Feb 19th, 2013

The Rayman Legends dev team has been as outspoken as the fans when it comes to letting Ubisoft know just how disappointed they are that the game has been delayed to September. In order to make it up to those who are angry for the decision, the developer recently posted the above video to Facebook discussing the challenge mode available in the game.

This challenge mode will be released exclusively on Wii U in April, which is something of a consolation prize from the developers since they are not able to offer us the full game at this time. Do you think this is an acceptable trade off? The developers hands are tied by Ubisoft so it’s certainly not their fault and the challenge mode does look interesting and entertaining. Let us know in the comments.

Thanks Scott!

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  • Letha1Rage

    I really like these developers because even though they are already working very hard to finish all versions of the game now they still found the time to make good solid mode for the wii u and personally since ubisoft has the control of the release of the game I honestly think this is the best they could do.

    • I agree. They’re really doing all that they can do to make sure people are happy with the version they get.

  • Scott Duperree

    I respect the Devs for their savvy with the fans.  I probably wasn’t going to buy Rayman in the first place, so I am winning out here with this free mode.

  • Hugh Quinn

    all the others are dumb, im now 100% respectful for ubisolf

    • sdmac200600

      I never had a problem with ubisoft because I’m actually patient. People were acting like the wii u would not get the version anymore. The wii u version is finished……ok and? people these days just lack patience.

      • Laud

        Some people bought the Wii U earlier than they might have for this game, so I think they have every right to be upset. 

        It isn’t about lacking patience because Nintendo fans are the most patient of them all. 

        You never had a problem with Ubisoft because you’re an apathetic hungry hippo just eating up all the crap corporations throw out like you’re a garbage disposal.

        No offense.

        • sdmac200600

          Oh yeah just like how we were so patient getting all these 3rd party multiplats that are barely selling? We can have all the patience in the world. Don’t mean we are going to buy the games apparently. I’m “apathetic hungry hippo” for actually understanding why they had to delay the wii u version? Lol okay. 

          From what I’ve seen in the comment section of these articles that has Ubisoft as the main topic is straight flip flopping. An article about 2-3 weeks ago saying Ubisoft will release a new exclusive wii u demo and this article comes to mind. Surely you remember what was said in the comment section there. Something along the lines of, “Why do we need another demo if we already have an exclusive one? Fuck you Ubisoft.” Don’t believe me go find the article on here. Now look at the comments in this article. Flip flopping at it’s finest. Do you know the reason why the Wii U version is delayed? Blame Microsoft. They have this clause that says that if a company wants to have their game on their system that will be multiplat, they all have to release at the same time. It isn’t Ubisoft fault  which is why I’m patient.

          • Laud

            Ubisoft is the one that wants to release it on Microsofts platform so it’s their fault as well.

            What are you talking about? Flip flopping? This isn’t about Mitt Romney there was no flip flopping being done. 

            There was only appeasement and some fans are pleased with these challenge modes but I’m not having any of it because they’re still setting Rayman up to fail AGAIN. This time by getting players sick of Rayman before the game even releases and then releasing at a time when GTA5, Wind Waker and possibly other Nintendo 1st parties are coming out.

            There’s a difference between patience and fighting for 3rd party games. We must have a voice if we want to get anything and that’s what we do. 

            You’re lucky we work so hard even though we have apathetic fans like you, who couldn’t giveth less of a fook.

          • sdmac200600

            So not wanting a demo then wanting a demo is not flip flopping? LOL I don’t understand please enlighten me. Fighting for third party? We still getting the game so you aren’t fighting for anything which is dumb. Believe me, I have interest in the game. This game was one of the main reasons for me getting my Wii U early but I’m not going to get hurt over a delay. And anyways did the game even go gold? Because if it didn’t, the game was just going to get delayed again and again until the september release date.

          • Laud

            I’m pretty sure no one wanted a demo, not even now.

            We’re fighting for other third party games because the install base for the Wii U is still low, I wasn’t talking about Rayman specifically.

            The delay may have not hurt you but it definitely upset some people so that statement you made is pointless.

            We would not have tolerated several delays, the fans would backlash like they did when the delay was announced.

            …. You typed so much and you hardly said anything.

          • sdmac200600

            Are we reading the same comment section cause clearly we aren’t.
            I never said it shouldn’t hurt anyone so your statement is pointless. We tolerated 2 delays so who’s to say thats if they had another like month delay, it wouldn’t be tolerated?Oh believe me, I typed just enough. You still didn’t answer me. Was the game gold?

          • Laud

          • good point sir

          • sdmac200600


      • For you

    •  Not me…

  • tell ubi to stick this exclusive version in their…. well you know. not that i don’t like it but i made my decision not to give a damn about rayman from now on if the game is not released the date it was supposed to be.

  • Honestly I was going to cancel my preorder and not get the game, but after seeing how much the Devs are reaching out, and how the date aspect isn’t really in their hands, I will definitely continue to support them. Especially now they they are willingly giving themselves all this extra work!

    • YoG99

      I don’t care, I’m a dev myself (not in games industry though), they’ll get their paycheck anyway … so I won’t cry for those poor devs.

  • Jonathan Baker

    Like a lot of others I too was disappointed when they announced the delay, but offering this free challenge mode definitely bumps up my respect for the Devs and will tide me over until they release it the fall. Ubisoft can still go screw themselves, though.

    One thing I’m not sure of though is if you’ll be able to play with multiple players locally. It wasn’t clear to me from the video if they were talking multiplayer co-op online, local, or both.

