Oct 22nd, 2012

Ubisoft keeps praising Nintendo’s Wii U again and again, and the latest praise comes from Rayman creator Michel Ansel, who previously shared some great things about the console. Last month Ancel said that the Wii U had “enormous amounts of memory”, and that it was perfect for 2D games such as Rayman.

Rayman Wii U logoNow in an interview with Nintendo Power magazine, Ancel shares more thoughts on the Wii U hardware, saying that it’s “surprisingly powerful”, and that the development team isn’t running into any issues like they did with the Xbox 360. “Even on the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions [of Origins], we had some fill-rate issues and things like that”, Ancel says, adding that the engine for Rayman Legends has been improved for the Wii U.

Ancel commented on the Wii U specs, saying that “the core elements of the console are surprisingly powerful”. He believes that Rayman Legends will look great on the Wii U (which it does — check out some screenshots), because they don’t have to worry about cross-platform optimization and porting the game to other consoles.

Recently, Ubisoft confirmed that Rayman Legends would be released in the beginning of 2013, squashing rumors that the game would be released this year. Rayman Legends is a Wii U exclusive.

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  • vitalitasia

    narf…. pls post this uninteresting statement from every developer who is saying the same… aren´t there any news?

    • Xadrin

      ubisoft has lots of cul cats

    • Dat Guy

      Don’t give this guy dislikes, it’s a joke telling it’s obvious Wii U is awesome.

    • srpg2ishere

      I know I should be a good boy and just go to the bottom but this is just too awesome! My friends still keep doubting the wii u but i am gonna rub it in their faces when i get it. There gonna be like AAA!! Why didn’t they put rayman legends on ps3!!! and im gonna say its because you suck and you kept doubting me that’s why!

  • Predictor

    Wii U FTW!!!!

    • Nko Sekirei

      u mean wii u is totaly bad@$$ and wen sony and microsoft sees how bad@$$ the wii u is they been chasing after their money flying out of their pants

      • Nko Sekirei

        yep sony and microsoft trolls can take a hint by continue to annoy us by thumbing down our comments

  • Nathan

    Its very comforting to know….

  • Elite

    My computer is powerful can it get praised….

    • Nintedward .

      My laptop is powerfull . Nobody gives a flying turd… Consoles in the $300 price range Optimized for high end gaming = praise.

      Expensive over priced unoptimized PC’s = quite lame…

      • yorgen

        unless ya build it yourself ^^

      • ward sucks donkey balls

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        • JohnnyChains

          Obvious troll is obvious

        • Nintedward .

          Obviously it’s going better than you and your sour comments !

        • TheBoldman67

          His real name must be Ward.

    • Nintendude

      Unless it’s made by Nintendo, then no.

    • Elite

      Ouch such hate. It was a joke….

      • Nintedward .

        Sorry bro !! thought you were serious.

  • NintendoMan :D

    Keep the fantastic praises comin Ubisoft!

  • Gamechemist8

    Rayman Legends is gonna be awesome. I can just see Xbox and PS3 sulking in a corner while Wii U gets this sick game!

    • LyingTuna

      The poor old PS3/360… They are like those students that used to be well liked and respected, as well as being great athletes. Now, they are worthless, arrogant, terrible at whatever sport they did, and everyone pretends to like them. There’s a reason that this is a Wii U exclusive…

  • Ryu No Hadouken

    The mighty Wii U will reign supreme! Great news…now I can’twait for Nintendo to unleash Donkey Kong Country U in full HD! They always push their systems to the limit.

  • Maverick-Hunter

    Last month Ancel said that the Wii U had “enormous amounts of memory”, and that it was perfect for 2D games such as Rayman.

    Michel Ansel (creator of rayman) now I just need you to go too capcom and say those words to them this will definatly get a new megaman game in motion please and thank you


  • haha

    ‘enormous amounts of memory’ is he talking about the 1gb ram or 8-32gb flash memory?

