Dec 14th, 2012

The Rayman Legends demo includes 3 levels — Castle Rock, Teensies in Trouble, and Toad Story — and has a play limit of 30, which we’re sure most of us will end up using because this game looks just gorgeous. Rayman Legends will be released on February 26, 2013 in North America, while in Europe it has been delayed until March 2013, unfortunately. So don’t let those 30 plays go to waste — enjoy the game as much as you can because this is all we’ll get from Rayman in the next few months. Check out the 3 levels below:

Rayman Legends demo gameplay

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  • Anubis

    I love the art style of this game!

  • Nintendude

    Already tried the demo, and I’m impressed!

  • Sydney Ultrasyd

    This demo is very promising ! Lovely graphics. For the gameplay, i’m a bit lost in the level where you must do stuff on the tablet like cutting, rotating, etc. Takes time to get used to it, but it uses the features of the tablet very nicely

  • Looks very promising, can hardly wait for the final version and the option to try it myself as well.

  • Nintedward-3DS-WiiU

    The demo is amazing! Digital Foundry proved the game is Native 1080p with a locked 60FPS . Pretty impressive stuff when you look at all the lighting and textures etc etc.

    I am absoloutly loving this demo and this game is only possible on wiiu 🙂 

  • Genesect4ssb4

    its so gorgeous! cant wait for this!

  • JumpMan

    just downloaded and played this demo as well as Sonic Racing, and let me say, this one is AMAZING! as for Sonic Racing… i’ll pass. nothing meets Mario Kart’s standards. this Rayman installment could get me hooked on the franchise; i’ve never had a chance to play any other Rayman games.

  • Sam Norberg

    The demo was amazing. A little too easy for my taste, but I believe that the final product will deliver the same challenge as Origins.

    • Graham Gillman

      Castle rock was kinda hard.

  • RoadyMike

    Oh god teh music! Without a doubt I’m going to love this game for the music alone
    Hope there are enough Wii Us for Christmas.Me and my old man are having trouble finding any at all :/

  • Bravyoura

    Just spent a solid 2 hours replaying the demo especially Castle Rock setting a level perfectly to the beats of Ram Jams Black Betty is total genious. Where’s the mii verse forum for RL come on Nintendo.