  • Guhtere

    Faith in Ubisoft up 10 percent. Atleast they’re adding new content just for the Wii U version, rather than having us just spend $30 for DLC.

  • Laud

    I for one am not having any of it.

    Delaying the game is still pointless as all the newer content could just be added as DLC.

    If the game is released in September it won’t really matter what the hell we get because by then we might even get tired of Rayman from doing all those challenges. So instead of teasing us with another demo you’re going to satisfy us with free online challenges in APRIL (May, June, July, August, September) AND every day you’re going to give us daily challenges? For fucks sake Ubisoft… This is going to hurt Rayman way more than just delaying it till September. -_- 

    Also, without actually owning the damn game how will we know how much content was added and how much will be left for DLC? It’s impossible to know so it could just be the full game + 2 more levels and that does NOT justify delaying it until September. 

    Just release the fawking game and then add the content over time. >_>

    •  I agree. This is pointless that they delay the wii u version just to kiss sony and microsofts butt

    • Samuel Andemariam

      I hate how you are using the words “Rayman” and “DLC” together like that. Rayman has never had DLC, and I am very happy with that. Am I the only one who doesn’t want Ubisoft to make it like Assassin’s Creed and have a $30 Season Pass which only gives you 25% off future DLC?

      • Laud

        DLC isn’t a bad thing. 

        Besides, the content would be free anyway because they were gonna put it in the game right?

        • Samuel Andemariam

          To me it is. I miss the days when we would recieve a full game (PS2, GC and behind) without any DLC. Nowadays many games charge you more in DLC than you paid for the actual game. A lot of the time it is very simple stuff like costumes that should have been included on disc. Also, by the way Ubisoft is betraying Wii U for their wallets, they might have charged for any potential Rayman DLC.

          • Laud

            You obviously don’t understand what DLC is.

            Downloadable content – Content you download.

            This content is bonus content developed after the game is released.

            Correct DLC is good DLC.

            I also miss unlockables and all that in the PS2 days but you’ve gotta stop living in the past or you’re gonna hate everything 😛

          • Samuel Andemariam

            Well, I agree with you there, but sometimes the stuff is not developed afterwards. I hate the fact that I have to pay $20 for 12 extra characters in Street Fighter X Tekken, for example. Also, most preorder bonuses are DLC nowadays, some of which could have easily be put on-disc. I know that there IS good DLC, but most of what I have seen is not.

          • Elem187

            The problem with this explanation of what it is supposed to be, rarely becomes the case in practice.

            Publishers are having devs chop off parts of the full game, and then sell these chopped off parts as DLC….. Making these AAA games is expensive, and the only way to recoup that is to keep charging for the game. $60 isn’t enough to recoup what they need.

            My guess games SHOULD cost $80 (from a publishers perspective) to make these AAA games profitable… Since gamers are only willing to shell out $60 for a game, they use the DLC as a means to stretch that price tag out over time.

  • I hate to be the skeptic but how would we know if they actually add content?  We haven’t seen the completed game yet.  Sounds like something they’d just say to appease a few people.  Also, I’ll try to keep an open mind about the challenge mode but I couldn’t help but notice completion times of a minute or less- a few speed runs that will take a couple minutes isn’t going to impress.  I slid my money into a NFS Most Wanted preorder and the more I read about the effort that Criterion is putting into the game, the more I can’t wait to play it.  You guys should check it out.

    • Fred

      Have you played Challenge mode on NSMBU? The times on most of those are pretty short, but I’ve spent hours and hours on NSMBU Challenge mode

      • In fact, I haven’t.  I’ll definitely check it out.  No reason not to have fun with it.  Guess I’m just not getting my hopes up again.

    • JuleyJules

      True and if there was extra content it could be released as DLC for Wii U in September.  A challenge mode is useless now that a lot of people are turned off this game.  Who cares about that?  I was really looking forward to this game but now there are others like Lego City and Need For Speed: Most Wanted.  By September I’m sure there will be lots to choose from besides this.  Nice that they make the development team work on this and apologize when they too were not impressed.  What do the developers have to apologize for?

  • UBI? Where is the game? We want rayman legends full game, not some lame
    challenge mode. You gave your word that is was for wii u only then lied so you will not be getting my money…Sorry!

  • UbiSoft should just release the game for the Wii U now.  Just admit you made a mistake and reap the software sales benefits.  They could sell several hundred thousand copies by September. 

  • Teves153


  • andrewjcole

    Can’t wait!

  • fireheartis1

    Heck like you guys said it’s not the development teams fault Ubisoft made this dumb decision.  I will enjoy the free Challenge mode in April and then buy the game in September.  I’m not supporting Ubisoft on this I’m supporting the Development team who are just as mad as we are for the delay.   

  • Dominic Coradazzi

    I absolutely love a good challenge mode but I really just want the full game

  • InterTreble

    Big plus for Wii U, and above all a clear signal about what developers think about Wii U. This is really promising. Keep it up, Nindendo! With a good marketing stategy you’ll win this generation. Again! 😉

  • WiiUltra

    I have much respect for the developers.

    • RattleGore

      And it much better offer than a demo, i think..

  • Alienfish

    If I can’t buy Rayman Legends on Feb. 27 (my son’s birthday) then they will not get a sale from me. F!@& Ubisoft and their money grubbing executives (whom I’m sure care nothing about video games, only money). I will not feed money to greedy moneygrubbers.

  • YoG99

    Do I care anymore about Rayman ? nah !