    • haha

      If you didn’t get it, thats not an enormous amount. the ram is only 4 times as much and most computers have 4-8 gig ram.

      • redcomshell

        it’s currently 80 dollars for 32gb of SSD http://www.amazon.com/Transcend-32GB-SSD-2-5-Inch/dp/B000T9QRKE so that’s not cheap. also you can’t compare a PC to a video game system since they don’t work the same way.

        • DaSanvich

          you obviously don’t know how to shop around. I almost bought a 2tb hard drive off of amazon for $80 plus shipping

      • Nintendo is da best

        Yeah but if you think about consoles The ps3 and xbox only have 1 or 2 i forget

        • Hangman

          The ps3 and 360 have 512 MB Ram

      • Captain Potato

        The Wii U is a video game system…a “micro-computer”, which doesn’t need as much internal RAM because there are fewer processes working in the background than your regular PC! I believe M-H is referring to internal memory, but the Wii U can also handle up to 3 TB USB External Hard Drives, which is simply more than both of it’s competitors can handle! And that’s on top of the available 8 or 32 Gig standard space! Plus, Wii U discs hold LOTS of info which can be uploaded to memory at blazing speeds which leads me to believe that developers aren’t going to need HDrive space for storing games so that there is no lag in gameplay! Hard Drive space will probably be used for game saves and/or downloadable games which will be considerably smaller than physical distribution games! Don’t quote me on that though….hahahahahahahahaha!

      • Nko Sekirei

        wat does pc have anything to do with with article trolls need to learn that this is a site all about the wii u not about pc

    • Nintedward .

      Don’t be a noob bro…. Dedicated gaming consoles can achieve what a PC can with 16GB ram with 4GB of RAM , or 8GB ram with 2GB ram…

      It’s all about efficiencey . and believe me MOST pc’s are not well made and don’t use all of their power …

      Think about this way , gaming PC’s are like American cars(PC’s) , sure they have Huge engine but they don’t get around the track fast…. A japanese Tuned sports hatchback (consoles) can get around the track quicker than the Wastefull Noisey American car…

      Research and Technology and discounted business prices can lead a $300 console to peform like a $800 PC..

      • Elite

        When it comes to gaming purposes, PC’s cant use all there power because the games that usually come out on them also came out for consoles which prevents PC’S from getting there true power exposed. Examples of this would be Crysis 2 and even Skyrim. I do feel that Developers look more at consoles because more money can be made there. I bet if they actually gave a 2 cents about PC gamers and made a game specifically for pcs you might get a game like Crysis with a rich graphics and rendering, ect. Anyways I am a gamer who if possible will play the game on my PC and if its not available for PC i will play on my consoles, but God i hate not having anti-aliasing.

        • Nintedward .

          Agreed ! the main reason is that they are console ports with tacked on extra graphics…

          If a development team had like 100mill plus to make a pc game from ground up today , I would like to see that!!!

        • darkmanext

          battlefield 3 was made fir pc ground up, then downsized and downscale to fit consoles.

      • deSSy2724

        PC can already run UE4 and other “next gen” engines etc (not at this time, probably 2-3 years ago)…. but you know why Epic for example wont release the UE4 engine for PC right now? yes, because PC means more pirates = less people will buy games = more hackers/cheaters = more development costs aka PC needs more optimisation for better graphics, thousands of different PCs etc….

        So, Epic waits for next gen consoles and then they will make games first for consoles and port them to PC.

        BTW you are going a little to far…. first, laptops are more expensive and less powerful than desktop PCs (not a small margin), 300 $ console vs 800$ PC (im talking about custom build PCs) is the same? well, thats not true (not at this time). The reason why 300$ console WAS better than 300-500 $ PC is because games are more optimized aka first made for cosoles (80% games) + there is only one hardware + Nintendo/Sony/MS have discounts for hardware and Sony even sold the PS3 at a loss…… and if you build your own PC setup, you wont have any discounts.

