Nov 18th, 2013


Despite doing well on the Wii U, Ubisoft’s Rayman Legends received a permanent price cut on the European eShop. The game now retails for £23.99 / €29.99 instead of the former price, which was £36.99/ €44.99. The game received positive reviews but was released during a crowded holiday schedule, so the price cut is likely attributed to both Nintendo and Ubisoft hoping to stimulate sales now that the game has been available for some time.

If you still haven’t played the game yet now would be a great time to pick it up. Check out our review of the title if you need convincing. The North American eShop price remains the same, but we’ll let you know if it drops as well.

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  • jjbredesen

    Yet again great move Nintendo, keep cutting the prices so i can keep buying your games!

    • Ducked

      You got a bandwaggon on downvoters :/

  • Jon

    we may see this on Thursday for NA then as well.

    • jjbredesen

      Yeah, lets hope so.

  • jjbredesen

    Hey Ashley i know this is of topic,but when will you post the Wii U contest results?

    • That’s happening this week on the podcast. Winners for week 4 are being announced later today.

      • jjbredesen

        Yay, can’t wait keep up the good work. This site is the the site with the best community i have seen in ages. And everything else is really professional.

      • jjbredesen

        Btw the Wii U is 1 year old today, it is nov 18! Make a birthday article!!

  • Simon Stevens

    Nintendo should be the first to introduce digital rentals, making games affordable for everyone to play 🙂 they already have the most affordable best value console.

    • jjbredesen

      Now that would be cool, but what if you are halfway through Zelda U and then your rental time runs out… It would be cool, but they would have to make your saves stay on the system.

      • Simon Stevens

        It could be like Playstation plus, the game stays on the system but it’s unusable until you rent it out again, they could make passes to suit peoples needs, 7, 14, 21, 29 day passes, so long as it’s affordable, I don’t think people would mind renewing a pass, plus it would mean more money going to publishers and developers which helps everyone in the long run 🙂

      • Fred

        Your saves would stay on the system in fact the whole game could stay on the system they’d just have to put code in like they do for Wii Sports club it has a rental system

    • Fred

      Wii Sports Club has a rental system they already introduced it. Maybe they’ll decide to do it for more games and maybe they won’t. Maybe if we all pay the $2 to rent it they’ll keep doing it.

      • Simon Stevens

        I hope so, Wii sports club is a nice start especially to get people to test the waters of the game, doing it for retail games will be the next big step, hopefully the 3ds might get in on that action too :p

        • Fred

          I’d rent Sonic Lost World. However I’d buy most games over renting, but as is Lost World probably won’t see my money.

          • Simon Stevens

            I would only really keep the games that appealed to my son, the rest is a case of just the one play through being enough, as it stands a lot of people have the same mentality when it comes to trading in games, Microsoft should have tackled the used market that way but they are more concerned with maximum profit than consumer friendly ideas, Nintendo should be the boss and show them how it’s done. 😉

          • Fred

            Not me, if I like the game I never sell it I hold onto them. That’s why I’ve been buying all my games digitally I figure it’s more convenient and my kids can’t lose/break discs and since I never sell them back and I get the Deluxe Digital Promotion it’s a Win-Win for me. No downside.

          • Simon Stevens

            So far we have kept Rayman legends, Nintendo land, New super mario bros u, Rabbids land, Sonic lost world, Wario and game, Pikmin 3, we plan on keeping Super Mario 3d world, Donkey kong tropical freeze, Mario kart, smash, Wii party u and of course, we have digital games like pokemon, mighty switch force, art academy and wii sports club, oh and wonderful 101 lol so we do keep games but only the ones with replay value 🙂 which is probably 80% of the Nintendo library haha

            We have 3 Wii us btw lol so retail is the only option until Nintendo sort out the account system.

          • Fred

            Wow 3 Wii U systems and I thought I was hard core.
            How do you guys like Rabbids Land?

          • Simon Stevens

            We have 2 premiums, one upstairs and downstairs and I bought one for grandmama’s house so he can play there, I liked rabbids land, it was funny but a tad long winded in some areas of the game, I think our most played game is Nintendo land, the little un is never off it, I suspect that’ll change once m3dw is in his hands ^^ I felt hardcore when Shuei Yoshida said he had 2 Wii U’s, I was like I have 3 Wii Us bro! lol

          • Fred

            I only have 1 Wii U, but I own a large percentage of the games so I figured I was hardcore until I started hearing about you guys owning multiple units. That would kill my plan of almost all games being digital (I can’t get Nintendo Land or Wii Party U digitally so I said almost) I was going to buy Rabbids Land, but then I read the terrible reviews and I couldn’t find anybody that liked it so I didn’t grab it. I’m glad to hear you liked it maybe I should reconsider.

    • Cesar Barroso

      step by step, Wii Sports Club has is testing those waters.

    • Rinslowe

      In other words a subscription…

      Pretty nice thinking mate.

      • Simon Stevens

        Goodness no, ps+ is a good subscription though but I’m not a fan of hoping for the games I want to come to the service, a subscription for the VC would be nice though should gamecube and n64 be added, but a simple rent when you want and what you want service would be nice.

    • darkcreap

      That would be nice. With Wii Sports and Wii Karaoke U, the subscription model can work very well, at least for me. Those are the kind of games I wouldn’t mind to have access to one day or two for parties at home, but not afterwards.

      In general, I only think of minigames collections that way. I rarely play them without people, but when you meet them, they are incredible. Especially Karaoke :D.

    • Mr.borfist

      What I don’t get is why we are paying retail prices for digital copies? Shouldn’t it be cheaper? I think they should be $10-$15 dollars less than buy physical copies. It would help drive up sales

      • Simon Stevens

        At this point it feels like their taking us for a ride, if it was that much cheaper I would be tempted to buy games online, it’s not like there losing out one bit, with retail, manufacturing and shipping come into play along with other retailer fee’s, digital should take all that bs away

  • jjbredesen

    NEWS: New Smash Bros stage has been shown. And it is the spaceship from Mario Galaxy And mario and luigi Wii U bundle has had a price cut

  • Nintedward

    And now I’m going to buy it. I will get it digitally for that price, way worth it!

    Been holding off buying it so I could play other games like GTAV, Pokemon, W101 etc… But now I buy!

  • Christopher Smith

    It’s going to be $25 on black friday.

  • Rinslowe

    I really have to learn to stop being an early adopter….
    Some good deals going in Oceania E-shop these days.
    Zombie U
    Splinter Cell

  • EB

    I live in Sweden and I haven’t seen any price reduction on Rayman? When should this take effect? Are you sure it is all of Europe?

  • Paul McDonald

    I got physical copy for £20 on launch day. This is still too much for a download

  • Barry mccardle

    It still not reduced in GB. I will get it when it does though.