Aug 12th, 2013

Q.U.B.E. stands for Quick Understanding of Block Extrusion and has been available on PC for some time, but developer Toxic Games is making a Director’s Cut version for Wii U. The game is scheduled to be released by the end of this year and features physics-based puzzles and gameplay very similar to Portal. The special set of gloves worn by the player can manipulate colored blocks in a specific manner, helping you to reach the exit as the story unfolds.

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  • Marcus Navarro

    At least it’s a pseudo-exclusive. For any puzzle fans who haven’t played QUBE, COP DAT SHIT!

    • jay

      All Wii U games that use the gamepad are Exclusive ;p

      • Will.F. Martinez

        sadly rayman legends is not

      • Marcus Navarro

        I said pseudo-exclusive because it’s a PC port only available for the Wii U.

        • that guy

          we like to call that console exclusivity as a PC is not a console.

      • Jake

        Like Assassains creed and cod

  • Beat

    Looks like Portal. Cool.

  • Zombie Boy

    Where are those NES Power Gloves when you need them?

    • Marcus Navarro


    • Cyrus Malachi

      You know thats what i have always thought they would come out with as the new system after the wii. A glove that had the wii motion plus built in and a head mounted display. Nintendo could have already brought vr to the masses, but noooo. Lol probably will with the next system.

      • Zombie Boy

        Well there’s always the Virtual Boy 😉

        • Cyrus Malachi

          Hahaha i still have mine. I play mario tennis and wario land maybe twice a year lol.

      • Decker Shado

        Hey, Nintendo could easily have a VR controller for the Wii U – it’s got the capability of sending out wireless video feeds with next to no latency, for up to two gamepads. Use that for sterioscopic 3D, and include Ultra gloves (hehe, see what I did there?) for player control, and boom, you’ve got yourself a seriously immersive experience.

        Best to have online multiplayer for that, though…

        • Nintenjoe82

          I put my Wii U gamepad on the front of a welders mask to play CoD and use the Wiimote and Nunchuk to play. If you could control the Bow in Nintendoland like that it would be perfect.

        • Cyrus Malachi

          That would not be bad. I have a vuzix 920 vr hmd and i have it hooked to my wii for metroid 3. It is a really good representation of what vr could be like. If only the wiimotes were made so you didnt have to use the sensor bar (its easy to lose your sense of direction)But i found a way around it. I have the sensor in front and on the right, left and behind i place two candles so that no matter which way i face the wiimote never loses reception….its so freaking awesome. Hahaha

  • I’d been wanting to try this game, but my stupid PC master race machine can’t run it.

    • Bummer! I have it on Steam and it feels a lot like Portal. Lots of fun!

      • yeah, I’ve heard that it’s a lot like portal, but sadly never had the chance to experience it myself. Hopefully the Wii U version comes soon! I’ve heard it’s a little short though… is this true?

        And you have a steam? Care to make a new friend? my ID is the same as my username. Ditto if you have a Wii U. I need more active friends on that thing

    • Elem187

      Sounds like your PC isn’t master race but secondary citizen spreadsheet extraordinaire

      • I was making a slight at those who claim PC is master race. In order for it to be “master race”, every PC would have to be able to run every game.

  • Sam

    Okay, that looks pretty cool. I might have to get that on pc. How much is it? Or is it free?

  • LordiMcKill

    Its like Portal meets Minecraft which im down with that.

  • Andreas Sunde

    For steam, available Dec 2011. Someone forgot to check the trailer…

  • bizzy gie

    Cool. I love Mirror’s Edge-esque style to the game.

  • Elem187

    I’m going to day one this gem… Supposedly like Portal.
    Wii U is gettinga sh**-ton of games this year and next

  • uPadWatcher

    Two words about QUBE Director’s Cut for the Wii U– SLEEPER HIT!!!!!

  • JBeauregard

    I’m about as excited for this as my next bowel movement!

  • Extra Vinegary

    Online co-op please.

  • kevin nun—-

    would work for Kinect 2

    • e_rocket

      I was thinking the same…

  • discuss

    But does it have a cool story like portal?

  • Josiah Parsons

    Looks pretty epic, but Portal 2 looks better. Too bad Wii U doesn’t get it.

  • Jack5221

    I like a good puzzle game. Looking forward to this one! Its been a while since I’ve had a real challenge.

  • Deadpool U

    A first person puzzle game? Interesting fit I’ll be looking forward for it.

  • Randall Hellmer

    This game was interesting. It was clearly trying to be Portal, and fell more than a little short, but it was by no means terrible.

    The only problem is, I already picked this game up for peanuts six months ago and beat it in less than 3 hours. And while the Director’s Cut sounds like a good idea for new players, I have no interest in playing it.

  • majora :D

    This game should be called Portal 3: No Portals at All

  • aldo2410

    the cube is a lie…..