        Last, like i said “300$ console vs 300-500$ consoles”, this is true only if its released at the same time (maybe 1 year difference or so) but 7 years old PS3 for 300 dollars cant beat 2012 year PC for 300 dollars even if the games for PC arent optimized well.

        • Nintedward .

          Yeh I agree , I should of mentioned that console games recieve far more optimization and limit pushing than PC’s do !! Everything you said is spot on.

    • tis him the special one

      the ram whats the storage area got to do with the running of games

      • Non-Specific Action Figure

        Loading Time

  • frank (3dsFC=5155-3120-0417)

    This game isn’t always going to be exclusive. Is it just me, or was there a story about that saying how the game would be a “timed exclusive”?

    anyway this is great for the wii u. All of these developers coming out saying how easy it was to program and how powerful the console is and all the problems they had with PS3 and XBOX means that Sony and Microsoft have got a lot to compete with. Of course, they always have.

    • Nintenlord

      there was 1 but was about origins 2,this 1 will stay xclusive at least till sony and microsoft copy the controller in there next console

      • frank (3dsFC=5155-3120-0417)

        Okay, thanks man. That’s good to know, cause I like to have my facts straight before I end up in a debate. Its only fun if you know what you’re talking about…

  • darkmanext

    i am loving all the support for the wiiu. This thing is like Ryback from wwe, with 2nd and 3rd party developers it like feed me more.

  • Andrew

    lol im so tired of articles like this. lets just wait and open up the console and see what exactly is in there so we can compare it to current consoles please

    • Wii U

      Very well said.

  • Non-Specific Action Figure

    More Praise!
    Good, the PS/360 are worse for once. STAY AWAY TROLLS

    • Nintendo is da best

      Fucking love the name

      • MetroidFAN

        Language dude…

        • Wildman

          Internet dude…

    • Captain Potato

      Like the name! Like the comment also!

    • 0soul

      Lol this kid posting the “fuck off troll” type of comment, please I prefer if you stay on topic.

  • Mac

    i read this on n4g. people who comment on that site is hilarious

    its good to see atleast this developer back up the wii u and put the microsoft fans and sony fans in there place. you know i watched this one sony fan video saying that the only reason why developers are saying good things about the wii u is because they want you to buy there games……that would be partially had we not seen any screenshots of games running on the wii u

  • Neonridr

    Great news, as always.

  • Dan


  • link 5

    Do we even have to read this again every one Keeps saying the same thing

  • Master Awesomeness

    Ubisoft, thanks for the praise and stuff, but I WANT YOU MAKE GAMES LIKE RAYMAN 2 and 3!

  • Trev

    It’s a 2d side scroller I want to hear this from trey arch or capcom about the CPU

  • youtube/KrayAmbition

    It’s not surprising that the Wii U is powerful. It’s a fact.

  • thejam216

    To everyone saying that this is all the same as we’ve heard before. Remember that all publicity is good publicity… especially when it is good publicity :D. It can only strengthen the console’s reputation =]


    Oh just less than 27 days left for us to see for ourselves…

    • CubeClubKiddy

      i have to comment on the fact that the Target store down the street in Jacksonville, FL just got pre-order cards yesterday morning… i finally got a pre-order! get on it folks!

    • Richard

      I am glad you are trying to win a wii… at first I was tnnkiihg, honey, you picked a very very bad time of the year to attempt to get your groove back. :(We have a few hundred bucks in savings, enough money in checking to pay for this month’s basics and mortgage, thousands of dollars of medical debt (and we are very conservative when it comes to therapies and such).Evenso, we bought a wii for Christmas and both boys birthdays (and my after hours freelance is paying for it). It’s a family gift. I got the boys some little items from goodwill and also some freecycle things so they have some other things to open on their birthdays. We are doing simple cards for ‘teacher gifts’ and we aren’t participating in many family exchanges this Christmas. Not a day goes by I don’t think about returning the Wii as it sits all boxed up and untouched in the closet. I don’t know what the right answer is, but I sure know what it feels like to want to get your groove back. And if I wii does that, then it’s worth every penny.

