats face. And I don’t even own a cat!

    • Cristian

      …WTF I’m soo excited I gave my cat a kiss but he smells like piss!

  • Nintendonoob

    this is really good for Wii U because if it has alot of exclusive titles fans of other consoles will realise how awesome the Wii U is with all these exclusives yes! GO NINTENDO!!!!!

    • Nintendonoob

      who is giving us all these thumbs downs?

      • gPadWatcher

        I assume it would be a rabid Sony drone with multiple accounts giving your comment thumbs down and wanted that game on PS Vita and PS3. So sad…

        • Gabe Hoffman

          It just shocks me how I have run into so many Sony fanboys crying over how PS Vita and PS3 are not getting Rayman Legends. I think they are just jealous that Wii U gets a potentially a killer exclusive launch title.

          • Nintendonoob

            HELL YEAH GABE!! Phony and suckersoft just pay game developers (and patcher) to insult Nintendo’s Wii U. HA!! That will never work on me! I love Nintendo because they make good games and dont indult their competition

  • RichieT

    That is a fantastic box art, also is that a dragon he’s fighting? Very epic if that’s true, makes the name of the game “legends” seems to be literal.

  • Mac

    wow this is great now all the people why was playing rayman when it was multiplat and loved rayman origins and wanted rayman legends has to by a wii u. though that seems devious on my part, it really sticks it to the people who says the wii u sucks.

    • Mac

      “…..all the people why was playing rayman…” i meant “who” instead of “why”

  • nintendoododo

    first! YAY I AM FIRST!

    • Mac

      maybe if you seen my post its ahead of yours first off and second does it even matter if you aren’t gonna talk about the post can you refrain from posting period. its annoying when people only pst just so they can say they got the first comment its a waste of space

    • 16der

      I seriously wonder what new games will come out other than all the titles we already know.

    • lick1nob

      Do you feel complete now?

    • Christopher

      And no one really cares.

    • SuperShyGuy

      Blue turtle shell!

    • Nintendonoob

      nope… my comments awaiting moderation… BEEOTCH!!

    • Sqarticus

      Guess what? No one gives a fuck.

    • fedster

      damn ur thumbs down>2x amount of comments

  • box of matches

    Nice to hear about more games coming now nintendo needs to get word out that this console is coming cause im sick of my friends not knowing about the wii u

  • Bravyoura

    Take that 360/PS3 now millions more people will want a wii u.

    Oh just one more thing LAAAAAAAAAAAAME! let the thumbs rain down:)

  • jcb411abuser

    so the european release date is december 25th, as in christmas day?? when there are no shops open, so you cant buy it -__-‘

    • Ben

      Online shop?

  • Tizastatico

    It seems i am going to support with my wallet the huge work that Ubisoft is doing with the new console from Nintendo.

  • Aenifer

    That cover is really pretty. :O

  • lameguyhaha

    Poor Europeans! They have too wait o well I’ll still get mine in November or whenever it comes out.

  • Gene

    pfffffff the game ain’t exclusive. Ubisoft like to lie to Nintendo fanboys.

    • Ekayode7

      u cant get a Wii u thats why ur hating

    • NameUcanthate

      honestly guys, can we just block this guy. he is obviously a troll look at what he writes on other posts. Just get a life gene. If you dont like Wii U then why the hell are you on this website.

  • pikapower0000

    good i like the box art

  • Superobed

    This is going to be an amazing game like the first

  • alfano romeo

    Who said that officially ?

  • SteampunkJedi

    While I’ve never played a Rayman game before, this looks to be quite fun. I may get it at launch, if it is really good.

  • Ledreppe

    December 25th sounds strange, I’ve never come across a game released on Christmas day. That would make it a Tuesday release, instead of say the normal Friday release, which would make it the 21st Dec. Hmm… I’m highly dubious of this report.

  • Laud

    Oh yeah, now this is some good news.

    I’m glad Ubisoft is going all out for the Wii U, it seems like they’re looking for their own console to be the boss in, kinda like how Microsoft has Activision.

  • Tubba Blubba

    Sweet. just another reason to buy the wii u

  • Raul

    This is for sure a day one buy game for me.

  • Sammie

    Love the box art. Makes the game look superb.

    • goginho

      yea not bad, should be black instead of blue ..and the curved, yellow line underneath would look good in blue then. That combo would look dope in my opinion. To me the yellow just doesn’t seem to fit that well with the Wii U theme, but I know I’m just sayin that now ..after a few months it’ll look sik

  • Whirlwindyoshi

    Saving up money for all the great launch games as we speak.

  • venomjamaica

    This is a DAY one purchase for me. I am sooooooo excited for this game. Wii U gonna kick some ass this holiday season.

    Get N or get OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alienfish

    There are so many great games coming out for WiiU that I’m just afraid I won’t have time or money for even the cream of the crop. I have to try Nintendo Land, Mario U, ZombiU, ^this game^, Lego City Stories, and probably one or two of the ports like Mass Effect 3 and Batman AC. Assassin’s Creed 3 also looks really good. Oh, and then there’s Pikmin 3. I’m sure I’ll think of more. It’s almost too much goodness.

  • Ben

    Freaking awesome. 😀 Another great reason to buy a WiiU for some people, MOAR EXCLUSIVE GAMES MOAR!!!!

  • JoK3R

    How can it be 25th December (Christmas day) – all the shops are closed! This must be a placeholder and indicating that the Wii U should be available before Christmas.

    • gPadWatcher

      I believe that Ubisoft is releasing Rayman Legends in the European market, while it’s being released in North America (no word on the Japanese release as far as I think).

  • Portus

    How can you release a game on christmas day lol

  • Garzard

    the yellow line…

  • gPadWatcher

    As much as I love the Wii U cover art, I’m glad that Rayman Legends is a Wii U exclusive. Not only that, the graphics look even more beautiful, but the play control… especially the asymmetric game play truly shine in more ways than one. Look forward to the game as well as the Wii U launch this November in America.

  • dawhomp

    I believe they should have thrown in two extra characters to show off that the game can have up to five people playing at once.

    • Ben

      They added 2 new characters to the game :/ Murphy and Barbara. That makes 5 unique looking characters. Rayman, Barbara, Murphy, Globox (?) and the Teensies. And those will have knockoffs to like in Origins (globox rayman, rayman globox, Hobo teensie, prinsess teensie, …)

  • BananaPwnz

    i wonder what will happen if they make black ops 2 or assassins creed 3 Wii U exclusives….

    • Nintendo Forever!!

      ps/360 fans are so screwed if that were to happen! xD

  • Maverick-Hunter

    You know the whole world doesnt celebrate Xmas right? That’s mainly an americn thing, I know I’ve traveled :3

  • The Beeshnu

    That;s some BEAutiful boxart but one question

  • 7Down

    Hmm, Rayman 3 Hoodlum Havoc was the only Rayman I’ve ever played and I loved it, I might get this one…

  • macabre6

    Awesome, I just bought Rayman Origins and I’m loving it, can’t wait to play this one. Props to Ubisoft, they’re really backing up Nintendo with their support and exclusives. On a side note, they also seem to be the only major third party publisher who is supporting a certain handheld which is REALLY struggling right now to noones surprise.

    • Gabe Hoffman


  • Gabe Hoffman

    Ubisoft says Rayman Legends will be Wii U exclusive
    Sony and Microsoft fanboys: UBISOFT Y U NO MAKE PS3 AND 360 VERSION!!!?? Just like a bunch of spoiled kids not getting their way.