  • D2K

    After playing this game for a while yesterday, I MUST buy it.




    • NintendoYOU

      I thumbed you down for using the word fearless….”Fear the fearless” Seriously dude…… Just don’t. Nintendo’s awesome but their not fearless. If they were they would have released their specs to the public. Instead they are hiding them from the public in “fear” that Sony and Microsoft will get a head start.
      Sorry if this seems harsh i’m just sick of this fearless crap. If you like Nintendo then respect their decision for the name WiiU and stop bringing fearless to the damn table IT’S A FREAKIN NINTENDO WiiU NOT A NINTENDO FEARLESS

      Sigh…. it’s good to vent

      • ck1x

        Can he use the precious though instead? Lol
        No,maybe? 🙁

  • 0soul

    I couldn’t care less about specs, while people was playing xbox and ps3 I was on Wii playing mkw, conduit 2, and ssbb.

    • Shane

      Same here. I didn’t have enough money to buy XBox 360/PS3 until they became half-priced, with alot more memory and stuff. They’re still too expensive for what Nintendo is doing now.

      I didn’t play the Conduit, even though I was really excited for it when it was announced. I played mainly SMG 1 & 2, Zelda, No More Heroes, Mario Kart, Metroid Prime 3, SSBB, and all those other games. I had them all on day 1(lucky me!), and loved playing all my GCN games in 480p for the first time. Wii was a bad ass console with everything it could do.

      • CubeClubKiddy

        every single one of my gamer “friends” hate on Nintendo so hard… i think it is funny that i have had ps3, 360, pc and handhelds but always go back to either Wii or Dreamcast… LOL!

        • 0soul

          Dream cast huh?

  • Shane

    Already knew this when the console was announced… the graphics will look CRAZY when the Wii U gets further in its life. Did anyone see the proposal Majora’s Mask trailer made by some game devs to show how they could remake the game? I think games will be able to look like a Pixar movie with extremely fluid animations and controls eventually, except with better textures.

    • totesawks

      any chance of that link dude ?

      • Shane

        Just go to youtube, and search The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask Wii U Trailer, and it will show up. Just remember that it is NOT OFFICIAL, and was a proposition by game devs. to Nintendo, showing what it would look like if they let them develope it.

  • metroidfusion2

    Earlier someone from the rayman game group said the wiii u can do native 1080p and 60fps easy and that the wii u has as of now 7 native 1080p and 60fps games and I’m sure there is plenty more cominf next year and definitely throughout the consoles life

    • Trev

      I only know of two maybe three games that are native 1080p zombie u, Raymond legends and maybe trine 2 which others ?

  • tis him the special one

    surprisingly why im getting sick and tired of this dig in the ribs way 3rd partys walk about nintendo ITS PATHETIC it like a bully saying to the small kids mum we are his friends we shall look after him whilst pinching the kid were his mum cannot see then spending the day bullying him its just goes to show how BUTT HURT the industry is

    but what i will say is this is clear indication of wiiu power

    xbox 360 rayman 540p crappy frame rate and fillrate issues

    wiiu 1080p 60 frames and 480p 60 frames controller graphics rendered twice for each screen and NOT STRUGGLING with fillrate

    540p vs 1080p and 480p combined graphics rendered once vs graphics rendered twice

    clearly next gen on so many levels

    • Nintedward .

      True!! and the ignorant common gamer of today think Nintendo isn’t interested in making really powerfull consoles , or at least as powerfull as they possibly can be for the price range. Before the wii Nintendo WAS the graphics whore company. Have you seen e3 2001 and the gamecube ???

      ”best graphics ever blah blah” ”bette than Sony blah blah” .

      I’m sure with the wiu Nintendo has made a really powerfull console!! When it’s maxed out it will look like those e3 tech demos in game 🙂

      • Shane

        Nintendo showed they were hardcore with the Game Cube, it was just a console gen. too early apparently. That’s all. GCN almost had stereoscopic 3D, and internet, but Nintendo saw it would be too expensive to the consumer. The GCN probably would have costed as much as PS3 at launch, and internet would have been along the lines of XBOX Live. End of story.

        • Nintedward .

          I had my gamecube online bro :D!!!! Phantasy star online episode….

          • Shane

            For sure. How was that? When I got older, I was looking everywhere for the broadband connector, and I did, but I didn’t have any money when I did find it. When I had money, I looked up more info about it to see what games used it, and by then it was no loger supported… *sigh* I honestly thought GCN was going to have online because of that game, and eventually found out it wouldn’t have it anymore. No online for GCN, or LAN for me. Oh well. Maybe Wii U having GCN game downloads will change that hopefully!

  • Collected

    “Surprisingly powerful” hmmm;

    How about this for a theory: its already known a comparison of 2005-2006 tech (PS3/Xbox360) to 2011-2012 tech (Wii U) is laughable; quite simply the Wii U is pretty much “guaranteed” to be more powerful than any of the 7th gen consoles. But for it to be “surprisingly powerful” well, most assume or believe that next gen Xboxs and Playstations will come out late 2013-early 2014; which also hints that maybe certain developers and publishers already have access to Durango (nextbox) and Orbis (PS4) Devkits.

    Ubisoft being one of the more prominent names in video games atm would probably have received these devkits early on. So if this is the case the “surprisingly powerful” statement becomes more relevant as it could highlight the tech difference between the 8th gen consoles. That is the devkits from Durango and Orbis are not leaps above current gaming consoles and the Wii U is relatively “powerful” comparative to them.

    Just my thoughts about what seems to be an unusual statement for a video game developer to make and the possible context of it.

    • Shane

      That’s true. Never thought about that. They won’t be making sports games yet(EA), because that’s a yearly thing, but devs. might be working on a new Killzone(PS4), or a new Gears of War(XBOX 1080) as we speak, and since PS4 and XBox 1080 will be harder to develope for, they might have given them the “core” part of the dev kits. My guess is alot of games will be ported from Wii U when those consoles come out, but by that time, who knows what they will figure out about the Wii U’s tech and what it can do to max potential. Especially if it’s true that the Wii U is 50% more powerful than what’s out now, then that’s still ALOT of new ground to discover.

    • that guy^^^^^^^^ up there is U MAD

      1080p 60 frames tv set and 480p controller screen with FULL BLOWN IN GAME GRAPHICS ENGINE RUNNING TWICE OVER !!!!!!!!!!!!

      540P at sub 60 frames and struggling YES YOUR POST IS TOTAL FRAUD AND ITS YOU WHOS laughable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      1080P AND 480P GAME ENGINE RUNNING TWICE OVER NOT STRUGGLING are you in fact a mindless fanboy

      can you show me a pc doing this in fact the combined power of ps3 and psvita COULDN’T DO THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sup3rnoah

    I played the demo at Gamestop, I thought it was really fun.

    • CubeClubKiddy

      i wish i knew where that exact gamestop was, ’cause i would be there ALL DAY! lol!

  • Wildman

    I wonder what High Voltage Studios and Retro Studios are working on…

  • that guy^^^^^^^^ up there is U MAD

    durango lol at a chip set designed for windows 8 and kinect 2 NOT GRAPHICS =FACT

  • DaSanvich

    Current gen consoles are so out of date, that the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor for the LG Optimus G (which is an android phone), has a higher fill rate than the xbox 360, (not by a lot, though), and 4 times the RAM. Proof that mobile gaming is starting to become a serious competitor in the gaming market. Did i not also mention that the phone has quad 1.5GHz Krait CPU? the Xbox 360 has a tri core 3.0GHz CPU that is very inefficient and cannot even use it’s CPU to it’s max potential.